Charley Horses

by | Jun 9, 2011 | Body Wisdom


Charley horse pain sears through you. Every couple of months, I have one of these excruciating cramps during the night.  I know that this symptom can indicate a magnesium deficiency and I try to include magnesium in my diet as much as possible. In the middle of the night, in the crux of pain, I wish that I had ingested a little more magnesium.


This backward glance doesn’t help in the the moments of excruciating pain.  I am wakened from a deep sleep with pain that takes my breath away.  That’s when I bring in the lights.  A woman who works with energy, Michele Mayama, of, teaches me to bring in frequencies of light to help clear certain situations.  One of the foundational lights is rose-coloured, the golden rose of unconditional love.  Michele teaches that you do not even need to see the colour for it to be effective, you simply have to call in the frequency.  I am here to tell you that it works.


I have had years of practice working in this way, so maybe that practice makes a difference.  Every few months or so, I have a middle of the night charley horse and I treat it, in the moment, by bringing in the rose frequency and that simple technique works.  I keep breathing through the pain and calling in the rose coloured light to the cramping muscle and after a while, and before the full-fledged cramping, the pain goes away. I am always amazed.


I have other pains in my life, financial and relational and sometimes, situational, and I need to apply this practice of bringing in the rose-coloured light to these discomforts, too. I will let you know how that goes!


Working with light frequencies is a medicine of the future, an easy-to-use, cost-effective modality that we will be hearing more of as more people use it and share their experiences.  It probably does take practice, so if you are interested in trying it for yourself, simply call in the rose-coloured light, maybe to a headache or a small ache or pain somewhere and see how it works for you.  Light frequencies abound and they are available for us to use.