Direct Your Heart to the Horizon Line

by | Jan 6, 2023 | 5D, Deep Space Astrology, Intuition, Our Moon, Void Moon

Full Moon, January 6, 2023, 6:08 PM to New Moon, January 21, 2023, 3:54 PM, EST

Moon Phase

It is time to wind down in this last half of the lunar cycle. Feeling that vibe is complicated, though, as we spiral cycle upon cycle. Yes, we are closing out this lunar cycle, yet, we are also starting a new year, the jumpstart of which is delayed. We are waiting for the momentum to begin, and already, the Moon is inviting us to empty and release. It is a lot to coordinate on our multidimensional levels.

One option is to intention and allow.

Keeping the channels of your body consciousness open, you are likely to feel a pull inward and an invitation for a tune-up and realignment, a release of what no longer fits your life as this lunar cycle comes to a close during these next two weeks.

The following 5D planets help us as we go inward, reconfigure, and release, Albion, Alicanto, Amycus, Arawn, Arrokoth, Asbolus, Black Moon Lilith, Borasisi, Chiron, Crantor, Deucalion, Dziewanna, Echeclus, Eris, Haumea, Hylonome, Ixion, Jupiter, Leleakuhonua, Lempo, Logos, Makemake, Mbabamwanawaresa, Mercury, Nessus Orcus, Orius, Pholus, Pluto-Charon, Praamzius, Quaoar, Rhadamanthus, Rhiphonos, Saturn, Sun, Uranus, Varuna, Venus, and Zhulong.

It astounds me how these plants work together, coordinating energies, impulses, suggested paths, and influences as we choose the best options from moment to moment. We are in this together, sky, earth, human. And, just like the sky and the earth, the human has many parts: body, soul, spirit, subconscious, conscious, and superconscious that constantly weave into a harmonic whole.

The theme for these two weeks indicate that it is time for accountability. Even though it is winddown time, it is also a serious business time as we face old and deep wounds. The cosmic energies encourage us to move through melancholy and do the major inner work to free ourselves from falsely imposed restrictions. We are realigning and restructuring how we understand ourselves as we move through depths of self-deception.

There are no quick fixes. The work of these next two weeks is deep, and we may be traveling through dark passages as we reconnect to our sovereignty.

We rethink boundaries and come into a new alignment with values. Specifically, we can release rigidity as we expand our awareness of our true selves. Straightening the aim of our arrow allows for new revelations regarding integrity and purposeful pursuit.

The theme for these two weeks indicate that it is time for accountability.

We expand into the new, weaving together the threads, colours, vibes, and frequencies of who we are. As we do so, awareness comes regarding the fragility of life, the magic of chance, and the resourcefulness found in loss.

There is tension to move past stuckness in how we understand ourselves. We can expand boundaries and let more people in or out. We are integrating the passions that weave the personal with the relational and the individual with the collective. Lead with kindness, a humble heart, and the beat of justice, and allow for a more harmonic circle of care and inclusion.

Please consider inviting, welcoming, and receiving communications through the mystical, metaphysical, and pure creative energy that is way beyond the capacities of the mind. Occult information, volcanically transformative insights, and unexpected sourcing help reconfigure our values to currency.

We are especially encouraged during these two weeks to weave the physical and metaphysical sources for laser-like decision-making. Integrating physical and metaphysical allows for the weave of “real” with imaginal, the literal and the abstract, the purpose and the passion into the Oneness that we are.

5D, Here, Now

Intuition is the 5D Pillar of Access during these last two weeks of the lunar cycle. The cosmic energies call on us to weave the physical and metaphysical, the human and the Divine, together. We can do none of that with the ordinary mind. We must open to our incredible powers of intuition to help us navigate these last two weeks in this lunar cycle.

If you feel you are not intuitive, your body is. Our senses, body intelligence, gut instincts, and feelings are the actual navigation for our life. Now is the time to partner up with that tremendous power of inner knowing, which is an indelible part of the sacred human experience.

How To

It helps to check for duplicity in the seamline of our body/Soul/Spirit. Be on alert for false conceit.

Resting helps. Relaxing with a cup of tea, looking out at nature outside your window, or even seeing the sky helps connect human nature with the mysterious Divine. Rest your eyes, and put your feet up. Take a few deep breaths. These simple steps take a few minutes and can be done anywhere.

Our current culture is powered by rush. You can adjust the dial on that out-of-sync timing.

In these last two weeks of the lunar month, consider using the horizon line at dawn and dusk to connect your heart, the sky, and the earth to open to what your heart knows beyond the mind. Please consider allowing that calming, quieting, inner-knowing experience during these last two weeks of this lunar cycle.  

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Void of Course Moon Times this Week

The Void Moon affects those in the United States and Canada during the early morning hours of Tuesday, January 10, and morning and afternoon hours for those in Europe.

Tuesday morning, January 17, is also affected for those in the United States and Canada and during the afternoon hours during the workday in Europe.

Two days later, on Thursday, January 19, the morning and early afternoon workday hours are affected for those in the United States and Canada and the morning and afternoon hours for those in Europe.

On Saturday, the darkest dark of the Moon is a two-hour-plus Void Moon to help us sink into releasing and letting go before the New Moon arrives at 3:54 PM EST.

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon.

Here is a time converter:

Blessed Be. See you in two weeks, at the New Moon.

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