Letting Go, Part II



Photo by Aureal Williams

As referenced in last week’s post, letting go of judgement, (or any other human reaction, like anger, jealousy, you name it), has the effect of opening up multidimensional space. I liked last week’s visceral experience of unfettered spaciousness and wanted more, so, this week, I continued the experiment of releasing judgment.

What was new to me in this experiment was that in the process of letting go of judgement, I also let go of expectations. I was open to the moment. Free of the conceptual sense of separation that comes from judging and the subsequent inner organ twisting of trying to control something, I was able to simply bear witness to what was actually happening, and not try to make a situation different than what it was. The result was more freedom, less inner and mental constriction and more support from a Loving Universe that I could have ever imagined.

The experiences of releasing conditioned reactive responses, no matter what they are, reveal the lie of conditioned response: compensation for feelings of not being good enough, low self-esteem, or feelings of lack. Conceptual thinking and reactive responses are limiting and they cut us off at the pass to spaciousness and Light. Yet, conceptual thinking and reactive responses are learned conditioning to earlier feelings of rejection or feeling like we are not enough.

One way to live in the moment with full access to 5D wholeness, and free from the separating experiences of 3D, is to consistently connect with the strong core of our essential goodness. We meet this essential goodness, repeatedly, in the experience of open space. The open space that is free of conceptual thinking and conditioned responding, like the sky in the photo at the top of this post. There is such a space and we can have it and live it whenever we want.

Coming to a consistent, living connection with one’s own unwavering core of goodness is a process. I have been in my own process with this core connection of goodness for at least the past 48 years, and many lifetimes before this one. Lots process with lots of people and many modalities.

What is different now, though, is that the 5th Dimension of holographic harmony is accessible and quick. Veils between visible and invisible worlds and between conscious and unconscious mind are thinning. Insights occur like lightening, fast and to the point.

We can be informed in each moment and it is through our physical sensing — does this feel right to me or not, does this have life for me or not — that we find our way.

We simply cannot know beyond each moment; that is how 5D works. We have the choice to bring entangled conceptual thinking and/or emotional bindings of conditioned responses, like judgement, with us or we can recognize the quicksilver insights and release into the moment, into the presence of not knowing and allowing. We can have the experience of the unfettered sky. It does not have to be hard and if we simply ask and reach, we might find it easy, with continual unfolding guiding our uncharted path.

I once had a phenomenal improvisational acting teacher whose mantra to us, before we got up on stage, was, “Breathe and speak.” For 5D access, we might amend this and say “Breathe and feel,” or “Breathe and release,” or, essentially, “Breathe and be.” Unconditioned presence in the moment, connected to our central core of goodness, the true, legitimate longings of our Soul, we can be met with the feeling of support from All That Is and the invincible feeling of being part of.

If you are inclined to have an experiment with unlimited spaciousness, too, one suggestion is to start small. Notice one conditioned reactive response you have within your life experience and work with it consciously, tenderly and patiently. If you do choose to do this, I would love to hear how it goes, in the comments below or in a private email, as you wish.