Genuine Week for Sovereignty — Wear Your Crown Royally

Second Quarter Moon, August 5, 2022, 7:07 AM to Full Moon, August 11, 9:38 PM EDT

Second Quarter Moons are the most productive phase of the Lunar cycle. We gain momentum in the first week and culminate efforts in the third, or Full Moon week. In the fourth week, we dissolve into emptiness before cycling up again at the next New Moon.   This pattern of building and releasing reflects the life span and repeats each lunar month.

In addition to pronounced productivity, resisting external forces is another feature of the Second Quarter Moon phase. Think of the “no” behavior of a two-year-old or the age-appropriate rebelliousness of a teen. Those in your family, circle of friends, or workgroup who perpetually question authority are likely to have been born in a 2nd Quarter Moon phase. (You can look it up here: Please note that I call the second week of the lunar month the second quarter, while many name it the first quarter.)

Since standing up to external authority is a natural imprint of this lunar phase, it is critical to claim our strength and power this week. The glorious opportunity is to resist internal lethargy and malaise and claim what we want and vision for ourselves and our world.

While standing up to external pressure is inherent in this week’s lunar energies, the opportunity is to align ourselves with the sacred light within. What are we doing that stands in the way of personal progress? What thoughts keep us from freedom, and what false conditioning blocks our path? What holds us back from full glory, to be revealed, again and again, each Full Moon?

The cosmic energies bless us this week with openings, opportunities, and chances to release the truth of our creativity in transformative ways. Do not be surprised if, during this lunar week, stuffed and stifled emotional content breaks through the surface to be moon-kissed into freedom.

5D Here, Now

This week’s cosmic energies plug into the 5D portal access of Sovereignty. This lunar week gives us the opening to shake off, discard, and eliminate that which shackles our sovereignty.

We are used to regarding sovereignty through a political or national lens. In this time of 5D consciousness, sovereignty extends to personal autonomy, authority, and the divine right of being human. We have the consciousness to choose and accept or decline. 5D helps us realize our natural state of being is sovereign. This is a week to claim that sovereignty, that fierce inner power of solid self-worth.

We need to know our worth to live it.


Space, time, silence, and reflection are needed to help you feel and then own your sovereignty. We cannot tap into this reservoir of power when we are pressured with responsibilities and time crunches.

One way to start tapping into awareness of your sovereignty is to make as much space as possible for quiet reflection. Take a bath, sit on the porch and look at the sky, write in your journal, ask for help through the dream and then either write the dream details down or speak them into an audio file. Go back and ponder the mysterious messages of the dream state.

We must feel it to be it. Sovereignty is crucial now in this time of profound transformation. We need to know our worth to live it.

What is suggested here is not necessarily easy. It takes focus and active internal inquiry. The journey starts with one step. I hope you can take the step that leads to unearthing your powerful sovereignty as a divine human, alive with choice.

If you want help exploring your sovereignty, reach out here.

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

There are extended Void Moon times for the United States and Canada on Saturday, August 6, and Monday, August 8. These Void Moon times include an intense Monday Morning blues, nebulous feeling, and perhaps, not wanting to get out of bed. These Void Moon times occur in the afternoon on both those days for European people.

There is a brief, two-hour Void Moon for the United States and Canada on Wednesday, and this will occur in the evening hours for those in Europe.

The exact times are below, along with a time converter link.  

A workbook on A New Relationship with Time is in the works. The Void of Course Moon is one of the sections in this upcoming workbook. Stay tuned for release announcements.

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Saturday, August 6, 7:24 AM to 12:39 PM EDT

Monday, August 8, 6:30 AM to 2:39 PM EDT

Wednesday, August 10, 12:40 PM to 2:45 PM

Here is a time converter:

Blessed Be. See you next week, at the Full Moon.

Serious Business: New Book, Not Just New Chapter

New Moon, July 28, 1:55 PM to Second Quarter Moon, August 5, 2022, 7:07 AM EDT

This New Moon week, starting Thursday at 1:55 PM EDT is a no-nonsense time. We are ushered into an entirely new book of our lives, not just a new chapter. We have the chance to see through the illusion into what truly matters.

During this potent portal time, many of us will feel the urgency to liberate our confidence and create with integrity. Along with a renewed anchoring in root excellence, we are propelled, in unanticipated ways, to walk new pathways of destiny.

Creativity comes in large and small ways; how we greet the day and end the day with consciousness and grace brackets the creative expression of our individual life.

It cannot be overstated how potent this time is in human history. Stop, look, feel, and listen.

This New Moon week offers a sacred moment in time. If you feel you don’t know what to do, that is fine. Wait, listen, and receive the inspirations, intuitions, and imaginations that stream through your wake and dream state. Consider taking time around the New Moon to nurture yourself spiritually with quiet silence and beauty. All the usual activities help infuse a spirit of wonder that results in revelatory awareness. Such as:

  • Time in nature
  • Asking for help through the dream state
  • Sipping tea while looking out the window
  • Journaling
  • Creating
  • Playing
  • Finding laughter and joy

It cannot be overstated how potent this time is in human history. Stop, look, feel, and listen.

5D Here, Now

The wheels of change are turning, and the pace has speeded up. In this first week of the Lunar Cycle, we enter new, evolutionary territory.

Anchor with a consciousness that grounds you – eat well, tend to your sleep needs, nourish your Soul. Realize that each moment passes; no emotional state or experience is static. While some moments are rough, with anxiety or concerns, these moments are followed by joy and comfort.

Source yourself in your Soul, Spirit, and inner knowing as we live through this evolution. Slow, conscious breathing, rigorous self-care, and avoiding overstimulation help navigate these turbulent times.


Here is a simple ritual to mark the importance of this time. Use as a loose template, and adjust as needed:

Have a ritual bath or shower. Use candles and incense if you wish. Make the intention to clear what is no longer needed or wanted in your life. This is a wash-away time.

Sip good water or calming tea and sit in a place that provides a view of the sky, trees, or nature, if possible. Sit and breathe. If you meditate, great. If not, sit in quiet reflection. Calm your mind and heart with your breath and thoughts of who and what you love.

