Fantastic Galactic Energies Breakthrough Outdated Realities Now

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Full Moon, June 3, to New Moon, June 17, 2023

This Full Moon occurs with our Sun and Moon on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. Here, we access a curiosity to explore the limitless.

Gemini lifts the imagination, and Sagittarius takes us there. What is exceptionally potent in this Full Moon is that the Moon is conjunct the Great Attractor at 14 degrees of Sagittarius, a compelling cosmic point. Philip Sedgwick, a renowned Deep Space astrologer, teaches that the Great Attractor is about curiosity, taking us beyond the rigidity of beliefs and polarized concepts. We are now given an open invitation to release the blinders and open to expanded possibilities beyond conceptual thinking.

In the synchronicity with which our cosmos works, the next New Moon, on June 17, at 27 Gemini, opposes the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius. Vital galactic energies are testing our mettle as they help raise our consciousness higher and higher.

There are two other galactic contacts during this two-week time frame. We are working with Varda conjunct the Galactic Center from March 3, 2023, until November 11, 2024. Varda, the wife of Manwe, another Trans Neptunian Object, crosses Neptune’s orbit, so she takes us out there to explore consciousness. Varda exhibits gentle energy and is a creator of the stars — a Star Mother Goddess. She gifts us with the capacity of sensate intuition. We can open wide to interdimensional intelligence with Varda conjunct the Galactic Center.

On June 5, 2023, the Sun opposes the Great Attractor, and Mars trines the Great Attractor on June 14, 2023. These two aspects infuse us with deep cosmic rays that lift vibrations on the biophysical and soul-Spirit levels.

Stations and Ingresses During the Last Half of this Lunar Month

6/5/23 Venus enters Leo (direct) – theme of self-love

6/5/23 Crantor stations retrograde (1 pi 47’ 7”) Crantor crosses Uranus’s orbit, bringing unexpected openings and quantum shifts of change. Crantor’s perihelion, its point closest to Earth, is at 6 degrees Pisces, near the retrograde station point. Perihelion is where a planet’s connection with the Earth is most direct and when the energy moves the fastest.

There is a leaving home/rite of passage energy with Crantor, where sacrifice and commitment are involved. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time could be one of the experiential lessons involved with Crantor. At early Pisces, we are experimenting with intuition. With the retrograde motion, Crantor dips back into Aquarius, realigning us with our humanitarian vision as we open wider into life by intuition.

6/11/23 Pluto-Charon enters Capricorn (retrograde)

We have been waiting for this finishing-up aspect before Pluto moves us forward on the Aquarian agenda. The finishing-up work involves more crumbling of structures that no longer support us.

6/12/23 Rhiphonos stations direct (1 li 42’12”)

Holy wow! Rhiphonos stations direct on the Supergalactic Center, at 2 Libra. Benjamin Adamah writes that this Centaur is about “Now or Never.” How encouraging! This conjunction with the Supergalactic Center’s massive influence, enables us to make quantum leaps.

6/15/23 Sedna enters Gemini. Here is another significant leap into the Gemini realm of open-minded curiosity. We will talk about this Ingress for a while because Sedna is a far-reaching planet and a most powerful influencer of empowered, embodied female energy of the boldest becoming.

6/17/23 Saturn stations retrograde (7 pi 12’39”)

Saturn’s retrograde turn happens every year, allowing us to realign the structures of our lives. With this retrograde motion in early Pisces, the emphasis, again, is on working with intuition in new, improved, and reliably consistent ways.

6/17/23, Sun (26 ge 15′ 9″) opposite Varda (26 sa 15′ 9″ Rx). The Sun represents the life force, and Varda represents the creation of the stars. This transit raises the roof as we release willfulness and are open to our unique alignment with the  Source.  

6/18/ 23 Nessus stations retrograde (18 pi 22’50”)

During this six-month retrograde period, we can work through ancestral trauma. As retrograde travel occurs at the last half of Pisces degrees, the field is deep for working through generations of trauma.

Here is a partial list of other significant aspects during these last two weeks of this Lunar Cycle.

6/4/ 23 Mercury (20 ta 24’37”) conjunct Uranus (20 ta 24’37”) – Significant downloads to new understandings.

 6/11/23 Uranus (20 ta 45’15”) opposite Typhon (20 sc 45’15” Rx) This aspect helps prepare us for the following two aspects listed below. Uranus shakes us up, and what is shaken up with Typhon is our monsters. A potent aspect for awakening to what we can release that keeps us bound in fear and terror. In the late degrees of the Taurus/Scorpio access, this energy is about rooting our power with quantum-level values.

6/12/ 23 Praamzius (22 le 1’12”) square Dziewanna (22 sc 1’12” Rx) 

Dziewanna brings heavy transformative shifting, and Praamzius is about time. This square aspect between the later degrees of Leo and Scorpio suggests it is time to shift from false ego to true power. Choice comes into play, and to make a choice, there must be peace, space, quiet, a calm nervous system, and a golden-hearted intention to express the truest, fullest you.

6/13/23 Thereus (11 vi 38’45”) conjunct Aphidas (11 vi 38’45”) — This aspect can feel intense as it integrates all our power pieces (animal/human/Spirit) and discerns the allocation of Self along public and private domains.

These life-changing aspects are challenging, as they invite us to allow quantum leap expansions.

There are other aspects to consider beyond the capacity of a complimentary update. If you would like to learn more about the Kuiper Belt energies, consider subscribing to the monthly digital download, Love in the Frequency of You, or consider a personal chart reading that covers your unique connection with these Deep Space planets. Schedule a chat here to discuss options.

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  1. WOW! Very encouraging You are gifted with this Deep Space Astrology! Too heavy for me. i will just read your work. I am re-reading your book for our chat Tuesday. it gives me hope and something to feel and know is here and will bring much love and peace. Just read Alan’s post about all these new dwarfs coming in very fast. looks like that as well on your blog.

    • Hi Karen, thanks so much for your kind words of enthusiasm and support of this work. Yes, these new planets are powerful helpers. I feel their call and I love researching them and sharing information. Looking forward to connecting live on Tuesday.

  2. Thank you for this, Aureal. Your ability to translate and communicate this information in such a concise manner really helps me understand the powerful forces that are at play during these wonderful times of great transformation.

    • Thank you, Marian. Your kind words are deeply appreciated. Yes, these are powerful energies helping us now, and I feel it does help to know about them and create a conscious connection with them. I am so grateful that I am called to this work.

  3. Your capacity to absorb all this sky knowledge, hold all this cosmic energy, and interpret all these galactic bodies at once is beyond inspiring, Aureal.

    • Thanks Marifran. The Galactics and the Kuiper Belt Objects have called my name and I am deeply grateful to say YES! Thanks for your kind words and support.