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Natural Time & Intuition

Whether it is the cranial wave rhythm of the body, or the natural cycles in
nature, the core of Aureal's work is in helping people align with natural cycles for optimal life satisfaction and fulfillment. Her work with Natural Time and Intuition includes individual coaching, trainings, public speaking and writings related to how the cycles in nature reflect one's own experience of the ebb and flow of personal energy cycles.

Along these lines, Aureal introduces ground-breaking work on the Personal Lunar Cycle, an innate pattern of energy that is based on the phase of the Moon in which one is born. Knowing about this repeating cycle optimizes productivity, maximizes natural rest cycles and minimizes waste of resources and energy. All of her work with natural cycles helps people open up more fully to their own intuitive knowing as the link between inner experience and nature is affirmed through direct experience.

This website features information about Aureal's e-Book and articles about Natural Time and Intuition. To learn more, email Aureal or call 513.489.5302.


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