A Natural Experience of Time in relation to asking for help these days


Will power was a useful tool of the old 3D paradigm. We willed things to happen and held on tight with all of our might until they did. The energy structure seems softer now and that level of forceful intensity does not seem to help much in 5D. What does seem supported now, is the experience of partnering.

We are co-creators, in partnership with The Living Field, or 5th Dimension Living, however one calls it.The way help seems to arrive now is with a softer curvature, rather than with a forceful direct line. We state what we want and need, keep fluid with the nows, remain open in Presence and accept when the response to our ask shows up.

Here is a personal example: Throughout my life, I have been challenged with digestive issues. There is a family trait, my father and my paternal aunt also had digestive challenges. In my own life, the symptoms would come and go, however, indigestion and its consequences were always in the background. Recently, the symptoms were intense and uncomfortable; I knew change had to come and I prayed and asked for help. The help showed up in a surprising way.

I was making an online purchase for make-up that was on sale. In order to get free shipping, I had to have a $35 order and the make-up cost $28. I was not inclined to get a good price on the product that I wanted, and then lose that good price in an $8 shipping fee. I looked through the other cosmetics offered and there was not anything else that I needed or wanted to buy. Then, I saw that this site sold vitamins, so I went to the list of brands and saw, right away, a brand of digestive herbs that I used to take years ago. I was excited to see this product, the cost covered the amount I needed to obtain free shipping, I stopped looking and placed my order.

Once the order arrived I started taking the herbs and relief was immediate. I am on my third bottle of herbs now and the relief continues. In partnering, I asked my own Soul, the Universe, Spirit, All That Is, for help, I stayed open to my own rolling needs, in this instance, a search for make-up, and I leapt onto the offer of help when it showed up in a most unsuspecting way, herbs I was familiar with and trusted that were offered for sale on a beauty store’s website.

We ask, we stay open to the experience of each changing moment and we accept when what we have requested shows up. How this is different from the past, in my experience, is that persistent obsessing does not help. Staying present in the flow of moments does seem to help. I asked for help, I trusted that a solution would come, I stayed open to the flow of Life and I was ready to receive when the help showed up.

Will power was a helpful in the past; it does not seem helpful now, as it takes us away from present moment awareness, where solutions, resolutions and helpful assists show themselves in surprising ways. We might miss the answer if we are insistently holding the question.

What does it mean to stay present with each moment and be open to receive? In my work with A Natural Experience of Time, I often look at the larger cycles, like those of the Sun and the Moon. The core cycle though, is each changing moment. To live a natural experience of time is to bring consciousness to the flow of each changing moment: what do we feel, what do we want, what do we need, what is ours to do in this very precious now?

An underlying component of present moment living is to trust ourselves in connection with the Living Field, Earth, Nature, however you wish to name it. Practicing presence in each moment builds the trust and, in my experience, fills Life with wonder and surprise and significantly, support.

Life, Relaxed

Hypnotic Waves

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The other day I saw an interesting article on time/space photography.  The image of  compressed time waves especially speaks to me as this is what life has been feeling like since I last wrote in this blog. There is movement, however, the dimensional aspect of movement has shifted. This shift changes everything: my priorities,  focus and choices. What matters now is how to stretch into expanded dimensional living.  The “how to” that I have found is to relax.

Seventeen years ago, I was teaching classes on Deep Relaxation.  In this current experience, though, relaxation is of a whole other  quality and has a different vibrational frequency.  The relaxation now is of a more complete experience as it reverberates through me on so many levels, including past, present and future. What used to be experienced as jarring events of life are now met with a calm spaciousness that is feed by Earth up through my feet, legs, root and belly, and a surrounding by an almost perceptible Field of Love and Spaciousness and guided inspirations and support of permeating Light frequencies. Please know that I have been working on this development through many past lives and certainly since I was 18 years old in this lifetime and started my being fulfillment quest.  I have been working more consciously on integrating this shift since the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987.  We are now at the culmination of that great cycle of shift and the payoffs are here.

I have accepted the challenge, invitation, and the opportunity, to live life relaxed.  Events don’t change, it is my response to them.  I am digging in deeper into the well and resources of  Animate Life rather than digging in with a willful response to life. When I say events of life, I am talking about having been robbed, doing without things that were important to me and were stolen in that robbery. I am talking about the abrupt and unforeseen ending to a beloved 12 year friendship. I am talking about penny pinching challenges in relation to the financial side of life.

