Week 2 of this Lunar Cycle

The momentum of this past week felt like the swell of a power surfer’s wave.  The focus was sharp and the determination palpable. This energy swell increases during the second week of this lunar cycle.  The timeline is from 11:25 PM, EDT October 12 to 10:58 AM, EDT October 20 when the Full Moon lights our way.

During this second week, we get serious about bringing our vision into concrete form.  It is a time of laser focus and refined discernment. In one week, the energetic dial turns from building to sharing.

One analogy is that we have one week left on the in-breath, and then we go two weeks into the out-breath.

While this rhythm may not precisely match the timeline on your projects, it is a pattern of energy dropped down from the Moon to us.  She delivers predictable human energy patterns, just as she does with the tides. Pattern recognition is a 21st-century tool.

We can use this knowing professionally for planning and personally to align with nature. This nature/human alignment is recognizable as felt body experiences.  With enough practice, maybe years, it is possible to recall the energetic imprint our ancestors lived by as an internal compass that guides us today.

Clock time no longer resonates with the rising frequencies of the collective consciousness shift to 5D. (More on this soon!) The body knows nature. It is simply a matter of actively working with our body’s wisdom. If you are intrigued about how to do that, resources and services are being announced in the months ahead.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Wednesday, October 13, 6:53 AM to 4:48 PM, EDT

Friday, October 15, 8:33 AM to 10:22 PM, EDT

Saturday, October 17, 7:24 PM to Sunday, October 18, 6:05 AM, EDT

Here is a time converter: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter-classic.html

The Moon goes void every two and one-half days for varying amounts of time. This Wednesday and Friday, the void moon times are extended.

I started observing void Moons in the early 1980s. After a couple of years of tracking outcomes with void Moon times, I saw the benefit of living in alignment with these natural cycles.

I got burnt too many times having to retrace my steps, redo work, or cope with frustrations that could have been avoided if I had followed the void Moon times. Efficiency is a core value for me. Wasting anything – time, energy, resources — hurts.

So, when the Moon goes void, I do, too.  I have found that too much is lost, otherwise.  Check it out for yourself over many months to see if void Moon times affect your productivity.

During void times, I tend to do nonessential tasks and rest and reflect. Void Moon times feel like you do not want to get out of bed, or it is hard to focus, or you find yourself daydreaming.

Being self-employed, I am not bound by a time clock and can work all hours, and any day, to accommodate this natural rhythm that invites slow down, if not a complete stop.

If your circumstances require showing up and working during void Moon times, self-talk can help.  Remind yourself that it is hard to produce upstream in a downstream time. Affirm that you will rest as soon as you can.  Pace yourself and accommodate, as best as you can, a workflow that aligns with our Moon.


See you next week!



Hi everyone!

At 9:58 pm EDT Tuesday, September 28, we enter the last week of the lunar cycle.

Keeping track of time by aligning with the first of every month in the standard calendar does not connect us to nature. Aligning with the lunar cycle connects us to our inner nature and the glorious nature surrounding us.

Note what happens with the tides and Moon flow.  It is the same with us if we allow for that subtle sensibility.

The last three days of this last lunar week are known as the Dark of the Moon. The Dark of the Moon occurs from Sunday, October 3 to Wednesday, October 6 at 7:05 am, EDT, when we have the New Moon.  Dark Moon times are naturally occurring low energy, the ebbing cycle.

In the last week, outward energy is low and introspective energy is high. We may feel slower and pulled more to the ground. These are times to rest and reflect.

It is a matter of trust and long-term tracking to remember our natural alignment with lunar flow. Synchronizing energy with Moon flow, we become the timer, rather than the clock on the wall or the watch on the wrist. Benefits of aligning with natural time include less stress and more fulfillment.

Letting your body be the timer leads to a direct experience of sovereignty.

For those willing and able, note your energy levels between Tuesday, September 28, and the New Moon on September 6. Give the New Moon 24 hours or so, and then notice how energy naturally builds. We will explore this more next week.

