Week Two of Current Lunar Cycle

The moment of 7:47 AM EST, Thursday, November 11th, brings us into the second week of this lunar cycle. We are like the little engine that could, climbing the summit toward the Full Moon on November 19th, 2021.

The strong magnetic pull to accomplish during this second week may feel more potent than usual because next week’s Full Moon is an eclipse. As a portal crossing, eclipses allow for ultimate awakening. Where you put your focus and the conscious choices that you make this week are crucial to the process of opening to next week’s eclipse potential.

Remember from last week’s post, the Second Quarter, or the second week of the lunar cycle, depicts the external resistance involved in developing autonomy. This phase mirrors what happens during the terrible twos and the teen years. At this stage, we are determined to declare our sovereignty.

In this second week of the current lunar cycle, you may face external resistance as you focus on manifesting your heart’s desire. This week’s lunar energy provides a natural growth pattern where the task is to stand true to you, free of blame or shame or the feel of defeat.

This week, consider taking time to get clear on what you want and how you optimally want to get there. Remember your sovereignty within the field of loving and being loved.

Have questions about aligning with the flow of the lunar cycle? Ask me here.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Thursday, November 11th, 2:53 PM to Friday, November 12th, 2:54 AM

Sunday, November 14, 12:41 AM to 10:49 AM, EST

Tuesday, November 16th, 10:51 AM to 9:18 PM, EST

Friday, November 19, 3:58 AM to 9:33 AM, EST

As you might be sensing, the pattern with the Void Moon times is that every two- and one-half days, the Moon goes void for varying amounts of time. Energy seems free-floating during these times. It is hard to maintain focus and accomplish when the Moon is void. Note how you feel and your productivity progress when the Moon is void on Tuesday, November 16th, during the workday in US time zones. For other time zones, click here.

It takes adjusting; however, you will likely notice that it saves time, frustration, and resources when you plan your productivity according to void Moon times. As an experiment, observe how many times you must retrace steps, redo work, or revisit scheduling when you plan or execute something during a void Moon.

Blessed be! See you next week!



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