Love in the Frequency of You

Love in the Frequency of You, Winter Solstice, Capricorn Ingress, December 21, 2023

The high level of awareness now informs me that a many-lifetime challenge is at the success or failure point. Perhaps this challenge has existed for eons, and now I am at the breaking point. Maybe you, too. It seems the critical nature of these times cannot be overestimated.

While writing Love in the Frequency of You for the past ten months, I have also been diving into Human Design (HD). I find this an excellent system for self-understanding. I have not reached the point where I access the astrological transits of HD. That is coming. The essential components, combining quantum physics, the I Ching, the chakra system, Western Astrology, and the concept of looking at one cycle of Mercury pre-birth, constitute my understanding and practice of HD, as they mirror my life experience succinctly.

What I have learned from HD prompts me to own my tendency to overcomplicate things, offering too much information, in an attempt to overcompensate. With course correction, you will notice changes to this Winter Solstice 2023 issue of Love in the Frequency of You. I am trying to essentialize the information in a format you will use. Your feedback on these changes and suggestions for others is most welcome.

Toward that end, please read ahead for information of the deep space energies for this Capricorn Sol month.

Deep Space Aspect Details for Capricorn Ingress, 2023

If you want a PDF file of this information, click here.

TNO           Chaos                  1 cn 29′ 2″  Chaos square Manwe 2 ar 14′ 30″  

TNO           Chaos                  1 cn 29′ 2″  Chaos square Virgo Cluster 1 li 16′ 5″  

TNO          Chaos                      1 cn 29′ 2″     Chaos trine Crantor 1 pi 7’51”  

TNO          Chaos                      1 cn 29′ 2″     Chaos trine Damocles 0 pi 30’52”

TNO          Chaos                      1 cn 29′ 2″     Chaos trine Haumea 0 sc 46’46”  

TNO          Chaos                      1 cn 29′ 2″     Chaos trine Pallas 1 sc 2′ 9″  

TNO           Chaos                      1 cn 29′ 2″ Chaos conjunct Asbolus  0 cn 16’44”

Chaos is a Cubewano with an astronomical number equal to 1, a NN at 21 Taurus, and a Perihelion at 16 Cancer. Chaos goes beyond Neptune’s orbit. Its ordinary meaning is associated with havoc, yet its unfiltered meaning is Void, Emptiness, Full of Potential and Possibility. We create with Chaos, and the creation comes out of emptiness, that exquisite, sweet spot of retrieving inspiration.

During Capricorn month, Chaos squares the Virgo Cluster and Manwe and trines Crantor, Damocles, Haumea, and Pallas. Manwe gives us a heightened view, and the Virgo Cluster is the SuperGalactic Center (ZGC), a place of infinite potential. When I do guided imagery sessions with clients and travel to the ZGC, there are no words, only frequencies of self-reckoning within love.

Asbolus is conjunct Chaos and involved in the square to the Virgo Cluster. Asbolus has an energy like Cassandra; what she knows is doubted and not believed. Asbolus means soot, which tells us that we must clean up our act and carry on despite external obstacles of disbelief and rejection. It is time to be true to ourselves.

Crantor, a Centaur, delivers something unexpected and involves a rite of passage. Being in the right place and at the right time is critical with Crantor, and this energy echoes the theme of living by intuition this Sol month.

Damocles is a Damacloid with an extreme inclination to suggest new viewpoints and fresh perspectives. The gift of Damolcles is to realize the grass is not greener on the other side and to claim our sovereignty.

Haumea brings the energy of regeneration, and with its Perihelion at 30 Pisces, we are finishing up something in preparation for a cosmic rebirth. Chaos square Manwe, at the beginning of Cardinal signs, suggests that we open to higher views and purer perspectives.

Pallas is an asteroid, a Divine Feminine Warrior Goddess currently trine Chaos, giving us spiritual warrior energy to lift ourselves through the void into manifestation.

SDO            Dziewanna 24 sc 18’19”  Dziewanna conjunct Typhon            23 sc 39’44”  

SDO            Dziewanna  24 sc 18’19”  Dziewanna sextile Hylonome          25 cp 11’53”  

SDO            Dziewanna 24 sc 18’19”  Dziewanna square Praamzius           23 le 56’50”  

As I have shared, Benjamin Adamah considers Dziewanna one of the most difficult of these newly discovered planets. Typhon is connected to typhoon energy, knocking us off our feet—these two messengers square Praamzius, who is about time. Praamzius sextiles Hylonome, who is about grief.

