Intuition Takes Patience


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While doing the laundry last evening, I received an intuitive hit to not start the dryer yet.  While I was hanging up  clothes that I air dry, I found a tee shirt that I could put in the dryer.  I went back to the dryer, added that tee to the clothes already there and pressed start. I was heartened that I listened, because even after decades of working with intuition, every experience of intuitive awareness represents an awakening, a cosmic heart kiss.

This example represents a little thing, yet that is how intuition works and how, by paying attention to these little things, we begin to recognize and trust our intuition so that we can work with it effectively for bigger life choices.

What was new in this experience was the awareness that intuition takes patience. Rather than getting on with starting the dryer so that I could move to the next task, I had to wait.  In the waiting I found that I missed one shirt that could have been added to the drying load.  A little twinge inside said wait, and I listened. 

I saved time and energy by not starting and then having to stop and restart the dryer, and though it was only moments that I saved, it was a savings.  Saving resources, not wasting time, is one of the biggest advantages of living an intuitive life. Using intuition, I do not have to retrace my steps or redo things. I do have to listen, acknowledge and accept that being informed comes from body listening, not mind listening.

We are in challenging times now, with the end of the Mayan Calendar, about to begin a new mega cycle of Time. There is a great shift happening and this shift represents releasing and realigning of internal energy patterns. It is my feeling and experience that intuition leads the way as a means of navigating this great change.  We can no longer trust the mind to help us discern life’s call to make choices.  Intuition guides the way and while we all have intuitive knowing, it takes practice to identify our own intuitive language and patience to listen and develop trust in our guiding frequencies.

I encourage you to practice living your life intuitively. If you are looking at ways to help strengthen your practice and patience living life intuitively, there are a variety of choices in ways that we can work together.   Contact me to discuss the options, such as intuitive sessions,  Natural Time Alignment sessions or classes.



The Shift of 2012

Photo taken by Elizabeth Uchtman

My sister and her family vacationed near the Mayan Ruins this Summer Solstice and my niece took this photo for me.  I share it with you along with relating an experience I had around the same time, Summer Solstice, that speaks to this human evolution we in now.

The experience for me is that the veils of delusion are lifting.  As I lifted my head and sat upright after the nap, my waking thought was that I could stop blaming others, I no longer needed that mechanism as a defense. I received this healing, heartily.

Whatever work I was doing in the dream state of that nap, I woke with multidimensional awareness: I had the feeling awareness that I could release blaming others, the words came, and I saw an image like a nail being removed from my body. The imaged nail was this pattern of blame toward others. It seemed counterintuitive to me that the pattern of blame toward others was a nail being released from me.  As I relaxed into the experience, I realized that the defense of blaming others was actually a harm to to me. The visceral experience, as well as the thought consciousness, was that I no longer needed to do this. I am no longer trapped in the pattern of that conditioned response.  I have choices rather than blame others and in the days and years ahead, I look forward to optioning those other choices. The binding is released.

We all have defense mechanisms and whatever they are, in a well-lived life, they are time-limited.  Hopefully, we don’t keep them padded around us forever.  In this ripe time NOW, all of us can see through the veils of choices, traits, characteristics that keep us bound in ways we no longer need to be bound.

Whatever “reason” we are evolving a liberated way of being us, whether it is the Mayan Calendar reset button or that we are at a transition time between ages, periods of 26,000 years called the Great Year, and since the 1960’s we have been revolutionizing from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, or whether our Earth is spinning out of the section of the sky related to Kali Yuga, a period of Darkness, and into the photon belt of lightness, or a synchronized blend of all of this and more, we are in a New Dimension, living new awareness.

How is this showing up for you?  Are things ending, including relationships you did not ever think would end?  Do you have new perspectives on your life and circumstances that you had not ever imagined before? Do you long for creative expression?  Do you long for community, connection with others where you can be totally who you are and they can be who they are and there is no dominion or hierarchy over others? Are you finding your voice at home and/or at work?

Are you seeing new possibility where you do not imagine possibility before?

One of the prime freedoms of this time is that we can now release fear. There are so many ways to frame this conversation about releasing fear. Here is one perspective:  Earlier in this post, I mentioned The Age of Pisces; one signature of the Piscean Age was duality. Fear was a hallmark of Duality, as someone always had to be right and someone always had to be wrong, that is what duality is, two poles of opposites. In duality, someone had to be up, someone had to be down.  Someone had to be rich, someone had to be poor.

In the operating system of this new Age of Aquarius, this is no Duality, there is Humanity. We are all part of, we all belong, we all have choice and voice. Yes, we are in a transition phase and the transition is not yet complete. We are transitioning, though.  In this transition there is a personal choice to make regarding leaving fear behind.

