Love in the Frequency of You

Love in the Frequency of You, Aquarius Ingress, January 20 to February 18, 2024

The Essence of this Aquarian Ingress 2024

Fiery, turbulent, volcanic transformation

Helps Make the unconscious conscious

Release efforting, forcing. Be present & allow

Connect with Spirit – Consciously, Constantly

Live the Experience of Oneness

The Planets of New Consciousness work together. Collaboration is critical in these new times, and our beloved kin in the deep space regions of our cosmos show us how to connect, support, enhance, and collaborate. Significant aspects during the entire time of Sun in Aquarius, 2024 are listed below. This listing starts with the conjunctions and then the aspects that branch off the conjunctions. Please Note that the Degrees Are Rounded Up

The Conjunctions and Their Branched-Out Aspects

The Conjunction:

Conjunction: Centaur Pelion, 29 Taurus conjunct Mors-Somnus, 30 conjunct Sedna, 1 Gemini

Pelion conjuncts Mors-Somnus in the last degrees of Taurus, our sensate embodiment, and they both conjunct our outer-reaching planet of manifest destiny, Sedna. Pelion represents place, and Mors-Somnus represents death/sleep, as its name implies. We are well-placed to pay attention to our dreams to actively work on making the unconscious conscious. With Sedna in the beginning degree of Gemini, it conjuncts Mors-Somnus in the last degree of Taurus. Here, the cosmos invites us to bring our dream/sleep state, our daily and evolutionary-involved death-to-rebirth process, into the air where it can be understood and communicated. Powerful and at home in the deep waters, Sedna in Gemini brings this energy up for air, where we can consciously work with the unconscious and the abstract.

The Branching Aspects

T-Square Pelion/Mors-Somnus 29, 30 Taurus, Sedna, 1 Gemini opposite Ceto   29 Scorpio, square Sila Numan, 29 Leo

Arawn, 28 Capricorn with wide conjunction to Pluto, 1 Aquarius – usually these deep space planets take a one-degree orb – Grand Trine – Pelion 29/Mors-Somnus 30 Taurus

With the opposition to Ceto, we engage with monsters that might be lurking in the deep of our unconscious. The square to Sila-Numan helps us bring a balanced integration to this work, fusing the disparate parts of ourselves into cohesive wholes. Deep work!

The Grand Trine of Pelion/Mors-Somnus, Pluto, and Arawn brings fiery energy to the transformational work, as Arawn’s North Node is at 26 Leo and its Perihelion is 9 Sagittarius. The energy of this combo calls for a shapeshifting transformation that leans toward justice.

The Conjunction:

Orcus conjuncts Aphidas at 16 Virgo.

At the middle of the Earth Mutable sign, this aspect invites us to use natural law as our guide to come out of unconsciousness in the care of ourselves and others. Aphidas’s node is 17 Cancer, and its Perihelion is 17 Aquarius. With this body, finding the humanitarian link within our expressed life is essential. 

The Branching Aspects

Orcus conjunct Aphidas, 16 Virgo square Great Attractor, 15 Sagittarius

Orcus conjunct Aphidas, 16 Virgo trine Albion, 15 Taurus, quincunx Great Attractor, 15 Sagittarius

Sitting down to write about these planetary connections, I am blown away by the majesty of Divine Orchestration. Here, we have the revitalizing energies of universal compassion. The conjunction of Orcus, Natural Law, and Aphidas, shapeshifting wholeness, trining Albion, an integrated wholeness awakens us more fully into our Spiritual Nature in Human form. It is a becoming configuration, with these energies molding the clay of us into an expanded potential for living happiness. The Orcus/Aphidas conjunction squares the Great Attractor, providing a galactic impetus to see beyond duality.

The deep space energies working with us and on our behalf leave me breathless. With these planets of New Consciousness, we do not have to force or beg; we must be consciously present and choose from that place of unconditioned openness to what is possible beyond our knowing. We have not lived this Light and Ease before, at least in human form. We can live it now.

