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Aurealís work with, and for, children includes:

Much of Aurealís clinical nursing work has included pediatrics, from newborns to teens, in medical, research and psychiatric settings. She has an affinity for family work in this time when children are becoming our teachers. Her calm presence can help subdue intense and bewildering family dynamics, helping family members reach common ground of mutual respect and reciprocal value. She welcomes the opportunity to talk with you about you and your familyís wellness needs.

Aureal Williams, BSN, RN, LMT
1627 Rockford Place
Cincinnati, OH 45223



Craniosacral Bodywork

"The therapy that Gabriel received was amazing. As a mother of four children, I thought I knew almost every remedy to calm, relax and soothe when one of my children needed something. This therapy is a breakthrough. Gabriel was cranky and inconsolable. When Aureal started the therapy, Gabe instantly relaxed. He was able to lay still- that he was able to lay still, for his age, six months, is amazing. He eventually was so relaxed that he fell asleep. This is a wonderful therapy and I recommend it to anyone for children of any age."

Becky P., Cincinnati, Ohio

Calm Parent/Calm Child Workshop

"This is a great introduction for being able to look within for answers to fundamental parenting questions."

M.D, Mariemont, Ohio




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