Over the past months, the shift has been subtle, yet quantum.  I started out aware that I wanted to move from a negative view of life into a positive view of life.  My intimates were surprised by this shift in focus, because I had been relatively positive in my life.  There is a pattern of blaming that I admit to and there was a prevailing sense of not belonging.  In this new field, new time, the sense of belonging has been met and with it a sense of abundance and joy or positivity. I saw a home decoration piece at a local store recently and one of the slogans on the sign said “Enjoy without Complaint.”  What a concept! Resonance with that phrase freed me of a negativity that no longer fit who I am.

There are  components to this higher capacity relaxation that I currently embrace:

  • Trust in Self
  • Trust in Universe
  • Stay Present
  • Breathe
  • Smile
  • Accept
  • Listen to your body and with it needs
  • Listen to your emotions and what they need
Each moment reveals how Life invites you to relax. If you would like intuitive support for living your life relaxed, contact me. I am experienced in this relaxation response to life and may be able to help you relax.




Moving Along…..

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Moving with new Life tonight, I chose to work on clearing out the old. Paging through a notebook from long ago, I found a name, René A. Schwaller de Lubicz, looked him up and found this:

“Our science has concluded that every atom is ultimately dependent on every other, yet we persist in the intellectual fiction that we can separate one from another both in our experiments and in our daily lives. Schwaller would have us put aside our dividing mind and experience life directly, by intuition, the no-mind of countless spiritual teachers.”  

This New Dimension of Life invites us to allow intuition to inform us in ways the mind cannot access or understand.  Sensate awareness is key. What is the body feeling and knowing?  Reading the symbols as they show up, moving with synchronous opening, honoring one’s uniqueness within the oneness and allowing innate curiosity, our own inner navigator, to lead the way is, to me, living the intuitive life. René A. Schwaller de Lubicz lived from 1887 to 1961. He seemed to be a bridge between time lines and now it is our turn to move intuition along and use it for full capacity living. How would you like to use intuition more in your life?


The Pull to Rest, Continued….

Juan Tamad

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During the most recent Dark Moon (three full 24 hour periods before each New Moon) I started to write a post about resting in the Dark of the Moon and the post went missing! The post was there and then it was not there.  I accepted this happening as a cosmic intervention, a loud and clear reminder that it was time to rest, not write.

When I was living in Ashland, Oregan at the turn of the century, I heard Barry Brailsford speak to a group of people. He is an indigenous wisdom man, carrying the traditions of many ancient cultures.  That particular evening, Barry talked about not starting a writing project, or any project (Facebook take note!), near the end of the Lunar Cycle.  Barry said that it just made sense, and we only need to look at the sky, or feel within, to know this. As he said this, a friend in the audience looked at me and we both nodded, as she recognized that this was information I consistently shared in my work with Natural Time.

I know the tradition of syncing human activities with the Moon’s phases is something indigenous peoples do and have done forever and while I carry this tradition myself, deep within me, it was good to hear Barry say this in contemporary time. I have often felt like Cassandra sharing this information.

For me, the information came first through a study of astrology and then through direct experience of my body’s rhythms, the momentum to move forward, or to be still, in relation to the ebbs and flows of our Moon.

What I don’t get is how rare this seems to be to people, to coordinate how they feel and want to move or not want to move in relation to the Moon’s phase in the sky above.  To me, it is like a giant cosmic permission slip to follow one’s own rhythms in accordance with nature. It takes a lot to do that, I know, and you can read through earlier posts, and future posts, to learn about my struggles with this allowing.

In this most recent Dark Moon, I started to write about resting and the cosmos invited me to walk my talk. I accepted that invite and did rest as much as I could. For instance, not writing a voluntary blog post. There was something, though, that I had to do during this Dark Moon time and that was to show up for a part-time employment gig. Prior to the last few months, I had  the divine, supreme luxury of calling my own schedule. Now, I have a part-time gig where there is not as much leeway in my schedule as there was before. For the first time in about ten years, I had to show up for a job during the Dark Moon phase on Monday and Tuesday of this past week.

Monday went well, I didn’t have to do much, and  I rested Monday evening.  I did not sleep well during the night, as is often the circumstance right before a New Moon. Energy is stirring to begin anew.  The New Moon occurred on Tuesday morning at 11:02 AM EDT and I found it very difficult to work that day.  I was tired, out of sorts, and about 2 in the afternoon wondered to myself if I would make it through the rest of the day.

