Love in the Frequency of You

Love in the Frequency of You, Scorpio Ingress, October 23, 2023

Planetary activities detailed here happen throughout the entire Scorpio Ingress

In Closing…

May you have a most profound Scorpio month, full of breakthrough understanding and the deep love that comes through transformation. Thank you for your support of this work. I hope you enjoy and find benefit from it. Please let me know how this information lands for you through the comments below or by email. Very grateful!


  1. This article is fantastic, informative, and beautifully presented with such grace and clarity. Thank you, Aureal, it’s gratefully received.

    • Thank you, dear Marian, for your kind and encouraging words. This work is a blessed labour of love and cosmic connection and I am so happy that it works for you. Thank you for your support.

  2. So much richness here Aureal. I am focusing on the aspects within 2 degrees of the main planets within my natal chart – of which there are a good few that I would have been otherwise unaware – and I am finding much resonance. thank you for this work, I appreciate how much time and effort it must take to compile the information. With appreciation, Linda 💜

    • Thank you Linda! I am so grateful that the work lands well and finds resonance with you. This work is a calling, a labour of love and connection with these deep space bodies. My direct experience is that they are active in our lives, despite the great distance. Your support of this work helps, very much.


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