The Conjunction

Damocloid Damocles, 1 Pisces, conjuncts Crantor 2 Pisces  

This lovely conjunction keeps with the Solar Ingress theme of Aquarius. We must leave home. We must leave our known comfort and stretch into our new evolutionary being. In Aquarius, we can realize that we are always home and growing in consciousness. We must take all of us into this new place and receive the welcoming love there. There is an unexpected energy with Crantor, which resonates with Uranus. With Damocles helping us live our sovereignty and Crantor helping us flow into the new, we can realize that we are equipped to change and thrive.

The Branching Aspects

Grand Water Trine Asbolus, 1 Cancer, Chaos, 2 Cancer trine Haumea, 1 Scorpio, trine Damocles, 1 Pisces, conjunct Crantor, 2 Pisces

This configuration allows us to be true to ourselves despite implausible challenges. With this inner stability and facing the abyss of the unknown, we can birth our creations and manifestations effortlessly, using the strength of volcanic fire to source us. A challenge is to let go of the conditioning that the grass is greener elsewhere. Stepping into our sovereignty, we leave what we have known and open to a new landing where we are loved, received, and nurtured.

The Conjunction

Typhon, at 24 Scorpio, conjuncts Dziewanna at 25 Scorpio. This dynamic conjunction stirs violent winds that clear the way for standing up for ourselves despite the harshest circumstances of denial or refute. The SDO Dziewanna calls for us to live the Divine Feminine in balance with the Divine Masculine.

I am marking my calendar for this ongoing aspect because these two SDOs are powerhouse planets. Dziewanna has an orbit of 573.75 years, and Typhon has 229.8 years. Imagine the lessons and the blessings as these two deep space bodies unite in our lifetime. Based on the excellent data generation of, the following table lists the dates and Universal Time of the exact conjunctions of these two dynamically potent bodies coming together.

Type           Date                         Time (UT)   Typhon      Dziewanna

Exact         19-Dec-24               3:11:23       27 sc 28’57”          27 sc 28’57”

Exact         14-May-25               21:51:51     27 sc 38’37” Rx    27 sc 38’37” Rx

Exact         25-Oct-25                18:25:04     27 sc 48’42”          27 sc 48’42”

Exact         23-Apr-29                1:55:57         8 sa 39′ 7″ Rx       8 sa 39′ 7″ Rx

The Branching Aspects

Typhon, 24 Scorpio conjunct Dziewanna, 25 Scorpio opposite Lempo, 24 Taurus, Square Praamzius, 25 Leo. Typhon, 24 Scorpio conjunct Dziewanna, 25 Scorpio, trine Echeclus, 24 Cancer.

Fueled by the power of Dziewanna and Typhon, Lempo invites us to be authentic in valuing who and what we love, and Praazimus informs us that the time is now for being in connection with the Whole. With the trine to Echeclus, this combination of planets suggests that there can be outbursts (read breakthroughs) as we integrate our disparate parts into the unified Whole.

The Conjunction

Centaurs Orius and Amycus, conjunct at 2 Aquarius

Working actively with this conjunction, we can realize that everyone – all beings, humans, animals, nature beings, and the cosmos – is our tribe. Of course, we have more vital resonance fields with some beings than others. At the beginning of Aquarius, one message of this conjunction is that we can move out of and above tribal loyalties and consider the wholeness of everything animate, vibratory, and resonating.

The Branching Aspects

Orius conjunct Amycus, 2 Aquarius square Haumea, 1 Scorpio

Orius conjunct Amycus, 2 Aquarius, trine the SuperGalactic Center, 2 Libra

These planets invite us to call on our ancestors for comfort, support, and protection as we stop fighting and commit to opening our hearts to new life. With the trine to the ZGC, the opening is boundless.

The Conjunction

Centaur Pholus, 9 Capricorn conjuncts Quaoar 9 Capricorn

The Pholus/Quaoar conjunction has been for a while and will continue with exact conjunctions through the Spring of 2030. We are blessed with a long dance of finding the beat between integral self-care and Sourced creativity.

The Branching Aspects

Cardinal T-Square: Pholus/Quaoar, 9 Capricorn, square Salacia, 9 Aries which opposes Rhiphonos 9, Libra

Together, Pholus and Quaoar, with their nurturing, source-based creativity, squaring Salacia, prompt us to express leadership based on authentic power. Rhiphonos, opposing Pholus and Quaoar and squaring Salacia, has its North Node and Perihelion in Aries. This energy is about focusing through the fires and revealing Presence.

