Frequencies of Change Based in Love and Yes

by | Apr 23, 2024 | 5D, Consciousness, Deep Space Astrology, Intuition, KBO Kuiper Belt Objects, Letting Go

Riding the Wave

The Planets of New Consciousness have my heart. The internal invitation is to work with them in new ways. Writing about them in the bimonthly blog posts no longer has viability. Change is here, and I let go. Ignoring this pull to the new is impossible, even though I do not see, hear, feel, or understand the new formats of my work.

One way I am called to change is to focus on finishing the database I am developing. This resource is rooted in inspiration and direction: to collate as much information as possible about each of these new planets so that those interested can access the information as they wish.  

The time and effort invested in writing this blog do help me understand the planets, yet this investment does not bring me closer to completing the database, which is now a priority. Expressing myself through this blog has been a necessary step in the process, and I am grateful to readers and supporters.

From now on, publications will be serendipitous and dependent on inner direction. When I hear, “Share this info now,” I will do so. These postings will be published on this blog, through Substack, and LinkedIn.

The ongoing monthly Zoom gatherings where we discuss how these planets show up through current transits and a guided imagery journey to the planets continue for those in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Let me know if you are not receiving reminders for these groups and want to.

Personal chart readings are available for those who want to focus fully on these planets in the birth chart. Guided imagery journeys that bring significant planetary relationships alive are also available. If these services interest you, let me know.

Regarding writing, I will return with new formats and perhaps new products as I hang out with these loving planets in a quiet, focused space.

Sending all love, gratitude, and wishes that you float effortlessly with the changes in your precious life. 

As a last scheduled blog post, I want to share about the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, which happened geocentrically on April 20, 2024. The following Heliocentric data might explain how this potent conjunction in the Helio Coordinate shows up for you.

The Geocentric Jupiter Uranus conjunction, which was exact on April 20, 2024, partners with the Heliocentric coordinate of Jupiter conjunct Uranus on March 13, 2024, at 7:46 PM EDT, occurring at 22 Taurus, 25 minutes.

On the day of the Geocentric conjunction, Heliocentric Jupiter was conjunct Alicanto and opposed Deucalion. On the same day, Uranus was conjunct Lempo. The Helio Uranus/Jupiter conjunction made a grande trine with the Sun and Earth.

The Heliocentric aspects on April 20, 2024 follow:

TNO, Lempo, 23 ta 46’54”, conjunct Uranus, 22 ta 58’29”  

TNO, Lempo, 23 ta 46’54”, square Praamzius, 24 le 20’24”

TNO, Lempo, 23 ta 46’54”, opposite Typhon, 24 sc 33’42”  and SDO, Dziewanna, 25 sc 1’51”

TNO, Praamzius, 24 le 20’24”, square Typhon, 24 sc 33’42” conjunct SDO, Dziewanna, 25 sc 1’51”

Lempo invites us to bring authenticity to what and who we value.

Alicanto is a South American bird that casts no shadow, eats precious metals—remember, we are what we eat—and leads those who are not of pure heart off the cliff.

Deucalion is an earlier version of Noah and the Ark. After he and his wife were saved from the flood, they threw stones over their shoulders, creating new men and women.

As I have written, the powerful Dziewanna and Typhon will be within one-degree orb conjunct for four years, teaching us to become authentic. We are certainly trying, yes?

Praamzius is about time, specifically that the time is now.

As you work with the ongoing impact of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in your life, perhaps consider how these Heliocentric aspects vibrate through that impact.

Stay in touch with questions, comments, and requests for information on these Planets of New Consciousness. I will post as inspired and directed. I hope to see you in one of the monthly Planets of New Consciousness Gathering Circles.