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Learn to rely on the physical and the metaphysical. Reveal your hidden truth by getting in sync with your body and the natural cycles of the moon and stars.

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Time is fluid, not linear. Your body understands this instinctively.

I am Aureal Williams, an Aquarian who rode the first wave into our new age. My many years of practice have offered me deep wisdom into the spiritual awareness known as 5D, which I would like to share with you.

I offer consultations and workshops using intuitive guided imagery journeys to help you synchronize with natural cycles, particularly the Moon. I cannot tell you anything you do not already know – my work is simply to help you reveal what you know viscerally and intuitively.

What Are People Saying?

Though Aureal Williams’ cosmic meditation lasted about 45 minutes, it has affected me deeply ever since. She led participants into a visualization with both wondrous detail and vast openness for personal creation. Aureal’s words took my spirit to a profound place of peace. It is more than that, though. Never have I heard such a richly described exploration in all my life. And I have traveled in meditation circles for over 40 years.

At least four times, I was privileged to partake in these visualizations. None of them were exactly the same.

It has been three years since Aureal first did one of her visualizations. Every night since then, I have used the remembered parts as I have merged into sleep. Though I started by re-imagining her version, the original description of exploring outer and inner space has morphed into other realms. Without her magnificent cosmic visualizations, I never would have had the benefit then or now. Truly, I am grateful.


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