Here is a pdf of the Self-Inquiry questions if you would like to use this as a working document through the month. This document is published with a colour background. If you print it out, choose black printing option.

Aspects by Degree, 0 Aries to 30 Pisces

A more complete list of the Heliocentric aspects during the month of Aquarius, 2024 follows. A database is coming within the next few months that gives keywords for all these new planets, in addition to much more information for generating your keywords, which is the point of the database. You will be notified when that database is available for purchase. In the meantime, if you want further information on a planet, consider doing a Google search with the planet’s name. If you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact me directly, and we can source the information together.

TypeBodyDegreeAspectAspecting Sign and Degree
TNOManwe2 ar 20’51”  Manwe sextile Amycus1 aq 43’24”  
TNOManwe2 ar 20’51”  Manwe square Chaos1 cn 36′ 4″  
CentaurOkyrhoe5 ar 41’28”  Okyrhoe trine Cyllarus4 le 43’55”  
TNOSalacia9 ar 16′ 1″  Salacia opposite Makemake9 li 39’38”  
TNOSalacia9 ar 16′ 1″  Salacia opposite Rhiphonos8 li 31’21”  
TNOSalacia9 ar 16′ 1″  Salacia square Quaoar8 cp 30′ 0″  
TNOLeleakuhonua12 ar 20’19”  Leleakuhonua opposite Logos11 li 33’16”  
CentaurChiron18 ar 50’19”  Chiron sextile Altjira18 ge 51′ 3″  
DwarfEris24 ar 46’15”  Eris square Hylonome25 cp 24’45”  
TNOAlbion14 ta 26′ 4″  Albion trine Orcus15 vi 12’59”  
TNOAlbion14 ta 26′ 4″  Albion opposite Mbabamwanawaresa14 sc 52’48”  
ClassicalUranus22 ta 2’47”  Uranus trine Thereus22 vi 21′ 3″  
TNOLempo23 ta 15’34”  Lempo opposite Typhon23 sc 54′ 5″  
TNOAlicanto25 ta 48′ 7″  Alicanto opposite Deucalion26 sc 21’31”  
CentaurPelion28 ta 24’47”  Pelion conjunct Mors-Somnus29 ta 22’13”  
TNOMors-Somnus29 ta 22’13”  Mors-Somnus square Sila-Nunam28 le 25’13”  
SDOSedna 2003 VB120 ge 7’58”  Sedna 2003 VB12 sextile Borasisi29 pi 44’43”  
SDOSedna 2003 VB120 ge 7’58”  Sedna 2003 VB12 square Damocles0 pi 38’11”  
SDO Sedna 2003 VB120 ge 7’58”  Sedna 2003 VB12 trine Pluto-Charon0 aq 5′ 5″  
SDO Sedna 2003 VB120 ge 7’58”   Sedna 2003 VB12 square Damocles0 pi 38’11”
CubewanoAltjira18 ge 51′ 3″  Altjira sextile Chiron18 ar 50’19”  
SDOSedna 2003 VB120 ge 7’58” Sedna 2003 VB12 conjunct Mors-Somnus29 ta 22’13”  
TNOG!kun||’homdima20 ge 11’46”  G!kun||’homdima square Teharonhiawako20 pi 43′ 9″  
CentaurAsbolus0 cn 26’35”  Asbolus square Borasisi29 pi 44’43”  
CentaurAsbolus0 cn 26’35”  Asbolus square Virgo Cluster1 li 16’10”  
CentaurAsbolus0 cn 26’35”  Asbolus trine Crantor1 pi 24’40”  