Reckon with yourself. What can change to help you feel more soulful and more aligned with what you know as your potential and your heart’s desires? Gently does it. Simply recognizing the insights helps. You can put the steps in place later. Journal what is revealed.

Bless your innate connection with the Moon. She is a guiding light for life on earth.  

While there might be turbulence during this portal time, order does evolve out of chaos. As we go through things, we end up with a higher level of understanding than when we started.

Blessed be. This is an exciting, rich, and unprecedented time. May you enjoy it! If you want help exploring the potency of this time, reach out here.

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

Except for an extended time during the day on Saturday, July 30, the void Moon times for the United States and Canada this week happen during the nighttime hours.

In Europe, the Void Moon impacts Tuesday morning, August 2, and Thursday morning, August 4. The exact times are below, along with a time converter link.  

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Saturday, July 30, 12:28 AM to 2:11 PM EDT

Monday, August 1, 6:29 PM to Tuesday, August 2, 12:06 AM EDT

Thursday, August 4, 2:19 AM to 7:47 AM

Here is a time converter:

Blessed Be. See you next week, at the Second Quarter Moon.

Patience is the Winning Commodity this Lunar Week

Fourth Quarter Moon, July 20, 2022, 10:19 AM to New Moon, July 28, 1:55 PM EDT

Even though this is the end of the Lunar Cycle, generally a time to put our feet up, the energy is intense. Passion, ambition, and emotions abound, and there is little patience to let the dust settle.

On a collective level, it seems like there is a groundswell to protect our Earth and one another. This protective energy is impacted by the urgent need for protection and our inner imperatives for telling the truth.

Please consider taking extra care of yourself by opting for patience as the go-to choice. Breathe through challenges, anchor into inner knowing, and stay with your truth.

We do not see the whole picture, and we do not have all the answers. We are in this together, though—the cumulative power of our good intentions and love for all fuels positive change.

Not an easy week, by the looks of it. Yet, we can all do our part by being clear about what we want for ourselves and all of humanity. There are legions of us with the vision of global justice and equity, affirming – out loud – the beauty and power of innate human dignity.

This is an unprecedented time in human history. Being one who lives the light takes more courage and a stronger community than we can ever remember needing.

 5D Here, Now

This week’s lunar energy ties into the 5th Pillar of Access to 5D, Letting Go. It is tricky to let go when our hearts are so connected to truth and justice, yet the circumstances around us seem to reflect everything except that.

We are called to do two things simultaneously. Let go of helpless hopelessness and focus on what we feel, know, and aspire to live, our innate human grace and dignity.

We do not have a complete picture of the current circumstances and do not know the timeline. We know that we are between two dimensions of consciousness. The old way is dying, and the new way is birthing.

Anyone who has witnessed a birth, animal, or human knows major shapeshifting is involved. And that pain comes with the process.

Countless people understand justice to represent equity, sovereignty, and the fundamental human rights of all people to work, be paid a living wage, have functional housing, and have the opportunity and means to fulfill one’s life purpose. When we collectively feel this vision as reality, it can happen. 5D is collaborative; 3D is competitive.

This is an unprecedented time in human history. Being one who lives the light takes more courage and a stronger community than we can ever remember needing.

We look around, here, there, and everywhere on the planet where injustice and lack of fairness surface. Yet, each new breath can bring us closer to the loving fairness and equality we want for ourselves and others.

Do you know that saying of the Indian telegraph or, in Australia, the Bush telegraph? It is a way communication spreads. That’s what we have a chance to do now. We can send our heart radiance out to the whole world, to the hot spots and the burning issues. The power of our collective radiance lifts the vibrational frequencies, and when we keep the vibration high, that changes things.

As many thought leaders say, the outcomes have not yet been written. We are creating them.

Letting go of hopeless helplessness and aligning human will with divine will is one way to keep our heads above water in these super challenging times. Our power and our passions have developed over time. We have grown them by working on fulfilling our life’s purpose. Now is not the time to release our vision or to lessen our reach.

We are way showers, light spirits, and thought leaders. We are who we are, and we know what we know. In these super challenging times, it is time to connect globally with other pure-hearted people, whether directly or energetically, and beam out our radiance and goodwill.


How do you let go while waiting for your long-held dreams to manifest?

Use water when you can. Swim, use images of water, and splash your face, neck, and wrists. Let cold water run over your wrists as you wash your hands. In the shower or the bath, invoke the power of water to allow heavy emotions, broken-hearted disappointment, and abject discouragement to wash off you.

Another way to let go is to switch from the mind to the heart. Let go of putting the weight on your mind to figure something out. Drop your consciousness down into your heart. Express your feelings and your needs and ask on the frequency wave of the heart to inform you of solutions, strategies, and coping mechanisms. Ask your heart to help maintain a sense of equilibrium during these super-challenging times. Hold steady to the regulating rhythm of your breath and your heartbeat.

Also, communicate. Talk to your family, friends, communities, and yourself through a journal or artwork. Talk to your spiritual helpers. Angels, archangels, ascended masters, gods, goddesses, spiritual and lineage ancestors, and all benevolent beings.

Communicate how rough it is right now and how challenging. Ask for help. Watch how the help comes.

There is also something called the morphogenic field. This is an energy field where we can call on people living and dead to help us. We can call on people like Martin Luther King to ask how he had the patience to keep going. The historical figures who light up your life, who shine their wisdom on your path, are available through this morphogenic field. It is a living energy field, and you can ask for the help of someone you have long admired. The depth of the resources and support is unlimited. Our part is to open our hearts, connect, and ask.

Communicate how rough it is right now and how challenging. Ask for help. Watch how the help comes.

A Personal Story

Every single house that I have lived in as an adult has had a beehive while I lived there. I was aware of this repeating pattern as a signifier of a special connection with bees. One might say that I took this sacred occurrence for granted.

It was not until the other day that I finally got it — the bees are there to companion me. Like many others, I find this shift to the 5th Dimensional consciousness to be a challenging time. There is the super-hot weather, the isolation choices to stay healthy – I am still doing that – the challenge to let go of 3D and live in 5D. Changes in diet, relationships, work, all of it. No exceptions.

