Love in the Frequency of You

Love in the Frequency of You, Virgo Ingress, August 23, 2023

Virgo Ingress, August 23, to September 23, 2023, Welcome!

The 5D planets – the KBOs referenced in this report – help us maintain higher vibrational frequency. This report aims to introduce these planets in ways that allow for conscious co-creation.

Scroll down to find links to an audio visual covering the essence of this ingress and at the bottom of the page, see the link to a guided imagery for working with the energies of this ingress.

All blessing wishes!

The KBO Essence of this Virgo, 2023 Ingress

The Configurations, with Descriptions

The aspects: Grand Square Ixion 3 Capricorn Rx, Opposite Asbolus, 2 Cancer, Chaos 3 Cancer, square Manwe at 3 Aries Rx opposite ZGC plus Okyrhoe 4 Aries opposite Rhiphonos 6 Libra and sextile Cyllarus, 6 Leo and Rhadamthus 5 Scorpio square Cyllarus 6 Leo and Logos square Bienor.

Plutino Ixion, opposite Asbolus and Chaos, calls us to abide by the absolute infinite across all boundaries. With these planets squaring Manwe, and opposite Okyrhoe, we can align analytic communication with a high, wide perspective. These energies offer an intrinsic understanding of our responsibility with new perspectives. Manwe opposes the infinite void and boundless potential of the SuperGalactic Center (ZGC), and Okyrhoe opposes the penetrating clarity of presence offered by Rhiphonos.

The sextile between Cyllarus and Rhiphonos helps us understand what is essential to and for our core. With Rhadamthus square Cyllarus, the encouragement is to let go of a rigid self-identity and be open to what is new and possible. There is a letting go challenge, an opening for aligning our will with Divine Will.

Logos, a Cubewano at 11 Libra, squares Bienor, a Centaur, at 12 Cancer. The essence of Logos is, as its name implies, logical thinking. Yet, at this level of consciousness, in deep space with an orbit beyond Neptune’s and at 301 years, and with its astronomical number equaling a seven,  representative of mysticism, the square aspect here propels us to bring mystical understanding to our relationships, to our own visibility, and to sync with a higher vibrational frequency.  

The Plutino Arawn compels us to live by core integrity, eliminating all that is unnecessary. In a late degree of Capricorn and squaring Eris, we are compelled to tell the truth about the status of our evolution, our becoming. Arawn is in a Grand Earth Trine with Alicanto and Kagara. Alicanto represents the goodness of our precious earthbound experience, with no tolerance for deception. Kagara is represented by sound language, which like light language, takes us beyond ordinary consciousness. Kagara represents new beginnings brought about by thunder and lightning breaking the status quo. With this Grand Trine, we are coaxed into living the structure of our new core identity that is grounded and freed.

The trine between Eris and the conjunction of the Galactic Center and Varda in Fire signs compels us to tell the truth about our awesome, extensive intuitive capacities and to use them to see, know, feel, and accept our unfolding magnificence.

Albion is a Cubewano with its North Node and Perihelion in late degrees of Pisces. The astronomy of these placements reflects its myth of integrating our sensate body with rational thought, creative expression, and spiritual experience. This process of evolutionary alignment, conjunct Jupiter, emphasizes the philosophic leap to metaphysical existence. Orcus is a Plutino who represents natural law. Conjunct the Centaur Aphidas, we are called upon to align our conscious and unconscious, our public and private lives. With this conjunction square the Great Attractor, the invitation is to look beyond the inconsistencies of duality and deception and feel our way into a fuller expression of our superconscious Self.

Varuna, a Cubewano, at 9 Leo squares Zhulong, a TNO, at 9 Scorpio. As Varuna’s glyph suggests, this planet is all-seeing, comprehensive, and all-encompassing. Zhulong’s mythology suggests a Chinese Torch Dragon, further emphasizing the all-seeing capacities available to us now if we loosen the ties that bind us to rigidities that no longer fit our person or potential.

The Centaur Nessus, connected with ancestral trauma, opposes Centaur Thereus on the one/all discernment axis of Virgo and Pisces. This opposition forms a t-square with Plutino Huya in Sagittarius. Benjamin Adamah writes that Huya sometimes travels closer to the Sun than Neptune. That proximity to our Sol suggests that Huya can offer deep insights into our lifeline. Thereus represents a raw, primordial power that we can access to support and refine our human spirituality. Centaurs are concerned with healing, and this t-square aspect in late degrees of mutable signs suggests that a shifting change is available now.

The Centaur Amycus’s concern is power. Pluto represents explosive nuclear power. Orius, a Centaur represented by half bear, half man, reflects beastly power evolving into discerning consciousness. The conjunction in the last degrees of Capricorn resounds the message of power.

These multiple conjunctions trine other Pelion, Mors Somnus, and Sedna conjunctions. The Centaur Pelion crosses Uranus’s orbit, bringing us to change. The myth of this body is a place rather than a being — a high mountain in Greece, the home of the Centaurs. With this aspect, there is a call to be in the correct healing space, centered, grounded, yet elevated. Benjamin Adamah associates Pelion with willpower concerning how one is seen and regarded by others.