CentaurAsbolus0 cn 26’35”  Asbolus trine Damocles0 pi 38’11”  
CentaurAsbolus0 cn 26’35”  Asbolus trine Haumea0 sc 51’56”  
TNOChaos1 cn 36′ 4″  Chaos square Manwe2 ar 20’51”  
TNOChaos1 cn 36′ 4″  Chaos square Virgo Cluster1 li 16’10”  
TNOChaos1 cn 36′ 4″  Chaos trine Crantor1 pi 24’40”  
TNOChaos1 cn 36′ 4″  Chaos trine Damocles0 pi 38’11”  
CentaurBienor10 cn 46’46”  Bienor trine Zhulong10 sc 36’16”  
CentaurEcheclus23 cn 36’20”  Echeclus opposite Arrokoth23 cp 4’12”  
CentaurEcheclus23 cn 36’20”  Echeclus sextile Lempo23 ta 15’34”  
CentaurEcheclus23 cn 36’20”  Echeclus trine Dziewanna24 sc 29’49”  
CentaurEcheclus23 cn 36’20”  Echeclus trine Typhon23 sc 54′ 5″  
CentaurCyllarus4 le 43’55”  Cyllarus trine Okyrhoe5 ar 41’28”  
TNOVaruna7 le 47’47”  Varuna sextile Rhiphonos8 li 31’21”  
TNOPraamzius24 le 3′ 5″  Praamzius square Dziewanna24 sc 29’49”  
TNOPraamzius24 le 3′ 5″  Praamzius square Lempo23 ta 15’34”  
TNOPraamzius24 le 3′ 5″  Praamzius square Typhon23 sc 54′ 5″  
TNOPraamzius24 le 3′ 5″  Praamzius trine Eris24 ar 46’15”  
TNOSila-Nunam28 le 25’13”  Sila-Nunam square Ceto28 sc 36′ 8″  
TNOSila-Nunam28 le 25’13”  Sila-Nunam square Mors-Somnus29 ta 22’13”  
TNOSila-Nunam28 le 25’13”  Sila-Nunam square Pelion28 ta 24’47”  
TNOOrcus15 vi 12’59”  Orcus conjunct Aphidas15 vi 31’37”  
TNOOrcus15 vi 12’59”  Orcus sextile Mbabamwanawaresa14 sc 52’48”  
TNOOrcus15 vi 12’59”  Orcus square Great Attractor14 sa 17’27”  
TNOOrcus15 vi 12’59”  Orcus trine Albion14 ta 26′ 4″  
CentaurAphidas15 vi 31’37”  Aphidas conjunct Orcus15 vi 12’59”  
CentaurAphidas15 vi 31’37”  Aphidas sextile Mbabamwanawaresa14 sc 52’48”  
CentaurThereus22 vi 21′ 3″  Thereus trine Arrokoth23 cp 4’12”  
CentaurThereus22 vi 21′ 3″  Thereus trine Uranus22 ta 2’47”  
TNOKagara27 vi 23’19”  Kagara opposite Neptune27 pi 8’19”  
TNOKagara27 vi 23’19”  Kagara square Gal. Center27 sa 11’15”  
TNOKagara27 vi 23’19”  Kagara square Varda27 sa 2’49”  
TNOKagara27 vi 23’19”  Kagara trine Arawn27 cp 53′ 8″  
FixedVirgo Cluster1 li 16’10”  Virgo Cluster square Asbolus0 cn 26’35”  
FixedVirgo Cluster1 li 16’10”  Virgo Cluster square Chaos1 cn 36′ 4″  
FixedVirgo Cluster1 li 16’10”  Virgo Cluster trine Amycus1 aq 43’24”  
FixedVirgo Cluster1 li 16’10”  Virgo Cluster trine Orius1 aq 18’14”  
CentaurRhiphonos8 li 31’21”  Rhiphonos opposite Salacia9 ar 16′ 1″  
CentaurRhiphonos8 li 31’21”  Rhiphonos sextile Varuna7 le 47’47”  
CentaurRhiphonos8 li 31’21”  Rhiphonos square Pholus8 cp 11’32”  
CentaurRhiphonos8 li 31’21”  Rhiphonos square Quaoar8 cp 30′ 0″  
DwarfMakemake9 li 39’38”  Makemake opposite Salacia9 ar 16′ 1″  
TNOLogos11 li 33’16”  Logos opposite Leleakuhonua12 ar 20’19”  
