Detoxing Into Light

by | Jan 12, 2013 | Living the Intuitive Life


The Shift happened and it is great.  I went on a pilgrimage to Lake Superior in Duluth and the personal healing that happened and the treasures that were offered as gifts from The Lake are amazing, profound and quite effective for moving through next steps.

One of those next steps is a detox, a releasing of what no longer works in clearing the way for more presence in the moment.

While I was in Minnesota, I went to my favorite grocery store, Mississippi Market, on 7th Avenue in St. Paul and had a Lemon Pizazz.  I had heard of this drink before, yet had not had it or made it for myself.  It is the recipe of lemon water, ginger, cayenne pepper and honey. Mississippi Market’s version was fantastic and I have been making the drink almost daily for myself, at home.

Who knew that cayenne pepper was such an aid in detoxing — releasing what is no longer needed for the body.  I am not prescribing for anyone, only sharing that I am finding this drink to be a great way of self care and releasing. I am finding that cayenne pepper helps with circulation and releasing stuckness from the gastrointestinal track. This is certainly a feel good drink!

Since I have returned from 12.21.12 pilgrimage, I have also found The Alkaline Sisters and what a find they are! Waking up my need for a higher percentage of alkaline foods in my diet, for wellness, is a great adventure.  Through the years I have found that changing one’s diet changes one’s identity.  I am not finding that change in identity so much now as I rely on their alkaline food chart to make dietary choices.  Moving from acid foods to more alkaline foods does represent a major change for me, however I think it is because the new ways are here, the New Dimensional Living, is here and it is not so much a stretch to live who we are becoming now, it is easier.  Are you finding that, too?

The other aspect with this detox that I am experiencing at the beginning of 2013 is that memories are releasing from my consciousness as I detox my body.  I have done longer fasts before and  remember that memory release was the case then, too. It was more emotional then, more wrenching. Now though,  I wake in the morning with old  memories spilling out from consciousness, muscle memory, organ memory and psyche. I acknowledge those memory experiences and drop them like weight no longer needed.

As James Brown sings, I Feel Good…..

How about you, what is your releasing process as we take first steps into our New Life?