The void of course Moon times in this last week of the lunar cycle include:

Thursday, September 30, 3:05 am until 2:10 pm EDT

Saturday, October 2, 7:43 pm until Sunday, October 3, 4:38 am EDT

Tuesday, October 5, 4:46 Am until 8:41 am EDT

The last lunar week, especially the three days of the Dark of the Moon, and void of course Moon times are highly receptive times for intuition, inspiration, and imagination. They are challenging times for using force to move forward.

More info is coming in the months ahead.


With Moon Glow,







Non Linear Living, Now!


The irony brings on a belly laugh.

One year ago, I wrote a blog post about no longer using reminder lists. I had been in the process of not making lists for three years  by the time I wrote that post. Now, one year later, a stubborn mindset wants to revisit the issue. Habits die hard and the mind continues to think it knows best.

In this season of shift, multiple streams call for attention. The imperative to choose is forceful and the mind gets scared that it cannot keep up, or choose well. Within this heart pounding experience, I considered returning to making lists.

Ah, the pain of it.  Feeling frantic and not resourceful, the mind tries to revert to old ways. Whether to make a list or not might read trivial and inconsequential; however, my direct experience of this choice point is that it is crucial.

Making a list harms me because it takes me out of the wave particle flow of life and back into linear confinement of self within time and space. It is challenging to be in the new 5D, multidimensional experience. We have been living in the 3rd Dimensional Consciousness for thousands of years and the old ways of how we got by are deeply ingrained in thoughts, experiences and programmed responses.

This new way is open and there are no teachers or guides or safety nets other than our own deep, true inner knowing.  3D consciousness might not know what is going on, however, our multidimensional consciousness, informed through sensate experiences within a living, informing Field, does know and offers guidance and direction out of fear and into Light.

I came very close to writing a list before my consciousness floated in with awareness that making a list is a linear way and, right now, that does not represent optimal functioning in this new multidimensional consciousness.


In this new way, all is possible, in any moment. Making a list inhibits all possibility, because we limit our focus to the way our minds outlined. I am talking about all lists, from grocery lists to work to-do lists to life goal lists.

Yes, we still identify and name what we want, however, we do not limit it. “This or something better” is a helpful phrase to add on to anything we have identified that we want.  That phrase keeps it open to all possibility and honours the mechanics of us working with a knowing, loving Living Field of co-creation.

What is the worst that can happen if you forget to buy something from the grocery store because you did not use a list?  Maybe another trip back to the store at another time and who knows the connection that can happen when you make that second trip?

People with symptoms of memory loss do need to employ lists. We use all that we can to help ourselves.  Yet, others, who rely on lists, out of habit in contrast to need, might be surprised by the freedom that comes from not using lists.

To live free of lists requires trust in one’s self. It requires trust in a living Universe, or Spirit, or Field, whatever the name. It requires trust in one’s self within this living Field.

And that is the difference, in this new time we are aware that we are connected, vitally to our own Knowing, to our informing Cosmos, and to the morphic Field of living intelligence and all that is animate – humans, animals, plants, flowers, trees, crystals, rocks, stones, stars, rainbows, clouds, waters, fire, earth, winds.

All that has life has intelligence and communicates through this pulsing living Field in which we anchor ourselves.  The upright, steadfast anchoring of past has become a swirling, open, fluid, colourful anchoring filled with surprise, support and fulfillment.

Living a linear life will not get us the fulfillment our hearts and souls want. The past is gone. We are free-floating within all possibility now and making a list restricts the full capacity of listening, feeling, choosing within each fresh moment.

What needs to happen for you to consider releasing reliance on making lists? Please share in the comments below.

Blessed Be, in a Joyous 2017



If Asking, What Now…



Dear Readers,

A backdrop to current world circumstances is the shift from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension. In brief, historical perspective, the BBC site, The Evolution of Man,  defines previous quantum leap evolutions from Cave Men to The First Europeans, to the Ice People, to Humans. Throughout these evolutions, there have been corresponding shifts in consciousness.  Under the section, The First Europeans, One Million Years ago, we find  But this early human was undoubtedly developing a complex mind. Once this boundary had been reached, there was no turning back.

