The Power of a Fresh Start

Up from down; feet on the ground, a vibrant new beginning coursing through me. This was the direct experience I had with this recent New Moon.

I feel the energy of the ebb and flow of natural cycles within my body as an inescapable experience. My personal dark moon phase comes about a week before the collective dark moon phase. With this pattern, there is a slow down, then reenergizing followed soon by another downward pull and then a breakthrough new beginning.

While this pattern of cycling occurs each lunar month, some months the pull to rest is stronger than others. The extent to which I am pulled to stillness seems to be determined by the proximity of the New Moon’s sign and degree to a prominent placement within my natal chart. With no direct connection, there is still a pull to rest. When there is a direct connection the pull to rest during the dark collective moon is potent to the power of 10!


Photo by Aureal Williams

In this most recent cycle, there was a compelling call to rest; the New Moon was conjunct the descendant angle of my birth chart. This is an area of connection with others, and I seemed to be pulled into deep stillness during this past dark Moon. Yes, it has been -3 degrees Fahrenheit where I live, always a time for indoor comfort, however, with this dark Moon, my experience was rest, rest and more rest in the three days leading up to the New Moon.

Then, the morning following the New Moon, about 12 hours after it became exact, I bounced out of bed with a strong, visceral experience of New Beginning, energy palpable for a fresh start.

I love these experiences of acknowledging my body’s rhythms in connection with nature’s rhythms. While it is hard to resist the conditioned habit to keep going, I have learned over the years that I am better off aligning with this gravitational pull. When I don’t align with it, I place undue stress on my physicality. I have learned to acquiesce to rest when the pull to rest is strong. This is how I understand self-care.

New beginnings come in many ways; for instance, each time we do laundry, or change our sheets, or sweep the floor or take out the trash, we are refreshing our space to begin again. Aligning our restarts in coordination with planetary cycles helps us renew ourselves and our focus. It is a forgiving experience, to accept a restart.

While it may seem that I am doing nothing during low energy times, my body, psyche, and soul, are releasing and realigning for the begin again moment. This is the cycle of life and death and while actual death does not occur at the end of every day, or lunar month or seasonal shift, an energetic one does. When we allow that release to happen through honouring the pull to be still, quiet, reflective, even, perhaps, non-active, we allow the full cycle of beginning, middle and ending to operate unrestricted within our direct experience.

In addition to the gravitational pull of cyclic living, something else is calling us to slow down, be still and rest. Other people who write about the shift in frequency to the 5th dimension address the body’s need to accommodate the new frequencies and new light in this new time. It seems that we have to allow the time and space for our bodies to adjust to these higher vibrational shifts and that can come through a need to lie down and rest.

These calls to rest are not predictable like a lunar cycle rhythm is, however, they do seem to be occurring now. It feels crucial to rest when we are called to rest. Labels like slacker and lazy and procrastinator can be examined in light of direct physical experience. What does your body, your physicality, soul and Spirit need? If it is rest and times of doing nothing, consider trusting the request and your body and the sacred timing of materializing what you want to create and the full process of doing so. Consider that doing nothing may actually be part of the productivity cycle. Nature lives like this.

Work and family responsibilities may impinge on your ability to make a full stop. In those times, you can get creative in how you minimize commitments and maximize rest. Self talk has value, for instance, telling your body that you recognize it needs sleep, or rest or to do nothing, acknowledge that you hear that need and that you will meet this need as soon as you can. Consider, too,  asking for help or offering help when someone near you needs to be still.

This blog is about changing relationship with time; it is about recognizing the body as timer. When the mind tempts to overrun the wisdom of the body, give it a rest!

For readers new to this blog, the Personal Lunar Cycle is determined by the phase of the Moon in which one is born, and the Collective Lunar Cycle starts with each New Moon and continues through the eight lunar phases. Finding one’s rhythm between the Personal and Collective Lunar Cycles gives insight on how to work with ebbs and flows of energy levels in conscious awareness and respect. Individual consultations are available for those interested in working with these natural cycles.

List free me

2015 closes and 2016 beckons. Traditionally, people take a year-end review and plot out their plans for the months ahead. Life in the 5th Dimension, this new realm that we are in, invites another way. With 5D living, we are informed in present time; past and future thinking locks us out of Now, with all of its informing possibilities.

Yes, of course, we have to be accountable for our actions and if there is something that brings distress, it is helpful to review and reconsider. Heavy pondering, though, can weigh down being in the present, and we can miss the liveliness of Now. As I wrote in last week’s blog post, a simple stating to Self and Universe, or Spirit, or Field, of what we want and then allowing to receive takes efforting out of the equation. Present moment living can open us to self-worth and cosmic partnership. What we want is valid and we are in a co-creative collaboration with Light, Life and Love.


