Working Together

Clients who work with me are good-hearted people who want support in:

Making a more conscious and co-creative shift to the 5th Dimension

Knowing and fulfilling their destiny

Taking better care of themselves

Increasing trust in intuition

Identifying and releasing unconscious blocks to fulfillment

Maximizing their potential

Opening more fully to their innate connection with Nature

Aligning with Natural Cycles

Clients who work with me believe in the goodness of life and the goodness within themselves. They want a fuller expression of this goodness in all ways.

As an intuitive consultant, I work with people using deep relaxation as a prelude to a guided imagery session or an astrology session. The astrology sessions usually include a guided imagery component. I  offer individual and group and training.

Writing is a central part of my work, as well, through blog posts and a soon-to-be-published book, 5D Here, Now  Ordinary Descriptions of an Extraordinary Shift.

Reach out if you would like to schedule a session or have questions about how we might work together.


Comments from clients:

You listen so deeply.

I can tell you anything – you are nonjudgmental.

What I love about our work is that you always bring it back to me; you help me know from within myself.

What a gift you are. I feel such freedom after talking with you like a connection that is important to me has been made. You are amazing in your ability and you made things easy to understand.