Void of Course Moon Club



Void of Course Moon Club

Void of Course Moon knowledge offers actionable assist for questions like “Why does it feel like I am pushing a mountain off of me, just trying to get out of bed?” or “Why are there so many obstacles in getting anything done today?” or “Why did the results not turn out as planned?”

Additional Lunar Rhythm energy patterns are also at play in response to these questions, and products and services in support of actionable knowing about these Lunar Rhythms are in the works.

The Void of Course Moon is a starting place for taking control of time in your life. Using this natural cycle in planning and scheduling increases income through elimination of waste; enhances quality family time through smart scheduling and effectively renews your personal energy levels because you work with yourself in contrast to against yourself.

A Void of Course Moon occurs every two and one-half days for varying amounts of time, from a few minutes to more than 24 hours. The scientist Buckminster Fuller taught that energy is contained in form. When there is no form, such as a square or triangle, created between the orbiting Moon and one of the orbiting planets, there is no form to contain the energy. Void, empty, null describe our  experiences during these times. Knowledge is power, and knowing about these natural down times helps maximize control of our lives.

Facts: Subscription Club, $7.00 month, payable by PayPal

Features: You receive the dates and times of the Void of Course Moons from one lunar month to the next, delivered in printable format to your email inbox one week before each New Moon.

You receive a monthly informative narrative on direct experiences of planning and scheduling with this cycle from someone who has consistently worked with the Void Moon since 1968, 48 years!

For those interested, there is a monthly group call to share experiences working with the Void Moon, the challenges and the benefits!

Advantages: Plan & schedule work/life projects with predictive information of Void Moon times in order to divert and avoid potential road blocks and obstacles.

Benefits: These informed timing choices optimize income generation, enhance family bonding time and play and satiate personal energy renewal.  You create quality control with your time choices.

Contact me if you would like to see a sample of the Void of Course Moon times and an informative narrative from a previous cycle. If you are ready to go, subscribe here.

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