As I take the groceries out of the car’s trunk, I see that part of a beehive has fallen to the ground due to heavy rains. I ask permission to pick it up. Permission is granted, and I do pick it up. My whole being bowed to this direct gift, reflecting that I am seen, heard, held, and loved.  

This fallen piece of the beehive is a gift from the Universe, from the bees, reminding me of the eternal, always constant connection of help. Then, the next day, bringing in the garbage bins from curbside pick-up, I find another piece of the beehive.

The beauty, the exquisite sacred geometry, the harmony, and the fact that bees manifested this sturdy, gentle creation astounds me. It is beyond gold or multimillion dollars in the bank. It is love, bearing witness, pure and simple. All is well. Keep going, keep creating.

I finally acknowledge the bee as one of my primary animal totems. A sacred union, divinely ordained.

Please take some time to feel who your special helpers are. Maybe your special helpers come from the angelic realm, fairy realm, animal realm, deep under the sea, or high above us in deep space, from the star realm. Maybe they are spiritual or lineage ancestors.

Ask, ask, ask. Pay attention to the signs that come your way. Then invite your special helpers into your life. They are there, waiting, and willing to be recognized, acknowledged, and included in the embrace of your life.

If you want to explore your elemental companions or how to facilitate your shift into 5D, reach out here.

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

In the United States and Canada, we have some Void of Course Moon times that will likely disrupt the workday on Wednesday, July 20, and Monday, July 25. Europeans will have a Void of Course impact during the very early morning hours Thursday, July 28, and only for a short time. The exact times are listed below, along with a time converter link.

As I have written before, Void Moons are like a snow day for me. I plan and schedule around them because I have wasted effort and resources trying to plow through them.

I regard Void Moon times as a respite. For those who show up for work during a Void Moon time, consider scheduling things like deleting old emails, catching up on filing, and activities that do not require a lot of focus or concentration.

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Wednesday, July 20, 10:19 AM to 2:23 PM EDT

Friday, July 22, 7:45 PM to Saturday, July 23, 1:11 AM EDT

Monday, July 25, 4:15 AM to 1:54 PM EDT

Wednesday, July 27, 8:54 PM to Thursday, July 28, 2:36 AM EDT

Here is a time converter:

Blessed Be. See you next week, at the New Moon.

This New Moon Spirals us into a Dance of Integration

New Moon, June 28, 10:53 PM to Second Quarter Moon, July 6, 10:14 PM EDT

Each New Moon spirals us higher, clearer, and cleaner into our becoming. The New Moon of June 28 welcomes us into a spiral dance of integrating vibrations–visible to invisible, feeling with knowing. It is an oceanic New Moon. If we allow time and space to recognize body intelligence, we might move progressively toward what we want for ourselves and humanity.

The New Moon is a time of action and new beginnings. If you have not already done so, allow this New Moon to initiate the shift of your modus operandi from mind to body. Your felt experience, intuition, imaginations, and inspirations are in the driver’s seat now. If you continue to operate from mind as the base of control, notice how far you get.

When we create the space, time, and discipline to listen to our body’s messages and intuitive knowing, we co-create the unfolding that delivers fulfillment.

This Moon helps us do that because its energies are about feeling through the body. This New Moon is also about nurturing self in ways that comfort, restore, and connect.

Please consider letting the Moon and her wavy light into your life. Feel how the sight of her sparks inner recognition. Feel how aligning with Her ebb and flow connects you with the natural world and keeps you on track. There is no ambivalence in our Moon’s love for you.

5D Here, Now

The 5D note this week is about how we navigate our lives through body intelligence. The mind has led the way for a long time, and that time is up. We are multidimensional beings, and the mind is out of range reception with multidimensional capacities.

We access multidimensionality through feeling, body wisdom, intuition, sensate perceptions, the dream state, inspirations, imaginations, and beauty that sparks the heart open. The mind has been helpful; however, it is not the leader these days. Body wisdom is the new leader, the latest upgrade, the newest version of current technology that connects us.

While AI takes more prominence in modern life, the divinely given, natural body and heart knowing is foolproof. The more we can activate our inner knowing and trust our life’s decisions to body intelligence, intuition, and higher consciousness, the stronger our connection with the noosphere, the land of invisible knowing. The more we build confidence and trust in ourselves, the more this inner confidence shows up as sovereignty. Nothing is more robust than the truth that we are powerful beings with infinite potential to solve and resolve challenges.

It might not seem like that now, given the world’s circumstances. Remember, though; the old ways are not dying gracefully; they are going out kicking and screaming. Watch as the old ways dissolve. We are in a transition period and are accountable for whether we stay in the presence of our power or stay stuck in what is dying.

Staying focused on the possibilities is challenging. It takes staying informed about what sparks beauty and nurturance for you, what truly feeds you. It takes connection with a community that supports you and your vision. Fear is not nourishing. Embodying your presence and your power is nourishing.


How do you switch from being directed by the mind to being led by sensate perception? How do you absorb the reality of the cultural shocks and keep the focus on what you want for yourself and humanity?

One way you transmute these contradictions is to remember that you are a multidimensional being. In the image that goes with this post, you see a body surrounded by light waves. That is us. Our energy fields perceive invisible energies. Everyday experiences of indivisible energies include experiences in the dream state and thinking of someone far away, either someone who has died or is geographically distant. The heart knows that these connections are live, real. It is our conditioning that only trusts what is tangible.

Our energy fields perceive invisible energies

The world’s wonder, magic, and miraculous beauty tell us that what is intangible can be trusted. We have free choice regarding which channels of multidimensional communications we receive and acknowledge. Our souls know. We can allow ourselves the space, time, and practice to live a soulful life.

When we live by the soul in contrast to the mind, we can latch onto those multidimensional vibrations that lead the way to our fullest becoming. The present is tough; by staying faithful to our heart’s truth and connecting to like-minded others, we can transcend the chaos and confusion of our turbulent culture and stay on the path of living in the highest vibrational frequency. It is where you look. It is not about looking away; it is about looking within.

If you would like to discuss how to cultivate the practice of looking within, living with multidimensional consciousness, of switching modus operandi from mind to heart and body, reach out here.