For a clearer picture of this process, I share a personal story about giving up making lists.

For years, a spiritual teacher of mine suggested letting go of making lists. Two years after hearing this, a moment opened and I said yes, let me try it. This was about three years ago now, and I remember the flow: it was a play day for me and I decided to let go of plotting and planning, the list making of what I hoped to accomplish that day. I knew on the feeling level that I wanted to go to the movies. Without access to even the list of movies or start times, I drove to the cinema. I parked the car and walked up to the front of the cinema with the list of movies showing and their start times. Standing there, I encountered a woman who said that she had a coupon for 2 for one movie price and she asked me if I was interested in seeing one of the movies that started soon. I do not remember the name of the movie that we saw, and I have not ever seen that woman again, however, it was a pleasant, kind experience and we both enjoyed the show and chatted about it for a few minutes after the movie.

Then, I felt the draw to go shopping. A shirt that I had been wanting was on the sale rack for $10 and a small salmon coloured suitcase with lots of zippered pockets, an item that I had been watching for months, was on sale for 1/3 of it’s original price. I still wear that shirt and the luggage is my favorite travel piece. I stayed in the flow of that day and was open to all of these experiences that supported my heart’s desire.

Since that majical day, I have given up making lists, even for the grocery store. I consider making lists a detriment because it takes me out of the present moment. There is nothing more precious nor more potent than the present moment. I do not consider myself expert in present moment living. I have a personal aversion to waste and I know that not living in the present moment is wasteful: of time, energy and resources, so I aspire to live in present moment and being list-free helps me.

Majic happens in this process. If I forget something from the store because I have no list, there is a new journey, a new experience, a new opening in that process; either I make do or when I do go back to get the missed item, some other experience or contact pops up.

There is a deepened experience of trust with this process, trust in myself and trust in the Universal Energies with whom I coexist, co-create and collaborate.

For anyone with a significant numbers of years lived, it is apparent that the years fly by. We start out in January and before we know it, the year has gone by. Present moment is all we have. Bringing attention to it enriches our lives.

Detoxing Into Light


The Shift happened and it is great.  I went on a pilgrimage to Lake Superior in Duluth and the personal healing that happened and the treasures that were offered as gifts from The Lake are amazing, profound and quite effective for moving through next steps.

One of those next steps is a detox, a releasing of what no longer works in clearing the way for more presence in the moment.

While I was in Minnesota, I went to my favorite grocery store, Mississippi Market, on 7th Avenue in St. Paul and had a Lemon Pizazz.  I had heard of this drink before, yet had not had it or made it for myself.  It is the recipe of lemon water, ginger, cayenne pepper and honey. Mississippi Market’s version was fantastic and I have been making the drink almost daily for myself, at home.

Who knew that cayenne pepper was such an aid in detoxing — releasing what is no longer needed for the body.  I am not prescribing for anyone, only sharing that I am finding this drink to be a great way of self care and releasing. I am finding that cayenne pepper helps with circulation and releasing stuckness from the gastrointestinal track. This is certainly a feel good drink!

Since I have returned from 12.21.12 pilgrimage, I have also found The Alkaline Sisters and what a find they are! Waking up my need for a higher percentage of alkaline foods in my diet, for wellness, is a great adventure.  Through the years I have found that changing one’s diet changes one’s identity.  I am not finding that change in identity so much now as I rely on their alkaline food chart to make dietary choices.  Moving from acid foods to more alkaline foods does represent a major change for me, however I think it is because the new ways are here, the New Dimensional Living, is here and it is not so much a stretch to live who we are becoming now, it is easier.  Are you finding that, too?

The other aspect with this detox that I am experiencing at the beginning of 2013 is that memories are releasing from my consciousness as I detox my body.  I have done longer fasts before and  remember that memory release was the case then, too. It was more emotional then, more wrenching. Now though,  I wake in the morning with old  memories spilling out from consciousness, muscle memory, organ memory and psyche. I acknowledge those memory experiences and drop them like weight no longer needed.

As James Brown sings, I Feel Good…..

How about you, what is your releasing process as we take first steps into our New Life?

Life, Relaxed

Hypnotic Waves

Valentina_A via Compfight

The other day I saw an interesting article on time/space photography.  The image of  compressed time waves especially speaks to me as this is what life has been feeling like since I last wrote in this blog. There is movement, however, the dimensional aspect of movement has shifted. This shift changes everything: my priorities,  focus and choices. What matters now is how to stretch into expanded dimensional living.  The “how to” that I have found is to relax.

