The Spaciousness of No Judgement

Pattern recognition comes in little slips of awareness when light shines upon shadow, revealing habituated responses that no longer serve us. With so much Light filtering into Life now, pattern recognition presents as an ongoing opportunity.

For me, pattern recognition awareness has been about judgement. In the Western world, we are indoctrinated, through commercials and advertising, especially, to look for and choose perfection.  Life is not like that; we are unique, beautiful individuals in our own right, however, often far from the ideal of beauty and perfection.

I have been aware of how opinions pop into my consciousness as I encounter other people, strangers, especially. This is not my, or anyone else’s, True Nature. We have been conditioned and programmed to be competitive and comparing, judging others over things that are none of our business and do not matter. For me, and maybe for you, this habituated response of judgment no longer works.


What is it like to encounter strangers without having an opinion or a judgement pop into consciousness?  What is it like to simply encounter others and have a wide open, not preconceived, not conditioned response? This is the current, life- changing assignment that I have chosen to accept.

In the few times I have been free from conditioned response, the experience is spacious and liberating.  My direct experience is not blocked by a limiting opinion; the unconditioned response does not take precious seconds from my life by having a judgement about what someone is wearing or how their hips look. Instead, my consciousness is free of distraction and clutter, open to downloading my own possibilities.

From focused work on accessing this shift to 5D, it is clear to me that living in the present moment is key. When my automatic response to seeing another human being is an opinion or judgement, I am not in the moment. I am bringing baggage from some programmed pre-conditioning that is neither true to me nor to Life.

Having such conditioned responses is a monumental waste of time and resources. I want the freedom that is reflected in a Montana sky or the view of a Wyoming ranch or a gaze across the Great Lake Superior.  I want open, unrestricted, unfettered, unbounded consciousness.

To have this unconditioned consciousness when encountering others means that I keep my mind free, open and clear.  It means when an opinion pops into consciousness, I give it no air time. I breathe and bring my consciousness back to empty where I can catch messages of inspiration, information and guidance for my own life.

Changing this conditioned patterning is going to take deep and consistent practice. It is going to take constant reminders; it is going to take wiping the slate clean of gossip, of magazine and online ads that suggest perfection, of commercials that lie.

I say yes to this change because having opinions and conditioned responses strangle me and I cannot take it anymore.  There is another way. The 5th, and higher, Dimensions invite this kind of freedom shift. This Now provides the Light to see outdated patterns and our Souls reach for the Light. We always have free will regarding personal choices. Once we hear the clarion bell, “Look at this!” how do we choose, yes, or no?

My choice is yes.  With gratitude for seeing the pervasive pattern of judging, I say yes to a free, truer way to live. How about you? What pattern recognition comes to light for you now, to re-pattern for a happier, healthier, freer you? If a pattern does not automatically come to mind, keep asking! Now is prime time for shifting outdated patterns.

Please share in the comments section!


img_0409                                                       Photo by Aureal Williams

The Nature of Multidimensional Living

Multidimensional living calls for supreme self-care. We have to adjust to this new way of being because the tools and techniques we used no longer work. We are in the land of not knowing and we get by through paying attention to sensate experiences within the present moment – what are we feeling, what is our body telling us, what do our senses perceive?

For many, this new way of sensate living means that drive and ambition no longer rule the day. Things that mattered do not seem to matter now. Pushing ourselves seems to hurt more than ever before. What does seem to matter is if what we are choosing has core meaning for us and if we are getting pleasure and fulfillment from our choices.


Photo by Aureal Williams

Through conversations and reading about this shift, many people report extended times of doing nothing; of just needing to rest. One reason for the increasing need for rest is that our bodies are adjusting, too, to this new way of being. Our physicality needs to accommodate to the new capacities inherent in multidimensional living. Specifically, Light is filling our bodies, saturating the places of density that are dissolving in this fluid, new light. These densities include responses like stubbornness or needing to be right or obstinacy or fear or so many other habituated patterns that have clogged our systems.