If we haven’t gotten the message from all the other sources recently, this combination of cosmic communication resounds in these times’ severe and critical nature. 

Dziewanna’s story involves a patriarchal fight with a mother who conspires with the father. This goddess was forced to surrender and marry. She was blessed with a husband who transformed himself into her supporter. These energies echo the information we have been receiving in other ways – that the divine masculine is transforming himself for a sacred, pure, effective, powerful, authentic union with the sacred feminine. This is the work we must do now: get that divine masculine and divine feminine talking, cooperating, collaborating, creating. Yes, to us, with thanks to them.

Eris square Hylonome trine Praamzius, it is time to tell the truth.

Dziewanna conjunct Typhon square Praamzius sextile Hylonome

Echeclus trine Typhon, Lempo opposite Typhon, square Praamzius

Echeclus is about integrating disparate parts of ourselves, trining Typhon and the mess his disruption brings up for clearing. Lempo calls on us to own our authenticity in what we value and whom/what we love. Opposite Typhon, we can clear the rubble and claim what we want to take forward.

TNO        Arawn               27 cp 44’43”  Arawn sextile Ceto      28 sc 30’33”  

TNO        Arawn               27 cp 44’43”  Arawn sextile Neptune 26 pi 57’30”  

TNO        Arawn               27 cp 44’43”  Arawn trine Kagara     27 vi 16′ 6″  

TNO        Arawn               27 cp 44’43”  Arawn trine Pelion        28 ta 8’13”  

Arawn is a TNO with a North Node at 26 Leo and Perihelion at 9 Sagittarius, so it brings us the power of fire energy. A revered nobleman in Welsh traditions, Christianity demonized this being; Arawn reminds me of Saturn, a powerful being also demonized, and their mutual quality of love that aligns with masculine energy – being accountable, responsible, reliable, and sovereign. This theme is in keeping with the current energy of the divine masculine conjoining with the divine feminine in new, proper alignment within self and with other connections.

Arawn brings us some soft aspects this Sol month to, perhaps, help us find our way forward. Arawn was a guardian of the underworld for happy souls, and true to Welsh traditions, there is magic and shapeshifting available with Arawn. As a guardian of the underworld, Arawn takes us out of ordinary time.

Arawn sextiles Ceto, the sea monster dredging up what is frightening and unconscious, and Neptune, near the end of Pisces, getting graduate-level training in mystic, psychic channeling. Arawn tines Kagara, the significant shake-up, wake-up planet, and together, form a grand trine with Pelion prompting us to find our place in this world, in our life.

Pelion represents a place rather than a being. It is a high mountain in Greece where the Centaurs lived. Therefore, we are prompted to be in a suitable healing space, centered, grounded, with an elevated perspective, and to see how to integrate animal and human nature in our quantum evolutionary growth process.

Fixed Galactic Center 27 sa 11’10”  Galactic Center conjunct Varda 26 sa 56’49” Fixed Galactic Center 27 sa 11’10”  Galactic Center square Kagara 27 vi 16′ 6″  

Fixed Galactic Center 27 sa 11’10”  Galactic Center square Neptune 26 pi 57’30”  

Varda, the Goddess of Wealth, represents the Indian goddess Lakshmi. She also carries a bringing-together energy. 

Kagara, representative of Sound Language, breaks us open to change. We know Neptune for its mystic potential.

These aspects increase our resonant frequencies. Allow for the lift-up.

Fixed Great Attractor 14 sa 17’20”  Great Attractor square Aphidas  15 vi 16’35”  

Fixed Great Attractor 14 sa 17’20”  Great Attractor square Orcus  15 vi 6’21”  

Aphidas and Orcus are conjunct, and both square the Great Attractor. A Plutino squaring a Centuar, we are helped to transition from numbed unconsciousness to compassionate care for others by aligning with the natural law of our being. Square the Great Attractor, we can take the blinders off and see our course correction options more clearly.

