Threading the New Moon into the Tapestry of your Creations

The Value of a Reset

Maybe you use the end of the calendar year, the birthday, or the end of your fiscal year to reflect and reset. You might not realize that each New Moon allows us to reset. In a 28-day cycle, the nightly love light in our sky gives us a chance to start new.

We do not throw the baby out with the bathwater with these fresh starts. We build on what we have understood, accomplished, and ventured forward. The New Moon offers spiraling new threads in the tapestry of our being.

We build on these refresh points to enhance self-understanding, our relationships, family life, work, creativity, and soul work. It is human nature to want second chances, and each New Moon gives us that.

Allow the New Moon to find its legs, maybe 24 to 36 hours into the new cycle, to allow the new conscious capacity to awaken. The New Moon phase is like the infancy phase in human growth and development. In flowing from the end of one cycle into the beginning of the next cycle, we move from formlessness into form. We take a while to wake up to the new life and opportunity.

Feeling the refresh and restart point of each New Moon represents subtle energy. The human body is resonant, though. If we slow down and allow for stillness, we can feel the ending of one Lunar Cycle and the beginning of the next. This embodied awareness translates into monthly fresh starts.

If you want to get started following the Lunar Cycle as a natural reset button for your physiology, vision, goal setting, intention manifesting, self and family caregiving, here are tips for getting started:

  1. Note the New Moon in the calendar that you use. Most calendars identify the date/time of each New Moon, and if this information is not in the calendar you use regularly, it is easy to input that information.
  2. Realize that each New Moon reflects the infancy stage of human growth and development. As the new cycle gets started, you might feel nebulous, unembodied, or ungrounded. That is part of the process which adds to the awareness of a new beginning.
  3. Within 24 to 36 hours of the New Cycle, you will probably feel stronger, clearer, and not as hazy or vague.
  4. Set intentions for what you want to begin or add to your current creation.
  5. For relationships, intimate and familial, consider celebrating each new lunar cycle, within three days of its start, with a meeting or a meal where you share accountability and plans. This is a time to check-in and keep fresh with what everyone wants and needs in real-time.
  6. Realize within yourself the chance to start new. Do you need to update the post-it notes on your mirror? Do you need to set new goals or deadlines? Remember, this is a 28-day cycle so that you can focus on short-term, easy, and flexible.
  7. Look up in the sky some night during the first week of the New Moon phase and see the shape of the Moon. Own that new beginning within you.

The above suggestions relate to the Collective Lunar Cycle, which covers all of us on Earth. As described in earlier posts, the Personal Lunar Cycle is determined by the phase of the Moon in which you are born. So, you can also access a second refresh point each Lunar month. I cannot stress enough how valuable a sense of this timing is to human wellbeing. The Collective and the Personal Lunar Cycles are how we spiral through life. They are innate rhythms within and around us. 

A workbook on A New Relationship with Time is in the works, and more information on these natural cycles is included in that workbook. If you have questions before that workbook is published, please bounce back in the comments or email

Please also look up at the Moon and feel Her loving wisdom radiate back to you, permeating your physiology, consciousness, and heart.

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

If you are ever curious about why you lose the plot unexpectedly, consider checking out the Void of Course Moon. When there are no aspects – geometrical relations between the Moon and the personal planets – the Moon is Void. Buckminster Fuller taught us that energy is contained in the form.

Sacred geometry, the geometrical relationship between spaces, provides the forms to contain energy. Sacred geometry is everywhere–the seating dynamics of your dining table, conference room meeting, office set-up–anywhere people are gathered, a geometrical shape represents the social configuration.

As above, so below. The geometrical shapes formed in the sky between the Moon and a personal planet give form to the energetic structure that supports the function.

When the Moon is Void, there is no container for the energy to function. The energy is free-floating. These are perceptible feelings within the human body. I have people close to me, not interested in astrology, yet they have heard me talk about the Void Moon so often that they now feel it. They ask Aureal, where’s that Moon?

If efficiency is one of your high values, and if you do not want to waste time, money, or energy, paying attention to the Void Moon times warrants a look.

