A Natural Experience of Time in relation to asking for help these days

by | Dec 21, 2015 | Living the Intuitive Life


Will power was a useful tool of the old 3D paradigm. We willed things to happen and held on tight with all of our might until they did. The energy structure seems softer now and that level of forceful intensity does not seem to help much in 5D. What does seem supported now, is the experience of partnering.

We are co-creators, in partnership with The Living Field, or 5th Dimension Living, however one calls it.The way help seems to arrive now is with a softer curvature, rather than with a forceful direct line. We state what we want and need, keep fluid with the nows, remain open in Presence and accept when the response to our ask shows up.

Here is a personal example: Throughout my life, I have been challenged with digestive issues. There is a family trait, my father and my paternal aunt also had digestive challenges. In my own life, the symptoms would come and go, however, indigestion and its consequences were always in the background. Recently, the symptoms were intense and uncomfortable; I knew change had to come and I prayed and asked for help. The help showed up in a surprising way.

I was making an online purchase for make-up that was on sale. In order to get free shipping, I had to have a $35 order and the make-up cost $28. I was not inclined to get a good price on the product that I wanted, and then lose that good price in an $8 shipping fee. I looked through the other cosmetics offered and there was not anything else that I needed or wanted to buy. Then, I saw that this site sold vitamins, so I went to the list of brands and saw, right away, a brand of digestive herbs that I used to take years ago. I was excited to see this product, the cost covered the amount I needed to obtain free shipping, I stopped looking and placed my order.

Once the order arrived I started taking the herbs and relief was immediate. I am on my third bottle of herbs now and the relief continues. In partnering, I asked my own Soul, the Universe, Spirit, All That Is, for help, I stayed open to my own rolling needs, in this instance, a search for make-up, and I leapt onto the offer of help when it showed up in a most unsuspecting way, herbs I was familiar with and trusted that were offered for sale on a beauty store’s website.

We ask, we stay open to the experience of each changing moment and we accept when what we have requested shows up. How this is different from the past, in my experience, is that persistent obsessing does not help. Staying present in the flow of moments does seem to help. I asked for help, I trusted that a solution would come, I stayed open to the flow of Life and I was ready to receive when the help showed up.

Will power was a helpful in the past; it does not seem helpful now, as it takes us away from present moment awareness, where solutions, resolutions and helpful assists show themselves in surprising ways. We might miss the answer if we are insistently holding the question.

What does it mean to stay present with each moment and be open to receive? In my work with A Natural Experience of Time, I often look at the larger cycles, like those of the Sun and the Moon. The core cycle though, is each changing moment. To live a natural experience of time is to bring consciousness to the flow of each changing moment: what do we feel, what do we want, what do we need, what is ours to do in this very precious now?

An underlying component of present moment living is to trust ourselves in connection with the Living Field, Earth, Nature, however you wish to name it. Practicing presence in each moment builds the trust and, in my experience, fills Life with wonder and surprise and significantly, support.