Genuine Week for Sovereignty — Wear Your Crown Royally

Second Quarter Moon, August 5, 2022, 7:07 AM to Full Moon, August 11, 9:38 PM EDT

Second Quarter Moons are the most productive phase of the Lunar cycle. We gain momentum in the first week and culminate efforts in the third, or Full Moon week. In the fourth week, we dissolve into emptiness before cycling up again at the next New Moon.   This pattern of building and releasing reflects the life span and repeats each lunar month.

In addition to pronounced productivity, resisting external forces is another feature of the Second Quarter Moon phase. Think of the “no” behavior of a two-year-old or the age-appropriate rebelliousness of a teen. Those in your family, circle of friends, or workgroup who perpetually question authority are likely to have been born in a 2nd Quarter Moon phase. (You can look it up here: Please note that I call the second week of the lunar month the second quarter, while many name it the first quarter.)

Since standing up to external authority is a natural imprint of this lunar phase, it is critical to claim our strength and power this week. The glorious opportunity is to resist internal lethargy and malaise and claim what we want and vision for ourselves and our world.

While standing up to external pressure is inherent in this week’s lunar energies, the opportunity is to align ourselves with the sacred light within. What are we doing that stands in the way of personal progress? What thoughts keep us from freedom, and what false conditioning blocks our path? What holds us back from full glory, to be revealed, again and again, each Full Moon?

The cosmic energies bless us this week with openings, opportunities, and chances to release the truth of our creativity in transformative ways. Do not be surprised if, during this lunar week, stuffed and stifled emotional content breaks through the surface to be moon-kissed into freedom.

5D Here, Now

This week’s cosmic energies plug into the 5D portal access of Sovereignty. This lunar week gives us the opening to shake off, discard, and eliminate that which shackles our sovereignty.

We are used to regarding sovereignty through a political or national lens. In this time of 5D consciousness, sovereignty extends to personal autonomy, authority, and the divine right of being human. We have the consciousness to choose and accept or decline. 5D helps us realize our natural state of being is sovereign. This is a week to claim that sovereignty, that fierce inner power of solid self-worth.

We need to know our worth to live it.


Space, time, silence, and reflection are needed to help you feel and then own your sovereignty. We cannot tap into this reservoir of power when we are pressured with responsibilities and time crunches.

One way to start tapping into awareness of your sovereignty is to make as much space as possible for quiet reflection. Take a bath, sit on the porch and look at the sky, write in your journal, ask for help through the dream and then either write the dream details down or speak them into an audio file. Go back and ponder the mysterious messages of the dream state.

We must feel it to be it. Sovereignty is crucial now in this time of profound transformation. We need to know our worth to live it.

What is suggested here is not necessarily easy. It takes focus and active internal inquiry. The journey starts with one step. I hope you can take the step that leads to unearthing your powerful sovereignty as a divine human, alive with choice.

If you want help exploring your sovereignty, reach out here.

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

There are extended Void Moon times for the United States and Canada on Saturday, August 6, and Monday, August 8. These Void Moon times include an intense Monday Morning blues, nebulous feeling, and perhaps, not wanting to get out of bed. These Void Moon times occur in the afternoon on both those days for European people.

There is a brief, two-hour Void Moon for the United States and Canada on Wednesday, and this will occur in the evening hours for those in Europe.

The exact times are below, along with a time converter link.  

A workbook on A New Relationship with Time is in the works. The Void of Course Moon is one of the sections in this upcoming workbook. Stay tuned for release announcements.

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Saturday, August 6, 7:24 AM to 12:39 PM EDT

Monday, August 8, 6:30 AM to 2:39 PM EDT

Wednesday, August 10, 12:40 PM to 2:45 PM

Here is a time converter:

Blessed Be. See you next week, at the Full Moon.

New Moon Week Friday, April 1, 2:25 AM EDT to Saturday, April 9, 2:48 AM EDT

At the New Moon, we move from the formless state into form. This lunar cycle phase equates to the newborn human growth and development stage. We find our way into new life in infancy and at New Moons. This April 2022 New Moon emphasizes newness because it aligns with the start of a new seasonal cycle. Aries Sun, Aries Moon, new life budding forth. The exact time of the New Moon is 2:25 AM, EDT, April 1. Allow 24-36 hours to adjust to the newness as you emerge from the emptiness state into the formed state. Ask for what you need–ask your spiritual helpers and ask yourself. Get clear and present with those needs and then project those needs as already met. An Eileen Caddy quote posted in strategic places around my house states: “Expect your every need to be met, expect the answer to every problem, expect abundance on every level, expect to grow Spiritually. You are not living by Human laws. Expect Miracles and see them take place. Hold ever before you the thought of prosperity and abundance and know that doing so sets in motion forces that will bring it into being.” Please do not allow yourself to be distracted by what does not matter. As these are collectively traumatic times, please also set boundaries around the challenges that impact your heart, soul, and life. One of the most practical teachings I have ever received was from a Tibetan Buddhist Lama when he said, “Even a thought can help.” We are each activist in different ways. Know where your action lies and take it. The veil is sliver thin now. At this border of a New Moon and the edge of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, insights are quick, manifestation is instant, and the experience of embodied, co-creative power is alive. This New Moon awakens us more fully to whom we are, intuitive collaborators within a loving and responsive cosmos.