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

This week there is a four-hour Void Moon that affects the Western half of the United States and Canada the most during regular business hours on Thursday, June 30. A two-hour Void Moon benefits those in England taking a Sunday afternoon nap and a Tuesday, July 5th, work break in the late morning for the Western half of the US and Canada and late afternoon for the Eastern half of the US and Canada. The exact times are listed below.

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Thursday, June 30, 4:14 PM to 8:40 PM EDT

Sunday, July 3, 5:59 AM to 8:32 AM EDT

Tuesday, July 5, 2:03 PM to 6:25 PM EDT

Here is a time converter:

Blessed Be. See you next week, at the Second Quarter Moon.

Accomplished: We Reach Wind Down Week

Fourth Quarter Moon Phase, June 20, 2022, 11:11 PM to New Moon June 28, 10:53 PM

This lunar week we can let go and release. We can take a breath and relax in the warm summer breeze. We can look up at the sky and see the vastness of our accomplishments, even if they have not yet taken form. This week, we celebrate living our best life in the comforting, caressing cycle of ebb and flow.

This week we can stop for a tea and say yes, I can afford to sit on the patio, sip this tea and watch the sky. If you say yes to moments of respite, you might be surprised at what is gifted to you by letting go.

Like a glimpse of the Moon in the morning blue sky. Or birdsong. Or the feathery caress of a summer breeze. The smile of a child. Any of these life treats can happen and more if you stop for a minute. And this is the week to factor in a few rest stops.

In this last week of the lunar cycle, we can acknowledge a month well lived in the flow of creating, accomplishing, and releasing. We can reflect on what worked this month and what we want to pick up again with enthusiasm after the Moon turns new.

Enjoy this week. Let your heart calm. Allow your breathing rhythm to slow. Your muscles relax. Dream dreams of uninhibited imagination for the upcoming cycle of creation starting with the New Moon next week. For now, rest in your accomplishments; acknowledge them. Slow down so you can fully release what is completed. Then, there is space to open to inspiration for the next Lunar cycle.

5D Here, Now

Unconditional love is one of the 5 Pillars of Access to 5D Consciousness. In this divided world, how do we love unconditionally? It helps to remember that unconditional love is our natural state. A receptive, radiating pulsation is ground zero for the cosmos and the human being.

Defenses build up over time through unintegrated trauma from this and other lifetimes. Unconditioned love is our natural state, which is why it feels so comforting when we experience it. It is a known entity.

In this last week of the lunar cycle, we can take a minute and get to a state of unconditional love for ourselves. This lunar week is a resting phase. We can put our feet up and shed judgment, remorse, guilt, and fear. Please consider letting go of something that blocks your love of self. Embrace your goodness, your earnestness, your intention, your longings, your dreams, and your visions. Open to your good heart. Maybe in a quiet moment of reflection, you will hear something you can joyfully celebrate about yourself and your path in life.

Please share in the comments or email me privately at I want to celebrate with you.

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

The Void Moons this week interrupt Europeans’ business day for four hours on Thursday, June 23. For Canadians and Americans, there is a  four-hour Void Moon break on Saturday, June 25. The exact times are listed below.

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Monday, June 20, 11:11 PM to 11:37 PM EDT

Thursday, June 23, 4:02 AM to 7:58 AM EDT

Saturday, June 25, 3:03 PM to 7:14 PM EDT

Monday, June 27, 10:39 PM to Tuesday, June 28, 7:54 AM EDT

Here is a time converter:

Blessed Be. See you next week, at the New Moon.

If you find this hard to do, try placing your right on your heart and your left hand on your lower belly. Breathe in and out for a few minutes and feel yourself calm and center.

The Full Moon Pivot, from Creating to Sharing

Full Moon Phase, July 14, 2022, 7:52 AM to Fourth Quarter Moon Phase, June 20, 2022, 11:11 PM

It is that time of the Lunar month when we switch directions from in to out. Every moment of every day calls on us to assess that core choice. Yet, the Lunar Cycle helps embody this switch in visual and visceral ways.

It’s challenging to align with the ebb and flow of the Moon. We might feel the conditioning to keep our heads down and keep the focus on producing, no matter how our body feels. In 2022, we are far removed from the Indigenous living that reflects our connection with nature in all that we do.

Self-awareness helps us stay with the current. Identifying and caring for our feelings and needs keeps us present.

The Center for Nonviolent Communication (NVC) has two inventories that can be helpful as we flow with our Moon. The first is a feelings inventory. We can move through the feeling unencumbered when we own what we feel, free of labeling as good or bad.

One central tenet of NVC is that under every feeling is a need. Once we identify the feeling, we can explore the need that drives the feeling.

We are spiritual beings living a human life. How we feel is not always pretty or peaceful. Feelings are messengers, and untended feelings block our flow.

Performing feelings and needs audits during a Full Moon can be an effective way of self-care that helps us lighten up and flow with the Moon.

How to use these inventories:

  1. Carve out quiet time to review the feelings list. Circle the feelings you recognize as being current. Maybe do a relaxation technique, like gentle, rhythmic breathing, and go back to the list and pull out the top three feelings. Then identify the top feeling.
  2. Next, take out the needs list. Maybe continue with the relaxing breaths to get to a calm space where you can be curious and kind. Review the needs list to see what needs lie underneath your top feelings.
  3. Circle as many needs as apply to you. Then, note the top three needs, then the top need. Embrace the core need that fuels your core feeling
  4. Acknowledge the legitimacy of that need
  5. Ask your intuition how that need can be met
  6. Over the following days or weeks, stay in touch with how the need is getting met. If the need is not getting met, ask your intuition, pray, meditate, journal, draw, and use any tool you have to help you get that need honored and included in your life
  7. You can ask a friend or a family member to do this audit with you.

Please share your experiences and insights in the comments section. That is also a place to ask questions if you have them.

In this Full Moon week, may you anchor in your Coeur, your heart, and shine your light, mirroring our Moon’s endless teaching of the reciprocal rhythm of life, receiving, and giving.  

