How to Jump the Timeline

Living 5D frequency requires a new relationship with Time. This revitalized relationship is necessary because Time attempts to control us in 3D. We move past that external control in 5D.

Ingrained conditioning about Time stems from the Industrial Revolution. That conditioning holds the concepts of Mechanical Time, with humans performing like machines, and the dangerous paradigm “Time is Money.” These mindsets reflect 3D consciousness, and they are outdated.  Time as an external control ruins the flow of authentic productivity.

Photo by Marta Wave from Pexels

Come with me to the realm of Natural Time, highlighted by our Moon and her wise and loving, organic flow.

Our Moon repeats the pattern of building and releasing, like the in and out rhythm of our breath. This predictable pattern of ebb and flow is where we can reclaim Time as an internal experience. It is simply a matter of feeling this ebb and flow within our energy field and responding to it like a reliable partner.

Week 2 of this Lunar Cycle

Friday, December 11, 2021 8:36 PM, EDT to Saturday, December 18, 2021, 11:36 PM

After the intensity of the New Moon Solar eclipse one week ago and the tremendous amount of space weather upping our frequencies this past week, the energy field of this Second Lunar Week supports idea and product development.

This lunar week, we solidify the structure of what we are creating. The cosmic invitation is to feel this building energy as a visceral experience. Feel the potential; feel the confidence; feel the pervasive, can-do energy.

Recognize that this energy aligns with the budding energy of the Moon as it leads up to the Full Moon on Saturday, December 18, 2021. Honour this bursting forth energy with wise choice, free of the fear of failing. Delight yourself and your user communities with fresh perspectives.

5D, Here, Now awaits you. Move past Time as controlling energy and into Time as an internal dynamic of Love, Direction, and Knowing.

Ask me how: Send your questions about how to experience Time internally. I will reply to the questions in this blog.  Click here for more information on the gifts of our Moon.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Saturday, December 11, 2:40 PM to 4:42 PM, EDT

Monday, December 13, 9:52 PM to  Tuesday, December 14, 3:11 AM, EDT

Thursday, December 16, 11:08 AM to 3:43 PM, EDT

Here is a time converter:

When the Moon is Void, the energy is free-floating. It is hard to focus during Void Moons, and major purchases made during Void Moon times often have to be returned. An optimal focus during a Void Moon time is internal work, like reflection and rest.

Photo by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Blessed be!

Next week…Full Moon Light!


Week 1 of a New Solar Eclipse Lunar Cycle

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Solar Eclipse Saturday, December 4, 2021, 2:44 AM EST

Lunar Week Energy Imprint

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

5D, Here, Now

Lunar Week 1 Energy Imprint, December 4, 2021, 2:44 AM to Friday, December 10, 2021, 8:36 PM

Every New Moon represents a fresh start. We are gifted with a particularly potent fresh start with the December 4, 2021, Solar Eclipse. This first Lunar week provides the chance to co-create the world we want. Daily rituals help shake off entrenched mindsets that have us forgetting our co-creative power in connection with Spirit.

Clear stuckness through deep, full-body breathing. Smile into the mirror until the smile reaches your heart. Take the time and space needed to allow your eyes to see love.

This new Lunar cycle closes out in 2021. Maybe 2021 was not as challenging as the global shutdown that began in 2020. This year, though, was challenging because of the hope of “A New Normal.” We are still not there.

As people committed to living fullest potential, we have been called on to live with more strength, presence, and focus than we knew was possible. Please consider taking the opportunity for a fresh start during this power week of the Solar Eclipse New Moon. Contemplate spending this first lunar week imagining, in microscopic detail, the life you know is yours.

Allow the alignment of the Sun eclipsing the Moon – they are so blessing one another and us – to align the courage and beauty within YOU. Align unconscious, conscious, and superconscious in seamless awareness. Consider actively working with images from the dream state, from daydreaming, from exchanges that inspire you, and write, draw, or clip images, words, feelings that make up the life you are consciously creating. Lunar Cycle Week 1 is the time to imagine, inspire, and intuit what and who you are co-creating. Dream it, see it, feel it as you bring your insights into a manifest, tangible level.