We also need rest in order to release adaptive beliefs and conditioning that no longer function in this new time. Some of these old ways include being reactionary or defensive. Those approaches no longer work; when they pop up, we can see that they cost false effort and get in the way of being present to current potential.

The Eastern martial arts of moving aside, deflecting, even retreating, come to mind. It is no longer worth the fight. A motivator now is to stay present with the moment. Everything is fleeting, as each new moment comes in with new information, new potential and new opportunities.  Keeping up with this constant new flow while letting go of outdated responses, seems to matter now. We make choice, let go of forcing outcome and notice what takes form in this new life. We notice what has energy for us and what does not.

To choose living this new way takes courage and stamina, and this is the value of supreme self-care. Each individual gets to choose what self-care looks like. There is no one size fits all. There are some guidelines, though. Paying attention to what the body wants, what the emotions are broadcasting, what the Soul wants.  And that all takes listening. The kind of listening that has open space for hearing.

To say that these are challenging times is an understatement of an exponential degree. We have not been here before, there is no guidebook, other than the one we carry within our body and Soul. Multidimensional living means that we now have access to knowing beyond our three dimensional world. We are being informed through invisible channels of communication that involve synchronicity with our natural world and the existing, living energies beyond anything our consciousness has known. It is a big world and we are receptors and co-creators.  If our response is to shut down and block reception, and that is a choice, we are saying no to this new, multidimensional life. On the other hand, when we look around and see that most people are in this land of not knowing with us, we can choose to share our experiences and learn with one another how to navigate this new, multidimensional life.

What is your new story? How are you flowing with multidimensional life now? How are you practicing supreme self-care? Please share in the comments section below!

3 Suggestions for Slowing Down


Feeling lost and confused lately? In our current, life-changing dimensional shift, everyone is challenged. Slowing down so that we can hear our own inner guidance is crucial. Self-care is key to slowing down. In slowing down, we change the conditioned, habitual patterning that causes us to stay busy, to force forward, to suppress the wisdom of our inner experience.

The 3rd Dimension was about drive and ambition. The 5th Dimension is mellower than that.  It no longer works to go outside of the present moment or to push for outcomes. In this new, multidimensional experience, the practices of overworking, overdoing, overthinking and staying busy agitate our functioning and get in the way of knowing what to do, when.


Photo by Aureal Williams

Why Slow Down?

Before we get to the 3 Suggestions for Slowing Down, let’s look at the value of slowing down.

We are no longer operating solely on the mental plane. We are being informed through our entire sensate experience; the channels of this receptivity are unique to each of us; some feel things, others see things, and others hear things, some can know by touch.  Some people are open to the signs that come their way as they travel through their day. The change, now, is that we can no longer think our way through something. Our minds do not have all of the information. If we open to the knowing that comes through our sensate experiences, we get a bigger, clearer picture, as well as a sense of timing. For instance, we might know that we do not yet have all the information that is needed to discern an optimal choice; we might be getting the information to wait.

The 5th Dimension is a multidimensional experience, opening us to a greater reality than is possible within the confines of the 3rd and 4th Dimensions. The 5th Dimension is also a portal to even higher dimensional frequencies. In order to access information that comes to us through our body’s connection with this Living Field of Love and Energy (Possibility) and Knowing, we have to be still.  We have to allow for space in the gaps of our doing.

There are rhythms in nature and there are rhythms within our bodies; we are not 24/7 machines like the ATM at the end of your street. We cycle and ebb and flow and we need good, quality sleep, rest and play and relaxation for optimal functioning. These are some of the reasons why it is helpful to slow down.

Another reason to slow down is that in the 5th Dimension, fear is released. Much of our constant activity is based on fear – deadlines, enough money in the bank, external approval from a boss or a team. You have probably heard this many times, fear has no essence. One of our earlier US Presidents even said this, “Nothing to fear but fear itself.” Our 3rd Dimension experiences were so fear- based that it takes a long, long time, to get this as a truth: fear is a control mechanism and can be released.  One way we release fear is by staying in the present moment.  This is a whole other blog topic, maybe for another time.