I did make it through the day and came right home, no stopping.  I crashed into rest that evening and being a self-indulgent sort, I rested the entire next day.  I knew from the feeling within my body that I had to come back to center, to reset to zero for the start of the new lunar cycle.  It was also the start of a new solar cycle, so the rest was deep and replenishing. I had the day to myself, a luxury, I know, and I read a mystery, stayed reclining most of the day, moved slowly, peacefully.

I woke this morning with a resurgence, a renewed energy field, fresh for the start of this new lunar cycle and this new season, Summer!, and with vitalized energy for my own work. New ideas, new enthusiasm, fresh perspective.

Not everyone can stop what they are doing and rest as the Moon floats from the end of one cycle to the beginning of the next. I know this and I will now, occasionally, fall into this category, too. However, if you struggle with depression, or irritability or frustration with your circumstances, I encourage you to consider realigning choices regarding energy exertion and the Moon’s movement. There are two cycles to consider, the Collective Lunar Cycle and your Personal Lunar Cycle. For simplicity’s sake, consider starting the alignment with the Collective Lunar Cycle. After you feel a resonance with that cycle, consider moving on to alignment with the Personal Lunar Cycle.

Things to consider for alignment with the Collective Cycle are to prepare for the naturally occurring low energy time during the Dark Moons, again, those are three days before each New Moon. You can find the date and time of the New Moons are on most calendars. During the Dark Moon times, consider having groceries on hand so you don’t have to stop at the supermarket on the way home from work. Pull out something from the freezer in the morning, so it is ready to go for dinner, instead of having to exert energy cooking. You might be too tired to enjoy what you cook during that Dark Moon time!  Have arrangements with family members for quiet time those evenings and limit external commitments as you can.  Most of all though, notice the longing in your body for rest, and allow time and space for it.  Planning ahead helps, whether it is with meals or housecleaning or activities for children or yourself. Queue up that book on your tablet, have something ready to go that relaxes.

Indigenous peoples have followed the lunar rhythms since the beginning of time. These cultures are not prominent any longer, however their wisdom still works. The cultures that have been prominent recently have attempted to use dominion over Nature to stay in power.  Their grip is loosening. The Shift  (paradigm/age/new dimension/new field) that we are in presents an opening to again connect live with Nature and reach for synchronicity, alignment and comfort from one ever-changing constant in life, our Moon.

Money Message



On a recent Saturday evening, after a roundtrip drive from Cincinnati to Columbus for a Sisters in Crime mystery writers event, I settled in at home to watch escapist TV and found a movie on the Hallmark Channel titled Dad’s Home. It was an enjoyable little romp in relax mode, until after the movie was over, I asked myself, “Why did I waste time on that?”


The premise, and here is a spoiler alert, is that the Mom was somehow gone from the picture and the Dad was raising two kids alone.  Dad lost his 20 some year job in advertising, with a firm he helped build.  The kids were concerned and all he said was, “We have money.” There was no further story line to explain the money.  Why was he working if they had money?


Anyway, Dad gets a job interview at a new kind of advertising place, where they have yoga balls for chairs and he realizes that it’s not a match for him.  Story movies along and then he gets an interview with an old type ad firm,  gets an offer and he says yes to the job.  Complication comes when the new boss calls and says, surprise, the job is in Cleveland. The family will have to relocate from what seems like the West Coast to snow land.


The Dad is still going along with the job offer and then he realizes his kids are happy where they are.  Why move? The implied scene is that he calls the new boss and says no to the job.  As I remember it, the movie ends with a happy scene of the kids playing in their sunny yard.  The feeling I had after watching the movie, was “What?  What about the money, how is he going to support his family?” No mention of an income stream in the movie and I felt ripped off for the time I spent watching that story,  as income streams are a concern of mine.


Walking up the stairs to bed, it hit me.  Mainstream consciousness, collective unconsciousness, whatever it’s called, is changing.  Despite the headlines of unemployment and the high price of gas and the housing ups and downs, some undercurrent within a collective us realizes that money is no longer the driving force of our reason to be. It took me a few minutes to realize that’s what Dad’s Home offered — the Dad was being driven by family considerations, the happiness of his children in their current location, rather than by the income benefit of continuing his career in a field he had chosen decades previously.  The story line that I filled in for myself is that Dad eventually got a job in another line of work.


One anchoring mantra I use these days is “Everything I need is here.” It takes all that I have sometimes to live by this experience, and it is an experience when I stay in the moment, rather than meander through worry or fret or fear.  This TV movie helped reflect for me that in our new century, new age, new time, New Field  the rules are changing and inner happiness is now currency.


May we all use it!