If you have questions about aligning with the flow of the lunar cycle, contact me at

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Sunday, December 5, 2021 12:09 AM to 6:32 AM, EST

Monday, December 6, 11:43 PM  to  Tuesday, December 7, 6:49 AM, EST

Thursday, December 9, 5:00 AM to 9:54 AM, EST

Again, this week, the relatively short Void Moon times optimize the building potential of this first Lunar week. Here is a time converter:

5D Here, Now

One of the pillars of access to 5D is unconditional love. Eons of cultural conditioning produced tons of muck we must wade through to find the open space of living and loving unconditionally.

This week, we have super help in clearing muck because our powerful, life-giving Sun is directly aligned with the Great Attractor, the largest cosmic gathering in our galaxy.

In Western Mind, ‘Attractor” connotes ‘gimmee, gimmee, gimmee.’ That grabbing mindset does not sync with the Great Attractor, though. The Great Attractor bends Light, and through this capacity, we see beyond the shadows, delusions, divisiveness, all of it. This Supergalactic area is where we can experience Oneness.

Option for Action:  December 6 (in the Northern Hemisphere) is when our Sun aligns with the Great Attractor. If you are willing and interested, create space the day before, the day of, and the day after for mediation, reflection, or body movement that brings stillness. Consciously connect your heart with the heart of our Earth and then with the heart of our Sun. From this alignment, beam out into deep space and the Great Attractor. Humbly ask to live the consciousness that goes beyond barriers. Affirm your co-creative presence to see through separation and into unity, using the power of your divine Sovereignty.

Please let me know how it goes in the comments if you do this.

Blessed be!  See you next week!







Fourth Week of November 2021 Lunar Cycle

Photo by Thiago Matos from Pexels

 4th Week of this Lunar Cycle November 27, 7:28 AM EST to December 4, 2021, New Moon Solar Eclipse, 2:44 AM EST

Cosmic cycles invite retreats at times, and now is one of those times. Your holy body, your Sacred Heart, and your Divine Soul have carried you through the Lunar Month and the Solar Year. I imagine you want to hear what they have to say as you wind down in both the Lunar and Solar cycles.

In this fourth Lunar week, the physical energy to do and accomplish drains us, and the focus turns inward. Not so much selfish introspection, rather galactic introspection. The soulful questions you might be fielding are: “What did I learn, and what are the next steps in the learning?”

On November 21, 2021, our Sun went into Sagittarius, the last Sun sign of the Solar year, before turning toward the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2021, at 10:59 AM EST. The Winter begins the new Solar Cycle.

This Lunar week and Solar month offer us a sacred time of quiet reflection, a search for peace, and rest that calms our longings. The Time for contentment, resolute reflection, and seeding sacred dreams is at hand.

Slowing down takes practice, and you can start small. One suggestion is to use that time between sleep and waking as a sacred border crossing. Be alert for subtle awareness of positive self-regard that floats into consciousness.  Consider leaving the music or the TV off as you get ready in the morning. Same as at night when you prepare for sleep.

Option for Action:  

 The fourth weeks of Lunar Cycles are my favorite because the Lunar Quarter Moon is my home base. This is where my Sun/Moon phase angle was at the time of my birth. I know the energy of the last quarter Moon in my blood and bones.

The Sun/Moon phase at the time of our birth imprints a pattern of energy, along with a personality characteristic, that follows us through life. If you want to know your Sun/Moon phase, check out

If you want to know the personality imprint with your Sun/Moon phase, check here.

If you would like training on aligning with the natural rhythm of your Sun/Moon phase angle, also known as the Personal Lunar Cycle, contact me.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

 Sunday, November 28, 7:02 PM to Monday, November 29, 3:55 AM

Tuesday, November 30, 11:20 PM to Wednesday, December 1, 6:56 AM

Friday, December 3, 12:23 AM to 7:14 AM

The Void Moons are mainly short periods this week!

Here is a time converter:

5D Here, Now         

The more I bring the book 5D Here, Now, Ordinary Descriptions of An Extraordinary Shift through the publication process, the more I experience multiple access points for shifting to 5D consciousness. One of these access points is Time. The 5th Dimension does not sustain being hooked on Time as something controlling and external.

Our human capacity to experience Time as a flowing, organic experience is perceptible through body intelligence. To share that direct experience is why I write these posts.

