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Craniosacral Bodywork for Infants

Your open hearted love wants the best for your precious baby. Craniosacral bodywork can help with that goal, through sessions that ease birth trauma, maximize mother and baby and father and baby bonding and, sometimes, assist with smoothing misshapen heads due to travel through the birth canal.

Current research of the perinatal and postnatal development speaks to the potency of the birth experience as having impact throughout the entire life. Craniosacral bodywork helps smooth ruffled feathers related to the perinatal and birthing experience, for the infant, as well as for the family.

In this work, the infant, or baby, takes the lead. The infant gives off subtle clues, with an okay or not, for the work to begin or continue and Aureal follows the infant's lead. In cases where the baby declines the work directly, the work is done on the mother or the father, as effective surrogate to the work for the infant.
Craniosacral bodywork for toddlers

Craniosacacral bodywork is especially helpful for toddlers and their all-important developmental tasks of testing parental authority, blossoming self-awareness and establishing independence. Separation anxiety is a phase in toddler development that can be eased through the gentle work of craniosacral.

If trust was violated through unresolved birth trauma, and this breach continues to impact parental connection or manifests as behavioral challenges, the gentle work of craniosacral addresses these issues through reestablishing safety and trust and then opening to a deeper relaxation, then reconnection, for the toddler and the parent.

If there are sleep disorders and the toddler is not able to communicate frightening dreams or nightmares, craniosacral bodywork can help ease the stress on the nervous system. Sensory development increases during this age span, and craniosacral bodywork can assist an over stimulated, often agitated, child to calm down and relax. As with the work with infants, the toddlers also take the lead in this work, as Aureal takes her cues from them as to when and how to proceed. In cases where the child declines direct work, one of the parents is an effective surrogate for the work.


Craniosacral Bodywork for Children

In the pivotal years from three to seven, children face a greater engagement with the world at large - through pre-school, kindergarten, and grade school, children face more of the complexities of an interactive life. How they engage or retreat, self-care and ask for care, determines how they feel about themselves and either expands or inhibits how they develop and share their own uniqueness, their own gifts and curiosities.

Mood swings can accompany this age stage and often relate to the increased field of engagement and the burgeoning skill base at this stage of development. Influences that the child has to factor into to his or her life come from everywhere, including the family unit where more is expected now - as well as school, friendships, sports and extracurricular activities and greater engagement with media influences.

The pressure to succeed and performance anxiety can affect children from three to seven years. How does a child know how to choose, how does a child retain his or her spontaneity when everything is so quick and important? Craniosacral bodywork helps calm down a child this age and restore a confident sense of self amidst all of these increasing and demanding influences.


Craniosacral Bodywork for Preteens

While Aureal appreciates and enjoys the craniosacral sessions with all of her clients, her heart truly sings in her work with preteens, those from age seven to 11 years. In her opinion, the preteen years are the most important time of one's life, aside from the first few days after birth. It is during the preteen years that either we bring our intuition and innate inner knowing with us into the teen and adult years, or we leave it behind, often spending decades trying to restore our complete sense of self.

At around age seven, the age of reason kicks in, bringing with it the imperative of making ethical, moral choices. Add to this the ever-earlier onset of puberty and children of the preteen years are managing quite a lot.

The craniosacral work for preteens helps them strengthen their own innate knowing, their own connection with self before, or as, influences like peer pressure and growing-up responsibilities overpower the sense of self. The craniosacral work with preteens helps solidify trust in one's own intuitive wisdom, one's own sense of joy and spontaneous knowing and playful creativity. The craniosacral work with preteens helps solidify the internal sense of self as protective coping resource for potentially overwhelming waves of external influences and teen-age angst.


Craniosacral Bodywork for Teens

Teens have a rough time of it in our modern culture. The pressure is on; the risks are great, and the options unlimited. Craniosacral bodywork can help ground teenagers in their own inner knowing, their own inner clarity amidst the intense turbulence of teenage life. Craniosacral bodywork is especially suited to those adolescents with a sensitive, artistic or spiritual quality as a main theme of their life. Craniosacral bodywork can also offer assistance to those teens struggling with ADD/ADHD, the trauma of relationship angst, depressive behavior tendencies, and stress overload.


Craniosacral Bodywork for Adults

Aureal's work with adults focuses on helping clients slow down, calm down and open to their own inner knowing. She specializes in stress-related conditions and patterns of chronic worry and fear, opening to a more relaxed, confident, sense of well-being and inner resilience. When a person is deeply relaxed, he or she can access deeper inner resources and greater clarity in dealing with everyday challenges and big-ticket issues. Craniosacral work calms the nervous system and this is Aureal's specialty, helping people calm down and realize that answers are available, from within. She helps people still, and listen to their own inner wisdom.

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