5D Here, Now

As we talk about the shift from inner to outer, self to other, in this week’s Lunar phase focus, let’s look at the capacity of 5D where Sovereignty and Unified Harmony co-exist. Consciousness at the level of 3D cannot grasp the experience of being sovereign and inclusive. Indigenous Peoples have modeled sovereignty and inclusion. Those working consciously with the shift to 5D consciousness can look to indigenous cultures to see how they combine being sovereign and inclusive.

In contemporary society, humans have been conditioned by an overlord boss and a subservient server-class system since the Industrial Age [i]  Fast forward to the current imprint of the billionaires and the rest of us. This outdated programming is changing. Please note DeAndre Brown’s TikToks, where he shows acceptable work boundaries.

The tide is turning, and more people like DeAndre Brown say yes to living sovereignly as a non-hierarchal part of the whole.

The work of the Nonviolent Communication community and many other groups around the world teach that self-empathy and self-care are at the center of well-being. As each recurring lunar cycle starts with building the self into a creative expression that can be shared during the second half of the cycle, we start, too, with self-care and self-empathy.

We must stop the war within ourselves before putting fires out around us.

In case you have not seen it, I highly recommend viewing Pam Gregory’s YouTube video Ghosts in the Theatre – YouTube. My direct experience of Pam’s teaching is that it helps uplift to the highest vibration, the highest self-care vibe possible for these challenging times.

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

I have been waiting for this – a daylong Void Moon in my timezone. I consider Void Moons like snow days or playing hookey. As I have written earlier, I feel these void times in my blood and bones and find it impossible to produce during them. I plan and schedule accordingly.

As you see in the times listed below, our Moon is Void of Course, all day in the Eastern Time Zone for the United States and Canada on Tuesday, June 14, 2022. An extended Void Moon during regular business hours also affects other time zones in these countries. For Europe, the times occur in the evening, and for Australia, and New Zealand, during the middle of the night.

If you are curious, start tracking your energy levels, productivity, and ability to focus during void Moon times. Please share your experiences in the comments section.

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Tuesday, June 14, 10:58 AM to 6:14 PM EDT

Thursday, June 16, 2:41 PM to 5:44 PM EDT

Saturday, June 18, 2:50 PM to 7:01 PM EDT

Here is a time converter:

Blessed Be. See you next week at the Fourth Quarter Moon Moon.

[i] See Chapter 2, Care of our Earth, and Chapter 7, Playing with Time, Work-life balance in Williams, Aureal, 5D Ordinary Descriptions of an Extraordinary Shift

This Lunar Week Leads Us to Crescendo

Second Quarter Phase, June 7, 2022, 10:40 AM to Full Moon Phase, June 14, 2022, 7:52 AM

This is the week that brings the Boom! Last week we started new; this week, we build toward fullness. In this second Lunar week, we are more energetic, encouraged, and empowered to propel our projects and creations forward.

There is a catch during this second week, though. Those in bodies graced with menstruation know the direct effect of the few days just before the period starts. You know it is coming, and the tension is taut. It is the same experience for everyone the few days before the Full Moon. We know the release is coming, yet the crescendo remains out of reach no matter how far we extend our grasp. We must wait.

This longing to connect with release can be experienced as frustration. We can reframe the delay, the waiting, and the yearning by understanding that this stretch to release is a rich part of the process. 

A yogic approach to life helps with this longing phase. Literally or metaphorically, stretch yourself into the overarching reach that culminates in the Full Moon. This is when more is revealed. The valve opens, and the flow pours forth. This is like holding that yoga pose for a few seconds longer. This is like accepting the gentle touch from a wise yoga teacher to get in just a little closer alignment with what is at the end of your reach.

These final stretch days occur from Saturday, June 11, to the Full Moon on Tuesday, June 14, at 7:52 AM EDT. Tend to your feelings with patience and corral your thoughts by turning them to the favorable winds.

In the first half of this Second Quarter week, feel the passion for creating. Then in the second half of the week, feel the stretch of extension beyond what you could imagine. Soon your energies will meet with the cosmic powers of the Moon in her fullness. The Light of release, freedom, realization, and fulfillment blazes here.

Create and wait. Wait with full extension of arms, heart, possibility, and inner knowing that your gifts of creation are about to meet the full light of an open and receiving sky.

5D Here, Now

After many years of not writing, I started blog posting about a year ago to enter the conversation about 5D. I was writing a book and could not write directly about 5D because the book was taking shape.

The book is now published, 5D, Ordinary Descriptions of an Extraordinary Shift, and it connects the dots to the collective quantum changes that led to this rise in consciousness. The book is a basic primer for understanding what is happening in this shift to 5D.

Regarding the blog posts, I knew that one of the pillars of access to 5D is a new relationship with time. As an astrologer specializing in deep space and time cycles,  I know natural time cycles well, and I live them.

For four decades, I have felt the ebb and flow of the Lunar month and the Void Moons in my blood and bones. I started writing this weekly blog from the perspective of two things: the recurring Lunar phases, and the Void Moons. It has been a surprise that there is something new to say each week I sit down to write.

Now that 5D consciousness is more accessible, some readers have shared that it might be helpful to include examples of how we move from 3D to 5D. What does it look like and feel like, and how does the shift show up;?

Starting with this post, I include 5D experiences that I have had, hoping that shared experience might spark awareness about how 5D comes calling. The more we share, the easier it is to understand our experiences.

Recently, I have had a visceral experience of the surrounding space expanding. Of stepping up and onto a broader, more expansive vista. A bigger field. I imagine it is like the wagon train travelers coming from the East and experiencing the West’s vast open land and sky. My experience is like that, of a grand opening lifting me to a new plateau. The other experience is being pushed out of what was and into what is.

Are you feeling the cosmic pull to be bigger in your life than ever before?

If you feel fear on reading these words, please take a breath. Note that you have been growing from the first moment of your conception. The growth on offer is now more prominent, bolder, and broader than any previous growth development. The growth leap is quantum. We are up to it, or it would not be on offer.

Raising frequency is there for the taking, yet it requires expanding ourselves and releasing what no longer works.

Many people talk about decluttering. Some have already let go of belongings for which taking space was their only function. It is the same dynamic of letting go of people and habits, foods, and behaviors that have gone stale. We must release the limitations of habit, belief, and perception that hold us back from life in 5D.

