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Sessions with Children

"The therapy that Gabriel received was amazing. As a mother of four children, I thought I knew almost every remedy to calm, relax and soothe when one of my children needed something. This therapy is a breakthrough. Gabriel was cranky and inconsolable. When Aureal started the therapy, Gabe instantly relaxed. He was able to lay still- that he was able to lay still, for his age, six months, is amazing. He eventually was so relaxed that he fell asleep. This is a wonderful therapy and I recommend it to anyone for children of any age."

Becky P., Cincinnati, Ohio

"I am 15 years old and received a Craniosacral session from Aureal. It was very relaxing and cleared my mind of everything. It helped me even days after to be more relaxed. This was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed it very much."

Elizabeth U., Cincinnati, Ohio

"The craniosacral session that I had with Aureal relaxed me and put me to sleep. I felt like I was on air. After the session, I no longer had a headache or stomach ache."

Maddy R., age 12, Cincinnati, Ohio

"The craniosacral session for my 10 year old daughter, Jocelyn, totally relaxed her. She was calmer and more peaceful for the next several days."

Katy E., Cincinnati, Ohio

Sessions with Adults

The session was great. I have never been so relaxed.

Jay Panyko, Chiropractor

I have been privileged to experience Aureal's Cranial Sacral work many times. Words do not do it justice. It must be experienced. It takes me to a very deep, still place, like if I had been meditating for a weekend. The results of her work seem to be just what I need at the time, ranging from a deeply grounded relaxation to aha insights. I have shared her gift with friends who are similarly impacted. She'll slow you down so you can catch up with yourself, so you're more in touch with what is important.

Randie Flaig, CPCC, Cincinnati, Ohio

Sessions with Aureal have allowed me to regain my balance while releasing some built up stress that tends to manifest overtime. The two hours spent in a session allow me to focus on what is important in my life and how I can maintain that balance. Aureal has a soothing way of extracting things that might be stressors and then focusing on the positive things. Through her cranial sacral work she is able to align my body so that my energy is more prevalent while allowing me to then focus on the things that get lost in stress - i.e.: creativity, enjoying my family, taking time for myself.

After just a few sessions, I found that my body is more in tune with my mind. My neck is not quite so tight and I am able to see the smaller things that sometimes get passed by because my mind and body are so tied up in the stress of my job and other life functions. Aureal is able to work on spots that are troublesome or in pain in my body and alleviate the issues. As an athlete, it is important to have my body working - and Aureal is able to work with past injuries to reduce pain as well as focus on other areas that might be bothering me. When I leave her office after a session I truly feel as if I have had a few days away from everything. If only I could bottle this and take it to my office!
Laura Kursman, Public Relations, Cincinnati, Ohio

In the sessions, I went into a profoundly satisfying relaxing state of mind. I have had many varying types of healing treatments over the last 20 years and Aureal's touch and skill rank right up there as being most beneficial in creating lasting peace and growth. The healing process continues to unfold.

Marcia, Cincinnati, Ohio

While working with Aureal Williams in the exploration of life, I am learning that craniosacral work is a gentle companion for unfolding my inner and outer life. Aureal's questions, as we start the session, and my intention for going deeper for answers, allows for the integration of the sacredness of life. I am more grounded in daily activities after the sessions, and I relate in the world with more love and consciousness. I dance more after a craniosacral session with Aureal.

K.L., Cincinnati, Ohio




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