The Sun is Involved, Too

In the quantum leap to the 5th Dimension consciousness, the entirety of our cosmos transforms. Our Sun is in on this shift, too. We now have solar flares, sunspots, the Schumann Resonance, plasma downloads, and much activity that affects our physicality. It used to be that I could look at the Void of Course Moon tables and plan and schedule downtime. Now, with the Sun and atmospheric shifts involved, there is not an ephemeris, a table to look at for predictable times.

This is why it is vital to allow your body to be your timer in life. When you are tired, consider not pushing forward. Consider resting, restoring, and receiving the downloads, even if you are unaware of the higher frequencies being downloaded. Resting when your body wants that, stopping when it hurts to proceed,  helps raise your frequency and, therefore, your capacity to do your work with more fulfillment and optimized outcome.

Practicing stopping and resting during Void Moons helps build the capacity to stop when our Sun and atmosphere raise frequencies. When we witness and positively respond to the atmospheric impacts, even if we do not understand them, we affirm our belonging as part of the whole.,, and many of the YouTube posters that share information on the Schumann Resonance are sources for more details on these electromagnetic and atmospheric changes.  

Void of Course Moon Times

The Void of Course Moon times occurs according to your time zone. Please use the time zone link to determine the Void of Course Moon times where you live.

For all of us around the globe, the Void Moon times are relatively short this week. For the United States and Canada, Tuesday, May 31, afternoon and evening are affected, and morning or midday on Friday, June 3. For Europe, it looks like the Moon is void during late evening and overnight hours.

Even though the times are short, it still helps to stop trying to do business as usual during a Void Moon time because there is no form to contain the energy and the outcome is uncertain.

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Tuesday, May 31, 4:10 PM to Wednesday, June 1, 1:49 AM EDT

Friday, June 3, 11:15 AM to 2:39 PM EDT

Sunday, June 5, 7:13 PM to Monday, June 6, 2: 23 AM EDT

Here is a time converter:

Blessed Be. See you next week, at the Second Quarter Moon.

New Moon Week Friday, April 1, 2:25 AM EDT to Saturday, April 9, 2:48 AM EDT

At the New Moon, we move from the formless state into form. This lunar cycle phase equates to the newborn human growth and development stage. We find our way into new life in infancy and at New Moons. This April 2022 New Moon emphasizes newness because it aligns with the start of a new seasonal cycle. Aries Sun, Aries Moon, new life budding forth. The exact time of the New Moon is 2:25 AM, EDT, April 1. Allow 24-36 hours to adjust to the newness as you emerge from the emptiness state into the formed state. Ask for what you need–ask your spiritual helpers and ask yourself. Get clear and present with those needs and then project those needs as already met. An Eileen Caddy quote posted in strategic places around my house states: “Expect your every need to be met, expect the answer to every problem, expect abundance on every level, expect to grow Spiritually. You are not living by Human laws. Expect Miracles and see them take place. Hold ever before you the thought of prosperity and abundance and know that doing so sets in motion forces that will bring it into being.” Please do not allow yourself to be distracted by what does not matter. As these are collectively traumatic times, please also set boundaries around the challenges that impact your heart, soul, and life. One of the most practical teachings I have ever received was from a Tibetan Buddhist Lama when he said, “Even a thought can help.” We are each activist in different ways. Know where your action lies and take it. The veil is sliver thin now. At this border of a New Moon and the edge of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, insights are quick, manifestation is instant, and the experience of embodied, co-creative power is alive. This New Moon awakens us more fully to whom we are, intuitive collaborators within a loving and responsive cosmos.