It is impossible to live in 5D from the same level that we lived in 3D. We need to shed layers upon layers of the old and open wide to the new. The time is now to step up and out. The anchor is you—your intuition, your long-held goals, dreams, wishes, and longings.

False humility is a trapdoor of 3D. We are unique, and no one is better than the other. We must claim our uniqueness as we stand together in 5D. Being humble and hidden and deferring no longer works. It never did work, yet it was functional for the 3D environment. We now have access to 5D, and the gifts we have grown over eons are coming into light and consciousness.

False humility is a trapdoor of 3D

Aureal Williams

We are not used to naming our powers, yet we have to become used to doing so. In 5D, everyone’s bright light shines. How do you know your unique gifts? The Universe is broadcasting them to you now. Through feedback you receive from people in your life, groups, associations, friends, and relatives, even people new to you reflect what they see. 

You have known your special gifts in a glow-in-the-dark kind of way. With the platform expanded, the lights shine on who you are and what you bring. The experience is like a call and response from the Universe. Saying yes empowers and uplifts you. Saying yes plugs you into expanded potential.

I am inclusive and love unconditionally. I live felt empathy. Your turn. What is your highlight capacity as we live in 5D consciousness?

Please share your unique gifts in the comments or email me at Consider this a practice session where you own and use who you are and what you have. Let’s beam our lights together, so the darkness in our world dims through our collective shining bright lights.

Blessed, blessed be.

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

I know that the Void Moon matters related to productivity and outcomes. I feel the Void Moon in my blood and bones and find it extremely hard to focus and work during Void Moon times.

Consider tracking the Void Moon times if your physicality links to the Moon’s ebbs and flows, and Her stops and starts. Doing so can help you plan and predict energy levels. Using the Void Moon as a productivity tool can save your body and resources wear and tear.

The work of dreaming, daydreaming, journaling, pondering, and resting are highly rewarded during Void Moon times. As you explore this timing for yourself, consider that rest is part of the productivity cycle.

Around the world, the Void Moon times are short this week. For those in the Eastern or Central Time US and Canada zones, Wednesday morning, June 8, is affected; this translates to evening downtime for European time zones.

Friday, June 10, for people in the Eastern and Central US and Canada time zones, might feel like starting the weekend early. Those in Western and Mountain time zones, US and Canada, might enjoy a break in the early part of Friday, getting back to work in the afternoon.

For readers in Europe, the Void Moon times this week occur in the late afternoon and evening hours, with little disruption to a daytime work schedule.

May you realize the Moon blessing you through her phase flow and Void Moon respites wherever you are in the world.

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Wednesday, June 8, 8:09 AM to 11:23 AM EDT

Friday, June 10, 1:37 PM to 4:41 PM EDT

Sunday, June 12, 5:40 PM to 6:32 PM EDT

Here is a time converter:

Blessed Be. See you next week, at the Full Moon Moon.

Threading the New Moon into the Tapestry of your Creations

The Value of a Reset

Maybe you use the end of the calendar year, the birthday, or the end of your fiscal year to reflect and reset. You might not realize that each New Moon allows us to reset. In a 28-day cycle, the nightly love light in our sky gives us a chance to start new.

We do not throw the baby out with the bathwater with these fresh starts. We build on what we have understood, accomplished, and ventured forward. The New Moon offers spiraling new threads in the tapestry of our being.

We build on these refresh points to enhance self-understanding, our relationships, family life, work, creativity, and soul work. It is human nature to want second chances, and each New Moon gives us that.

Allow the New Moon to find its legs, maybe 24 to 36 hours into the new cycle, to allow the new conscious capacity to awaken. The New Moon phase is like the infancy phase in human growth and development. In flowing from the end of one cycle into the beginning of the next cycle, we move from formlessness into form. We take a while to wake up to the new life and opportunity.

Feeling the refresh and restart point of each New Moon represents subtle energy. The human body is resonant, though. If we slow down and allow for stillness, we can feel the ending of one Lunar Cycle and the beginning of the next. This embodied awareness translates into monthly fresh starts.

If you want to get started following the Lunar Cycle as a natural reset button for your physiology, vision, goal setting, intention manifesting, self and family caregiving, here are tips for getting started:

  1. Note the New Moon in the calendar that you use. Most calendars identify the date/time of each New Moon, and if this information is not in the calendar you use regularly, it is easy to input that information.
  2. Realize that each New Moon reflects the infancy stage of human growth and development. As the new cycle gets started, you might feel nebulous, unembodied, or ungrounded. That is part of the process which adds to the awareness of a new beginning.
  3. Within 24 to 36 hours of the New Cycle, you will probably feel stronger, clearer, and not as hazy or vague.
  4. Set intentions for what you want to begin or add to your current creation.
  5. For relationships, intimate and familial, consider celebrating each new lunar cycle, within three days of its start, with a meeting or a meal where you share accountability and plans. This is a time to check-in and keep fresh with what everyone wants and needs in real-time.
  6. Realize within yourself the chance to start new. Do you need to update the post-it notes on your mirror? Do you need to set new goals or deadlines? Remember, this is a 28-day cycle so that you can focus on short-term, easy, and flexible.
  7. Look up in the sky some night during the first week of the New Moon phase and see the shape of the Moon. Own that new beginning within you.

The above suggestions relate to the Collective Lunar Cycle, which covers all of us on Earth. As described in earlier posts, the Personal Lunar Cycle is determined by the phase of the Moon in which you are born. So, you can also access a second refresh point each Lunar month. I cannot stress enough how valuable a sense of this timing is to human wellbeing. The Collective and the Personal Lunar Cycles are how we spiral through life. They are innate rhythms within and around us. 

A workbook on A New Relationship with Time is in the works, and more information on these natural cycles is included in that workbook. If you have questions before that workbook is published, please bounce back in the comments or email

Please also look up at the Moon and feel Her loving wisdom radiate back to you, permeating your physiology, consciousness, and heart.

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

If you are ever curious about why you lose the plot unexpectedly, consider checking out the Void of Course Moon. When there are no aspects – geometrical relations between the Moon and the personal planets – the Moon is Void. Buckminster Fuller taught us that energy is contained in the form.