When you release and let go, as we are invited to do in this 4th week of the Lunar Cycle, more serendipity shows up in our lives. You can take that to the bank.

Publication of the book is planned for February 2022.

Blessed be!  See you next week!




Full Moon Eclipse Week of November 2021 Lunar Cycle

In contrast to the generative energy of the past two weeks, the Lunar pulse now shifts to sharing our wisdom. We turn from receiving to giving. The sensate alignment dissolves resistance to ebb and flow when we feel these cosmic shifts as visceral body experiences.

The cosmic energy of this Full Moon week is magnified a thousand-fold because of the Lunar Eclipse occurring on November 19 2021, at 3:58 AM EST. This eclipse lasts an extraordinarily long three hours, twenty eight minutes,[1] so the opportunity to receive its messages is deep and wide.

Photo by Guilherme Rossi from Pexels

Lunar Eclipses occur when the Earth is positioned between the Moon and the Sun. Our far-back ancestors saw danger with eclipses. The skylight was occluded, replaced by a mysterious unknown. Modern consciousness does not regard eclipses as universally ominous. We know, through lived experience, that eclipses bring change. This change provides a higher level of consciousness if we are willing to allow the upgrade.

Having given deep thought to eclipses over many a Moon, I understand eclipses to be a union of Sun and Moon, a fusion of Light/Dark, masculine and feminine energies. Eclipses deliver a higher level of awareness that comes from the occulting of Sun and Moon. The intensity of an eclipse in our personal life – how much change it brings — is determined by whether or not the zodiac degree and sign of the eclipse connect with significant planetary configurations in the birth chart.

Lunations and eclipses come in a series called families[1]. This eclipse family includes eclipses that occurred in 1966 and 1967, again in 1984 to 1986, and most recently In November 2002 to April 2005.[2]

Personal Reflection

This eclipse series has strong connections with my chart, and each of the previous eclipses in this family brought life-changing transformations. The deep level of transformation that I experienced during those earlier eclipses had me holding my breath as this November 19th eclipse approached. I meditated for help in releasing fear and increasing courage and understanding. The response I received from this prayer was: “That was then, and this is now.” My vibration is higher, stronger, and more consistently sustained than it was 20 years ago. I  see the pattern of growth that spiraled through the previous eclipses in this cycle. I have significant practice in accepting, evolving, and working with what happens, resulting in a reasoned response, in contrast to a condition reaction.

I share this personal reflection because Eclipses, like everything cosmic, have power. The power of an eclipse is to light our life by exposing shadows. In the shadow, we see and perceive what we did not before. Fear and trepidation are not sustainable with the 5th Dimensional consciousness. Resourcing ourselves is sustainable. We can resource ourselves with the help from inner and outer resources like families, friends, and communities that help us be the Light we are. Shine on!

If you have questions about aligning with the flow of the lunar cycle, in support of 5D consciousness, contact me at

Full Moon Week November 19th, 2021 3:58 AM to Saturday, November 27, 2021 7:28 AM

Full Moon Eclipse Friday, November 19th, 2021 3:58 AM

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Friday, November 19, 3:58 AM to 9:33 AM, EDT

Sunday, November 21, 10:52 AM  to  10:33 PM, EDT

Wednesday, November 24, 12:46 AM to 10:58 AM, EDT

Friday, November 26, 11:24 AM to 9:12 PM EDT

Note the extended Void Moon periods on Sunday, November 21, and Friday, November 26. These are prime times to nestle in with yourself for a quality quiet time like walks in nature, long baths, daydreaming, doing nothing except being with your thoughts and feelings, journaling, artwork, consciously engaging with the dream state. Resting enough to hear yourself is what is on offer during Void Moon times.  

Here is a time converter:

Blessed be!  See you next week!

[1] Pessin, Dietrech J.

[2] Gamillo, Elizabeth, November’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Is a Once-In-a-Thousand-Years Event, Smithsonian Magazine, November 18, 2021 7:30 a.m.

3] Kirkman, Sally, A New Taurus-Scorpio Eclipse Cycle posted 12 th November 2021



Week Two of Current Lunar Cycle

The moment of 7:47 AM EST, Thursday, November 11th, brings us into the second week of this lunar cycle. We are like the little engine that could, climbing the summit toward the Full Moon on November 19th, 2021.