Seventeen years ago, I was teaching classes on Deep Relaxation.  In this current experience, though, relaxation is of a whole other  quality and has a different vibrational frequency.  The relaxation now is of a more complete experience as it reverberates through me on so many levels, including past, present and future. What used to be experienced as jarring events of life are now met with a calm spaciousness that is feed by Earth up through my feet, legs, root and belly, and a surrounding by an almost perceptible Field of Love and Spaciousness and guided inspirations and support of permeating Light frequencies. Please know that I have been working on this development through many past lives and certainly since I was 18 years old in this lifetime and started my being fulfillment quest.  I have been working more consciously on integrating this shift since the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987.  We are now at the culmination of that great cycle of shift and the payoffs are here.

I have accepted the challenge, invitation, and the opportunity, to live life relaxed.  Events don’t change, it is my response to them.  I am digging in deeper into the well and resources of  Animate Life rather than digging in with a willful response to life. When I say events of life, I am talking about having been robbed, doing without things that were important to me and were stolen in that robbery. I am talking about the abrupt and unforeseen ending to a beloved 12 year friendship. I am talking about penny pinching challenges in relation to the financial side of life.

Over the past months, the shift has been subtle, yet quantum.  I started out aware that I wanted to move from a negative view of life into a positive view of life.  My intimates were surprised by this shift in focus, because I had been relatively positive in my life.  There is a pattern of blaming that I admit to and there was a prevailing sense of not belonging.  In this new field, new time, the sense of belonging has been met and with it a sense of abundance and joy or positivity. I saw a home decoration piece at a local store recently and one of the slogans on the sign said “Enjoy without Complaint.”  What a concept! Resonance with that phrase freed me of a negativity that no longer fit who I am.

There are  components to this higher capacity relaxation that I currently embrace:

  • Trust in Self
  • Trust in Universe
  • Stay Present
  • Breathe
  • Smile
  • Accept
  • Listen to your body and with it needs
  • Listen to your emotions and what they need
Each moment reveals how Life invites you to relax. If you would like intuitive support for living your life relaxed, contact me. I am experienced in this relaxation response to life and may be able to help you relax.




The Auspicious Time of August 13-14

The sunset factoryCreative Commons License Kevin Dooley via Compfight

I write to share information about the auspiciousness of August 13 and 14 2012. On these dates the Sun is in Leo and the Moon is in Cancer, the home bases of our two primary Lights.  This information comes from Isabel Hickey’s work, long since deceased.  This placement represents a natural resonance of the Sun and the Moon and the opportunity for us is to go to the wishing well and reach deep.

I welcome news of your experiences these days, please post in the comments section below or contact me directly.


The Richness of Now


Seedling Matthew Fang via Compfight


As I write this post, it is the evening of the Full Moon Eclipse, June 4. 2012, and we are a day from the Venus/Sun conjunction.  This is  a turning point time and represents an incredibly potent time for self-healing and self-being.

Eclipses are a kind of portal, a travel path of Sun and Moon synchronicity.  The Sun and Moon are the major lights in our lives and when they eclipse one another, it represents a seeding point.  Eclipses represent a time to dream big and wish on those light stars.  Notice over the over the next six months what manifests through your dream field, your imagination and your wishing well.

This Venus transit represents the beginning of a new 100 or so year cycle of hers.  There was a part one of this event in June, 2004 and June 5, 2012 represents part 2. The Mayan Calendar is based on Venus and her cycles so this June 5, 2012 event is part of the weaving of  the major Mayan Calendar event later this year, December 21, 2012. The word “potent” does not even come close to the power and potential of this time.

What is significant about these events is that the Lunar Eclipse and the Venus conjunction occur very near the same spot in the sky.  This is a thrilling time, a grounding rod for all things Venus: creative mystery, values, Beauty.  It is heart medicine of the highest caliber.

Ways to optimize this time include, first, realize that your field is expanding.  There is more room to be you, to be creative, to be artistic and expressive, whatever that means for the individual you.   Benefit comes, as well, from heeding dreams, moving the body in expressive gestures like walking or dancing, and speaking, seeing and reaching for what it is you want.  This time is about signing the canvas of your life with Beauty, Creativity and Heart. There is no right or wrong and no small or large. Now represents a time to take a first, or ongoing, step in releasing the BEauty within You.