DwarfHaumea0 sc 51’56”  Haumea square Amycus1 aq 43’24”  
DwarfHaumea0 sc 51’56”  Haumea square Orius1 aq 18’14”  
DwarfHaumea0 sc 51’56”  Haumea square Pluto-Charon0 aq 5′ 5″  
DwarfHaumea0 sc 51’56”  Haumea trine Asbolus0 cn 26’35”  
DwarfHaumea0 sc 51’56”  Haumea trine Chaos1 cn 36′ 4″  
DwarfHaumea0 sc 51’56”  Haumea trine Crantor1 pi 24’40”  
DwarfHaumea0 sc 51’56”  Haumea trine Damocles0 pi 38’11”  
SDOZhulong10 sc 36’16”  Zhulong trine Bienor10 cn 46’46”  
TNOMbabamwanawaresa14 sc 52’48”  Mbabamwanawaresa opposite Albion14 ta 26′ 4″  
TNOMbabamwanawaresa14 sc 52’48”  Mbabamwanawaresa sextile Aphidas15 vi 31’37”  
TNOMbabamwanawaresa14 sc 52’48”  Mbabamwanawaresa sextile Orcus15 vi 12’59”  
TNOTyphon23 sc 54′ 5″  Typhon conjunct Dziewanna24 sc 29’49”  
TNOTyphon23 sc 54′ 5″  Typhon opposite Lempo23 ta 15’34”  
TNOTyphon23 sc 54′ 5″  Typhon sextile Arrokoth23 cp 4’12”  
TNOTyphon23 sc 54′ 5″  Typhon square Praamzius24 le 3′ 5″  
TNOTyphon23 sc 54′ 5″  Typhon trine Echeclus23 cn 36’20”  
SDODziewanna24 sc 29’49”  Dziewanna conjunct Typhon23 sc 54′ 5″  
SDODziewanna24 sc 29’49”  Dziewanna sextile Hylonome25 cp 24’45”  
SDODziewanna24 sc 29’49”  Dziewanna square Praamzius24 le 3′ 5″  
TNODeucalion26 sc 21’31”  Deucalion opposite Alicanto25 ta 48′ 7″  
TNODeucalion26 sc 21’31”  Deucalion sextile Hylonome25 cp 24’45”  
TNODeucalion26 sc 21’31”  Deucalion trine Neptune27 pi 8’19”  
TNOCeto28 sc 36′ 8″  Ceto opposite Mors-Somnus29 ta 22’13”  
TNOCeto28 sc 36′ 8″  Ceto opposite Pelion28 ta 24’47”  
TNOCeto28 sc 36′ 8″  Ceto sextile Arawn27 cp 53′ 8″  
TNOCeto28 sc 36′ 8″  Ceto square Sila-Nunam28 le 25’13”  
TNOIxion4 cp 19′ 8″  Ixion sextile Gonggong5 pi 14’43”  
CentaurPholus8 cp 11’32”  Pholus conjunct Quaoar8 cp 30′ 0″  
CentaurPholus8 cp 11’32”  Pholus sextile Saturn9 pi 9′ 7″  
CentaurPholus8 cp 11’32”  Pholus square Rhiphonos8 li 31’21”  
TNOQuaoar8 cp 30′ 0″  Quaoar conjunct Pholus8 cp 11’32”  
TNOQuaoar8 cp 30′ 0″  Quaoar sextile Saturn9 pi 9′ 7″  
TNOQuaoar8 cp 30′ 0″  Quaoar square Rhiphonos8 li 31’21”  
TNOQuaoar8 cp 30′ 0″  Quaoar square Salacia9 ar 16′ 1″  
TNOArrokoth23 cp 4’12”  Arrokoth opposite Echeclus23 cn 36’20”  
TNOArrokoth23 cp 4’12”  Arrokoth sextile Typhon23 sc 54′ 5″  
TNOArrokoth23 cp 4’12”  Arrokoth trine Lempo23 ta 15’34”  
CentaurHylonome25 cp 24’45”  Hylonome sextile Deucalion26 sc 21’31”  
CentaurHylonome25 cp 24’45”  Hylonome sextile Dziewanna24 sc 29’49”  
CentaurHylonome25 cp 24’45”  Hylonome square Eris24 ar 46’15”  
CentaurHylonome25 cp 24’45”  Hylonome trine Alicanto25 ta 48′ 7″  
TNOArawn27 cp 53′ 8″  Arawn sextile Ceto28 sc 36′ 8″  
TNOArawn27 cp 53′ 8″  Arawn sextile Neptune27 pi 8’19”  