The strong magnetic pull to accomplish during this second week may feel more potent than usual because next week’s Full Moon is an eclipse. As a portal crossing, eclipses allow for ultimate awakening. Where you put your focus and the conscious choices that you make this week are crucial to the process of opening to next week’s eclipse potential.

Remember from last week’s post, the Second Quarter, or the second week of the lunar cycle, depicts the external resistance involved in developing autonomy. This phase mirrors what happens during the terrible twos and the teen years. At this stage, we are determined to declare our sovereignty.

In this second week of the current lunar cycle, you may face external resistance as you focus on manifesting your heart’s desire. This week’s lunar energy provides a natural growth pattern where the task is to stand true to you, free of blame or shame or the feel of defeat.

This week, consider taking time to get clear on what you want and how you optimally want to get there. Remember your sovereignty within the field of loving and being loved.

Have questions about aligning with the flow of the lunar cycle? Ask me here.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Thursday, November 11th, 2:53 PM to Friday, November 12th, 2:54 AM

Sunday, November 14, 12:41 AM to 10:49 AM, EST

Tuesday, November 16th, 10:51 AM to 9:18 PM, EST

Friday, November 19, 3:58 AM to 9:33 AM, EST

As you might be sensing, the pattern with the Void Moon times is that every two- and one-half days, the Moon goes void for varying amounts of time. Energy seems free-floating during these times. It is hard to maintain focus and accomplish when the Moon is void. Note how you feel and your productivity progress when the Moon is void on Tuesday, November 16th, during the workday in US time zones. For other time zones, click here.

It takes adjusting; however, you will likely notice that it saves time, frustration, and resources when you plan your productivity according to void Moon times. As an experiment, observe how many times you must retrace steps, redo work, or revisit scheduling when you plan or execute something during a void Moon.

Blessed be! See you next week!



Why Our Moon Matters

The Moon, in ever-fluctuating light, provides an anchor that reflects the consistency of change. We can feel within or look up when we need a visual and align with the cosmic flow.

The Industrial Age, with man working as machine, and the advent of electricity with its 24/7 functionality, embedded the construct of Time as external control. This conditioning of Time as a force outside of us is deep and can be entrenched. Many workplaces have a conspicuous clock on the wall that serves as an ever-observant taskmaster. People have had their bathroom breaks timed. Individuals regard themselves as “on the clock,” particularly if they must clock in and out of work. Some people still wear a watch, feeling a need to track Time within an arm’s length away.

Reflect on what these pressures related to Time as a controlling influence exert on the human body and the spontaneous process of creativity.

Claiming Time as an internal experience of cosmic flow matters now because we are in a collective shift of consciousness, moving from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension. In 3D, Time is linear, as past, present, and future are sequential. In 5D, past, present, and future are simultaneous, and the present moment is key.

As humans, we are part of nature, and the flow of organic Time is felt within us. It is simply a matter of recognizing our body’s intelligence concerning timing. Recognizing body intelligence is kin to intuition. With intuition, we know when to move and when to stand still.

While our Sun and Earth have central roles in how Time shows up for us, the Moon pictorially describes and reminds us of the natural flow of Time as an organic experience.

We have had 180 years + of programming that conditioned humans to regard Time as a force outside us. It is a significant upgrade to consider Time as an organic, inner experience. If you want to release from the relentless pressures that mechanical Time attempts to exert on daily life, then consider aligning with the lunar cycle for planning, scheduling, and living your life.

The 5D Here Now blog and social media posts provide information on the changing weeks in the lunar cycle, often with resources to learn more. If your heart says, Yes! to this shift in relationship with Time, you can start slow. Align with the energy pattern that repeats each lunar month. Curiosity will take you to the next steps based on the direct experience of these organic shifts within your body and lived experience.

There is an ebook coming out soon, and the title is 5D Here, Now, Ordinary Descriptions for an Extraordinary Shift. This book describes what 5D is, why it is happening now, and how to make the switch consciously. Until that book is published, please know that one of the access points to 5D is Time. Many of us get this, instinctively, if not habitually.