For now, the focus is on slowing down. If you have a wiry type body, what is known in the Ayurvedic tradition as a Vata body, or if you were born in the first half of the Lunar Cycle, the waxing Moon from New Moon to Full Moon, then you probably do have an innate orientation to high energy levels.  Your natural state might be motion, however, every living organism has ebb and flow rhythms. For those with heavier body types and those born in the waning Moon, from Full to the end of the Lunar Cycle, slowing down for you might mean taking to the bed occasionally.

Slowing down is a vital skill set for everyone in this shift from 3D to 5D.  The slowing down might look different for you than it does for a loved one or a friend, so please allow comparisons and judgement to fly out the window as you explore your own experiences of slowing down.

The 3 Suggestions for Slowing Down

We change through learning and we learn by doing. To rewire prior conditioning of habitual busyness, accept that learning to slow down takes practice, every day and through multiple, experiential ways.


  1. For part of your daily routine, whether it is in the morning as you wake up or before you go to bed, or during your commute to or from work, be silent, free of radio, tunes, TV. Try this for 5 to 10 minutes and just be still and contemplative as you go about your activity. Notice your breathing, notice your emotion. If fear or anxiety come up, by all means turn on the sounds, however, also try to slow breath through any surfacing anxiety.  If you do experience peace through this practice of a sound stimulation-free time, gradually add minutes, maybe upping your “in silence” time to 30 minutes or longer.


The point of this practice is to increase the comfort level with silence so that, over time, there is more familiarity with listening to intuition and the sensate informing that comes through the living energy field around us.


  1. Consider exploring adding an herbal tea to your daily intake. Or, consider the use of aromatherapy to help still your active mind and body. Some common herbs have a soothing effect and support the body in calming down.  You can research these through many sources. If you go to a health food store, you might be able to buy a small amount of an herb you would like to try from their bulk herb section.

Aromatherapy works on the primitive brain and its use can have an immediate calming effect. Explore aromatherapy options, they come in roll on applicators, creams that you can rub into your wrist, or in essential oils. Sniffing something like a rose oil can have an immediate calming effect to a stressed body. Research aromas that call to you.  Please note that many products used in aromatherapy might not be safe for use with children.  Consult references or professionals to learn more.

Allowing the body to calm, through use of an herbal tea or through the sense of smell, can have a direct effect on slowing down the mind. If it calls to you to use herbs or aromatherapy, practice using them regularly, maybe a couple of times each week over a period of some months. Consistent experiential learning can groove a new imprint.

  1. The last suggestion is to snatch moments through the day and practice slowing down.  For instance, between tasks that you do, stop for 3 to 5 minutes, stretch if you can, close your eyes, breath deep, simply stop.  Taking mini breaks like this throughout the day will recalibrate the mindset of keeping going.  A few ideas for integrating a habit of stopping include: after a meeting, go into the bathroom if you have no other place of privacy and take a few minutes to relax the muscles in your body, relax your face by smiling, even though you might not feel like it, close your eyes, massage your hands, rotate your shoulders, your wrists and your ankles. Look out the window for a few uninterrupted minutes and allow your thoughts to float like the clouds.  Acknowledge when your mind and body need a short break and give them what they want. Consciously assist in the recalibration from overdoing into conscious listening to your own inner experience.

Slowing down is a learned experience, built through trial and error, consistent practice and the cumulative joy that living a slowed down life brings. Please let me know, through the comments section below, how you are slowing down now and how that feels to you.


Flickers of Intuitive Knowing

There is an entrance and an exit door in the heated garage I use here in the North Country. As I was leaving the other day, a thought traipsed through my consciousness, suggesting that I go out the entrance way. I was fully conscious of this thought, yet I ignored it. I pulled out of the parking space and headed toward the exit door, only to find my way blocked by an orange cone. I had to back up, turn around and go out the in door.