TNOArawn27 cp 53′ 8″  Arawn trine Kagara27 vi 23’19”  
TNOArawn27 cp 53′ 8″  Arawn trine Pelion28 ta 24’47”  
DwarfPluto-Charon0 aq 5′ 5″  Pluto-Charon sextile Borasisi29 pi 44’43”  
DwarfPluto-Charon0 aq 5′ 5″  Pluto-Charon square Haumea0 sc 51’56”  
DwarfPluto-Charon0 aq 5′ 5″  Pluto-Charon trine Mors-Somnus29 ta 22’13”  
DwarfPluto-Charon0 aq 5′ 5″  Pluto-Charon trine Sedna 2003 VB120 ge 7’58”  
CentaurAmycus1 aq 43’24”  Amycus conjunct Orius1 aq 18’14”  
CentaurAmycus1 aq 43’24”  Amycus sextile Manwe2 ar 20’51”  
CentaurAmycus1 aq 43’24”  Amycus square Haumea0 sc 51’56”  
CentaurAmycus1 aq 43’24”  Amycus trine Virgo Cluster1 li 16’10”  
CentaurOrius1 aq 18’14”  Orius conjunct Amycus1 aq 43’24”  
CentaurOrius1 aq 18’14”  Orius square Haumea0 sc 51’56”  
CentaurOrius1 aq 18’14”  Orius trine Virgo Cluster1 li 16’10”  
DamocloidDamocles0 pi 38’11”  Damocles conjunct Crantor1 pi 24’40”  
DamocloidDamocles0 pi 38’11”  Damocles square Sedna 2003 VB120 ge 7’58”  
DamocloidDamocles0 pi 38’11”  Damocles trine Asbolus0 cn 26’35”  
DamocloidDamocles0 pi 38’11”  Damocles trine Chaos1 cn 36′ 4″  
DamocloidDamocles0 pi 38’11”  Damocles trine Haumea0 sc 51’56”  
CentaurCrantor1 pi 24’40”  Crantor conjunct Damocles0 pi 38’11”  
CentaurCrantor1 pi 24’40”  Crantor trine Asbolus0 cn 26’35”  
CentaurCrantor1 pi 24’40”  Crantor trine Chaos1 cn 36′ 4″  
CentaurCrantor1 pi 24’40”  Crantor trine Haumea0 sc 51’56”  
SDOGonggong5 pi 14’43”  Gonggong sextile Ixion4 cp 19′ 8″  
ClassicalSaturn9 pi 9′ 7″  Saturn sextile Pholus8 cp 11’32”  
ClassicalSaturn9 pi 9′ 7″  Saturn sextile Quaoar8 cp 30′ 0″  
TNOTeharonhiawako20 pi 43′ 9″  Teharonhiawako square G!kun||’homdima20 ge 11’46”  
TNOTeharonhiawako20 pi 43′ 9″  Teharonhiawako square Huya21 sa 19’21”  
ClassicalNeptune27 pi 8’19”  Neptune opposite Kagara27 vi 23’19”  
ClassicalNeptune27 pi 8’19”  Neptune sextile Arawn27 cp 53′ 8″  
ClassicalNeptune27 pi 8’19”  Neptune square Gal. Center27 sa 11’15”  
ClassicalNeptune27 pi 8’19”  Neptune square Varda27 sa 2’49”  
ClassicalNeptune27 pi 8’19”  Neptune trine Deucalion26 sc 21’31”  
TNOBorasisi29 pi 44’43”  Borasisi sextile Mors-Somnus29 ta 22’13”  
TNOBorasisi29 pi 44’43”  Borasisi sextile Pluto-Charon0 aq 5′ 5″  
TNOBorasisi29 pi 44’43”  Borasisi sextile Sedna 2003 VB120 ge 7’58”  
TNOBorasisi29 pi 44’43”  Borasisi square Asbolus0 cn 26’35”  

In Closing…

May this month of Aquarius be electrifying, awakening, and consciously connected for you, in all ways good and becoming. Thank you for your support of this work. I am grateful! Please bounce back with experiences, questions, and comments.

In love,



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