Love in the Frequency of You

Love in the Frequency of You, Leo 2023 Ingress

Leo Solar Month, July 22 to August 23, 2023

The 5D planets – the KBOs referenced in this report – help us maintain higher vibrational frequency. This report aims to introduce these planets in ways that allow for conscious co-creation.

Scroll down to find links to a 3-minute audio visual on the essentials of this KBO Leo Ingress and the specific configurations and descriptions of the KBOs active during this solar month. A 20-minute Guided Imagery Meditation focusing on loosening resistence, closes out this report and can be found by scrolling to the end. I hope you find benefit and enjoyment as you work with the energies of this Leo Ingress, 2023.

All blessing wishes!

The KBO Essence of this Leo, 2023 Ingress

An almost four-minute review of the KBO Leo 2023 Sol Ingress energies

Here is a link to the transcription if you prefer reading to watching.

The Configurations, with Descriptions

In the differentiating energies of mid-Virgo, the combustible triad of Aphidas, Mars, and Thereus, square the Great Attractor in Sagittarius invites us to see the needs underlying our nature’s feral, aggressive, emotional, and defiant aspects. The cosmic invitation with this configuration is to meet those needs through integrative, inclusive ways and express the highest frequency vibration of our spiritual/human essence.

In his book, Plutinos, Benjamin Adamah writes that Huya sometimes travels closer to the Sun than Neptune[i]. Huya, then, enhances vitality. Squaring the Centaur Nessus, the power of our life force resets through processing unconscious ancestral triggers and unprocessed emotions. This shift in consciousness happens in the late degrees of Sagittarius and Pisces, distilling metaphysical understanding and Piscean mysticism.

Teharonhiawako, a cold Cubewano, orbits beyond Neptune. His mythology is as an American Indian Creation God, and his name means Sky Holder and Master of Breath.

Keeping with the theme of Aphidas, Mars, and Thereus, the storyline of Teharownhiawako includes overcoming his evil twin. With these configurations, we are sorting through incongruent aspects of ourselves that can be transformed into wholeness.

Teharonhiawako is involved here with Dziewanna, a Scattered Disc Object with a rotation of 592 years. Again, referencing Benjamin Adamah, he writes in Centaurs that Dziewanna is “perhaps the most difficult object among the newcomers in astrology to deal with.” [ii]

In this trine configuration, we factor in feelings of alienation, exclusion, and being doomed. Through fusing the concrete with the metaphysical, the good with the bad, we can experience a non-judgmental, experiential integration of wholeness. Not an easy feat.

The blessings of Saturn conjunct Gonggong in the early degrees of Pisces help us with these super dynamic energies by formulating a new structure for empathic expression, including self-empathy.

[i] Adamah, Benjamin, PLUTINOS, VAMzzz Publishing, The Netherlands, 2021 p. 25

[ii] Adamah, Benjamin, CENTAURS DAMOCLOIDS SCATTERED DISC OBJECTS, VAMzzz Publishing, 2019 p. 98

The T-square of Borasisi opposite the SuperGalactic Center (ZGC) and squaring Asbolus and Chaos, all in the very early Cardinal signs, suggests a new beginning with personal power. The mythology of Asbolus, a Centaur, is as a seer. Borasisi, a TNO, depicts a need for confidence to buffer tendencies of self-delusion and alienation from our spiritual core.

Chaos represents the void, where all is possible, while the ZGC is an infinite primordial energy representing manifest potential. With the ZGC, we experience the emptiness beyond words, the silent stillness where we can rebirth ourselves. This potent configuration asks us to come to Center, listen free of reactivity, and feel our way through the dark unborn potential—a new beginning.

In late degrees of water signs, with Neptune at the end of Pisces trining Ceto at the end of Scorpio, monstrous images from the deep unconscious can surface. Feeling grateful as you release the finished business softens the scariness and frees outdated bindings.  

The Pholus/Quaoar conjunction in early Capricorn has been ongoing for months. Square Okyrhoe, these three planets invite us to find balance in nurturing the creative expression of the new fullness in our lives.

In this configuration, we have Arawn square Elatus and Alicanto square Sila-Numan, with Arawn trining Alicanto and Elatus sextile Sila-Numan. These combinations feel like help on the playground.

Arawn is a Plutino, and with Elatus being a Centaur, this aspect implies healing. Both bodies are in late Cardinal degrees, indicative of finishing a beginning. Elatus brings drive, and Arawn brings integral integrity. The sextile of Sila-Numan to Elatus adds an emphasis on integrating masculine/feminine, human/nature, and past, present/future. Alicanto’s orbit is 6,071 years, and with this trine Arawn in late degrees of Earth signs, there is the chance for slow, grounded insight of the good and the gold.