I HATE when I ignore my intuition. My heart sinks that I didn’t listen, my body slumps and my awareness is in awe of the efficiency, power and love of intuition.

I have aligned my life and work with intuition because I do not like to waste time, energy or resources. Efficiency is prime life experience for me; I like to keep going forward and not have to retrace steps or redo things that I have already done. When I don’t listen, I am always taken aback, humbled. Humbled by arrogance, letting the conscious mind rule, when the super conscious mind is trying to make my life easier. I am humbled by the experience of intuitive knowing. How does it happen? How does the field around me sift information to me? How does the field around me inform me of choices that are more efficient and could make my life easier? How does walking out to my car and having the thought, go the other way, work? I have no answers for those questions. Maybe, sometime my intuition, or hard science, will tell me.


photo by Aureal Williams

Intuition, in my experience, is living awareness that consistently tries to connect with me. Without knowing the mechanics of how intuition works, the question I am left with this, is How to listen?

The example I share here was a flicker of knowing. All that I had to do was receive as credible that flicker of knowing that went against the grain of normal. All I had to do was say maybe, and turn my head in the direction of the out door and see that orange cone. I would have had a whole different visceral experience if I had done that; I would be rejoicing that I heard and heeded invisible energy that tries to support me. Instead, everything inside me sank, my heart, my physicality, my sense of attunement with the world around me.

I was already going to arrive at my destination past the start time, and this experience took another five minutes or so. It is a small matter, however, it felt devastating to me for the lost opportunity of receiving the gift of this flicking knowing. Whatever is responsible for the mechanics of intuition, the energy field around me was trying to help. In stubbornness, and with a closed mind, I resisted. My whole being felt the loss of connection to help as a result of this resistance.

We all want to be intuitively aware in times of danger; we all want to follow the nudge that says go left instead of right and we avoid physical danger by doing so. We all want to heed the intuitive nudge that prompts us to take this exit instead of that one and we later learn of a vehicular accident at the exit we avoided. We all want to heed the intuitive pull that says stop in here for a coffee and we meet the love of our life. We all want that, yes? It is the little urgings, the small flickers, the minute nudges that lead up to those bigger intuitive payoffs.

This is not the first time that I have missed a small flicker of intuitive knowing. The whole of me plunges every time that it happens. I long for the rectification of this resistance. I want to know every time that I am listening, hearing, accepting the help, the ease that is offered.

It is my experience that aligning with the cycles of nature deepen the experience of intuitive knowing. Aligning with natural cycles is not all that is involved, though, for living an intuitive life. Despite decades of aligning with natural cycles, my mind still resists; ignores, declines an intuitive flicker of knowing.

Every time one of these resistances happen, I am renewed again in my passion to listen, to not lead with mind; to be open to the sensate help that comes through the informing field around me. Listening at this level involves dissolving hubris that my mind knows. It involves opening to possibility, to maybe instead of no. It involves daily practice. It involves going past mind and opening to the entire sensate experience as receiver of information of value.

If this is a journey that you are on, too, living an intuitive life, do join in the comments section regarding your intuitive listening experiences.

List free me

2015 closes and 2016 beckons. Traditionally, people take a year-end review and plot out their plans for the months ahead. Life in the 5th Dimension, this new realm that we are in, invites another way. With 5D living, we are informed in present time; past and future thinking locks us out of Now, with all of its informing possibilities.

Yes, of course, we have to be accountable for our actions and if there is something that brings distress, it is helpful to review and reconsider. Heavy pondering, though, can weigh down being in the present, and we can miss the liveliness of Now. As I wrote in last week’s blog post, a simple stating to Self and Universe, or Spirit, or Field, of what we want and then allowing to receive takes efforting out of the equation. Present moment living can open us to self-worth and cosmic partnership. What we want is valid and we are in a co-creative collaboration with Light, Life and Love.


For a clearer picture of this process, I share a personal story about giving up making lists.