It is the same today; up close and personal, we can barely see that our consciousness is evolving by quantum leaps in the timeline of human history. In our case, the frequency of Being is increasing in Light, meaning there is less density. More clarity, less rigidity; more expansion, less contraction are two other ways of framing this shift. Our quantum leap in consciousness, like all the leaps before, does not seem easy.

Our consciousness shift is from duality-based consciousness, right/wrong, good/bad, to an inclusive consciousness of wholeness and integration. Is it any wonder our world looks like it does today, on the surface, as we are amid this shift?

If we are to make this shift in consciousness, one thing that needs release is duality consciousness. A duality-based world view is not sustainable in the 5th Dimension. Duality cannot survive the Light there.

In response to the recent collective shock, many of us are looking within to understand. One place to look for understanding and for reframing a response is to look at embedded duality consciousness. The programmed, conditioned response of duality filtering has been with us for ages.

And now, in human evolution, we are being spiraled out of duality consciousness and into the higher frequency vibrations of 5D where duality thinking cannot survive.


If you are aware of this shift and want to work it, tools for transcending duality include meditation, creativity, laughter, the adrenaline rush of exercise,  being in nature, engaging with animals, being in community, and my favorite, Natural Time.

Natural Time alignment unlocks  ties that keep us bond in conditioned experience. Flowing with natural time, we sense best times to meditate, to create, best times to rest and be still, best times to wait, best times to act. To remind, natural time is feeling Time as a flowing inner experience, rather than the experience of Time as a static, controlling, external force outside of us.

Living cyclically, as directed by inner experience, we can know the zero point — in the day, the month and the year — when one cycle ends and the next begins. This zero point transcends duality and is a place of infinite potential. It is a reset button, to assess, reevaluate, choose again. This zero point is a direct connect with Oneness. Words do not do justice to this awakening experience.

It is personal choice, always, to opt for the higher frequencies, more Light, Living Love, or to stay in the dross of duality, with its comparisons, competitions, judgments, fears, sense of victim hood, and impotent anger.

There has not ever been a time like now in our human history.  It is up to each of us to choose our resonance. Take care, be kind, claim community and consider exploring the cyclic flow of naturally occurring low energy down times and their gift of deep, true, informing connection with Self.


Pivotal Mid Season Dates, November 5 – 7, 2016


It seems like yesterday that I wrote about shifting into Fall Season 2016. Now, we are at the midseason point, moving from Fall toward Winter. Mid season shifts are of value from a natural time, rhythmic living perspective. One of the value-added gifts is on the subtle energy plane. Our bodies are at a midseason point, turning from Fall, which is dry to cold, toward Winter, which is cold to wet. Those who work with Eastern medicine, like Acupuncture, might recognize this language.

Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine developed this health theory, more simply known as body humours. Notice the breakdown of the word hum   ours!  Rudolph Steiner related the humours to temperament.  Our healthcare systems have deep roots within this knowledge.

Let’s consider how these humoural shifts affect us in 2016 when climate change produces 80 degree temperatures in November in mid-latitude regions of the Central United States. What are your thoughts on this?

Personally, I do not know. What is most true for me in this questioning is that we are still turning.  We are still in midseason shift, based on the movement of our home body within our home galaxy.

A value in noting seasonal shifts is that we are prepared. This awareness loosens us from stuck points, from resisting the unseen, often unfelt fluid motion of our lives.  Pagan traditions honor midseason with conscious awareness of shifting change and rituals of celebration, gratitude and the giving and requesting of blessings.

As we co-create our future within each present moment, collective recognition of the midseason shift is helpful. It lifts delusion of stasis and opens us to the experience of flow, and the direct experience of the release and renewal mechanisms of change.


There is another pivotal moment during midseason turning that occurs one day before the exact midseason turning point. This other cyclic turning involves the midpoint between our Galactic Center and our Super Galactic Center in direct contact with the point where our Earth connects with our Sun.