Real-Life Examples of the Potency of Now

Help is on the Way I bring a question into morning mediation. Images come through, and after meditation, I realize that there is probably a flower essence that matches the received image. An online search produces an exact match. The ordered essence arrives with the New Moon. I will keep you posted regarding outcomes once I use the flower essence. The felt experience is one of “Message received, help is on the way.” Just Waiting to be Asked In an online 2022 Spiritual Ancestors Retreat with Tanis Helliwell, Tanis posts a question, and, as participants, we go on a guided imagery meditation in search of responses. It is utterly astounding how ready and willing our invisible helpers are. All we have to do is ask. While I have been asking Angels, archangels, totems, crystals, elementals, spiritual and lineage ancestors, and all helpful guides and guardians for assistance my entire adult life, the response now is immediate. It is exceptional! At this border crossing into 5th Dimensional Consciousness and with the veil at the New Moon, now is the time to realize our collaborative power as spiritual beings having a human experience. If you are struggling with a conundrum, please consider asking your beneficent helpers for information on resolutions or next steps. They wait in the wings to be asked. We Must Do Our Part As mentioned in other blog posts, we are becoming beings of Light in this shift to 5D Consciousness. That means that the foods we used to eat may no longer be aligned with who we are becoming. We must shift with the shifting. If a behavior you are doing, the food you are eating, or a relationship you tolerate no longer holds resonance with the lighter, freer you, you have a choice. You can either release the outdated attachment or stay bogged down in the past. Over the decades since I have been tracking the 5th Dimensional Shift, I have had many dietary changes.  These changes come with a shift in identity. The time is now to complete those choices. It isn’t easy to let go of comfort food, of quick yet false satisfaction, for more fulfilling nourishment. With each “Yes, I hear and agree,” the choice gets reinforced with the instantaneous reward of living an intuitive life. Actively living this shift, embodying 5D has become part of my work. If I can help you move through the challenges as we shift to 5D Consciousness, consider scheduling a time to talk here at I also work with astrology in an innovative way that recognizes our bidirectional relationship with the planets. For more on this, check out: Information, Intuition, Integration. For more information on the changes involved in this shift, check out 5D Ordinary Descriptions of an Extraordinary Shift.

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

The Void Moon times this week are brief. For those in the United States and Canada Eastern Time Zones, we might lose the plot mid-morning on Saturday, April 2, for a few hours and again for most of the morning on Thursday, April 7. These Void Moon times affect those in Europe later in the day, during the afternoon and evening hours. Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon. The Void Moon Times this week include: Saturday, April 2, 9:51 AM to 12:51 PM EDT Monday, April 4, 9:53 PM to 11:05 PM Wednesday, April 6,11:15 PM to Thursday, April 7, 11:30 AM EDT Here is a time converter: Blessed Be. See you next week, at the Second Quarter Moon.

Full Moon Week of Lunar Cycle, February 16, 2022


Full Moon Week of Lunar Cycle, February 16,  2022

February 16, 2022, 11:57 AM, EST to Wednesday, February 23, 2022, 5:32 PM EST

Full Moons are unions. They represent the Union with ourselves and our Union with others. The invitation this week is to increase the direct experience of self-love and decrease the conditions for love that exist between us and others.

3  Ways to Increase Self-Love this Week

  1. Look into the mirror and find that smile. Identify something that you love about yourself and treasure it. Acknowledge it, give gratitude for it, celebrate it. Take a brave step and share one loved part of yourself in the comments. It is time for your Light to shine.
  2. Sit quietly in your favorite chair or nature, and connect with your Sacred Heart. Ask it what it needs. Listen, Accept and ask for support from your beneficient helpers – Angels, Archangels, Guardians, Guides, Ancestors, to help you follow through.
  3. This might be the most challenging step – Connect with your Inner Child and ask what needs to show up more in your life as play, joy, adventure. Ask it what it needs. Listen, Accept and ask for support from your beneficient helpers – Angels, Archangels, Guardians, Guides, Ancestors, to help you follow through.

Please go slowly, at your own innate pace, with these steps. Be tender, gentle, and kind. Even extracting information is a significant accomplishment. Once you have brought the gifts and needs to Light, you can work on that information over time.

3 Ways to Decrease Conditions in Relationships with Others

Loving free of conditions is one of the 5 Pillars of Access to 5D Consciousness. (More to come on these 5 Pillars of Access!) To love free of conditions is part of our root nature. We have been hardened over eons to establish conditions for loving and being loved. In the Light of 5D Consciousness, we can release these conditions as false notes. The following are 3 Suggestions for removing conditions of loving and being loved in our lives.