Real-Life Examples of the Potency of Now

Help is on the Way I bring a question into morning mediation. Images come through, and after meditation, I realize that there is probably a flower essence that matches the received image. An online search produces an exact match. The ordered essence arrives with the New Moon. I will keep you posted regarding outcomes once I use the flower essence. The felt experience is one of “Message received, help is on the way.” Just Waiting to be Asked In an online 2022 Spiritual Ancestors Retreat with Tanis Helliwell, Tanis posts a question, and, as participants, we go on a guided imagery meditation in search of responses. It is utterly astounding how ready and willing our invisible helpers are. All we have to do is ask. While I have been asking Angels, archangels, totems, crystals, elementals, spiritual and lineage ancestors, and all helpful guides and guardians for assistance my entire adult life, the response now is immediate. It is exceptional! At this border crossing into 5th Dimensional Consciousness and with the veil at the New Moon, now is the time to realize our collaborative power as spiritual beings having a human experience. If you are struggling with a conundrum, please consider asking your beneficent helpers for information on resolutions or next steps. They wait in the wings to be asked. We Must Do Our Part As mentioned in other blog posts, we are becoming beings of Light in this shift to 5D Consciousness. That means that the foods we used to eat may no longer be aligned with who we are becoming. We must shift with the shifting. If a behavior you are doing, the food you are eating, or a relationship you tolerate no longer holds resonance with the lighter, freer you, you have a choice. You can either release the outdated attachment or stay bogged down in the past. Over the decades since I have been tracking the 5th Dimensional Shift, I have had many dietary changes.  These changes come with a shift in identity. The time is now to complete those choices. It isn’t easy to let go of comfort food, of quick yet false satisfaction, for more fulfilling nourishment. With each “Yes, I hear and agree,” the choice gets reinforced with the instantaneous reward of living an intuitive life. Actively living this shift, embodying 5D has become part of my work. If I can help you move through the challenges as we shift to 5D Consciousness, consider scheduling a time to talk here at I also work with astrology in an innovative way that recognizes our bidirectional relationship with the planets. For more on this, check out: Information, Intuition, Integration. For more information on the changes involved in this shift, check out 5D Ordinary Descriptions of an Extraordinary Shift.

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

The Void Moon times this week are brief. For those in the United States and Canada Eastern Time Zones, we might lose the plot mid-morning on Saturday, April 2, for a few hours and again for most of the morning on Thursday, April 7. These Void Moon times affect those in Europe later in the day, during the afternoon and evening hours. Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon. The Void Moon Times this week include: Saturday, April 2, 9:51 AM to 12:51 PM EDT Monday, April 4, 9:53 PM to 11:05 PM Wednesday, April 6,11:15 PM to Thursday, April 7, 11:30 AM EDT Here is a time converter: Blessed Be. See you next week, at the Second Quarter Moon.

New Moon Week, Wednesday, March 2, 2022, 12:36 PM to Thursday, March 10, 5:46 AM

From 2006 until 2016, I dreamt of moving to Duluth, Minnesota, near Lake Superior. In 2016, the dream became manifest. I had visited Duluth every year, often multiple times, during each of those ten years. The draw for me was the magnificent Deva of the Lake.

That Deva is a being of profound Love. Pure and ever-present. Her Love sourced me during that decade and since, even though I have moved away from Duluth.

Known as one of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior is an inland sea. This body of water is so large that the opposite shore is not visible, and its depth opens an unfathomable experience of completeness. The Deva of Lake Superior resonates with an unlimited capacity of being. I often hang out in deep space through my work with astrology. Lake Superior and her Deva give the experience of deep space, terrestrially.

As you might imagine, what surrounds Lake Superior reflects the richness of her beauty and gifts. That blessed periphery includes the town and townspeople of Duluth.

Lake Superior Interfaith Community Church‘s positive reputation as an engaging community, free of hierarchy, warranted checking out. Each week, I discovered that the service included a community member or a regional influencer speaking on a topic covering the full spectrum of New Age spirituality. The services were richly nourishing, and I went every week.

One of my favourite parts of each week’s service was the beginning. We sang, in our ragtag voices, “Let There Be Peace on Each, and Let it Begin with Me.” The experience of us singing our hearts open with this song raised the room’s frequency to match the frequency of Love from the Lake Deva.

At the time of this New Moon, in Pisces, the sign of Universal Love, I offer this YouTube version of that song and invite you to sing with me, Let There Be Peace on Earth – Harlem Boys’ Choir – YouTube.

The first two weeks of a Lunar Cycle are about bringing in what we need to co-create what we want. These first two weeks represent the in-breath. During these next two weeks, consider breathing in Peace. Breath in what you need to live Peace.

While it may take some time to figure out what qualities you need to live in Peace, this is time well spent. Collective Peace begins within each of us, living Peace within ourselves.

