Off Wheat!


Cielos y campos de la pampa Argentina 22 / Skies and fields from Argentina's pampa 22Living an intuitive life has a lot to do with having a light body.  While my own body is not light weight, my body type in the Ayurvedic system is Kapha so my body is not bone thin, I do try to eat well to support open receptivity of intuitive messages rather than eat a diet that clogs and resists listening. I have been a vegetarian for decades and I eat organically whenever possible        CCreative Commons LicensePhoto redit: Claudio.Ar (2 Million safe views, thanks!!!!!!!) via Compfight      and when not possible I often choose other food options.  Over the past few years, when people talked about going off of wheat, I thought to myself, wheat is easy to obtain organically, it is a natural food source, what’s the big deal?  Then I read Dr. Mark Hyman’s post about the ways wheat makes you fat and I made an informed choice to stop eating wheat.  Dr. Hyman talks about how the wheat available to us now is not the biblical wheat of old time, it is not even our mother’s wheat.  Today’s wheat  seems to represent a genetically modified food source. Genetically modified food affects the lightness of our being because our cells have to do work they are not acclimated to do because of the change in the food genetics.

In the month that I have been off of eating wheat I feel better and have more energy. My appetite is reduced and I am not always hungry and searching for food as I was when eating wheat food products.  I am also practicing better self-care as I cannot pour myself an organic bowel of unsweetened museli for breakfast, a food I used to enjoy eating.  No quick fixes here, I either have to cook a wheat-free grain for breakfast or make a protein smoothie or have eggs, which I do enjoy eating.  A couple of weeks ago, I did want a sandwich so I bought a loaf of  organic rye bread, researching first that it had the lowest amount of wheat. I had two slices of this bread and could immediately tell the difference.  I did not feel well for a day, enough to learn my lesson of no more wheat for me.

Changing one’s diet involves a change in identity.  This is not easy work, however, for us to evolve our beings and our consciousness to the higher frequency access available to us now, listening to our bodies and what foods are good for us and what foods are not is a vital part of life choice.  The taste buds of babies are fresh and unadapted; if a baby does not like something,  Happy Mothers Day!
she will let us know, immediately, by grimacing and maybe sticking her tongue out as a way of rejecting the food that does not work for her. While we have overridden this natural telling of our taste buds over the years, it is still an innate capacity and with practice we can return to it.  As an experiment, practice noticing which foods your taste buds accept with pleasure and which they repel.     Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Lawrence Whittemore via Compfight

If you live a wheat free diet, or  are exploring a wheat free diet, please share your experiences in the comments section, especially as those experiences relate to your new lightness of being.

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