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by | Apr 4, 2012 | Writing

I read mysteries all the time, one of my favourite things to do for rest and relaxation and replenishing self.  It helps that I live in Cincinnati, Ohio which has one of the best library systems in the United States.  There is always a great selection of new mysteries to check out, no matter what branch of the library I visit.

Today’s review is of Michael Connelly’s The Drop, which I find to be a thoroughly enjoyable read.  It held suspense, compelling enough to wonder what was next, yet not harsh on the heart.  The  layers of vulnerability within this work show up  between protagonist Bosch and his current partner, Chu, his romantic interest, Hannah, and Bosch’s regard for the criminals involved in the plot.  The intrigue between Bosch and his past partner, Kiz,  also speak to change within relationships and transparency. The ebbs and flows of the characters and plot lines in this work present the dynamic friction within relationships that strive for coherence and respect. Connelly’s The Drop seems to me to be a moral of what it is to attempt  to live a life true with one’s self and one’s equals and how this all relates to parenting an individuated child.