The following is a short list of qualities that may precede your direct experience of Peace. If one of these resonates, consider taking a few minutes, morning and night, to breathe in Peace and breathe out what seemingly blocks your Peace. Allow the growing, glowing Moon to help you increase your stamina and resiliency for breathing in Peace.

Resisting Grace

Resisting Now

Forgiveness of Self or Other

Releasing Fear

Releasing Guilt

Releasing Shame or blame

As you breathe in Peace, you may notice that your inner wisdom suggests other qualities. For example, you breathe in Peace for a few minutes, and you hear the word confidence. Please consider allowing whatever comes to flow through you. This process of organic evolution happens as we shift into 5D Consciousness. We automatically attract what we need and release what no longer serves us.

The in-and-out breath and Moon’s ebb and flow help us naturally synchronize with this organic recycling.

Share in the comments or send me an email the words that come up for you as you unblock your direct experience of Peace.

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

The Void Moon times this week are relatively short. May you take advantage of these rest and reset times for ultimate productivity.

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Hearing what your body wants during Void Moons, generally, more internal focus than external focus and more stillness, quiet, and rest, are great ways to start embodying the Moon.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Thursday, March 3, 4:46 PM to 7:53 PM

Saturday, March 5, 11:02 PM to Sunday, March 6, 3:01 AM

Tuesday, March 8, 9:36 AM to 1:41 PM EST

Here is a time converter:

If I can help you move through the challenges of opening to your body as Timer, as we shift to 5D Consciousness, consider scheduling a time to talk here

Blessed Be. See you next week with the Second Quarter Moon phase.

New Moon, New Year

To embody the Moon means to feel the Moon’s rhythms as a physical experience. It is possible to sync up with the ebb and flow of the Lunar week and the pulls to stop business as usual with the Void Moons. I have aligned with our Moon in these ways for decades and know that it can take up to two years to feel these natural timings as inner experiences. Consider practicing this alignment with patience. In addition to saving time, money, resources, and frustration levels, there is the benefit of living in sync with nature in a direct Oneness experience.

When you open to Time as an inner experience, in contrast to an external control forced upon us, you are more accessible to the fluidity of Time that is in 5D consciousness.

In this week’s post, we start with the Void Moon times because with the New Year and the New Moon; we want to hit the ground running. This week, the Void Moon pumps the brakes on for extended periods.

Applying this information helps avoid frustration and mental confusion regarding why it can be hard to have a fast go this week.

The Void Moon

This week, the Void Moon is our big news, with an extended Void time on Monday, January 3, during the workday for those in the US and an entire 24-hour period on Wednesday. While we start a new year and a new lunar month, the Void Moon calls for long time-outs for those eager to get going after an extended holiday break.

The Moon goes void midmorning on Monday, January 3, EST, and stays void for almost six hours. For those in the United States returning to a work setting after an extended holiday break, working can feel like an uphill battle during long parts of the workday. For those in Europe, this Void Moon hits in the evening hours. In Australia and New Zealand, this Void Moon affects late workday Tuesday. The exact hours are listed below.

The Moon goes Void for 24 hours from the evening in the US on Wednesday to the evening on Thursday. This long Void Moon affects everyone worldwide for some part of the workday.

Pace yourself, please. The frustration from pushing upstream in a downstream time takes its toll, and that burden is unnecessary when you look at the Moon. Please listen to what your body tells you and try not to override internal calls to slow down or rest. Activities like filing or nonessential tasks work during Void Moons. Starting new projects or scheduling appointments are likely to need revisions when undertaken during a Void Moon.

These delays in pushing forward can be used to our advantage. Rest and reflect; reflect inward, with patience, during the slowdown times, and with the certainty that the time to move forward will not leave you behind.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Monday, January 3, 11:21 AM to 5:44 PM, EST

Tuesday, January 4, 7:45 PM to  Wednesday, January 5, 7:17 PM, EST

Friday, January 7, 5:23 PM to Saturday, January 8, 12:28 AM, EST

Here is a time converter:

New Moon Phase, 1:34 PM January 2, 2022, to January 9, 2022

New Year, New Moon, the timing is so divine! A fresh start to heart’s desire and more miraculous fulfillment than was imagined.

