Love in the Frequency of You

Love in the Frequency of You, 2023 Cancer Ingress

Cancer Solar Month, June 21, to July 22, 2023

Love in the Frequency of You is about realizing that you are at the center, connected with everything live in the Universe, including these new-to-consciousness Kuiper Belt Objects.  With the cosmos expanding, the Sun transforming, our Earth rebirthing, and our hearts, bodies, and minds igniting by intuition, you are in the driver’s seat, traveling at ever-expanding consciousness.

Coming to grips with you as the center of the Universe calls for a new understanding. The constant connection point is Source, aligning our Sovereignty with our heart in co-creative resonance. We are entwined with the fabric of the whole.

The 5D planets – the KBOs referenced in this report – help us maintain this higher vibrational frequency. This report aims to introduce these planets to you in ways that allow for conscious co-creation.

The KBO Essence of this Cancer, 2023 Ingress

The KBO energetic essence of this 2023 Cancer Ingress is Letting go. Here is 12-minute guided imagery to assist with this process. Summer Solstice 2023 Letting Go Guided Imagery – YouTube. Cyndi Dale references a 12th chakra, a halo-like energy encircling the body that is mentioned in this guided imagery. You can read more about Cyndi’s information on this chakra here.

The Cardinal Axes

These reports are written from the perspective of heliocentric astrology and Solar Ingresses. The heliocentric perspective raises the roof and expands the view. The Solar Ingress, like the Luna cycle, measures time.

Whenever we talk about one point, such as a Solar Ingress, it helps to include all the points in that axis, such as the opposite and the squaring points. Factoring in the entire axis gives us a stronger structure from which to work.

The Cancer Ingress is on the Cardinal axis, the beginning of a three-month, three-sign process. The Cardinal axis initiates activity; we are beginning a new building on what we started with the Aries Ingress three months ago.

In essence, Cancer equates with loving care. Its opposite point, Capricorn, equates with structure. Its squaring points, Aries, equates with presence, and Libra equates with connection.

As you reflect on the aspects reviewed in this issue, please consider the entire framework of the Cardinal axis and structure your TLC through the fusion of sovereign care that includes self and other.

A core message of last month’s Sol Ingress centered around a cosmic massage that pounded flesh, interstitial tissue, blood, and bones to cleanse and release what is no longer needed. There was guided imagery included, and you can find that here.

I had a pounding last month, one of the more intense and transformative months I have had in a long while. One life-changing challenge after another, all intense. I am still recalibrating into the new, higher functioning that comes out of chaos when we allow the change instead of fighting the change.

Maybe you had a transformative time, too, with fierce poundings of release that allow you a freer, firmer, stronger stance for this month’s work, which is to Let Go.

The KBO aspects that are new to us during this Cancer Ingress include:

Bienor, at 6 Cancer 20, squaring Rhiphonos at 6 Libra 3’53”. Since both these bodies are Centaurs, this aspect brings healing energy. Bienor offers a mystical understanding of relationships, allowing us to show a new face and find a new tempo within our connections. Rhiphonos intersects Saturn’s orbit, and its Perihelion is at 29 Pisces. This centaur brings a breakthrough moment to realigning and redefining our presence. Squaring in the early degrees of Cardinal signs, this aspect brings the chance to radiate new self-love frequencies that beam out through our relationships.

This square aspect sparks the flow of the grand water trine involving Bienor at 6 Cancer 20, Rhadamanthus at 5 Scorpio 38’24”, and Gonggong at 5 Pisces 5’4″. The spiral within this trine helps us release rigidity within ourselves and our relationships through a compassionate melting of false and rigid power stances.

Echeclus, at 19 Cancer 54′ 24″, trines Teharonhiawako at 20 Pisces 3’51”. This aspect helps us transcend stuck thinking by bringing in more intuition and Unity Consciousness.

Eris, at 24 Aries 38’29’ squares Hylonome at 23 Capricorn 56’31”. This challenging aspect presents the invitation to stand in the power of our grief by honestly facing and claiming it.

Sila-Nunam, at 27 Leo 42’58” trines the Galactic Center, 27 Sagittarius 10’44”. This month-long aspect helps us integrate masculine and feminine energies through grounding in a heart-resonant frequency when we experience turbulent emotions.

Echeclus, at 19 Cancer 54’24”, trines Teharonhiawako at 20 Pisces 3’51. This aspect connects rational and abstract awareness, allowing for a whole-brain integration. This aspect, and the one above, Sila-Numan trining the GC, work together to bring us into a new integration of the active and passive modes of being, the doing and allowing, the creating and receiving combination that is the rhythm of life.

Because the KBOs have long orbits, they stay at or near the same degrees, with the same planetary configurations, for a long time. That is the case with this month. Most of the aspects occurring last month continue this month. See that list here and go to the Gemini LFY issue to read about the specifics.

Hopefully, you have found new resilience in the realignments introduced through last month’s aspects, despite the poundings of a cosmic massage. This new resilience allows us to face the fears, terrors, and tremors of change as we release what no longer serves us.

When we choose the higher frequencies available through the KBOs, we and the cosmos evolve into our new becoming. From their deep space perspective, the KBOs help us find our way in this uncharted territory. Wishing you every success, and quantum awakening, as you work consciously with the KBO energetics this month.

Here are the contacts between KBOs and the Personal planets this month, plus additional KBO aspects

Download a printable version of these aspects.

Thank you for your support of this work. The Kuiper Belt Objects help raise our frequency vibrations to the 5th Dimension and higher. The more we become familiar with these planetary energies, the more we can engage and interact with them. Please share your experiences, feedback, and suggestions. I want to know what works for you and what, from your experience, can be changed to make the content easy to access. This monthly report improves with your input! Thank you for sharing subscription information with like-minded friends and colleagues!


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