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Dear Readers,

A backdrop to current world circumstances is the shift from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension. In brief, historical perspective, the BBC site, The Evolution of Man,  defines previous quantum leap evolutions from Cave Men to The First Europeans, to the Ice People, to Humans. Throughout these evolutions, there have been corresponding shifts in consciousness.  Under the section, The First Europeans, One Million Years ago, we find  But this early human was undoubtedly developing a complex mind. Once this boundary had been reached, there was no turning back.

It is the same today; up close and personal, we can barely see that our consciousness is evolving by quantum leaps in the timeline of human history. In our case, the frequency of Being is increasing in Light, meaning there is less density. More clarity, less rigidity; more expansion, less contraction are two other ways of framing this shift. Our quantum leap in consciousness, like all the leaps before, does not seem easy.

Our consciousness shift is from duality-based consciousness, right/wrong, good/bad, to an inclusive consciousness of wholeness and integration. Is it any wonder our world looks like it does today, on the surface, as we are amid this shift?

If we are to make this shift in consciousness, one thing that needs release is duality consciousness. A duality-based world view is not sustainable in the 5th Dimension. Duality cannot survive the Light there.

In response to the recent collective shock, many of us are looking within to understand. One place to look for understanding and for reframing a response is to look at embedded duality consciousness. The programmed, conditioned response of duality filtering has been with us for ages.

And now, in human evolution, we are being spiraled out of duality consciousness and into the higher frequency vibrations of 5D where duality thinking cannot survive.


If you are aware of this shift and want to work it, tools for transcending duality include meditation, creativity, laughter, the adrenaline rush of exercise,  being in nature, engaging with animals, being in community, and my favorite, Natural Time.

Natural Time alignment unlocks  ties that keep us bond in conditioned experience. Flowing with natural time, we sense best times to meditate, to create, best times to rest and be still, best times to wait, best times to act. To remind, natural time is feeling Time as a flowing inner experience, rather than the experience of Time as a static, controlling, external force outside of us.

Living cyclically, as directed by inner experience, we can know the zero point — in the day, the month and the year — when one cycle ends and the next begins. This zero point transcends duality and is a place of infinite potential. It is a reset button, to assess, reevaluate, choose again. This zero point is a direct connect with Oneness. Words do not do justice to this awakening experience.

It is personal choice, always, to opt for the higher frequencies, more Light, Living Love, or to stay in the dross of duality, with its comparisons, competitions, judgments, fears, sense of victim hood, and impotent anger.

There has not ever been a time like now in our human history.  It is up to each of us to choose our resonance. Take care, be kind, claim community and consider exploring the cyclic flow of naturally occurring low energy down times and their gift of deep, true, informing connection with Self.


The Nature of Multidimensional Living

Multidimensional living calls for supreme self-care. We have to adjust to this new way of being because the tools and techniques we used no longer work. We are in the land of not knowing and we get by through paying attention to sensate experiences within the present moment – what are we feeling, what is our body telling us, what do our senses perceive?

For many, this new way of sensate living means that drive and ambition no longer rule the day. Things that mattered do not seem to matter now. Pushing ourselves seems to hurt more than ever before. What does seem to matter is if what we are choosing has core meaning for us and if we are getting pleasure and fulfillment from our choices.


Photo by Aureal Williams

Through conversations and reading about this shift, many people report extended times of doing nothing; of just needing to rest. One reason for the increasing need for rest is that our bodies are adjusting, too, to this new way of being. Our physicality needs to accommodate to the new capacities inherent in multidimensional living. Specifically, Light is filling our bodies, saturating the places of density that are dissolving in this fluid, new light. These densities include responses like stubbornness or needing to be right or obstinacy or fear or so many other habituated patterns that have clogged our systems.

We also need rest in order to release adaptive beliefs and conditioning that no longer function in this new time. Some of these old ways include being reactionary or defensive. Those approaches no longer work; when they pop up, we can see that they cost false effort and get in the way of being present to current potential.

