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2015 closes and 2016 beckons. Traditionally, people take a year-end review and plot out their plans for the months ahead. Life in the 5th Dimension, this new realm that we are in, invites another way. With 5D living, we are informed in present time; past and future thinking locks us out of Now, with all of its informing possibilities.

Yes, of course, we have to be accountable for our actions and if there is something that brings distress, it is helpful to review and reconsider. Heavy pondering, though, can weigh down being in the present, and we can miss the liveliness of Now. As I wrote in last week’s blog post, a simple stating to Self and Universe, or Spirit, or Field, of what we want and then allowing to receive takes efforting out of the equation. Present moment living can open us to self-worth and cosmic partnership. What we want is valid and we are in a co-creative collaboration with Light, Life and Love.


For a clearer picture of this process, I share a personal story about giving up making lists.

For years, a spiritual teacher of mine suggested letting go of making lists. Two years after hearing this, a moment opened and I said yes, let me try it. This was about three years ago now, and I remember the flow: it was a play day for me and I decided to let go of plotting and planning, the list making of what I hoped to accomplish that day. I knew on the feeling level that I wanted to go to the movies. Without access to even the list of movies or start times, I drove to the cinema. I parked the car and walked up to the front of the cinema with the list of movies showing and their start times. Standing there, I encountered a woman who said that she had a coupon for 2 for one movie price and she asked me if I was interested in seeing one of the movies that started soon. I do not remember the name of the movie that we saw, and I have not ever seen that woman again, however, it was a pleasant, kind experience and we both enjoyed the show and chatted about it for a few minutes after the movie.

Then, I felt the draw to go shopping. A shirt that I had been wanting was on the sale rack for $10 and a small salmon coloured suitcase with lots of zippered pockets, an item that I had been watching for months, was on sale for 1/3 of it’s original price. I still wear that shirt and the luggage is my favorite travel piece. I stayed in the flow of that day and was open to all of these experiences that supported my heart’s desire.

Since that majical day, I have given up making lists, even for the grocery store. I consider making lists a detriment because it takes me out of the present moment. There is nothing more precious nor more potent than the present moment. I do not consider myself expert in present moment living. I have a personal aversion to waste and I know that not living in the present moment is wasteful: of time, energy and resources, so I aspire to live in present moment and being list-free helps me.

Majic happens in this process. If I forget something from the store because I have no list, there is a new journey, a new experience, a new opening in that process; either I make do or when I do go back to get the missed item, some other experience or contact pops up.

There is a deepened experience of trust with this process, trust in myself and trust in the Universal Energies with whom I coexist, co-create and collaborate.

For anyone with a significant numbers of years lived, it is apparent that the years fly by. We start out in January and before we know it, the year has gone by. Present moment is all we have. Bringing attention to it enriches our lives.

Intuition Takes Patience


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While doing the laundry last evening, I received an intuitive hit to not start the dryer yet.  While I was hanging up  clothes that I air dry, I found a tee shirt that I could put in the dryer.  I went back to the dryer, added that tee to the clothes already there and pressed start. I was heartened that I listened, because even after decades of working with intuition, every experience of intuitive awareness represents an awakening, a cosmic heart kiss.

This example represents a little thing, yet that is how intuition works and how, by paying attention to these little things, we begin to recognize and trust our intuition so that we can work with it effectively for bigger life choices.

What was new in this experience was the awareness that intuition takes patience. Rather than getting on with starting the dryer so that I could move to the next task, I had to wait.  In the waiting I found that I missed one shirt that could have been added to the drying load.  A little twinge inside said wait, and I listened. 

I saved time and energy by not starting and then having to stop and restart the dryer, and though it was only moments that I saved, it was a savings.  Saving resources, not wasting time, is one of the biggest advantages of living an intuitive life. Using intuition, I do not have to retrace my steps or redo things. I do have to listen, acknowledge and accept that being informed comes from body listening, not mind listening.

We are in challenging times now, with the end of the Mayan Calendar, about to begin a new mega cycle of Time. There is a great shift happening and this shift represents releasing and realigning of internal energy patterns. It is my feeling and experience that intuition leads the way as a means of navigating this great change.  We can no longer trust the mind to help us discern life’s call to make choices.  Intuition guides the way and while we all have intuitive knowing, it takes practice to identify our own intuitive language and patience to listen and develop trust in our guiding frequencies.

I encourage you to practice living your life intuitively. If you are looking at ways to help strengthen your practice and patience living life intuitively, there are a variety of choices in ways that we can work together.   Contact me to discuss the options, such as intuitive sessions,  Natural Time Alignment sessions or classes.