For years, a spiritual teacher of mine suggested letting go of making lists. Two years after hearing this, a moment opened and I said yes, let me try it. This was about three years ago now, and I remember the flow: it was a play day for me and I decided to let go of plotting and planning, the list making of what I hoped to accomplish that day. I knew on the feeling level that I wanted to go to the movies. Without access to even the list of movies or start times, I drove to the cinema. I parked the car and walked up to the front of the cinema with the list of movies showing and their start times. Standing there, I encountered a woman who said that she had a coupon for 2 for one movie price and she asked me if I was interested in seeing one of the movies that started soon. I do not remember the name of the movie that we saw, and I have not ever seen that woman again, however, it was a pleasant, kind experience and we both enjoyed the show and chatted about it for a few minutes after the movie.

Then, I felt the draw to go shopping. A shirt that I had been wanting was on the sale rack for $10 and a small salmon coloured suitcase with lots of zippered pockets, an item that I had been watching for months, was on sale for 1/3 of it’s original price. I still wear that shirt and the luggage is my favorite travel piece. I stayed in the flow of that day and was open to all of these experiences that supported my heart’s desire.

Since that majical day, I have given up making lists, even for the grocery store. I consider making lists a detriment because it takes me out of the present moment. There is nothing more precious nor more potent than the present moment. I do not consider myself expert in present moment living. I have a personal aversion to waste and I know that not living in the present moment is wasteful: of time, energy and resources, so I aspire to live in present moment and being list-free helps me.

Majic happens in this process. If I forget something from the store because I have no list, there is a new journey, a new experience, a new opening in that process; either I make do or when I do go back to get the missed item, some other experience or contact pops up.

There is a deepened experience of trust with this process, trust in myself and trust in the Universal Energies with whom I coexist, co-create and collaborate.

For anyone with a significant numbers of years lived, it is apparent that the years fly by. We start out in January and before we know it, the year has gone by. Present moment is all we have. Bringing attention to it enriches our lives.

A Natural Experience of Time in relation to asking for help these days


Will power was a useful tool of the old 3D paradigm. We willed things to happen and held on tight with all of our might until they did. The energy structure seems softer now and that level of forceful intensity does not seem to help much in 5D. What does seem supported now, is the experience of partnering.

We are co-creators, in partnership with The Living Field, or 5th Dimension Living, however one calls it.The way help seems to arrive now is with a softer curvature, rather than with a forceful direct line. We state what we want and need, keep fluid with the nows, remain open in Presence and accept when the response to our ask shows up.

Here is a personal example: Throughout my life, I have been challenged with digestive issues. There is a family trait, my father and my paternal aunt also had digestive challenges. In my own life, the symptoms would come and go, however, indigestion and its consequences were always in the background. Recently, the symptoms were intense and uncomfortable; I knew change had to come and I prayed and asked for help. The help showed up in a surprising way.

I was making an online purchase for make-up that was on sale. In order to get free shipping, I had to have a $35 order and the make-up cost $28. I was not inclined to get a good price on the product that I wanted, and then lose that good price in an $8 shipping fee. I looked through the other cosmetics offered and there was not anything else that I needed or wanted to buy. Then, I saw that this site sold vitamins, so I went to the list of brands and saw, right away, a brand of digestive herbs that I used to take years ago. I was excited to see this product, the cost covered the amount I needed to obtain free shipping, I stopped looking and placed my order.

Once the order arrived I started taking the herbs and relief was immediate. I am on my third bottle of herbs now and the relief continues. In partnering, I asked my own Soul, the Universe, Spirit, All That Is, for help, I stayed open to my own rolling needs, in this instance, a search for make-up, and I leapt onto the offer of help when it showed up in a most unsuspecting way, herbs I was familiar with and trusted that were offered for sale on a beauty store’s website.

We ask, we stay open to the experience of each changing moment and we accept when what we have requested shows up. How this is different from the past, in my experience, is that persistent obsessing does not help. Staying present in the flow of moments does seem to help. I asked for help, I trusted that a solution would come, I stayed open to the flow of Life and I was ready to receive when the help showed up.

