About Aureal

I am Aureal Williams, a Boomer, and Aquarian, who rode the first wave into our new age with so many others. My work is about the 5th Dimension – an ebook is being published in March 2022.

I offer virtual consultations and workshops using intuitive guided imagery journeys. I cannot tell you anything you do not already know, and my work is to help you reveal what you know viscerally and intuitively.

Another way I work with people is by helping them synchronize with natural cycles, particularly the Moon. A critical part of 5D is that Time is fluid, not linear. Your body is timer rather than the clock on the wall or the watch on your wrist.

In 1997, I “recovered” through a direct physical experience, a pattern of energy based on the phase of the Moon in which one is born. Aligning with this cycle opens the internal capacity for natural timing.

The Void of Course Moon is another natural rhythm that I follow. I often share dates and times, along with tips for using Void Moons as natural rest and reflection times in my blog and social media page.

A core piece of my public work is the Information, Intuition, and Integration package. I work in this way because astrology readings often leave a feeling of being incomplete. How does one work with and apply so much Information? So, I have extended my work with astrology readings, and the first of these three-part sessions is Information: the Information within your chart.

I am especially skilled in intuitively guided imagery. The second part of this three-part series is a guided imagery journey to deep space, where you communicate intuitively with planets that are prominent in your life through the birth chart. This part emphasizes the bidirectional nature of our cosmos. Like houseplants, or pets, that you talk with, the planets are also living energies, and when we communicate with them, we can receive valued Information that helps us understand our journey.

Many people report an increase in self-love and a sense of how much they are loved through this second part of the series. Even if you do not regard yourself as intuitive, a relaxation part at the beginning of this session increases intuitive receptivity.

In the third session, Integration, we bring part 1 and part 2 together as we explore options for your next steps based on the direct experience of these first two sessions.

Working in this way provides a depth of experience that is not available through a one-off session. The Information contained within the birth chart can be complex, and the language of astrology is also complex. This three-part series allows for a simple, easy-to-understand cosmic profile of your life.



Life passions include grace, beauty, flow, and co-creation awareness with a loving cosmos. I am passionate about our Moon and Love from the Sacred Heart.

My highest core value is efficiency. Wasting Time, money, and resources hurts acutely. In aligning with this value, I find that being kind, caring, honest, and intuitive helps tremendously.

My biggest dream is to live 5D awareness within the Unified Field of harmony and individual sovereignty. If you agree that the way we regard Time is up for reevaluation and that blame, victimhood, scarcity consciousness, us versus them mentality, is done, then welcome! Let’s journey together in living our Light.

Past work includes nursing in Research, Pediatric Psychiatry, and Integrative Health. I also worked as a Craniosacral Therapist, as I have an affinity for stillness and allowing the mind and body to rest deeply. From January 2017 until May 2021, I worked in philanthropy. The position I held had remained unfilled for eight years before my arrival. During the four years I was there, the revenue of $700,000 was generated through grants and corporate and individual donations. It was fantastic to be part of that community.

I look forward to building a community here with you as we embark upon making the shift to 5D consciousness.