In this configuration, Ixion squares a Manwe/Rhiphonos opposition. Ixion is interesting because he is regarded as the father of the Centaurs, yet he is not a Centaur himself; he is a Plutino. There is, then, a kind of progeny with Ixion. As we know from his myth story, his behavior and ethics were expressed far outside the norm, and as a Plutino, Ixion represents a profoundly transformative energy.

Manwe, a TNO, is the husband of Varda, a Cubewano. Manwe is a binary object, implying integration. His myth connects to the eagle perch view, and his name translates into “Blessed One.”

Rhiphonos is a Centaur with an imprint of timing – according to Benjamin Adamah’s work, Rhiphonos suggests a signature quality of now or never.

These three planets in a T-square formation suggest that now is the time to align our vision with the highest, purest, transformative perspective. In the early Cardinal degrees, the good news is that this new view is just beginning.

That T-square blends nicely with the Uranus/Lempo conjunction. We know Uranus breaks boundaries and brings us to the unexpected. Lempo, a TNO,  crosses Neptune’s orbit, taking us further into the new understanding of our higher consciousness. This Uranus/Lempo combo brings an opportunity for awakening in new consciousness. In late Taurus, these energies reveal what has value in our new awakening.

The Centaurs Orius and Amycus conjunct dwarf planet Pluto Charon in late Capricorn, early Aquarius. The mythology of Orius, as half-man, half-bear, reflects the inner split between our animal and human nature. Amycus shines a light on our understanding of power, and Pluto Charon demands that we claim and experience our power. This triple conjunction at the border crossing of Capricorn into Aquarius highlights the inner contradictions within our progressive path to liberation.

These three planets form a T-square with the North Node and Haumea. It is time to get clear, release what no longer works or serves, and fully express our Divine humanity.

The energies within this triple conjunction are blessed by a trine with Mors Somnus, representing death and sleep, Sedna, spiritual fulfillment, and Pelion, helping us root in Divine Will rather than human willfulness.

This second triple conjunction, Mors Somnus, Sedna, and Pelion, is supremely blessed by a trine to the SuperGalactic Center – the deep and open space of primordial void, where we can release and become.

Squares to Damocles and Crantor challenge this triple conjunction. Damocles’ story is that of overreaching the mark through greed and jealousy, resulting in a sword hanging over our heads by a thread. We are dealing here with serious business.

The Centaur Crantor implores us to be in the right place at the right time. Crantor lost his life by being in the wrong place at the wrong time; he died when an arrow hit him as another Centaur (Thereus) ducked.

This configuration includes Eris and the North Node trine Venus, Sila-Numan, Varda, and the Galactic Center. Living the truth of our new path is realized by integrating the fullness of what we love and value by integrating the masculine/feminine, human/nature, past, present, and future.

Neptune squaring Varda and the GC challenge us to figure out these values and how to live them in this new time. Varda, a hot cubewano, is like Neptune, highly intuitive. As the wife of Manwe, another TNO, Varda knows about the integration of sharing, the blend needed for life. So close to the Galactic Center, Varda’s energies are amplified beyond normal perception into higher consciousness. Combined, these planets encourage us to expand our understanding through a willingness to raise our frequencies. The metaphysical nature of these bodies helps us reach those higher wavelengths. Consciously connect with the energies of these planets through invitation, prayer, and reciprocity.

Eris and the North Node square Orius extend the invitation to see, feel, and live a deep truth beyond programmed conditioning. The opportunity is to go beyond confusion, false loyalties, and split personalities. Here, we are asked to stop hesitating and pick a lane.

Albion, a TNO, trines Thereus, a Centaur, in the mid-degrees of earth signs. Albion’s node is at the last degree of Pisces, indicating a capacity for sublime integration. This essence echoes Albion’s association with Blake’s Four Zoas, or the qualities of Thinking, Feeling, Intuition, and Sensation. These functions are integral to the manifest expression of human spirituality.

As we progress along the accelerated ascension path, this trine helps us ground. Thereus represents the untamed parts of ourselves, the raw power that, as spiritual beings, we transform into higher frequencies. With this trine, we tap into our dynamism – music, dance, play, thunderous creativity, and manifest the creation of ourselves within everyday life.  

In the active process of living our cosmic presence, we must feel, be seen, and be heard. This trine helps us raise the frequency and vibration based on primal roots. It is as if the deep, rooted tree of ourselves blooms with fragrant and flowering leaves.

The square between Rhadamanthus, a TNO, and Cyllarus, a Centaur, in the early degrees of fixed signs Scorpio and Leo raises the ante: we are implored to examine rigidities, prejudices, and ethics in the light of integral prosperity. The invitation is to release the ties that bind us in stuck, barely alive versions of our fullest potential.

In Closing…

Here is the guided imagery for this Sol month. The link is by invitation for paid subscribers. Thank you for respecting that boundary.

Your support of this work means so much, and I am grateful!


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