Cool Tools in Support of Intuition

by | Apr 30, 2012 | Living the Intuitive Life

vanishing point
Photo Credit: paul (dex) bica via Compfight


Here is one  app and one website that supports use of intuition.

The first tool is the app Fluid.  There is a free version, which is the one I use and another version for a nominal fee.  With this app you slide your fingers over the screen and water ripples over stones.   I find this app very relaxing when standing in line, or when I need a quick break.  The visual and the tactical experience promote relaxation which leads to intuitive receptivity because we are dealing with flowing water here.

The other intuitive support is  Clouds 365 Project   This is the work of multimedia artist Kelly Delay, who takes pictures of the sky everyday.  He is in his third year of doing this and I found the site when I came upon a mention of the Webby nominees, as his site is nominated.

Watching clouds move in the sky is at the top of my list for stress reducing techniques.  When we look at a moving sky we are reminded that everything changes.  No matter the weather, gazing on a moving sky helps keep me fluid in thought, feelings and experiences.

If you are stuck in a cubicle without a window or you somewhere, in some place and time without window access and high levels of stress, and you have online access handy, click on Kelly Delay’s video page and watch the clouds move and invite the tension to ease!