Sacred geometry, the geometrical relationship between spaces, provides the forms to contain energy. Sacred geometry is everywhere–the seating dynamics of your dining table, conference room meeting, office set-up–anywhere people are gathered, a geometrical shape represents the social configuration.

As above, so below. The geometrical shapes formed in the sky between the Moon and a personal planet give form to the energetic structure that supports the function.

When the Moon is Void, there is no container for the energy to function. The energy is free-floating. These are perceptible feelings within the human body. I have people close to me, not interested in astrology, yet they have heard me talk about the Void Moon so often that they now feel it. They ask Aureal, where’s that Moon?

If efficiency is one of your high values, and if you do not want to waste time, money, or energy, paying attention to the Void Moon times warrants a look.

The Sun is Involved, Too

In the quantum leap to the 5th Dimension consciousness, the entirety of our cosmos transforms. Our Sun is in on this shift, too. We now have solar flares, sunspots, the Schumann Resonance, plasma downloads, and much activity that affects our physicality. It used to be that I could look at the Void of Course Moon tables and plan and schedule downtime. Now, with the Sun and atmospheric shifts involved, there is not an ephemeris, a table to look at for predictable times.

This is why it is vital to allow your body to be your timer in life. When you are tired, consider not pushing forward. Consider resting, restoring, and receiving the downloads, even if you are unaware of the higher frequencies being downloaded. Resting when your body wants that, stopping when it hurts to proceed,  helps raise your frequency and, therefore, your capacity to do your work with more fulfillment and optimized outcome.

Practicing stopping and resting during Void Moons helps build the capacity to stop when our Sun and atmosphere raise frequencies. When we witness and positively respond to the atmospheric impacts, even if we do not understand them, we affirm our belonging as part of the whole.,, and many of the YouTube posters that share information on the Schumann Resonance are sources for more details on these electromagnetic and atmospheric changes.  

Void of Course Moon Times

The Void of Course Moon times occurs according to your time zone. Please use the time zone link to determine the Void of Course Moon times where you live.

For all of us around the globe, the Void Moon times are relatively short this week. For the United States and Canada, Tuesday, May 31, afternoon and evening are affected, and morning or midday on Friday, June 3. For Europe, it looks like the Moon is void during late evening and overnight hours.

Even though the times are short, it still helps to stop trying to do business as usual during a Void Moon time because there is no form to contain the energy and the outcome is uncertain.

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Tuesday, May 31, 4:10 PM to Wednesday, June 1, 1:49 AM EDT

Friday, June 3, 11:15 AM to 2:39 PM EDT

Sunday, June 5, 7:13 PM to Monday, June 6, 2: 23 AM EDT

Here is a time converter:

Blessed Be. See you next week, at the Second Quarter Moon.

We Are In the Lunar Week That Most Inspires Me

Fourth Quarter Moon, Sunday, May 22 at 2:43 PM to New Moon May 30, 7:30 AM, EDT

The last of the four phases of the Moon represent my homecoming, as the Fourth Quarter is the phase into which I was born. Because of this natal imprint, the Fourth Quarter Moon carries timing and personality imprints that guide my life.

Before sharing the personal homecoming information, let’s look at what this last Lunar week offers you.

What’s In It for You

The Dark of the Moon occurs every fourth week of the Lunar Cycle. The Balsamic Moon phase ends each Lunar cycle. This repeating timing occurs for the three full 24-hour periods before the New Moon. Because of our body/Moon connection, these three days are the most fertile times for intuitive knowing for all of us.

During these last three days, we are ending the Lunar Cycle. The energetics include movement from form to formlessness. We are ending one cycle to start fresh with the New Moon.

Notice how you feel during the last three days of this cycle, from Friday, May 27 through Sunday, May 29. Particularly, notice how you feel on this last day, Sunday. During this darkest dark of the Moon, resting feels exquisite and genuinely refreshing. A Void Moon on Sunday adds to the gravitational pull to go within.

You might notice a gravitational pull to slow down and go inward. You might feel you are wading through molasses. You might feel quiet or withdrawn from external engagement. If you feel anything like these descriptors, your body tells you the Moon is dark, and you can be, too. Soon after the New Moon arrives on Monday morning, 7:30 AM EDT, you are likely to notice an upsurge in energy and a willingness to go forward.

 Please heed the call if you feel the need to rest during the dark Moon. What you feel is bio cosmic alignment. Allowing rest and quiet time takes you inward where you can receive inspirational information that informs your overall plan.  

Back to the Personal Lunar Cycle

If you are a regular reader of these posts, you may recognize the term Personal Lunar Cycle, as I have written about this natural cycle before. This timing technique was “recovered” through a kinesthetic body experience in 1995. A workbook on how to change your relationship with Time is in the works, and detailed information on the Personal Lunar Cycle (PLC) is included in this workbook.

Before I share the why and the how of the positive impact of the Fourth Quarter phases for me, let’s look at your Moon phase. Use this handy link to determine the Moon phase in which you were born. Once you find it, drop that info in the comments section.

How the Lunar Homecoming Week Works

The Lunar phase into which we are born distills a natural rhythm specific to us. When the Sun/Moon phase angle – the geometrical relationship of the Sun and the Moon — returns each month to that same angle as at your birth, we have our Personal New Moon.

This cosmic event offers a reset button that brings benefits related to accountability and responsibility, self-love, self-care, and cosmic alignment. Quite the monthly gift box! The upcoming New Relationship with Time workbook covers this information in detail.

Aligning with this natural cycle of rest, death, and rebirth, in divine connection with our loving Moon, is one reason I love Fourth Quarter Moons. During this innate Moon phase, I rest naturally and deeply. With awareness of this timing, I plan, schedule, and align with a renewing, resourcing ritual that connects my body to Earth and the Cosmos. Tracking this pattern each Lunar month represents an anchoring to life, goals, plans, and energy levels via responsibility, accountability, and co-creating dreams into manifestation. 