Ask A Question about natural time alignment, and I will respond in the blog posts. Personal consultations are also possible if the need for natural time alignment feels more urgent.






New Moon Week of Current Lunar Cycle

November 4, 2021, 5:15 PM EDT to Thursday, November 11, 2021, at 7:47 AM EST

Our Moon reflects ever-changing light during the 28 days of each cycle.

At the New Moon, the Sun and Moon are in the same place. The light is bare at first and gradually increases.

In the second week of the lunar cycle, Sun and Moon are 90-degrees away from one another. This point is called the opening square, and the Moon reflects half-light.

The third week of the lunar cycle expresses the Full Moon, where the light of the whole Moon infuses us and the night sky. At this point, the Sun and Moon are180 degrees apart from each other.

The fourth week of the lunar cycle represents the Sun and Moon at a distance of 270 degrees apart. This configuration is called the closing square. The visual is the other half of the Moon in our night sky.

These four cardinal points of the relationship between our Sun and Moon during one lunar cycle reflect, exactly, the human growth and development cycle.

New Moon reflects the newborn stage of infancy. Here we have a fresh start to begin again.

Second Quarter depicts the external resistance involved in developing autonomy. This phase mirrors what happens during the terrible twos and the teen years. At this stage, we are determined to declare our sovereignty.

Full Moon reflects the maturation of adulthood expressed through the integration of self and others within life experience.

Fourth Quarter reflects the natural process of death and rebirth. Here, we experience internal resistance to release and let go. We prepare for that zero point of transition between lunar (or life) cycles.

The lunar cycle consistently reflects the flow of emptiness becoming form and form becoming emptiness. Rising and falling. This monthly reflection is practice for our ultimate life lesson, embracing the cycle of life and death.

In the first week of this brand-new cycle, may you be gentle, tender, caring, and conscious with yourself and the new steps you take, just as you would be gentle, caring, and kind with a newborn.

Of course, we do not regress in age or behavior. The cosmic imprint is there, though, and the energetic pattern of a fresh start is indelible. While this is subtle energy, it is delicate and alive and can help us become our best selves in alignment with the cosmos.

Yes, you are working on ongoing relationships and projects, implementing long-held dreams and plans. If you bring the beginner’s mind that is available to us in this New Moon week, you might experience fresh perspectives and new opportunities for fulfillment.

New Moon = Rejuvenate = Reset = Fresh Start

Have questions about aligning with the flow of the lunar cycle? Contact me here.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Friday, November 5, 12:10 PM to 8:53 PM, EDT

Sunday, November 7, 8:44 AM  to  8:04 PM, EST

Wednesday, November 9, 12:52 PM to 10:04 PM, EST

Thursday, November 11, 2:53 PM to Friday, November 12, 2:54 AM

In the United States, the time changes on Sunday, November 7, and we have an almost 12-hour void of course Moon. Wherever you live, notice your energy when the Moon is void of course. If your body intelligence suggests rest, relaxation, letting go of agenda, the Moon is telling us that, too. Void Moons are optimal for inner work like wandering, dreaming, self-connecting.

Here is a time converter:

Blessed be!  See you next week!



Allowing Our Moon’s Magnetics to Pull You toward Stillness

In the early 1980s, I remember feeling bewildered that I had energy during one-half of each month and wanted to do nothing the other half of each month. This confusion was before I had consciousness around the permeable flow of the Moon’s rhythms in nature and within me.

Now that I understand the shifting rhythms, I work with them consciously. I have just had my Personal Dark Moon with its luscious pull to be quiet and still. It is a majical time that filters, warms and nurtures. Dark Moons rest my body, Soul, and Spirit.

Everyone has his or her unique patterning between the Personal and the Collective Lunar Cycles.  My Personal New Moon occurs about one week before the Collective New Moon. With this patterning, I have three days of magnetic pull to stillness and then an energetic uplift with my Personal New Moon. A few days after this, I go down and in again with the Collective Dark Moon, and then a fuller, energetic resurgence with the Collective New Moon. During the last ten days of the Collective Lunar Cycle, for me,  the needle on the energy spectrum trends toward low.