The Galactic Astrologer, Philip Sedgwick, points out that this pivotal moment for us is a powerful time for making intentions. Our human hearts have direct access to the alignment of our Sun, the Galactic Center and the Super Galactic Center.  The world is ours. Take it. Observe that we are shifting in this midseason and that there is a direct connection in this sacred time for linking our deepest, purest heart’s desire with a listening cosmos.

The most potent days for meditating, requesting, visioning, intentioning, for consciously being with this potent mid season cosmic alignment are the 5th through the 7th of November 2016.

If you find this post helpful, please share with a friend!

Blessed be,


5 D Living



~ swoosh ~

Stuart Williams via Compfight

The time between these two eclipses, the New Moon, or Solar Eclipse, of May 20 2012 and the Full Moon, or Lunar Eclipse, of June 4 2012 increases the capacity for self-care.  I have taken the Cosmos up on this generous offer and had a stretch of six consecutive days I devoted to creative fulfillment.  At the beginning of this creative stretch, I had to decompress and ease into this open space of time.  I read a mystery as a way to start relaxing, and I slept a lot.  Once restored, I stressed about how to start.  Sitting on the porch with my ipad, I had the inspiration to start with catching up on the bookmarks I made over the past two months.  This was a wise choice, as it took me on a serendipitous journey of self-healing and creative fulfillment.

The first stop in my bookmarks was about the memory of water. As an intuitive, I get that the function of water is connection.   Water is an extremely powerful link in our humanity,  from self-to-self, self-to-other and self-to-planet. Water is both soft, in that it flows through any obstruction, and it is hard, in that it can wear down rock.  I reviewed the memory of water videos on youtube and that pulled me back to work I had known,  the work of Masaru Emoto and his Messages from Water. This work represents profound energy medicine, in that water crystals reflect what we see, feel, hear and say.  Then I remembered what my friend Marifran Korb shared with me some time ago.  Marifran writes the quality she wants for that day on a piece of paper and attaches that paper to her water glass for the day. Since her work is about relationship, she often writes words like “peace” and “harmony,” to imprint the water she drinks.

From this imprinting perspective of water,  we might as well put into it what we want, in order to maximize help from the universe. I am inputting words like clarity, creative fulfillment, connection, money, because those are the qualities I want these days. Water does take the shape of what is around it, so if I put in what I want, it seems I have more of a chance for a match.  I am also experimenting with imprinting vocalizations of the words rather than taping them to the glass, as that way seems easier and more portable.  If you experiment with this technique, let me know how it goes!

Next on my journey through the bookmarks, I found decluttering information.  That word, “declutter”, does not work for me.  I prefer clearing space, so that is the term I use here. The bookmark lead to the work of Sue Rasmussen, a resource my friend Marifran suggested to me, and Sue’s work seems to be a real find.  I love the aesthetic of  her website and the page I had bookmarked had a quote from Suze Orman that struck right to the heart of what I was trying to do during this six day creative lark, clear my living space and energy field for creative fulfillment that financially satisfies.  The quote says, “If you have debt I’m willing to bet that general clutter is a problem for you too.” 

Holding on to things I do not use and do not need has been a challenge throughout my life.  According to astrological and indigenous peoples’ theory, I am a fixed or holding type, out of the three possible types.  These types are called the modalities in astrology and modus operandi within indigenous cultures.  The three types are cardinal or initiating, fixed or holding and mutable or integrating.  We need all three capacities for living, however, we are often strongest in one particular type and therein lie our challenges.  With a fixed nature, I am able to see things through to completion, I have tenacity, however, letting go and not holding on represent challenges.  Going into this six day stretch I consciously knew that the work before me was to clear my office space so that I could make room for writing that I long to do, and other creative work.  In my conceptual mind, and my physical body, this work felt like crossing the mountain and I had no clue of how I was going to get there.  I did get there, I rejoice to say, however, there was a step in between.

