Living Intuition

Each of the bones of the cranium has an energetic function, just as each of the organs of the body have an energetic function, such as:

heart = love; liver=joy; small intestine=discernment.

For the bones of the head, associations include:

Frontal = Present time; Occiput = Clarity; Cheek bones = Nurturing; and so on

As these bones are held during the session, stress and tension dissolve and a calm, inner sense of well-being often appears.

The cranium -- the head-- and the sacrum -- tailbone and coccyx -- are called the core link because through the spinal vertebrae, they connect the core of the body.

In craniosacral work, very gentle holding is applied to the head and sacrum and really, anywhere on the body, to access the flow of cerebral spinal fluid, the "well-being" lubricant of the body.

Before the session: Your questions are answered and you state what you would like from the session. You leave your clothes on for this work.

During the session: Most people feel very relaxed. Some people even fall asleep or go into that very calm state that occurs right before sleep.

After the session: It is recommended to allow at least one hour for yourself after the session, to go home and take a nap, or go for a walk or have a cup of tea, in order to optimize the calming effects of the session. You may have insights and realizations for days after the session.

Frequency of sessions: Some people schedule every week, others every two weeks and others once every three weeks. It is recommended to have at least six to 10 consecutive sessions in order to retrain yourself into a calm lifestyle. Sometimes, you may need longer than 10 sessions and this can be discussed as the work goes along.

Craniosacral work has been around for about 55 years. It is the most requested post-graduate training for licensed massage therapists. In addition, physicians, nurses, dentists, physical therapists and occupational therapists all practice craniosacral work. Massage work addresses muscles, joints and ligaments. Craniosacral work addresses the whole body through the calming function of the parasympathetic part of the central nervous system.


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