Personal Dark Moon, June 2012 Experience

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It is June 13, 2012 and I had my New Moon in the Personal Lunar cycle during the bewitching 3 am hour this morning. The Dark Moon days, three days before each New Moon, were very different this cycle than they have been in previous cycles. I think the big difference between this past cycle and previous cycles is that in the May 2012 cycle I had the awareness that I needed more Chi in my life.  This insight brought forth the plan to cook at least one warm fresh vegetable a day.  I did this with relative success for the past 28 days and do feel like I picked up my Chi considerably.  The fact that I am eating less in general also feels related to eating hearty vegetables every day.  With more Chi running through my body, the Dark Moon phase of this past Personal Lunar Cycle felt less like a deep pull into darkness and more like  a conscious witnessing of a cycle turning. I have tracked this cycle faithfully for 19 years and I know that there are variations in each cycle, however, it does feel that with more Chi running in my body, I did not have to go down so deeply to rest this past dark moon. This feels like a gift.

In the recent dark moon phase, just preceding my Personal New Moon, I still took to the bed. I schedule the 24 hours before my  Personal New Moon as a sacred time, a time for rest and relaxation and I treasure this time.  Despite 19 years of faithfully following this cycle, my mind still comes in during a dark moon day shouting, “Shouldn’t you….blah, blah, blah,”  I  let myself rest. This recent Dark Moon phase was mostly a conscious listening time and I allowed myself the space and stillness to do that.

What I heard during the stillness was to Be Happy.  It is hard, sometimes, in modern life, to look beyond the fear and scare, and choose the other.  One of the opportunities that I am working on is clearing my third eye chakra to see possibilities beyond what I know or even imagine, because imagination can be limited.  I want unlimited life experience.  I want to open to what is possible even though it has not been in my realm of possibility.  I expand openness and interaction with the unlimited possibility and potential.

What I heard in this recent Dark Moon time of my Personal Lunar Cycle is that that my heart wants to be happy. Despite all conditioning prior to this moment, I will give my heart what it wants and explore with unbridled curiosity the discovery of happiness.  I will notice the positive, the up versus down.   If I hadn’t stopped and laid on my bed with my eyes wide open, looking out on the summer green and letting that visceral into my heart and my body, I do not know if I would have heard this whisper into my right ear, from my inner self to my conscious self. I did hear it though, and voice witness to that hearing.

May’s Personal Dark Moon lead me to eat better.  Which I am doing! June’s Personal Lunar Cycle leads me to embrace happiness more consciously.  I will let you know next month how this cycle goes.

Alignment with natural cycles allows us to connect consciously with the stop and start points of the cyclical nature of life.  It allows us to regroup.  I have written about the Personal Lunar Cycle before, and I have lived with it since 1993 and have been teaching it in my group and individual intuitive practice since 1995.  I find the Personal Lunar Cycle to be a valuable predictor of energy levels as it is based on the phase of the Moon in which you are born.  This is a cycle that repeats each month of one’s life and if you would like to connect and work with your own Personal Lunar Cycle, let me know!





Personal Dark Moon, May 2012 Experience

Noche de luna llena - Full moon night
Photo Credit: Luz Adriana Villa via Compfight

I have been living with the Personal Lunar Cycle since I “recovered” it through a kinesthetic body experience in 1993. After tracking it for myself for two years, I wrote about it and then taught it. Prior to my work with the Personal Lunar Cycle, I had been aligning with the rhythmic flow of the Collective Lunar Cycle since the late 1960s. I have come to know these natural rhythms as inner energy cycles. Syncing with natural cycles is one  prime way to deepen work with intuition, as one is timed and aligned with the living world.  Coherency and synchronicity are natural outcomes of this work.

The Dark Moon phase, the last of the eight lunar phases, occurs three days before each New Moon. Energetically, the Dark Moon phase represents a call to stop and dissolve before the renewal that occurs with each New Moon. The Dark Moon phase is like the interphase in the cell cycle, that phase of stop right before the next cell division.  The Dark Moon Phase is also like the night cycle in the day/night rhythm or the dark stillness of winter within the seasonal cycle.

I can share with you that there is almost always a struggle to rest with the Dark Moon Phase.  Either  there is internal resistance to rest, or an external struggle to rest that  comes from obstacles or judgements of others around us. In our society and culture  rest is not an authentic activity.  As hard as it is to listen and acquiesce when our bodies and nature call us to rest, the consequences of not doing so affect mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. We can not push upstream in a downstream time and not pay for it with body, mind and soul.