Flowing with this pattern allows my body rest and more rest, with the reflective peace that comes with stillness. These are abundantly rich times, and I resurface in both the Personal and Collective New Moons with new insights, and fresh starts.

The reflection that broke through the surface during this recent Personal Dark Moon relates to the heavy tension that gets stored in my body when I focus on the unexplainable chaos in our world now. In the United States, we have someone in power appearing to break all rules, yet keeps going. We have police shooting people to death, without charges brought against them and we have a former, revered comedian on trial for sexual assault, with legions of women in the background echoing similar assault, and the trial results in a hung jury.  In the world, we have audacious events of mass deaths by unfathomable acts of terror. Who can explain this topsy-turvy world?

For those of us working with the collective consciousness shift to higher dimensions, we understand that these bizarre outer circumstances represent the dismantling of the old order.  We get that. Living through it is another matter, as hardly anyone anticipated the dismantling would be so disgraceful, shocking, offensive, extreme.

The impact on our collective psyche is serious. People who are not aware of the quantum dimensional shift are having a tough time. People who are aware of this quantum shift are also having a tough time. Stress levels tip the balance scales with somber effect.

I have felt this stress as it shows up in clenched muscle tension that stifles life flow. This physical contraction hurts, and as a sovereign being, I must shift this. We all have anchors that bring us to center. One of my main anchors involves synchronizing physical energy levels with Moon flow.

Because I stopped, rested, and listened during my most recent Personal Dark Moon, I heard a plan that come through my inner caretaker.  During the Collective Dark Moon this week, I am taking a news cleanse.  I am not reading news online. I already do not watch the news on TV, and this week, I am giving up the hours I spend every day reading news online.  Our New Moon occurs Friday evening, June 23, 10:32 PM, EDT.  I will discern then whether I want to return to spending precious, potentially creative, moments reading news online.

Before the November election, I stopped listening to NPR news and have not returned to that practice. My system cannot take it.  My system has been on overload with all the online news I consumed,  and in this collective Dark Moon, I release that practice, too. I will have more time for creativity, more time for connecting with others, more time for tending to my inner life, as is optimal during a dark Moon phase.

It is rough out there. We must keep to kindness and supreme self-care. Do you feel the magnetic pull to stillness when it knocks on your psyche? Are you allowing it to help you stop, rest and listen to your inner wisdom? Please share in the comments section. If you would like assistance determining the pattern between your Personal and Collective Lunar Cycles, let me know.


Having to Function During a Personal Dark Moon

Aha! moments are sacred, special and bring meaning to our lives. I recently had an Aha! awareness that time is like a second skin we can slip into. This works when it is our rhythm that is slipped into time, rather than time, as an external force, being  superimposed upon us.

Science tells us that time does not exist. Yet, we seem to have universally agreed upon something we call “time”. We show up for work on time, we meet at the movies on time, we pay our taxes on time.

My life and my work are about Natural Time, Body as Timer, living in sync with rhythms of nature as experienced viscerally. A major piece of my work is the Personal Lunar Cycle, a pattern of energy that is based on the phase of the Moon in which we are born. There is a Dark Moon to this Personal Cycle, just as there is a Dark Moon in the Collective Cycle. This Dark Moon represents a naturally occurring low energy time. It is low energy because we are ending a cycle, emptying out in order to begin again with the New Moon.

I choose to live with this cycle each lunar month, and have done so for over twenty years. As I wrote last October, the Dark Moon in both Personal or Collective cycle is a pull to stillness. It is a highly intuitive time and the benefits of stopping to listen are great.

That is not always possible, however, as I wrote in that October blog post. The need to produce happened again in my most recent Personal Dark Moon cycle. I knew to pace myself and to choose as great a version of self-care as possible. I was in bearing witness mode as I showed up, was present to responsibilities and produced.

A Dark Moon period can affect a time span of 2-4 days. I knew what was coming and limited other obligations, focusing only on what was necessary. The 24 hours before my Personal New Moon, I surprised myself with the experience of full functioning. I did not feel compromised in any way, energetically.

The day of my Personal New Moon, though, I did feel the strong pull to gravity, the strong wish to tune everything out other than quiet stillness. I did show up and function adequately that Personal New Moon Day, however, that evening, I crashed. I took to the bed as soon as I could and simply rested. The next day I did have 100% time freedom and rested fully and completely.