If you are reading this post in real time and feel that you are tired and maybe out of sorts, recognize that there is major change in our Universe with these events and it takes our bodies and consciousness time to adjust.  I do hope that one makes time for this adjustment with resting when tired and processing emotions through art and heart connections with others. Good nutrition and positive thoughts, processing out those thoughts that bind you, is also helpful.  If you are reading this post weeks or months after the fact, rest assured that you can actively participate in the shift as the Venus transit is a long-term one and if you are not consciously working with the June 2012 eclipses, there are other eclipses on their way, as they occur every six months.

Working with the natural cycles as they occur in our ever-moving celestial sphere helps us align with and attune our intuitive inner knowing as we take one step after another on our beautiful planet Earth.  Step with life as it gets more fun, creative, connective, colourful, and rewarding.  Venus is about rewards, too, the reward of us within vibrant, interconnected life.

Experts who know the rhythms of the Mayan Calendar tell us that the meme is changing from “Time is Money” to “Time  is Art.” This Venus transit, along with the eclipses, open the door to us living Time is Art.  What that means is that artistic expression paves the way for fulfillment, we no longer live by the clock.  Rational minds cannot understand this, so please, do not stress yourself by trying to understand something beyond the mind’s grasp. We are multidimensional beings and we live and function beyond just the mind.  The richness of now is a time to let those other areas of our multidimensional experience, soul, heart, spirit and physical body, reach for the creative expression longing to be released from within. It is helpful not to put any judgements on the type of art you are called from within to do.  Now’s the time.


Touch Screens

Photo Credit: Agustín Ruiz via Compfight

After seven years I changed from a Blackberry phone to the iphone and now I also have an ipad.  It is an interesting sensate experience to use touch for technology screens.

My burning question is this:  Does the light touch we use for these screens translate into a lighter touch, energetically, between humans?  Are we easier on one another, lighter, gentler?  What is your experience regarding this?

If you are using  touch screen technology then you know first hand that even the most subtle movement on the screen can send you where you hadn’t planned on going.  There is a lot of backtracking in my use; I never  intended to go the the screens that come up simply as a result of me scrolling the page.  Does this need  for gentle touch in technology translate into more conscious awareness that spoken and unspoken thoughts affect others and take them some place they might not want to go, like self-doubt or feeling judged or criticized or inadequate or lacking in some way?  Am I more aware of subtle exchanges between myself and others as a result of this touch technology?  Are you?

One piece of my work involves touch therapy, massage and craniosacral work, so I know light touch and sensitive touch and gentle touch.  Yet to use this subtle touch on a piece of communicative technology is an experience that causes me to wonder how gentle touch on a tech screen affects us as we interact  with one another.

In the 1990s I heard Deepak Chopra say at a conference something along the lines that wireless technology equates with intuition.  I see and feel and get this connection. We use no wires to communicate around the world with one another. And wireless communication is a metaphor for intuitive connection.  Now that we super sensitive touch screens, how much is light touch softening and sensitizing our interactions with one another?  I think touch technology is having a compassionate, humanizing effect, along with the globalization of access.  Through the internet, we see other folks in their humanity, around the world.  Now, we touch that humanity through our touch screen devices.  I think touch screen technology can only help us bond and blend and be gentler with one another.

What’s your take on this?

Charley Horses


Charley horse pain sears through you. Every couple of months, I have one of these excruciating cramps during the night.  I know that this symptom can indicate a magnesium deficiency and I try to include magnesium in my diet as much as possible. In the middle of the night, in the crux of pain, I wish that I had ingested a little more magnesium.


This backward glance doesn’t help in the the moments of excruciating pain.  I am wakened from a deep sleep with pain that takes my breath away.  That’s when I bring in the lights.  A woman who works with energy, Michele Mayama, of, teaches me to bring in frequencies of light to help clear certain situations.  One of the foundational lights is rose-coloured, the golden rose of unconditional love.  Michele teaches that you do not even need to see the colour for it to be effective, you simply have to call in the frequency.  I am here to tell you that it works.


I have had years of practice working in this way, so maybe that practice makes a difference.  Every few months or so, I have a middle of the night charley horse and I treat it, in the moment, by bringing in the rose frequency and that simple technique works.  I keep breathing through the pain and calling in the rose coloured light to the cramping muscle and after a while, and before the full-fledged cramping, the pain goes away. I am always amazed.


I have other pains in my life, financial and relational and sometimes, situational, and I need to apply this practice of bringing in the rose-coloured light to these discomforts, too. I will let you know how that goes!


Working with light frequencies is a medicine of the future, an easy-to-use, cost-effective modality that we will be hearing more of as more people use it and share their experiences.  It probably does take practice, so if you are interested in trying it for yourself, simply call in the rose-coloured light, maybe to a headache or a small ache or pain somewhere and see how it works for you.  Light frequencies abound and they are available for us to use.