The Eastern martial arts of moving aside, deflecting, even retreating, come to mind. It is no longer worth the fight. A motivator now is to stay present with the moment. Everything is fleeting, as each new moment comes in with new information, new potential and new opportunities.  Keeping up with this constant new flow while letting go of outdated responses, seems to matter now. We make choice, let go of forcing outcome and notice what takes form in this new life. We notice what has energy for us and what does not.

To choose living this new way takes courage and stamina, and this is the value of supreme self-care. Each individual gets to choose what self-care looks like. There is no one size fits all. There are some guidelines, though. Paying attention to what the body wants, what the emotions are broadcasting, what the Soul wants.  And that all takes listening. The kind of listening that has open space for hearing.

To say that these are challenging times is an understatement of an exponential degree. We have not been here before, there is no guidebook, other than the one we carry within our body and Soul. Multidimensional living means that we now have access to knowing beyond our three dimensional world. We are being informed through invisible channels of communication that involve synchronicity with our natural world and the existing, living energies beyond anything our consciousness has known. It is a big world and we are receptors and co-creators.  If our response is to shut down and block reception, and that is a choice, we are saying no to this new, multidimensional life. On the other hand, when we look around and see that most people are in this land of not knowing with us, we can choose to share our experiences and learn with one another how to navigate this new, multidimensional life.

What is your new story? How are you flowing with multidimensional life now? How are you practicing supreme self-care? Please share in the comments section below!

Feeling Stuck?

Or, how to keep breathing when things are not moving.

You may have been feeling stuck lately, with the feeling of statis similar to being stuck in a vat of molasses.

A Natural Time: Body as Timer perspective on this delay is that both Mercury and Mars are Retrograde. With Mercury going direct on May 22, movement begins, however, there is a shadow period, as I detailed in a post on Mercury Retrograde Cycles. Mercury moves out of the shadow period this cycle on June 7 and Mars is retrograde until the end of June, 2016.

Briefly, retrograde motion is an apparent backward, or retrograde, movement of planetary orbit, as it appears to us on Earth. Many people feel these delayed energies in direct life experience. With Mercury, the retrograde motion covers technology and communication; with Mars, the retrograde motion covers action and the energy of attraction with what we want in life. Retrograde motion involves delays and we often rework ourselves in the process of waiting for forward motion.


Photo by Aureal Williams

How to Wait?

Life does not come with an instruction manual on how to wait. We all have to learn our own path to waiting peacefully. For me, learning to wait has a circuitous route, with multiple components. Content waiting calls forth a skill set that can take lifetimes to develop. This skill set includes patience, trust, getting out of one’s own way, not taking things personally and active collaboration with a Living Field of energy that surrounds, informs, supports and sustains us.  Taking each of these components, one at a time, reveals that they enfold into one other as a flowing, complex whole.

Patience, to me, means, noticing that something is on delay and not fighting it. To be patient means that I have to find ways within my energy body, free of agitation, anxiety, contorted thought, and wait. Patience means that I accept that there are unseen energies at play, doing their part within a time frame over which I have no control.  Patience means care-giving the desire or longing, the want or the need, the vision or the dream, until both conscious and cosmic components come together.

Whom to Trust?

This kind of patience is built on trust. What is it to trust? Whom or what are we trusting?  When outcome feels static, with an absence of response or a delay in connection or implementation, it helps to trust our Soul, our Life Dream, our Heart’s Desire and all of the invisible helpers supporting us in our endeavors. Who we are and what we dream is bigger than our own Self, it is our Self within the Universe, playing our resonant and accepted piece. We are not the only energies at play and sometimes, we have to wait. Trust in ourselves, our vision, and the cooperative, collaborative, co-creating Universe helps with waiting. Unwavering trust helps.

Getting out of our own Way

Activating trust takes us to the next step, which is getting out of our own way. The vision of what we want to do is actually a cosmic project. We are informed, through intuition or the dream or mentored guidance, we feel resonant with a choice of action and we say yes. When we meet with delay, it is vital to remember that we are a single player on a cosmic stage and many other pieces and parts are at play, even though we might not feel or see them. We can learn to be patient and trust that our cue to resume action will come. Getting tangled up in limiting, rational thought can twist us out of alignment, missing our cue into movement when the delay lifts and momentum starts up again.

