3 Techniques for Sustaining High Frequencies

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Vibrational Frequency


Collective shock last week and a mighty Super Moon this week.  Like me, you may have had a personal experience of losing center in direct relationship to the collective shock and the potent, shake-up energies of this luminous Full Moon.

The experience I had prompted me to use stability techniques for sustaining core self within the higher frequency vibrations of 5th Dimension even though I had fallen off center and back into 3D fear and panic.

In losing center, we fall into chaos, disorganization, maybe confusion, hurt, wanting to fight or flee or become numb. If we are lucky, soon after the initial shock, we recalibrate. Once we have had an experience of higher frequency living, the lower vibrational responses cannot satisfy us. Instinctively, we want to go back to Light living.

Life does have these stops and starts, these setbacks that spill over with personal teachings that help affirm our choices to live Light, Love and the fullest expression of our new selves.

In working through my personal upset this week, I called on three techniques to help maintain the higher frequencies when reactive responses triggered replays of fear, dread, disdain, wanting to run, fight or avoid.  Here are the techniques. I find them to be infallible recovery resources.

  1. Put your right hand at the level of your heart, middle chest and your left hand two fingers below your naval.

You can do this standing up, lying down, sitting

This technique takes you into your 2nd and 4th Chakras which are inward, calming chakras

This technique calms your autonomic nervous system into neutral, where you, first, calm down and then see, feel, sense options

  1. Breathe out for longer than you breathe in and do this for a few breaths

I wish I could source where I read about this technique; it is very effective for calming down, relaxing into presence and can also induce sleep

  1. Connect live with someone who knows and loves you. Phone calls are okay, in person is great. Make connection and share your experience. We are social beings; we are not alone in this life and to feel or do so is an illusion that hurts the whole of us.  Activate your resources. If you truly feel that you have no one to connect live with, write a letter to someone who has loved you and perhaps is now deceased. Heart connection goes beyond linear time/space.


While, hopefully, we have come back to core, from the collective shock and the Full Moon emotional impact, nothing in life is static. There will be other times when we are jarred and fall from center.  Self-care is mandatory for maintenance, sustainability and recovery.  We have seen Light now, in our shift to 5D, we know and feel what our new lives can be. Taking personal care is key. Please do take these techniques for a test drive. Based on your direct experience with them, put them in your self-care tool box to use in times of minor and major life storms.

The higher vibration of 5th Dimension harmony is a new home now. While we are still jolted back to the duality, density and assumed helplessness of the 3rd Dimension, now and then, it is becoming more painful to be there, even for short stays. The more we open to our Light Body experience, that gives us a vast and comprehensive view of possibilities and resources, the easier it becomes to claim this home as our new reality. These techniques offer presence and connection, hallmarks of 5D living.

What are your techniques for coming back to center, for sustaining higher vibrational frequencies, in times of great upset? Please share in the comments below.



  1. I heard of breathing out 2 counts longer than the inbreath from various sources, but one of the ancient source might be Chinese Qigong. It is important to do this with belly breathing in order to shift the vagus nerve awareness from upper body (sympathetic nervous system/fight or flight) to lower vagus, (parasympathetic/rest and digest) mode. It also helps if you purse the lips as if blowing out a candle flame. This stimulates the vagus nerve for better connection with the navel and lower chakras. I heard of it from Andrew Miles, a DOM, who also said to do it soundlessly for pain relief. The info about the nervous system shift comes from Cathy Holway, a PhD in Physical Therapy. She says it also benefits greatly the endocrine system, hence our perception: input/interpretation/ output process. Dr. Steven Porges is the most direct source for information on Polyvagal Theory, his work for over 40 years. There are many YouTube videos of his interviews. Fleet Maull teaches this breathing practice through his non-profit org, Prison Mindfulness Institute.

    • Carol, thank you so much for this comment. Yes, I know of Dr. Porges work. Benjamin Shield introduced us to Dr. Porges’ brilliant work when he taught pediatric craniosacral classes. All that you share is true, a wonderful addition to my post. Thank you!