Will power was a helpful in the past; it does not seem helpful now, as it takes us away from present moment awareness, where solutions, resolutions and helpful assists show themselves in surprising ways. We might miss the answer if we are insistently holding the question.

What does it mean to stay present with each moment and be open to receive? In my work with A Natural Experience of Time, I often look at the larger cycles, like those of the Sun and the Moon. The core cycle though, is each changing moment. To live a natural experience of time is to bring consciousness to the flow of each changing moment: what do we feel, what do we want, what do we need, what is ours to do in this very precious now?

An underlying component of present moment living is to trust ourselves in connection with the Living Field, Earth, Nature, however you wish to name it. Practicing presence in each moment builds the trust and, in my experience, fills Life with wonder and surprise and significantly, support.

Life, Relaxed

Hypnotic Waves

Valentina_A via Compfight

The other day I saw an interesting article on time/space photography.  The image of  compressed time waves especially speaks to me as this is what life has been feeling like since I last wrote in this blog. There is movement, however, the dimensional aspect of movement has shifted. This shift changes everything: my priorities,  focus and choices. What matters now is how to stretch into expanded dimensional living.  The “how to” that I have found is to relax.

Seventeen years ago, I was teaching classes on Deep Relaxation.  In this current experience, though, relaxation is of a whole other  quality and has a different vibrational frequency.  The relaxation now is of a more complete experience as it reverberates through me on so many levels, including past, present and future. What used to be experienced as jarring events of life are now met with a calm spaciousness that is feed by Earth up through my feet, legs, root and belly, and a surrounding by an almost perceptible Field of Love and Spaciousness and guided inspirations and support of permeating Light frequencies. Please know that I have been working on this development through many past lives and certainly since I was 18 years old in this lifetime and started my being fulfillment quest.  I have been working more consciously on integrating this shift since the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987.  We are now at the culmination of that great cycle of shift and the payoffs are here.

I have accepted the challenge, invitation, and the opportunity, to live life relaxed.  Events don’t change, it is my response to them.  I am digging in deeper into the well and resources of  Animate Life rather than digging in with a willful response to life. When I say events of life, I am talking about having been robbed, doing without things that were important to me and were stolen in that robbery. I am talking about the abrupt and unforeseen ending to a beloved 12 year friendship. I am talking about penny pinching challenges in relation to the financial side of life.

Over the past months, the shift has been subtle, yet quantum.  I started out aware that I wanted to move from a negative view of life into a positive view of life.  My intimates were surprised by this shift in focus, because I had been relatively positive in my life.  There is a pattern of blaming that I admit to and there was a prevailing sense of not belonging.  In this new field, new time, the sense of belonging has been met and with it a sense of abundance and joy or positivity. I saw a home decoration piece at a local store recently and one of the slogans on the sign said “Enjoy without Complaint.”  What a concept! Resonance with that phrase freed me of a negativity that no longer fit who I am.

There are  components to this higher capacity relaxation that I currently embrace:

  • Trust in Self
  • Trust in Universe
  • Stay Present
  • Breathe
  • Smile
  • Accept
  • Listen to your body and with it needs
  • Listen to your emotions and what they need
Each moment reveals how Life invites you to relax. If you would like intuitive support for living your life relaxed, contact me. I am experienced in this relaxation response to life and may be able to help you relax.





Since I last posted on the Mayan Calendar shift, I have been in the midst of a major personal shift in this historic transition time.  Because of this monumental shift that we are in I thought, erronously, that for those of us who have been working  eons on our conscious evolution, the really hard times were over. These past few weeks, however, have been one of the hardest times of my life, challening and changing me to the core. One challenge after another, some within 24 hours of the last challenge, finally got me to find humour and now I am at a point where I can write about this trying time.