We get out of our own way through conscious collaboration with the unseen helpers in support of us and our projects.  These projects can be about our life’s work or finding our mate, or moving household, whatever it is that your Heart desires. What you want is legitimate and yours, as long as there is no harm involved. The invisible helpers can be angels, spiritual and lineage ancestors, saints, masters, teachers, healers, nature beings, elementals, like fairies, leprechauns or any beneficent helpers on the unseen side of our reality based life.

Trust involves acceptance that we are working with unseen energies of the beneficent kind, we are working with our Soul, including parts of our Soul that may not yet be embodied. We are working with forces in the Universe that are vast and ever present to help us in support of our fulfillment and materializing what we want for Life. In trust, they help us with timing that goes beyond what we understand.

Getting out of our own way is based on direct inner knowing that we are not alone. There is an integral connection of Self to what we wish for; there is legitimacy to our longing. When we are met face-to-face with prolonged delay we may meet, head on, conditioned beliefs like scarcity thinking, limitation thinking, feelings of not deserving. Getting out of our own way requires ownership that what we dream, imagine, long for, is ours to have. It requires upping the frequencies to realize, on visceral levels, that we are co-collaborators with a loving universe that wants for us what we want for ourselves. It requires opening to support that our unseen helpers will co-create with us to materialize what burns inside of us to create.

Crystal Clearing to I AM

Getting out of our own way requires not taking things personally.  This piece is huge, because it involves crystal clearing on the continuum of our humanity with our divinity. When we say, state, live I AM, we are claiming our divinity within our humanity. When we take things personally, we are stuck on an unconscious want or need or false belief that limits and confines us. Through personal choice of processes, dreamwork, journaling, silent walks in nature, talking with a friend, consulting with a guide or mentor, we can unveil the hidden need and embrace it rather than continually reject it and have it play out as us getting in our own way.

When we get out of our own way, we affirm that we are part of, we belong, we are supported and what we want will show up in divine design; we are not materializing by ourselves!

Yes, there are times in life, months on end, when it feels like nothing is moving. With the recent Mercury Retrograde and the current Mars retrograde, and from the perspective of Body as Timer, the energy can feel frustratingly stagnant. Please caution against hopelessness.  During these slow-to-no movement times, notice what is your stopping block. Is it not having patience, is it not trusting that you will get what you want, that you will be fulfilled, is it getting in your own way, trying to move forward when Life’s breaks are on, is it taking things personally? Explore your personal road blocks for the hidden treasures that they are. Allow connection in a fuller, more conscious way with the invisible help that is available to us as human beings. Whether you know these helpers as angels, or Saints, or beings of the Devic Realm, by whatever name you call these helpers, open to the partnership, the collaboration, that takes the pain out of waiting.

How do you work with the cosmic delay periods? Please share in the comments section, as we all learn from, and with, one another.

Drum roll: Void of Course Moon Club

Have you ever wanted to harness the ups and downs of your energy cycles as they relate to productivity? The Void of Course Moon Club meets this need. For a nominal fee of $7 US dollars a month, you get Void of Course Moon (VOC) times for one of the following time zones, Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific, London, UK. These VOC times are delivered by email with each New Moon of your subscription for lunar the month ahead. A narrative story about working with the Void of Course Moon is included in this monthly email, along with the call in information for a monthly conference call to discuss planning and scheduling with the Void of Course Moon times.

Who Benefits from Joining

Joining this Club benefits those who struggle with time management, those who experience stress from busyness or overwork to the detriment of well-being. Crafters and makers, all manner of self-employed entrepreneurs, can find benefit in this Void of Course information. Anyone who is employed and feels the pressures of producing against all odds may also find benefit in learning about and working with Void of Course Moon times.
The reason this club has benefit for such a wide spectrum of folk is because living in sync with Void of Course Moon times is one of the best techniques for experiencing time as a fluid, inner experience. Working with Void Moon helps open the experience of body as timer and provides vivid contrast for the constrained experience of time as an external controller outside of direct, physical experience.

Why Now?

Since the conditioning of mechanical time (produce at all costs, no matter how the body feels) runs deep within our culture, it can take years to feel and appreciate the value of flowing with the Moon, our natural Timer. In other words, opening the door to this club does not mean that aligning with natural cycles is an easy experience. Joining this club will be a learning experience and can be a fun experience.