I will keep you posted regarding when the New Relationship with Time workbook is available. For now, check out your Sun/Moon phase at birth and stay tuned to these posts to see what is up during each Lunar phase. Make a note of how your feel during your lunar phase. Please pop questions in the comments or email me at

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

Super short Void Moon times AGAIN this week. Eight and one-half hours on Sunday, May 22, six minutes on Tuesday, May 24, three hours Thursday to Friday, May 26-27, and less than four hours on Sunday, May 29. Depending on where you live – East or West US, or Europe, these times do not interfere with usual business hours. For other parts of the world, these times may impact your work schedule. Please check the time converter to confirm.

Even though the times are short, it still helps to stop trying to do business as usual during a Void Moon time because there is no form to contain the energy and the outcome is uncertain. During the last half of the Lunar Cycle, our work is about letting go, like the exhalation phase of the out-breath. It is a time to extend our arms out into the world with the beautiful creations and manifestations we have built up during the first half of the Lunar Cycles.

The upcoming New Relationship with Time workbook includes information on working with the Void Moons.

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Sunday, May 22, 3:19 AM to 11:50 AM EDT

Tuesday, May 24, 5:33 PM to 5:39 PM EDT

Thursday, May 26, 11:20 PM to Friday, May 27, 2:22 AM EDT

Sunday, May 29, 10:10 AM to 1: 23 PM EDT

Here is a time converter:

Blessed Be. See you next week, at the New Moon.

Stretch Through to Your Yes

Full Moon Eclipse, Monday, May 16, 2022, 12:15 AM EDT to Fourth Quarter Moon, Sunday, May 22 at 2:43 PM

A Lunar Eclipse occurs during a Full Moon, with our Earth positioned between the Sun and Moon. Full Moon Eclipses are doorways for release. The May 15/16 Lunar Eclipse lasts five hours and 19 minutes, with after-effects lasting six months.

Our sacred human hearts are positioned between the Sun and the Moon during this eclipse. Can you imagine the potency of this opportunity to let go of what no longer benefits us?

The word eclipse traditionally means to obscure. One celestial body covers the light of another celestial body. As we immerse into the 5th Dimension consciousness, it feels like we can enhance the language around eclipses. To me, eclipses represent a consummation of the Sun and the Moon. They come together in a Union that we humans know well, joining with the other.

This union is procreative and rich with the opportunity to be renewed in life.

May you take this opportunity to align your earthly nature between the Sun and the Moon. Even if you are sleeping during the eclipse time, it is possible to set an intention that you align your sacred heart, your body temple, and your will with the Divine Will through the cosmic dance of the Sun eclipsing the Moon with Earth in the middle. Absorb the rays. Listen, receive, intention, respect, and release.

I hope curiosity invites you on this journey. Graphics help imagination and inspiration conjure manifestation. The picture below gives the timeline for where I live on this planet. This URL links to a page where you can find the exact times of the eclipse path for your location.

During this Full Moon, consider calibrating your vertical and horizontal axes to receive the bursting potency of this time. If you know about the chakras, align with your charkas, from way above your head to below your feet. If you are not familiar with chakras, they are energy centers at the vertical core of our body. Here is a google search page to get you started.

Next, align your horizontal axis. Stretch out your arms as far as they will extend. Feel the alignment of your vertical and horizontal axes at the nexus point of where they come together within you. Feel the full extension of yourself within this cosmic moment.

Please note that your point of nexus between vertical and horizontal axes depends on what issue of personal development you are working on now. Your nexus point, where the two lines cross, might differ from your arms level.

Suppose you experiment with feeling your horizontal and vertical axes within you and stretch yourself to your full natural capacity. In that case, you are likely to experience how expansive life is for you. In 5D, the time for playing small, for hiding our light, is over. We are each needed to shine our brilliance into the world, to share our talents and capacities.

The last two weeks of every Lunar Cycle are about sharing who we are and what we have to offer. It is time to disseminate after the eclipse and until the next New Moon on May 30. Take your space and beam the new you that the releasing function of this Lunar Eclipse allows.

If you extend yourself to the natural boundaries of your fullest capacity, you will probably feel embodied. If you let go of what can be organically released through this eclipse, you are likely to feel empowered and sovereign. These are qualities of the 5th Dimension consciousness.

Yes, this aligning with the cosmos takes practice, maybe daily practice. It takes starting. Please bless yourself with the eclipse power of alignment and release that is cosmically available now. May your sacred heart open and find its pathway forward through this alignment and release.

Expanding into the Work

These times are more challenging than any of us could imagine. The ground is changing underneath us. Nothing is the same, and the new remains unfamiliar. While challenging, what is developing is brighter, fuller, freer, more creative, and enlivening than anything I have ever experienced prior.

I am here to help you move through challenges in this quantum shift to our 5D consciousness. You can schedule a time to discuss how we might work together here: Deep listening, compassion, and innovative approaches to helping you embody intuitive living are on the other side of that virtual chat. For additional information, check out: Information, Intuition, Integration. For more information on the changes involved in this shift, check out 5D Ordinary Descriptions of an Extraordinary Shift

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

Super short Void Moon times this week. Monday for two and one-half hours, Wednesday for eight hours, and those in the United States. This happens during the night. Daytime hours in Europe are affected by Wednesday’s Void Moon. Friday, less than one hour.

Even though the times are short, it still helps to stop trying to do business as usual during a Void Moon time because there is no form to contain the energy and the outcome is uncertain. When we have short Void Moon times, like this week, we can get on with the work. During the last half of the Lunar Cycle, that work is letting go, disseminating our wisdom and our work, emptying like the exhalation phase of the out-breath. It is a time to extend our arms out into the world with the beautiful creations and manifestations we have built up during the first half of the Lunar Cycles.

While multitudes of people live a Monday through Friday, 9-5, those time frames are not nature-driven. My soul, my life, and my work are nature-driven. Maybe yours, too. Please take a deep look at how you feel during Void Moons and track the outcome of work done. If you want to discuss further how you can embrace Void Moon times into your planning and scheduling, click here.  

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Monday, May 16, 5:29 AM to 7:51 AM EDT

Wednesday, May 18, 12:00 AM to 8:03 AM EDT

Friday, May 20, 8:00 AM to 8:53 AM EDT

Here is a time converter:

Blessed Be. See you next week, at the Fourth Quarter Moon.