As its name implies, Mors-Somnus reflects that profoundly transformative space of sleep and death. Our majestic Sedna, with an orbit of 12,281 years, propels us into the deepest part of space, a land of all possibilities.

Crantor conjunct Damocles opposes Silas-Numan, and they square Pelion, Mors-Somnus, and Sedna. Pelion’s reflection of Uranus’ energy repeats with Crantor.  Crantor is a Centaur with a 1:1 resonance with Uranus and an orbit of 86 years. Uranus’s orbit is 84 years, so there is a similarity between Crantor and Uranus—Benjamin Adamah associates Crantor with sudden change or death. We know the sudden unexpectedness of Uranus. The need for caution and awareness comes to mind and is accentuated by Damacles and the sword hanging over his head by a thread.

These two planets associated with sudden threats oppose Silas-Numan, a god and goddess combination planet. There is a sky/earth connection here, with god Sila associated with life-force winds and goddess Numan with land animals. Silas-Numan’s orbit is nearly circular, another indication of integration becoming whole.  

This combustible mix of planetary energy compels us to have the courage to make the necessary changes to fulfill our destiny.

Crantor conjuncts Damocles and trines Haumea conjunct Elatus. With this aspect, we make changes to free our creativity. Haumea and Elatus, square Amycus, Pluto-Charon, and Orius call for us to go deep on spiraling up our animal/human/spiritual natures.

The sextile between Haumea and Elatus and Silas Numan, squaring Pelion, Mors, Somnus, and Sedna, encourages us to mine the depths and reach for the farthest, highest possibilities for creative wholeness. We are called on to transform and align with what we see, feel, and know as the golden light, the purest opportunity.

The conjunctions of Pelion, Mors Somnus, and Sedna trine the ZGC gives us the oomph to take the next breath and reach far and wide. Someone waits at the other end. That someone is us.

Teharonhiawako is a Cubewano, named for an Iroquois Creation myth god whose name means Holder of the Heavens. He is associated with bringing maize to Earth and knows seasonal flow. Teharonhiawako destroyed his jealous evil twin brother. With his Node at 6 Aquarius and his Perihelion at 6 Gemini, he brings an essence of Air energy, and his astronomical number pares down to six, a vibration of love. Putting all this together, Teharonhiawako represents awareness of shifting change, with a deep understanding of evil or tricky challenges nearby.

Teharonhiawako trines Typhon, a Scattered Disc Object intersecting Uranus’s and Neptune’s orbits. This planet is named for one of the most monstrous creatures in Greek mythology. A combination of man and beast, he is associated with the violent wind turbulence known by the weather phenomena so close to his name, typhoon. He is also associated with volcanos. This trine aspect suggests that we look for turbulence above and below us.

Teharonhiawako opposes Thereus, and they both form a t-square with Aljira and G!kunll’homdima. Thereus is a Centaur associated with bringing raw, primal energy forces up from the Earth. Altjira, a Cubewano, pivots us to the straight and narrow, and G!kunll’homdima, another SDO, helps us discern goodness.

This combination of aspects represents a powerful challenge to radiate the good heart as we experience and express explosive energy.

Deucalion is a Cubewano with a myth story like Noah, and the Ark. This planet has a rebirth aspect, a chance for a fresh start. Lempo, also a Cubewano, represents the power to transform the metaphysical into the practical.

The Centaur Echeclus bestows the capacity to find the alignment between air and Earth, or as Philip Sedgwick writes, between the abstract and linear. With Deucalion trine the Centaur Echeclus and Lempo sextile Echeclus, there is grounding practicality to these planets’ higher levels of awareness.

With Deucalion square Praamzius, the time is now to work with this integration of turbulent change for the transformative expression of our highest selves. The opening now is to be and become our evolution.

Alicanto, Kagara, and the GC show up again, with different configurations to other planets. Mystical Neptune opposes the shake-up, wake-up planet Kagara in late degrees of mutable signs. This aspect helps us open tight spots of closed rigidity to consciously co-create our reality. This opposition is in a t-square with the GC, further propelling us into deep space territory beyond comfortable knowns.

Neptune trine Ceto and Alicanto opposing Ceto are companions on a journey into the unconscious. There, monsters might lie in wait,  pressing fear-based restraints on freedom. With Neptune, Alicanto, and Ceto in play, we can mine the deep unconscious and bring the monsters to the surface. We can face them and extract new supports for our earthly existence. While the exploration may be terrifying, these are grounding aspects that lend themselves to an experiential understanding of how to stop resisting the manifestation of our power.

Alicanto opposing Ceto forms a t-square with Sila-Numan in late degrees of fixed signs. Sila-Numan is named for an Inuit God and Goddess combination, with Sila as a god of blustery weather and Numan with birthing. This planet has a circular orbit that exists way beyond Neptune’s orbit. Both attributes suggest that Sila-Numan can take us far on our journey to wholeness. As a masculine/feminine combination, the energies of this planet help us integrate masculine/feminine and human/nature in the spiraling integration of human and divine.  

In Closing…

The link for this month’s guided imagery is below. I hope you enjoy and find benefit from it. Your support of this work means so much, and I am grateful!


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