Void of course Moon times can best be explained by sacred geometry, which is everywhere in our lives. The next time you are at a meeting or a social gathering, look to see who is directly opposite you. These sitting or standing configurations speak to the energetic alignments among those present. For example, the person 180 degrees apart from you is most likely to be someone who supports you totally or someone with whom an “opposition” exists. You can also look to those sitting at 45 degree angles from you; there is likely to be some friction in these relationships, some dynamic to work through to come to a fuller, more mutually appreciative understanding.

“As above, so below.” These words suggest that what is happening here on Earth is reflected in the skies above. Sacred geometry also shows up in the ever moving planets and stars in the sky. A Void of Course Moon occurs when the Moon is not making any aspect of geometric shape with the planets. The technical definition goes deeper than this, however, for our purposes here, keeping it to basics helps with the very real challenge of changing our relationship with time, moving past centuries of conditioning and opening to the direct, visceral experience of time as a living flow.

The great scientist Buckminster Fuller taught that energy is contained in form. With a Void of Course Moon there is no geometric form to contain the energy. The physical experience can be felt as void, like energy flowing through a sieve, into the void.

IMG_1307                                                       Into the Void, photo by Aureal Williams

This is why there is a business advantage to knowing about these times and using them for planning and scheduling and this Club helps with that. During a Void of Course Moon it can be challenging to stay focused. If we keep pushing forward during a Void Moon time, we might experience losses, uphill battles, and often, the need to apply extra effort or redo things. Working smarter, not harder definitely applies to those who follow Void of Course Moon times.
The Void Moon occurs every two and one half days for varying amounts, from minutes to more than 24 hours. These are optimal times for rest and reflection, for releasing and receiving information from the invisible planes. They are times to allow rest for our bodies, minds and Souls. Rest is an integral component of the productivity cycle and nature is a great teacher.

Bonus Benefit!

Aligning with the void Moon times for planning and scheduling also provides a blueprint for present moment living based on the wisdom of Body as Timer. These skills are key now, as we transition to the New Life/New Time of 5th Dimension living.

It is a tumultuous time as we make this transition. Come join this Club and learn how to align with the flow of the Moon. The inner alignment is already there, as the body feels these rhythms on subtle levels. Tt is now time to bring this subtle body awareness into consciousness and support ourselves more fully with human/nature integration. Come, join the Club!

Questions? Comments?

Our December 2015 – January 2016 Mercury Retrograde Cycle

I like natural time cycles that I feel within my body, however, there is one natural cycle that I pay attention to and the experiences are effectual, rather than visceral. This cycle is Mercury Retrograde. As a cycle with a lot of bad press, you may have heard of it.

Mercury retrograde occurs three times within a calendar year, for about three weeks each time. As the planet of communication, speed, technology and all things mechanical, those areas of our lives can be effected during Mercury retrograde times. I have followed these cycles for decades, and can share that with some cycles, the effect is more powerful than others. The intensity depends on whether or not the degrees of a particular retrograde cycle impact a birth chart or a business chart, directly. That is, when the degrees of a particular Mercury Retrograde period have a geometric relationship, like conjunction, (in the same place,) square, (90 degrees) trine (120 degrees) or opposition (180 degrees) or other significant geometric configuration with any degrees or axis points in a birth or company chart.


Mercury retrograde does have bad press, and like any other challenge, it is all in attitude. Is it a crisis or an opportunity if you are forced to slow down and deal with technical or communication challenges? What is in it for you can be revealing. As always, with any hindrance, we have the chance to learn something new or look at something in a new light. Same with Mercury Retrograde periods; they can be valued, rather than abhorred.

The key to this shift in attitude lies in knowing when the Mercury Retrograde periods are coming and to work with them consciously, anticipating possible delays, technical challenges or mix-ups in communication. It seems vital for a business or an entrepreneur or a family to use this information in order to smooth through hindrances and adjust for delays and challenges with awareness and grace.