Many people are becoming fearless. Look at how many blogs there are now, how many people are reporting their own experiences, their own news. Mainstream news is fueled by independent reporters and witnesses. Communities are also rising up.  Look at Facebook and Twitter and all of the social media and the countless blogs on which you can use your authentic voice to comment and share your wisdom.

Living in and being bound by fear is not part of the New Humanity, there is no room for fear, it does not compute. Fear does not compute because the essence of this New Dimension is Love. We are at an open portal of love, a place as a Humanity we have not been before. This open portal of living, being and receiving Love is not a mind thing, it is a heart and a body and an inner knowing thing.  As fear shows up before you, consider that you have choices. Notice, and choose consciously, not with habituated, conditioned reaction.  Take a breath, feel the wisdom in your body, your own inner knowing and ask your mind to relax. Voice what you know in your deepest heart.  You may find deep within you that you know, All is Well, despite how things look on the surface. Befriend your own inner knowing.

You may have noticed that I was gentle with myself as I realized one of the patterns that bound me, blame. I am very gentle and loving in my own healing and I am gentle and spacious in my work with clients.  We all have our own answers within us us, regarding how to travel through day to day and how to make this big transition into the new age.  If you find that you would like an intuitive mentor, a guide, to help you get to the source of your own inner wisdom, consider working with me.  I have been consciously working on this Age transition for the past 47 years and I am ready!  How about you?

Contact me or connect with me on facebook or twitter and share your comments below. I would like to hear how this Great Transition is flowing for you.

Power Dates

Intuition leads the cover story of the August 2011 issue of Oprah magazine. While this feature is chockful of intuitive techniques, one technique not mentioned is alignment with natural cycles.


The core of my work with intuition is alignment with natural cycles. We are nature beings and the cycles of nature synchronize with the cycles of our bodies and inner life. Imagine the benefits when we acknowledge and align with natural cycles! The link between inner and outer gets clearer and intuition gets stronger, as does and a sense of safety in connecection with Life.


Coming up are three pivotal sets of dates that provide powerful openings for synchronizing alignment with the natural world. The first of these dates is Monday, July 25, 2011.


In the Mayan Calendar, this is the “Day Out of Time.” It is like a free day, a pivotal, potent day that occurs between the end of one Mayan Calendar year and the next. In all cyclical systems, there is a gap, a gasp of stillness, when one cycle ends and the next begins.


In my experience over decades working with natural cycles, this gap of stillness has the potential to take us out of the experience of duality and into the experience of unity, oneness. It might be momentary, a split second, however, it is a visceral experience. This melting of duality, the sense of separation, happens on the subtle level as one cycle flows into the next. It is an exquisite moment of vivid presence.


Day Out of Time is a day of celebration and creativity, fun and play. It is a border crossing time and it is good to go into it with awareness of its potential for change. If you would like further information on this Day Out of Time, search those keywords, as well as Mayan Calendar and immerse yourself in unfolding mystery.


The second set of power dates coming up occur from 9:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time, July 27, 2011 to 02:16 AM, Eastern Daylight Time on July 30, 2011. During this time, the Sun is in the sign of Leo and the Moon is in the sign of Cancer. These signs represent the home bases of the two primary lights in our life, the Sun and Moon. There is a natural order here and the opportunity is to synchronize with our own true nature in alignment with Life. Notice how you feel, what you want, what you want to do and transmit wishes, hopes, dreams and desires, as well as constructive actions, into the Universe.


Scientists tell us that eggs can stand on end during the days of the equinoxes. The Sun in Leo and the Moon in Cancer represents a similar potency of vertical axis alignment of us within nature. It happens once a calendar year and it is ours to acknowlege and enjoy.


The third set of pivotal dates coming up is two-fold. August 8, 2011 is the cross -quarter day. In the Cardinal Cross of our existence, North, South, East and West, cross-quarter days represent a fulcrum, the pivotal turning from one season to the next. Cross-quarter days are potent times for listening for direction. Spending time in nature helps access deep listening.


Two days before this, August 6 and 7th 2011 are potent manifesting days when our Sun is at the midpoint of the Galatic Center and the Super Galactic Center. We are in a pivotal configuration with our cosmos during this time, one that represents a sublime alignment with our galaxy. Again, this is a time to discern with kindness and wisdom what it is we want and need and then reach out with open arms, releasing wishes, wants, needs and desires on one hand and opening to receive, on the other hand, intuition and inner wisdom regarding the fulfillment of those wishes, needs, wants and desires.

Alignment with natural cycles represents a powerful technique for opening intuition and knowing how to live the potential of who we are as co-creators with Life. Our life, on planet earth, in a living galaxy.