BabyCreative Commons License gabi menashe via Compfight

For those who like details here is a list:

Stifling heat for days on end without benefit of home air conditioner and with effect of standstill in life/work

Money blues in the deep blue shade

Mercury retrograde shadow activity that took one full day, over eight hours, troubleshooting out-of-blue tech problem, resolved effectively

Spending two hours on a post for this blog, deleting picture that I chose for it and in that process deleting entire post, despite having saved the text. Unable to retrieve post.

Interpersonal dynamic of subtle hostility that I tolerated for a long time and then could no longer tolerate and had to stand up for myself and say No, you cannot do this to me

More debilitating, immobilizing heat

House robbery with loss of television and IPad, which I was using as main tech device

Impulse to move, housing search, not fruitful

Magnificent, crackling thunderstorm, loss of electricity for one long evening

Loss of phone service for 24 hours due to storm

Mouse stopped working, no computer access because of it

Another loss of blog post, this one, which my great tech wizard, Eugen Oprea, helped recover

Listing the facts does not quite convey the stopped and shaken to the core experience that has been my life for the past couple of weeks.  I have been through tough times before, many, and was able to rebound with gratitude for the challenges, new levels of awareness and strengthened connection with Life that comes from navigating challening times. I did my best to remember this patterning, that out of difficulty and confusion and chaos comes a higher order of functioning.  This time, though, the challenges were really hard and I often found myself in a state of contraction and fear. Not good.

In describing my situation to a dear friend, I shared that it felt like I was in the second phase of the birthing process, a place I have been stuck before, in my own birth, in fact.  I am the first of four children and my mother’s labor with me took over 24 hours, something she reminded me of often.  After my birth, my mother delivered my three siblings by cesarean section.

My friend stated that she had just been reading something about the birth matrices.  Her mention of this reminded me of my training as a craniosacral therapist in the Milne tradition. Our course trainings involved study of Stanislav Grof’s great and pioneering work with the four birth matrices. I recognized that the place I was stuck is the second phase, when uterine contractions are strong and the cervix is closed, there is no way out. It feels like being trapped with a threat of annihilation.

As I look back on my life I sense that I have been at this place of constriction and stuckness, the dynamic of Birth Matrice II, many times. In this recent time, there is fuller light on the dynamic and I recognize it and claim it for what it is. In the uterine environment we are still being breathed through the umbilical cord.  In life out of the womb, at times like this, we often forget to breath. What I see as the medicine for the Birth Matrice II is to relax and wait.  That is all I could effectively do in this recent time, anyway. Relaxing accepts that there is nothing one can do except wait. The wait is for the Mother’s rhythm and fetal rhythm to synchronize and build sufficient momentum  for the fetus to spiral down the passageway and out through an open cervix.

In life outside of the womb, the medicine for being stuck in the second Birth Matrice is also to relax and wait for synchronization with Earth/Cosmos/Physicality to propel forward. It is hard to wait in the dark; I have been doing that a lot lately and not appreciating the gift of it. Such waiting with awareness requires access to a different umbilical cord, the umblical cord that comes up from our place on Earth, up through our feet and legs and root and second chakra, up through our bodies.  Waiting in the dark has to have an activated component of Trust. A trust that it is okay not to know, that it is okay to wait. This kind of challenge requires sensate synchronicity with Cosmos to feel, and feel is the operative energy here, when and where it is time to move forward.  Ah, can you feel the relief in that kind of living?  Often, we live from our mind with hyper alertness or over-vigilance and major contraction when we don’t know what’s next or what to do. That doesn’t work for me anymore.

I want life the new way, trusting in Life, in Source, in my connection with Great Mother, Great Cosmos to keep life alive and full of mystery and adventure and learning and arcing the curve of evolutionary awakening.  Are you with me?

These imprints of the birth experience repeat through our life times, perhaps until we fully and completely move through the phase. You can look online to learn more about which birth phase might resonate with you. Contact me  if you would like my assist with your mysterious path of unfolding, either as an intuitive mentoring guide over the phone or with hands-on craniosacral work in the Greater Cincinnati area.