So readers can understand what living with the Personal Lunar Cycle involves, I share my experience of the past Dark Moon phase in my own Personal Lunar Cycle.  The gravitational pull to stop and rest during this Dark Moon time started on Friday and it was profound.  Rest was all that I could do.  I said yes and viscerally understood that this is what I needed. After 19 years of living with this innate cycle I schedule around them. I had one task to do that day, and that was to pay a bill. It took all that I had to meet that task with completion.  Other than that, I rested and read mysteries.

 It was a nice day outside, sunny and in the 70s.  When my sister called for our daily check-in, I could hear in her voice that she thought that I should get up and do something.  Most of the time, my sister  honors my choices in life and has acknowledged her own pull to gravity during her personal dark moons. However, on this day, she seemed to want something different for me than lying under the covers.

I  have my own inner resistance to laying low, yet on this day, here it was, my beloved sister, tonally urging me to get moving. I am telling you readers, it is hard to listen to one’s own inner wisdom and give your heart, soul and physicality what it needs. After hearing my sister’s tone of voice, there was a moment, more than a moment actually, when I questioned my own choice. The pull to gravity was so strong and profound, though, that all I could do was surrender deep into quiet stillness. There is an exquisiteness to that surrender, a profound yes within all of my cells, to let go into doing nothing. 

IMG_1425Photo by Aureal Williams

Saturday morning, still in the Dark Moon phase, I ran an errand and had the energy to do it.  Saturday afternoon and evening I participated in an online/phone workshop and took to the bed for that participation.  I fell asleep during some of the processes, which I often do regardless of Moon timing.  In combination of my receptivity to slow stillness in my Personal Dark Moon phase and the information coming to me through the wisdom of the workshop, I was aware of a profound opening in my second chakra.  This sensation was visceral, like this portal of energy opening access for me. There was a magnetic pull of my second chakra opening a viable link to Earth Mother. It was a profound experience of nourishment, recognition and enrichment. The energy of the second chakra that opened for me relates to the second chakra’s function of individual choice, what is it that I want.  This whole area of my body/consciousness was being fed with animate life.  My second chakra was alive, integrated and functioning. Along with this opening came a deeper relaxation into life.

Sunday, was a divinely rainy day here and as the morning flowed, I continued with slow rhythming and did things I was moved to do, like reading for pleasure, watching some TV. The New Moon for me in the Personal Cycle occurred around 12:40 PM. A New Moon has to find its legs, so around 5:30 PM I was activated, cleaning, doing laundry, making dinner with a tender aliveness. Deeper breathing, fuller consciousness, greater gratitude  and conscious awareness of a second chakra that had the experience of belonging.  

And today, Monday, I write to share about this recent experience of of descent and renewal with the Moon. I am off into my new lunar cycle, a new beginning, restored refreshed and ready.

If you sense a repeating pattern of needing to stop within your months, you might be tuning into your own personal lunar cycle rhythm. It is an exquisite patterning, one full of creative potential for fulfillment and well-being and wholeness. If you would like a companion guide to help you maximize this cycle, let me know!


Living the Intuitive Life



What I reach for most  is to live intuitively — to make decisions from the  feeling inside that knows instantly the best choice for me, in contrast to the heavy mental shifting through of choices. The mental decision loop seems endless, where the intuitive knowing is immediate. Of course, one needs to build skill in order to identify, and then trust, intuition.


I have experience in this.  Close friends describe me as highly intuitive — and this blog, perhaps, is a means where I share how intuition is my modus operandi.


To live intuitively implies freedom to know and choose, with confidence.  Intuition is the on button of self in alignment with Universe.  To feel truth within, in small choices as well as big ones, and keep moving, not stuck in past review or fretting future.


The expressed intention of this blog is to share my process of living the intuitive life.  The main tool that I have for this is alignment with natural cycles.  My most practiced affinity is with the lunar cycles, both the collective, from New to Full Moon and the end of the lunar cycle and the Personal Lunar Cycle, which is a pattern of energy based on the phase of the Moon in which you are born.


In both of these cycles there is a dark of the moon phase that occurs three days before the New Moon.  Energy is naturally low during dark moon times and the work is on the inside.  These highly receptive times are perfect for rest and reflection. For forty years,  I have tracked my alignment with the lunar cycle.  Indigenous peoples and some religions have tracked the energetic patterning of the lunar cycle for a lot longer.  In my tracking, I find that alignment with the lunar cycle, resting when its time to be still  and moving when it is time to move, lessens frustration, irritability and maybe even depression.  There is a price to pay for pushing upstream in a downstream time. Every cell in our being goes through a rest phase and so do the cosmic cycles.  Why not our full consciousness, the whole of our being? Maybe that is what intuition is, full(er) consciousness of the moment?


More to come in the posts ahead.