Conference Session

Body As Timer: An Imagery Journey to the Moon with Aureal Williams

Date: Sunday, October 23, 2022
Time: To Be Announced

Join Aureal for a presentation at the Imagery International Virtual Conference.

Our cosmos is our playground! In this session we will experience an intuitively guided imagery journey, and travel to the Moon for a direct experience of communication with Her about Her phases. The dates of this conference occur during the last week of a Lunar Cycle, when the Moon is dark. This Dark Moon phase is the most fertile for sacred, intuitive, inspirational receptivity. It is during this time that we empty into the stillness as we prepare for rebirth with the New Moon. Just as we connect with our domestic animals, or talk with houseplants, so too, our connection with cosmic bodies is interactive and bidirectional and can be accessed through intuitive guided imagery.

About: Aureal Williams is an intuitive working with Deep Space Astrology and Guided Imagery. She is the author of 5D, Ordinary Descriptions of an Extraordinary Shift, and weekly blog posts. Her focus is on helping people live an Intuitive Life through embodied sovereignty.