Book Review of One Dog Night

by | May 1, 2012 | Writing

My little dog
Photo Credit: -=RoBeE=- via Compfight


Just finished reading this delightful story by David Rosenfelt.  I can tell a book by its cover, mainly, the inner jacket cover and Mr. Rosenfelt’s photo.  I recalled seeing his photo from another book of his that I enjoyed, so I picked this one up and didn’t want to put it down until I was finished with the read.  He had me laughing out loud at his dialogue.  Laughing is good medicine and I appreciate it when I find it in a book.  He brought characters to life that I cared for and there were consistent twists and turns to make the outcome uncertain. The roots of the intrigue went deep, pun intended and you will recognize  it if you read the book!

Reading mysteries is good exercise for the mind and  suspense is a part of daily life, especially when one tries to live in the moment.   Even though dealing with suspense on the page is easier than real life, reading about suspense counts as practice for daily life, as no story is really new in the human experience.  It is good to have adventure with people whom one cares about and this book delivers adventure and laughs and caring.