Combustible New Moon Eclipse with Sustained Release Rewards

by | Oct 24, 2022 | 5D, Letting Go, Our Moon, Void Moon

New Moon, Solar Eclipse, October 25, 6:49 AM, to Second Quarter Moon, November 1, 2022, 2:37 AM, EDT

Moon Phase

This week’s Solar Eclipse New Moon is explosive. Last week, there was mention of a twist and turn, roto-rooter truth effect. This week, that cosmic energy hits its mark.

While the intensity might feel like emotional overload, and we might respond with stubbornness to change, the opening brought about by this Solar Eclipse can realign the core structure of what matters in our lives.

This Solar Eclipse also micro-doses its impact with sustained releases. This cosmic event warrants a note in your datebook. Watch as the gifts are revealed in a spiral over time. (The exact degree of the eclipse is 2 Scorpio 00 degrees.)

One of the many opportunities is to realign with newfound integrity fueled by courage. We are excavating stuck obstructions that block newly revealed frequencies of consciousness.

This eclipse flashes the difference between old and dead and new and budding regarding what we love, what holds value, and what gives us meaning.

Power trips can be left behind. This Solar Eclipse, a union of the Sun and Moon, fuses creativity with justice, and invites us to apply the revelations with supreme self-care, lived in sovereignty.

This new experience of sovereignty comes with a direct experience that we are the authority in our lives.

5D Here, Now

The 5D Pillar of Access to this week’s lunar and cosmic energies relates to sovereignty. Those in the European countries and Canada have been conditioned by the concept of sovereignty for centuries, with one person holding the Sovereign role.

Those in the United States have been conditioned by the pioneer archetype, one who overthrew the sovereign and carved a path to overtake others.

Collectively, we can use a fresh perspective on the concept of sovereignty by understanding that sovereignty means taking responsibility for our choices. This new experience of sovereignty comes with a direct experience that we are the authority in our lives. Of course, we may have responsibilities to care for children or aging parents; however, we are the driver in our own life. We have the responsibility to review the options and choose for us.

This expression of sovereignty also includes the awareness that we have unique gifts for personal and collective benefit. We are Sovereign Beings with power, choice, and responsibility to ourselves and life.

How To

Reflect on what being sovereign means to you. If you want to play with the experience, find some crown that you can put on your head and prance around your house in the extreme of claiming your power and authority. Doing that pretend exercise might help stretch your experience of living your power based on what you want.

The 5D experience of sovereignty has nothing to do with power over others. This new experience of sovereignty has to do with the power of being us fully. I am very interested in hearing about your experiences of trying on sovereignty. Please reply in the comments or an email.

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

Two of the three Void Moon times this week are both under 15 minutes. The third Void Moon, on Thursday, is for six hours. The impact for those in the United States and Canada is overnight; for those in Europe, the Void Moon affects regular business hours on Thursday morning.

The exact Void Moon times, listed in the United States and Canada Eastern Time Zone, are below, along with a time converter link to calculate the times for where you live.

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon.

Thursday, October 27, 12:27 AM to 6:55 AM EDT

Saturday, October 29, 9:10 AM to 9:22 AM EDT

Monday, October 31, 11:15 AM to 11:43 AM EDT

Here is a time converter:

Blessed Be. See you next week at the Second Quarter Moon.


  1. Hello Aureal,
    Love your insights and your artwork.

    • Oh dear Marifran, thank you so much for your support. These posts are written from the perspective of the 5D planets in the chart for the Moon phase and the artwork comes from creative sparks. We are so lucky to be alive and creating in this magnificent, cosmically interactive time.

  2. A great reminder of our sovereign state within. Thanks for sharing xxx

    • Dear Marian, thank you so much for your support. Yes, we are all sovereign beings, together!