The Aha! waking thought that Personal New Moon day was a direct experience of my body slipping into Time and allowing internal and external rhythms to sync. Rhythm is everything in nature. Finding the vibratory rhythm between our internal experience and our external circumstance means that we take our time and sync with the moment, consciously.

My work, feeling the Body as Timer, is a lifelong journey to embody nature’s cycles within the human experience. This work comes from the direct experience that we are sovereign beings. While we might have to function in relation to an external demand, we can do it with an internal sense of personal choice and in alignment with all that is, including the pace of  our body, mind and Soul.

Slow down, you move too fast,” was a phrase from a popular song during my teens. My Mother used to remind me of that, when I was a young girl trying to find my way. My other Mother, our Moon, has always been beaming that to me, to feel Time as my own, and move accordingly.

How about you? How do you feel Time as an inner experience?  Please share in the comments section below.

The Eclipses Are Coming


For the many decades that I worked as a professional astrologer, I knew eclipses to be potent portal openings for change and fulfillment. They seem to take us higher. Lunar and Solar eclipses occur at least twice a year and their effects last six months, until the next set of eclipses occur.

In a Lunar Eclipse, Earth passes between Sun and Moon, and Earth’s shadow blocks Moon Light. In a Solar Eclipse, the Moon travels between the Earth and Sun, and the Moon’s shadow blocks the Sun’s Light.

Taking a fresh look at the meaning of eclipses, a recent meditation revealed eclipses as a fusion of Sun, Moon and Earth. In both a Solar and a Lunar eclipse, there is a trinity alignment of exquisitely timed perfection. This exquisite alignment is like an impregnation of Sun/Moon/Earth breathing together.

That this happens at least four times a year and with predictive regularity, and has been happening for thousands of years, is astounding to rational mind. This ritual patterning speaks of great portals of becoming for human beings.

I encourage you to take a  journey with your Self, your Soul, the Sun, Earth and Moon and ask in your own words, what is the meaning of eclipses, for you.  

This week’s Lunar Eclipse occurs on Friday, February 10, at 7:34 PM Eastern time on the axis of Leo Moon and Aquarius Sun. The Solar Eclipse occurs on Sunday, February 26 at 9:59 AM, with a Pisces Sun, Pisces Moon.

The celestial region where these eclipses occur speaks of the union of a stellar human taking center stage in her life, and, from there, finding expressive harmony as a humanitarian being. From this fusion of experience comes the awakening of the direct, visceral Knowing of Oneness.

Photo credit: orvalrochefort via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Something popped up in the collective experience recently and it speaks to a belly-laugh interpretation of the celestial story of the February 2017 eclipses: individuals, in this case, countries, take center stage while coming together as a cohesive, collective whole. Creatives, writers, performers, producers, of late-night talk shows of countries from around the world, have joined together in creating and sharing parodies of their respective countries’ response to the recent United States inauguration speech of “America First.” 

From a Fifth-Dimension perspective, we have long ago crossed the Field into Global Consciousness, so one country being first is of a by-gone era; this positioning is no longer sustainable. We are on this Earth, together, as One. The global late night talk show parodies can be seen on this page.  Over the next six months, as the energies of the February eclipses radiate out, and more countries of our Earth Family activate their flag and present their own parody, it will be interesting to see a world united in resistance, through the strength expression of soft humour.

Resistance united as Global People Coming Together, is one expression of the 2017 Eclipse series.  There will be other collective and personal expressions unfolding within this 2017 eclipse series, as well. Make wishes, listen closely to the Heart, ride the wave of finding your center stage and claiming it, then sharing yourself in the Collective Field. This sharing can be as big or as quiet as your Soul directs, specifically for you. It is of value though, to listen, and ask for assist of your Soul if you feel called to go outside your comfort zone. From the place of claiming your stage, then expressing yourself, comes the direct, visceral, the know it in your blood and bones experience that We are One.

This is one facet of what is on offer in the February 2017 eclipse season. Please share your experiences in the comments section, or email me in the months ahead as eclipse energies of this sacred trinity, Sun/Moon/Earth play out their dance of fusion, opening us to higher frequencies of Love and Oneness.