New Clothes

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The Great Shift of 2012 brings anticipated change: greater sense of community, greater sense of creativity, greater experience of confidence and trust, greater synchronization with Life, greater fun, more smiles, greater joy.  An unexpected change that the Great Shift is bringing to me is a need for new clothes. The old clothes have worn out, not in cloth, rather they have worn out in that they no longer represent the vibrational frequencies that I am becoming.  This need for new clothes is a surprise, and a part of the New Field shift that I did not anticipate.
The other day I was putting on a piece of my favorite clothing and I could barely stand to finish putting it on. The vibration of the piece no longer matched me and this awareness came all of a sudden. This piece of clothing is about three years old, has been a go-to piece, a favoured regular in my rotation of dressing.  I looked at other choices and those options did not resonate with me, either. Then, it dawned on me, that as I am changing, shedding old layers of adaptation and  shifting into a freeness of being, the old clothes no longer work for me.
Everything carries a vibration and clothes carry our vibration. If I am putting on a piece of clothing that did serve me well, however,  no longer holds resonance for who I am now, there is feeling of discordance.  Discordance on the outer level seeps into the inner level, zapping energy, spontaneity, creativity and happiness and joy. In all ways I say yes to supporting the revelatory essence of my possibility,  the expressively creative, artistic, fun, connected being that I am becoming. Wearing a different kind of clothing seems to be a next step in my self-supportive process.
I have not yet started to shop for my new wardrobe yet, however, I get the feeling that I am going to be looking for a change in style, not just new clothes.  Maybe I will even have to look in new shops, not the ones I usually use, to find the new clothes that are a resonant match for me.  I suspect I will be wearing new colours, too.
Buying new clothes does not, necessarily, have to cost a lot of money. Throughout my life, I have found that when the need is authentic, the resources are around. The point, really, is to wear clothing that supports me to be me.
Everything is shifting in this time of unprecedented change.  If you find that your clothes are no longer a resonant fit with whom you are becoming, listen. I trust, implicitly, that the majic in the universe and the majic of saying yes to your inner knowing will help you find the resources, the colours and the clothing that help you tidal wave into the new you. Please add your experiences in the comments section below!

Summer Breezes Special

Special Offer for Intuitive Sessions from  June 20 to September 21, 2012: During this Summer season, the fee for a one hour telephone session is $60.00, (normally $75.00) and for an hour and a half session, the fee is $80.00 (normally $95.00.)  These Summer Breezes rates apply to current and new clients.  Sessions must be scheduled and received by September 21, 20012.

What is this work?  An intuitive session over the phone involves you sharing with me a little about what you want to focus on during the session. Then, we both get centered through relaxation breathing, and I tune into your energy field to see what’s up. Information is intuited on both metaphysical and physical levels and clients are surprised by the information that surfaces.  I am always surprised!  The sessions are interactive.  I check in frequently, asking what you are feeling and experiencing and what intuitive information is coming to you, as well.  We work together in this process.

What are reasons to use this kind of work? Consider a session:

If you want  information on what seems to be blocking your path or your process

If you want to shift awareness

If you want to open possibilities of greater fulfillment

If you want to become more tender in self-regard and self-caring

If you want to learn how to relax more deeply

Here are what clients say about my work:

You listen so deeply.

I can tell you anything – you are nonjudgmental.

What I love about our work is that you always bring it back to me; you help me know from within myself.

What a gift you are. I feel such freedom after talking with you like a connection that is important to me has been made. You are amazing in your ability and you made things easy to understand.

Contact me to schedule your appointment.  Include two or three dates and times that work best for you and indicate if you would like an hour or an hour and a half session. There are no evening hour appointments, however, there are a few Saturday morning appointments available. Include your email address and your phone number. I will confirm date/time in reply, or offer other dates/times if the times you request are not available.

I look forward to working with you this Summer.


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Stubbornness v. Intuition

Last week, I bought a two-dollar scratch off lottery ticket. A friend I know told me that her boyfriend won $5000 with a scratch off ticket, so I thought I would give it a try. I scratched off the letters and looked at the words I was to match and saw no matches on that ticket. Before I threw the ticket away, my intuition nudged me to take the ticket to the store and put it under one of the scanners to see if it was a winning ticket. I said to myself, silently, “Why bother. There are no matches,” and I threw that ticket into the recycle bin, long picked up by now.


The other day I bought another scratch off ticket and when I scratched the letters off this time, I saw there was whole other row of letters that I missed on the first ticket. I did not realize the ticket’s letters went up that high. They were under a headline, and I thought that the ticket’s scratch off letters were below that.


My intuition tried to tell me something with that first ticket and in closed-minded stubbornness, I ignored it. I will not ever know if that first ticket was a winning ticket or not, and I need to let go of what might have been.


In another experience, I put a jacket on top of a lunch bag, instead of putting the jacket in another bag that I was using to carry papers and books. My intuition told me to put the jacket in the papers and book bag, and I thought, “No, it will get more wrinkled that way.” When I got to my destination, the jacket was stained from something that spilled on it from the lunch bag. Now I have the extra burden of having to remove that stain, when I could have listened instead to my intuition.


In most life circumstances, intuition does not scream. Intuition communicates with a gentle nudge, a quiet prompt in another direction, another choice. Stubbornness gets in the way. The mind thinks that it knows, that it is right and there is only one way, its way. Intuition has access to a larger field of information sourcing than the mind. How it works, I do not know, however, intuition does pick up information from the field that the mind is limited in accessing.


Intuition requires fluidity, an acknowledgment of “maybe” and a willingness to say, “okay, let’s see.” The stubbornness of resisting intuition is hard-edged and it hurts and wastes time and resources.


There are thousands of times, in small and large matters, when I have yielded to intuition and was met with Yes! It is the times when I resist that stab me and I am reminded of a quote from Lao Tzu, “So to yield to Life is to solve the unsolvable.”


Intuition is a vital part of life; it is an unseen energy that helps us know and choose wisely, in energy efficient ways. If only to acknowledge and yield to intuition, free of obstinate rigidity and stubbornness.