While the Mercury Retrograde period lasts for approximately three weeks, there is a longer period of time that can be cautiously observed in relation to one’s life and business affairs. This extended watch period is known as Mercury Retrograde’s pre-shadow and post-shadow phases.

What we are talking about here is a cycle, one along the zodiacal path of the ecliptic. With every Mercury Retrograde phase, there is a pre-shadow phase. This is the sign and degree where Mercury will eventually turn direct, after it’s retrograde travel. The retrograde motion appears to us on earth as the planet traveling backward in it’s cyclic path. Then, there is the point where Mercury turns direct and the final point of the cycle is when Mercury is in the post-shadow days and passes the degree when it turned retrograde.

Simply put, Mercury Retrograde’s path travels a patch of sky along the elliptic that includes several stand-out points of the zodiac as it travels back and forth in it’s retrograde motion cycle.The dates for this next Mercury Retrograde cycle, December 2015 into January 2016 include:

Pre-shadow day: December 19, 2015. This is when Mercury is at the degree it will be when Mercury turns direct, after it’s retrograde period of about three weeks and the planet appears again to be traveling forward in the sky. That degree, for this cycle, is 14 degrees, 55 minutes of Capricorn

Mercury turns retrograde: January 5, 2016, at 1 degree, 3 minutes of Aquarius.

Mercury turns direct: January 26, 2016 at 14 degrees, 55 minutes of Capricorn

Post-shadow day: February 14, 2016 when Mercury again travels through the 1 degree, 3 minutes of Aquarius, the point where it turned retrograde and this point completes the Mercury Retrograde cycle.

After Mercury completes it’s retrograde cycle, one can anticipate smoother sailing in areas of communication, speed, and things mechanical or technological, barring  effects of other, concurrent planetary cycles.

How to work with this cycle

Notice when delays, miscommunications and technical challenges start showing up and contrast those events to the dates above. Allow for more time to do things, especially technical tasks, and allow for time to sort out communication issues with family, friends and colleagues.

Traditionally, Mercury Retrograde periods are times when you might want to put off purchasing a car or a new computer or signing a contract. To offer an example of what might happen if one does go forward with something significant during a Mercury Retrograde period, it has been said that the United States Post Office was founded under a Mercury Retrograde period. The United States Post Office is in the communications business and it is well known within the United States that the post office is challenged to run a functional, profitable entity, despite the very best efforts of all who work there.

With this post, I am not proposing superstition; I am proposing to look at the events and circumstances of your life in light of this cosmic cycle and see what comes up for you.

You have the choice to use any delays or challenges as invitations to take a breath, review all options and maybe even wait awhile. Or, you can view delays and challenges as frustrating roadblocks and allow your stress level to viscerally get upset with cosmic timing.

Breathe and let go; ways will be shown out of slow downs and apparent impasses. One can use cosmic timing consciously. One woman whom I know allowed herself to get upset about a delay in hearing about a job bid she submitted. When I suggested to her that natural timing, through a Mercury Retrograde cycle, might be involved in the delay, she was able to calm down somewhat. Later, she accepted, with grace, a yes when the reply did come in, after the Mercury Retrograde cycle completed.

Another benefit of Mercury Retrograde periods is that people from our past show up for reconnection of some sort and projects that we started ages ago call us to action to pick them up again or complete them.

Mercury Retrograde is a special time, and it occurs three times a year. While it might bring delays, it also brings gifts. Whether your regard this as a bad time or whether you accept the challenge for the shifts in awareness that it can bring is a personal choice.

Comments and sharing about your experiences with this Mercury Retrograde cycle are most welcome.

5 D Living



~ swoosh ~

Stuart Williams via Compfight

The time between these two eclipses, the New Moon, or Solar Eclipse, of May 20 2012 and the Full Moon, or Lunar Eclipse, of June 4 2012 increases the capacity for self-care.  I have taken the Cosmos up on this generous offer and had a stretch of six consecutive days I devoted to creative fulfillment.  At the beginning of this creative stretch, I had to decompress and ease into this open space of time.  I read a mystery as a way to start relaxing, and I slept a lot.  Once restored, I stressed about how to start.  Sitting on the porch with my ipad, I had the inspiration to start with catching up on the bookmarks I made over the past two months.  This was a wise choice, as it took me on a serendipitous journey of self-healing and creative fulfillment.