Whether it was thinking about water and what we put into our bodies or whether it was thinking about the clogging clutter of extra body weight, I found myself thinking about food choices. I went to a book that I love and use often Paul Pitchford’s Healing with Whole Foods.  Throughout the years, I have known that I have a “damp” constitution from the perspective of Chinese Medicine.  Pitchford’s book is full of information about right foods to eat for our particular constitutions and I spent time revisiting that information. Clarity was one of the words that I infused into my drinking water, so maybe that is how the awareness arose.  Anyway, I got it that I need to eat more vegetables.  Cooking is not a favored task of mine and I like to eat easy. Cooking vegetables is simple enough so I  said yes to change, went vegetable shopping and cleared space in my life to change how and what I eat.  I want more chi in my life, I want energy and that green, animated source of living.

What I experienced in this six day stretch is that we no longer live solely in the third and fourth dimensions.  With 2012 and the accumulated awakening since the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987, an event I participated in by ritual and have been participating every step of the way to now, we have access to life lived with 5D awareness. This 5th Dimension awareness accepts conscious flow as a way of life, a partnership of body, mind, spirit and soul with Universe Consciousness.  It is LIFE!, here on earth, now. This way of living involves letting go of “shoulds”, of mind directions and forcings and instead,  flowing with subtleties within and around us, those cues and clues from an integrated partnership with Universe.  This kind of living takes trust.  With 2012, we have passed a threshold, though, and we can say yes to the new ways or we can stay stuck. Uck!

As I reach the end of my six day creative stretch, I have a humongous recycle bin filled to the brim with office papers I had clung to, clogging my creative and spatial arteries. As I plan and eat meals of life-giving vegetables, energy and consciousness shifts.  What I am aware of is that I cannot find the fulfillment I seek by doing things the old way.  There is a serendipity of following the current, that which calls our attention.  Each spark of interest legitimately leads to more data and another spot in the water course.  This past six days I get it, how to trust and live in 5D awareness. I am a great listener and in this sacred time between the eclipses, I heard, and lived, the flow of 5D living.

Flowing with the water current is great, and I invite you to join me.   If you are looking for your own similar adventure, of  how to follow the cues and clues of your own unfolding awareness, consider  sessions with me where we work in partnership to unfold your soul’s journey.

Paeonia 'Mrs. F.D.R.' up close

Bob Gutowski via Compfight


Suddenly, without any warning, at any time or place, with no apparent cause, it can happen. Ken Wilber, No Boundary


Am I ready?  Like everyone else, longings I hold in my heart are with me always.

I want to live in Duluth, near Lake Superior, in another state from mine.  I want a life fulfilled, time for walks on the shore of the Lake, time to work art, time to write and do intuitive work with clients. As Ken Wilber says, I know that these fulfillments can happen in any moment and without warning. Am I ready to receive them?  Or am I stuck in past adaptations that keep me from receiving them?


Right now, we are in an age-turning time.  We not only had the new century, we also had a new age, the turning of a Great Year of 26,000 years.  Everything is changing.  There is less hierarchy and more equality.  You might argue this point, however, consider how grassroots movements have changed everything from healthcare to politics to technology to relationships over the past 40 years or so.


We live in new ways now and one of the most significant changes is that we use our body, our senses, our intuition for knowing.  We feel things through rather than think things through.  In the former paradigm, mind was paramount, and with that, duality and hierarchy.


In this new time, there are no rules and the guidebook is our internal connection with nature. Blockage comes when we continue to respond to life’s choices from conditioned adaptations of closed thinking,  blocked feeling,  false knowing — ignoring.  The kind of  “willful blindness” that is in the media news now.


Being present means leaving these adaptations behind. Its hard work because over  two thousand years, restrictive adaptations have become ingrained. It takes courage to be present, free of former conditioning.  It takes courage to own what we feel, want, desire. It takes courage to be okay with that and know that we would not want it if it didn’t belong to us — magnetism attracts  so what magnetizes us, what interests us, does have an organic, connecting source within us.


Everyone has his or her own starting point for being present, for leaving the past behind.  I want to be ready for that Suddenly fulfillment.  I want to grasp it, grab it, say Yes to it. Use it and go on to the next desiring, wanting, needing.


What do you long for, and how are you open to suddenly receiving what you want?