You may have noticed that manifestation is instantaneous now. This experience has been one of the most marveling gifts in my shift to 5D, which is a constant work in progress.

It helps tremendously to be clear about what we want to manifest. Since our co-creative capacities to manifest are coming more on board now, a first step is to be clear about what we want.

The New Moon week is a perfect time to communicate that intention with the cosmos. The first half of the Lunar Cycle is about building. In the first week, we build a foundation. If you have not already done so, take this week to dream, visualize, name, claim your life. Be specific to the finest detail.

We are blessed with a New Moon at the start of this new calendar year. Most people go by the Gregorian calendar year for planning their timeline. While making plans has gone out the window as we shift to living in 5D, getting clear on what we want and who we are becoming remains vital. If we are vague and indecisive, that will show up in what manifests. Dream your dream, imagine your life, state your claim. After you have done so, consider adding, “This or something better.”    

If I can help you move through the challenges of opening up to your body as Timer, in this shift to 5D consciousness, consider scheduling a time to talk, or an appointment, here:

Blessed Be. See you next week with Week #2 in this new Lunar phase.

Here is 3 minutes + worldbeat music for dancing your heart open 



12 Genuine, Fresh Start Dates in 2017


We are at that time of year when we turn the page. We have reviewed the past year, released what we no longer want and set our vision for a wonderful, majical, fulfilling 2017. A new beginning, a fresh start.

Many people use a restart date that coincides with a natural cycle, like the Solstice or the Spring Equinox, wherever they consider the start of a new year. Many cultures start the New Year with a New Moon.  For many others, though, January 1 is the reset button. It does helps to use markers for assessment and evaluation and the marker of the Gregorian Calendar Year is deep in our collective psyche.

In whatever measurement, a natural cycle or the common calendar, one year seems a long time to hold the focus. Much can fall through the cracks, distraction overwhelms and focus wanes. It seems inevitable that accountability falters when held in the frame for one full year.

There is another way to release, revise and measure.  This other way uses each lunar cycle as a definitive unit for accountability. As I have written before, cycles are the current through which we flow through life.

This 28-day cycle measurement is easier on the body, the mind and the emotions because our Moon is considered Mother energy and we feel her flow. The Lunar Cycle is not as stern as a full year’s measurement. Yes, we can use both cyclic measurements, with perhaps the year as an overview and the lunar month as a consistent check-in point.


If you accept the invitation to use the Moon as marker for bringing intentions, goals and visions into alignment with your wisdom and your action, the twelve New Moons for 2017 are listed below.  The two listed in bold are eclipses, especially potent days for reviews and restarts and I will write more about those in an upcoming blog post.

One suggestion for maximizing these review/restart pivots is to mark three full 24 hour periods that precede these dates and times on your calendar using the notation, “Dark of the Moon.”  The Dark of the Moon is the emptying out phase of this natural cycle and bodies resonate with this rhythm.   During the Dark Moon time, limit your schedule as much as you can and allow for extra rest and inner wandering. Soon after the New Moon, acknowledge the upward surge of energy; the restart has begun.

Use the Dark Moon for gentle release, stillness and divine time with your Soul. At each New Moon, you can set a goal, along with an action plan for how to get there.

For hearty souls who want more, there is an additional refresh, restart pivot time each lunar month that is determined by the phase of the Moon in which you are born. This is the Personal Lunar Cycle; the other is the Collective Lunar Cycle, as that is operational for all of us on Earth. Online training is in the works for the potent Personal Lunar Cycle. If you want more information before then, contact me.

Here are the dates and times for the New Moons in 2017.

Many blessing wishes as you align your Light with Moon Light.

2017 New Moons

January 27th New Moon at 7:08 PM

February 26th New Moon Eclipse at 10:00 AM

March 27th New Moon at 10:59 PM

April 26th New Moon at 8:18 AM

May 25th New Moon 3:46 PM

June 23rd New Moon at 10:32 PM

July 23rd New Moon at 5:47 AM

August 21st New Moon Eclipse 2:31 PM

September 20th New Moon at 27 degrees Virgo, 1:30 AM

October 19th, New Moon at 3:12 PM

November 18th, New Moon at 6:42 AM

December 18th, New Moon at 1:31 AM