The first stop in my bookmarks was about the memory of water. As an intuitive, I get that the function of water is connection.   Water is an extremely powerful link in our humanity,  from self-to-self, self-to-other and self-to-planet. Water is both soft, in that it flows through any obstruction, and it is hard, in that it can wear down rock.  I reviewed the memory of water videos on youtube and that pulled me back to work I had known,  the work of Masaru Emoto and his Messages from Water. This work represents profound energy medicine, in that water crystals reflect what we see, feel, hear and say.  Then I remembered what my friend Marifran Korb shared with me some time ago.  Marifran writes the quality she wants for that day on a piece of paper and attaches that paper to her water glass for the day. Since her work is about relationship, she often writes words like “peace” and “harmony,” to imprint the water she drinks.

From this imprinting perspective of water,  we might as well put into it what we want, in order to maximize help from the universe. I am inputting words like clarity, creative fulfillment, connection, money, because those are the qualities I want these days. Water does take the shape of what is around it, so if I put in what I want, it seems I have more of a chance for a match.  I am also experimenting with imprinting vocalizations of the words rather than taping them to the glass, as that way seems easier and more portable.  If you experiment with this technique, let me know how it goes!

Next on my journey through the bookmarks, I found decluttering information.  That word, “declutter”, does not work for me.  I prefer clearing space, so that is the term I use here. The bookmark lead to the work of Sue Rasmussen, a resource my friend Marifran suggested to me, and Sue’s work seems to be a real find.  I love the aesthetic of  her website and the page I had bookmarked had a quote from Suze Orman that struck right to the heart of what I was trying to do during this six day creative lark, clear my living space and energy field for creative fulfillment that financially satisfies.  The quote says, “If you have debt I’m willing to bet that general clutter is a problem for you too.” 

Holding on to things I do not use and do not need has been a challenge throughout my life.  According to astrological and indigenous peoples’ theory, I am a fixed or holding type, out of the three possible types.  These types are called the modalities in astrology and modus operandi within indigenous cultures.  The three types are cardinal or initiating, fixed or holding and mutable or integrating.  We need all three capacities for living, however, we are often strongest in one particular type and therein lie our challenges.  With a fixed nature, I am able to see things through to completion, I have tenacity, however, letting go and not holding on represent challenges.  Going into this six day stretch I consciously knew that the work before me was to clear my office space so that I could make room for writing that I long to do, and other creative work.  In my conceptual mind, and my physical body, this work felt like crossing the mountain and I had no clue of how I was going to get there.  I did get there, I rejoice to say, however, there was a step in between.

Whether it was thinking about water and what we put into our bodies or whether it was thinking about the clogging clutter of extra body weight, I found myself thinking about food choices. I went to a book that I love and use often Paul Pitchford’s Healing with Whole Foods.  Throughout the years, I have known that I have a “damp” constitution from the perspective of Chinese Medicine.  Pitchford’s book is full of information about right foods to eat for our particular constitutions and I spent time revisiting that information. Clarity was one of the words that I infused into my drinking water, so maybe that is how the awareness arose.  Anyway, I got it that I need to eat more vegetables.  Cooking is not a favored task of mine and I like to eat easy. Cooking vegetables is simple enough so I  said yes to change, went vegetable shopping and cleared space in my life to change how and what I eat.  I want more chi in my life, I want energy and that green, animated source of living.

What I experienced in this six day stretch is that we no longer live solely in the third and fourth dimensions.  With 2012 and the accumulated awakening since the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987, an event I participated in by ritual and have been participating every step of the way to now, we have access to life lived with 5D awareness. This 5th Dimension awareness accepts conscious flow as a way of life, a partnership of body, mind, spirit and soul with Universe Consciousness.  It is LIFE!, here on earth, now. This way of living involves letting go of “shoulds”, of mind directions and forcings and instead,  flowing with subtleties within and around us, those cues and clues from an integrated partnership with Universe.  This kind of living takes trust.  With 2012, we have passed a threshold, though, and we can say yes to the new ways or we can stay stuck. Uck!