Fixed Asbolus 0 cn 16’44”  Asbolus square Virgo Cluster          1 li 16′ 5″  

TNO  Manwe 2 ar 14’30”   Manwe opposite Virgo Cluster         1 li 16′ 5″  

TNO  Chaos 1 cn 29′ 2″    Chaos square Virgo Cluster    1 li 16′ 5″  

Information on these aspects is detailed in the information about Asbolus, Manwe, and Chaos aspects mentioned above.

TNO Kagara 27 vi 16′ 6″    Kagara opposite Neptune     26 pi 57’30”  

TNO Kagara 27 vi 16′ 6″    Kagara square Varda   26 sa 56’49”  

TNO Kagara 27 vi 16′ 6″    Kagara trine Pelion       28 ta 8’13”  

Kagara is another energetic heavyweight blessing us this Sol month. Named for South African mythology, Karaga is a sound language and, like light language, takes us beyond ordinary consciousness. This body is connected with thunder and lightning, and like Typhon, shakes us up.

There is a familial energy with Kagara, a loving care. Opposing Neptune, the invitation is to wake up to intuitive living. The square with Varda brings kindness, and trine Pelion, we are invited to take our aligned place in the Cosmos.

Centaur   Crantor    1 pi 2’16”   Crantor conjunct Damocles    0 pi 28’28”  

Centaur   Crantor    1 pi 2’16”   Crantor square Sedna 2003 VB12      0 ge 3’48”  

Centaur   Crantor    1 pi 7’51”   Crantor trine Asbolus    0 cn 16’44”  

Centaur   Crantor    1 pi 7’51”   Crantor trine Chaos  1 cn 29′ 2″  

Centaur   Crantor    1 pi 7’51”   Crantor trine Haumea   0 sc 46’46”  

Crantor conjunct Damocles, Trine Chaos, and Haumea, with  Haumea square Pluto conjunct Orius. Crantor square Sedna and trine Asbolus.

Crantor is a centaur, so it brings healing energy, transition, awakening to the power of self, and the need to avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Intuition is needed to navigate the energies of Crantor. At the beginning of mutable signs and squaring Sedna, we are invited to be open to the new, unfolding path. In a grand water trine with Chaos and Haumea, very early signs, we embark on a new flow.

These are transformational, regenerative energies that provide for ancestral protection/intervention. We can be steadfast with new beginnings of nurturance. We can stay fluid within a dynamic balance between public/personal identities.

TNO Mors-Somnus 29 ta 9’42”   conjunct Sedna 2003 VB12 0 ge 4’50”  

TNO Mors-Somnus 29 ta 9’42”  opposite Ceto 28 sc 30’33”  

TNO Mors-Somnus 29 ta 5’32”   sextile Borasisi 29 pi 36′ 8″  

TNO Mors-Somnus 29 ta 9’42”  square Sila-Nunam 28 le 19′ 1″  

TNO Mors-Somnus 29 ta 9’42”  trine Pluto-Charon 29 cp 56’39”  

Mors-Somnus is about the unconscious and conjunct Sedna; we can pull things up from the deep. Opposite Ceto, we are likely to be dredging up monsters. With the trine to Pluto-Charon, at the last degrees of Earth signs, we will know how to transform and transmute these energies to weave an integration of our new consciousness through the square with Sila-Numan.

Classical Neptune 26 pi 57’30”  Neptune square Varda26 sa 56’49”  conjunct the GC.

Varda is Manwe’s wife, a cosmic coupling. She is known as the creator of stars – we are of stardust, so a Mother energy for us from the deepest roots conjunct the Galactic Center, a place of presence and power, and squaring Neptune. The invitation with this configuration is to listen deeply.

Dwarf Ceres               6 sa 54’31”  Ceres square Saturn    7 pi 53’11”

In early mutable signs, this aspect encourages us to find, feel, and claim  Mother Love.

Major Aspects this Sol Month, Zero to 360 Degrees

For a downloadable PDF of this information, click here.

In Closing…

May you have an intuitive, fun, and fulfilling Capricorn month full of silent stillness. Thank you for your support of this work. I hope you benefit from it. Please let me know how this information lands for you through the comments below or by email. Very grateful!

Sending all love,



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