On a recent 80% humidity afternoon, after a long day’s work, I set out in search of organic bing cherries, a produce that is in short supply this season because of the heavy spring rains. I was in a daze from the heat and humidity and under the best of circumstances, my directional abilities are challenged. On this particular day, I drove past an exit and didn’t realize it. I kept going and missed another exit. I eventually ended up on a stretch of highway that led me home, however, miles away from my intended destination, the part of town that was likely to have organic cherries. It was around 7 PM on a Saturday evening and the sweltering heat deterred me from driving further in search of the cherries.


As I looped on to the exit and headed home, I saw a store that I shop at infrequently. I decided to stop there and see what kind of organic produce they might have. As I entered the produce section, I saw overflowing bags of deep ruby red organic cherries. With gratitude and delight, I hooped and hollered a victory dance! I bought three bags and one week later, I am still enjoying these cherries.


Has this happened to you, where you set out for something, encounter a detour, get frustrated and then realize what is playing out is actually for the better? Despite “getting lost,” I did meet up with what I was after. I have no idea if the stores I originally planned to shop that day would have yielded organic cherries. I did go to those stores the next day and they had none.


As someone who works with energy frequencies and the vibrational wisdom of the body, this is an example of how the sensate body, and not the mind, is pilot these days. I accomplished my mission because I surrendered to a part of me that was in sync with the larger field. Despite “getting lost,” that larger field directed me to where the organic cherries were, even though my conscious mind thought I had to look for them elsewhere.


It felt to me like majic at play. In reality, an interplay of seen and unseen, known and unknown, fulfills authentic needs and wants.  I had an authentic want for organic, hard-to-find produce. Somehow, my body and soul, in connection with the larger energy field, knew what my mind didn’t – where the organic cherries were for me that day. I just had to let go of what I thought I knew and open to receive what I had wanted.


As I embrace living an intutive life, I am better served when I let go of self-recrimination, negative self-talk such as blame for missing an exit, and open to the mystery, majic and abundance of what is actually unfolding.



Suddenly, without any warning, at any time or place, with no apparent cause, it can happen. Ken Wilber, No Boundary


Am I ready?  Like everyone else, longings I hold in my heart are with me always.

I want to live in Duluth, near Lake Superior, in another state from mine.  I want a life fulfilled, time for walks on the shore of the Lake, time to work art, time to write and do intuitive work with clients. As Ken Wilber says, I know that these fulfillments can happen in any moment and without warning. Am I ready to receive them?  Or am I stuck in past adaptations that keep me from receiving them?


Right now, we are in an age-turning time.  We not only had the new century, we also had a new age, the turning of a Great Year of 26,000 years.  Everything is changing.  There is less hierarchy and more equality.  You might argue this point, however, consider how grassroots movements have changed everything from healthcare to politics to technology to relationships over the past 40 years or so.


We live in new ways now and one of the most significant changes is that we use our body, our senses, our intuition for knowing.  We feel things through rather than think things through.  In the former paradigm, mind was paramount, and with that, duality and hierarchy.


In this new time, there are no rules and the guidebook is our internal connection with nature. Blockage comes when we continue to respond to life’s choices from conditioned adaptations of closed thinking,  blocked feeling,  false knowing — ignoring.  The kind of  “willful blindness” that is in the media news now.


Being present means leaving these adaptations behind. Its hard work because over  two thousand years, restrictive adaptations have become ingrained. It takes courage to be present, free of former conditioning.  It takes courage to own what we feel, want, desire. It takes courage to be okay with that and know that we would not want it if it didn’t belong to us — magnetism attracts  so what magnetizes us, what interests us, does have an organic, connecting source within us.


Everyone has his or her own starting point for being present, for leaving the past behind.  I want to be ready for that Suddenly fulfillment.  I want to grasp it, grab it, say Yes to it. Use it and go on to the next desiring, wanting, needing.


What do you long for, and how are you open to suddenly receiving what you want?