Book Review of My Gun Has Bullets

by | May 14, 2012 | Writing

During my Personal Dark Moon,  I read My Gun Has Bullets by Lee Goldberg.  It was written in 1995, and I generally read books that are written more recently because we are having such a rapid  change in consciousness that older books do not quite hit the mark for me any more.  The title  of this book hooked me as funny and compelling and creative. Lee Goldberg also writes for television. He has written for some shows I enjoy, like Ashley Judd’s star turn in Missing, and the older TV shows of  Nero Wolfe’s mysteries.  So, I went into this book with the likely probability of enjoying Lee Goldberg’s writing and I did.

Goldberg wrote compelling characters, ones that I rooted for and convincing villains that I disdained.  The plot was make-believe in parts and convincing in enough other parts to keep me turning the page.  With Lee Goldberg’s history in the TV industry, maybe the parts that stretched the imagination, such as a cop getting a TV series to hush a bankable star’s violent crime, are not far-fetched, I don’t know, however, I doubt it.  The far-fetched parts were written in good fun it seemed, and I enjoyed them in that same vein.

Enough suspense kept the plot moving and me interested in the outcome. It was interesting to read about behind the scenes behaviors on TV shows.  I was also hooked by the pieces where Charlie stretches into the capacity of his TV character, like rising to his own potential. I enjoy reading about that kind of  personal growth.  It was a light-hearted read and I would have enjoyed a series about this fellow Charlie Willis.