Swimming in the Deep End Now

by | Jun 21, 2024 | 5D, Astrology, Deep Space Astrology, Intuition, KBO Kuiper Belt Objects, Our Moon, Sovereignty, Stillness

Heliocentric deep space planetary collaborations at this Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon are near the Solstice Points of Cancer and Capricorn. This movement coincides with the Sun’s flow into summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

Through our connection with these planetary energies, we are taken into deep unconscious content, resulting in spatial expansion of power identity. In essence:

  1. Summon appreciation/gratitude as the cellular ground for physical receptivity
  2. Tune into your highest alignment
  3. Enjoy the plunge into the deep unconscious
  4. Bless the resurgence of the new you – Sovereign, Present, Powerful

The following planets help us navigate the underwater dives into release and rebirth. If you are unfamiliar with these recently discovered deep space bodies, please relax in the unknown and feel their presence within the cosmic play of your precious life.

Okyrhoe Salacia Makemake Rhiphonos Pholus Quaoar

Use discernment in what you choose to share and with whom. We are called to claim our authentic leadership through a frequency of lightning-bolt change. This shift can increase our devotion and lead to breakthrough moments of realigning and redefining presence.

Sun Asbolus Chaos Borasisi Manwe SuperGalactic Center Earth/Moon

Despite challenges to living our integrity, we are called to a higher vibe where we understand and rise above the darkness. This ascension happens through resonance with stillness and its infinite potential. There is an opportunity to align our primitive nature, human nature, rational mind, and creative spirit for a big-picture view as seen from the eagle’s perspective.

Uranus Lempo Alicanto Praamzius Typhon Dziewanna

This collaboration expands curiosity and the refinement of values. We are called to be accountable and express through discernment that rises out of explosive breakthroughs. These planets help us stand up for ourselves despite the harshest circumstances of denial or refute. Through these energies, partnerships can experience equality.

Galactic Center Varda Kagara Neptune

Here we have the heart centre of our galaxy reflecting the heart centre of our bodies and chakra systems, through which everything comes together to realize our divine royalty. We break open into mystic knowing.

Pelion Sila Numan Ceto

With this triad, we find our place through the alignment of masculine/feminine, human/nature, and past/present/future consciousness. Sea monsters that might be swimming in our deep unconscious show the way from dark to light.

Great Attractor Saturn

This duo reveals a new structural alignment that sees past delusion.

Pluto Haumea

These two planets help us transform our creative expression.

Mors Somnus Sedna Jupiter Damocles

Navigating our destiny path through release and rebirth leads to clarity that the grass is not greener elsewhere. We can claim and accept our power.

Summing Up

The above content covers much detail. Please notice which section sparks the lights on within you and consider hanging out with that essence for the next two weeks as we close out this Luna cycle.

Questions and comments are most welcome. May you enjoy each moment of this golden rich time.