Individual work

Individual Work includes intuitive consultations and natural time cycle alignment consultations. 


I am a Claircognizant Intuitive and offer consultations by Skype and phone in segments of 60 or 90 minutes.  You start by telling me a little about the issue that brings you to the work, then we both center with relaxation breathing and then I tune into your energy field to sense and feel what information is available for us.  The information that comes is from your energy field, past, present and future and what comes through is often surprising and unexpected.  It is information of your senses, feelings, experiences, wishes and desires on a deep level.  The work is encouraging and structural, in that you have something to guide you through changes toward fulfillment.

Length of Session

I have innate sensing for where tension is held in the body or the energy field and can sense this holding resistance even through phone consultations.  I also have a strong, innate intuitive sense and for me, it comes through in a particular sensing of where in the body you hold feelings.  You are a full participant in this work, in that images or sensations or feelings may come to your awareness through the process.  You are invited to share what you feel, remember and experience during the session so that the work builds on what you need and we follow your trail for the clues to unfolding what your heart, body, soul and Spirit wishes to come to consciousness.

I have worked with intuition for over 35 years and am acutely sensitive to what is in the energy field and wants to be acknowledged and expressed.  The foundation of this work for me includes, for those of you who know astrology, Neptune in the fourth house of my natal chart and a Cancer ascendant and Mercury in Pisces in the ninth house.  That information may be Greek to you, translated, these placements offer me a fluid sense of life’s hidden energies.  My work is golden heart centered.

Other foundations of my work include a deep intrinsic understanding of the elements as individual constitutions, specifically, how fire, air, water, earth and ether show up in personal individual unique You. The elements are inner energies as well as outer energies when we are seeking a greater fulfillment in life, whether with money or health or relationships, communication and connection, or creativity, we can look to elemental expression to help us express that fulfillment.

I have also trained with some fabulous teachers and for the past 40 years I have consciously, gratefully and consistently worked on my own intuitive and spiritual development through studies of holistic health, body work Native American traditions, Eastern metaphysical traditions and  quantum healing, energy work traditions.

IMG_1094Photos by Aureal Williams

Natural Cycles Alignment consultations  include work with the Personal Lunar Cycle, the Collective Lunar Cycle, The Solar Cycle, The Void of Course Moon and  spectacular planetary  cycle events.  You can choose a one time session for one of these natural cycles or a series of on-going sessions that provide more support for aligning with a particular cycle or working with more than one cycle.  As Skype or phone sessions, they are available to anyone around the world.  Through all of my years working with intuition, I have found that alignment with natural cycles is one strong and good way to open more deeply to living by heart.  When we align with natural cycles we increase our experience of being part of nature, of belonging. We sync up!

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