As I reach the end of my six day creative stretch, I have a humongous recycle bin filled to the brim with office papers I had clung to, clogging my creative and spatial arteries. As I plan and eat meals of life-giving vegetables, energy and consciousness shifts.  What I am aware of is that I cannot find the fulfillment I seek by doing things the old way.  There is a serendipity of following the current, that which calls our attention.  Each spark of interest legitimately leads to more data and another spot in the water course.  This past six days I get it, how to trust and live in 5D awareness. I am a great listener and in this sacred time between the eclipses, I heard, and lived, the flow of 5D living.

Flowing with the water current is great, and I invite you to join me.   If you are looking for your own similar adventure, of  how to follow the cues and clues of your own unfolding awareness, consider  sessions with me where we work in partnership to unfold your soul’s journey.

Paeonia 'Mrs. F.D.R.' up close

Bob Gutowski via Compfight


As someone who follows natural cycles, including those of bodies in deep space, the recent discovery of the quasar that contains the largest amount of water in the Universe rivets my attention. We are connected with every living thing in the Universe and this body of water, even in deep space, reverberates with the water in and around us. Water is a conduit of intuitive knowing and connection.

The discovery of this massive amount of water represents a positive omen, a welcome guest, in our conscious awareness. The timing of when celestial bodies are brought into awareness speaks to an awakening of human consciousness. Its almost like we cannot let awareness of something in until we are ready to receive it.

From the 2004 South Asian tsunami and the 2005 destroying floods in New Orleans to the 2011 tsunami in Japan, water has come more into our consciousness as a cosmic force of power that shifts and moves things. Now we have this super amount of water power in our cosmic field through a deep space connection and things are changing.

This amount of water, 140 trillion times the amount of water in all the Earth’s oceans, according to news reports, represents a startling wake up call. Our field of intuitive knowing is expanding, as is our sense of connection.

Wanting to where this quasar is located, I contacted Philip Sedgwick, a leading galactic astrologer, and asked him where this quasar is in the zodiac. Philip replied that it is at 26 degrees, 14 minutes in the sign of Cancer. According to Sabian Symbols, a system of intuitive images for each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac, the image for 27 Cancer (you round up in Sabian Symbols) is “A violent storm in a canyon filled with expensive homes.” The Sabian Symbol for this quasar suggests that we are ready for the change that is coming, a leveling of the resources, financial and otherwise, that have been split between haves and have nots.

The current stalemate of negotiations in the United States regarding the debt ceiling speaks to this split. The disparity between rich and poor is at a breaking point in the United States and throughout the world. Change is coming and the discovery of this massive body of water is harbinger of this change.

One frame of reference that I use in my life is the nursing theory of Margaret Newman, Health as Expanding Consciousness. In this theory, a health, or another kind of crisis, perhaps financial, comes and disorganizes us. In a healthy response we are able to reorganize at a higher level of functioning. We go up the spiral to a higher level. We use the crisis to get better. It is the nature of crisis to disorganize, to have things fall apart and then reorganize, restructure. After Katrina, New Orleans really did not seem to come back. In talking with intuitive friends who have visited there recently, there seems to be no life there, on the energetic level. If I remember correctly, New Orleans was built against nature. The levees were engineered structures that went against nature.  No one can go against nature for long and still keep going.  

When the next storm comes, and  disorganization happens, one response is to stay true to the currents of our water natures, our intuition and our emotions. Questions to ask your intuition include, “What do I want and how do I go about getting it?” Questions to ask your emotional nature include, “What do I feel and how do I release what I feel in safe and effective ways?” Pay attention to intuitions, body sensations, dreams and daydreams. Pay attention to surprise connections, chance meetings, chance opportunities. Allow water, the feeling nature of our beings, to guide us through our personal and collective storms.  Open up to this big body of water that is our cosmic neighbor.

Here are some choice quotes about water for you to sip on:

Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what is soft is strong.      Lao-Tzu


We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.  Jacques Cousteau 



To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature, and life itself. Masaru Emoto


Water is the one substance from which the earth can conceal nothing; it sucks out its innermost secrets and brings them to our very lips. Jean Giraudoux