  1. When someone triggers you, take a beat. Receive the trigger as a red light where you do a complete stop. Breathe through the impulse to react. Ask your inner wisdom, something like, What is the meaning of this trigger? Listen and receive. Bringing something unconscious into the Light helps air it out.
  2. When you meet with an obstacle seemingly caused by another, consider being grateful. Acknowledge the slow down as a gift you have yet to unwrap. Breathe through the struggle and unwrap the gift. The Divine Will has a more expansive view than our wills; slowing down may help to sense the bigger picture. Be tender with yourself; free of condemning or blaming. Everything that happens is a learning experience, and we can receive it as such.
  3. Stop engaging with people on the public stage who elicit condemnations from you. What flows in our lives responds to where we place our attention. Choice is the decider, always, and responsible choice carries a higher vibrational frequency than habituated choice.

May you come to blessed, sacred Union within yourself and with others during this luminous Full Moon week.

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

The Void of Course Moon times this week are all relatively short periods. This is a great week to notice when your body says stop, take a break. Please listen and respond affirmatively. Watch how the work still gets done when you allow the natural inclination for rest and slow down in connection with our Moon’s flow.

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Hearing what your body wants during Void Moons, generally, more internal focus than external focus and more stillness, quiet, and rest, are great ways to start embodying the Moon.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Wednesday, February 16, 11:57 AM to 3:43 PM EST

Friday, February 18, 6:19 PM to 10:51 PM, EST

Monday, February 21, 12:01 AM 4:19 AM EST

Wednesday, February 23, 4:24 AM to 8:29 AM EST

Here is a time converter:

If I can help you move through the challenges of opening to your body as Timer, as we shift to 5D Consciousness, consider scheduling a time to talk or an appointment here

Blessed Be. See you next week with the Last Quarter Moon phase.

Hi everyone!

At 9:58 pm EDT Tuesday, September 28, we enter the last week of the lunar cycle.

Keeping track of time by aligning with the first of every month in the standard calendar does not connect us to nature. Aligning with the lunar cycle connects us to our inner nature and the glorious nature surrounding us.

Note what happens with the tides and Moon flow.  It is the same with us if we allow for that subtle sensibility.

The last three days of this last lunar week are known as the Dark of the Moon. The Dark of the Moon occurs from Sunday, October 3 to Wednesday, October 6 at 7:05 am, EDT, when we have the New Moon.  Dark Moon times are naturally occurring low energy, the ebbing cycle.

In the last week, outward energy is low and introspective energy is high. We may feel slower and pulled more to the ground. These are times to rest and reflect.

It is a matter of trust and long-term tracking to remember our natural alignment with lunar flow. Synchronizing energy with Moon flow, we become the timer, rather than the clock on the wall or the watch on the wrist. Benefits of aligning with natural time include less stress and more fulfillment.

Letting your body be the timer leads to a direct experience of sovereignty.

For those willing and able, note your energy levels between Tuesday, September 28, and the New Moon on September 6. Give the New Moon 24 hours or so, and then notice how energy naturally builds. We will explore this more next week.

The void of course Moon times in this last week of the lunar cycle include:

Thursday, September 30, 3:05 am until 2:10 pm EDT

Saturday, October 2, 7:43 pm until Sunday, October 3, 4:38 am EDT

Tuesday, October 5, 4:46 Am until 8:41 am EDT

The last lunar week, especially the three days of the Dark of the Moon, and void of course Moon times are highly receptive times for intuition, inspiration, and imagination. They are challenging times for using force to move forward.

More info is coming in the months ahead.


With Moon Glow,



How to Claim 5D Alchemy

5D delivers.  Once we move past the surprise of getting what we requested in full and complete ways, extraneous thought evaporates. There is nothing to do, no big agenda to follow. Effort goes out of receiving and even out of following-up.

Suddenly, without any warning, at any time or place, with no apparent cause, it can happen.                                                                                                                                                    Ken Wilbur

The Story

Unlike many people, I have not ever wanted to own a home. With nomadic blood, I move a lot, in both short and long-distance moves. I do feel that I have settled in place now, coming full circle to where I began. Buying a home, though, is not on my wish list.

Renting has become an option for many people and the market has changed. Prices have gone up and supply has gone down. I wanted to move this past Spring.

My wish list is precise, and long. I require no smoking, no external lights shining into interior rooms, no carpet, pet friendly, quiet, surrounding beauty and the right price.  Nothing matched my list this Spring, so I  decided to settle in place despite a super long commute with traffic that I allow to aggravate me.

Then, it happened.  As Ken Wilber says “Suddenly, without any warning, at any time or place, with no apparent cause, it can happen.  (From CWI No Boundary, page 433.)

My niece, a realtor, told me about a house for rent that meets my wish list.  And here, I have it, a place to call home. This new home allows me to shift toward fuller living. This new residence allows for greater social engagement and cultural enrichment because the commute is cut in half. I will be free from bombastic, artificial light invading inner space, noise pollution that yanks up my nervous system and a lack of green beauty that does nothing for the heart.

When the offer came, there was no losing center. I took the offer as a direct response to my request, and I took the receiving of it in stride. The plotting and planning of packing, moving, changing addresses seem like an ordinary day’s work; neither an ordeal, nor a cause for overenthusiastic anticipation.  The experience is simply something that is happening that is part of the mix of living in the field of alchemical magic, where wishes are granted and dreams are fulfilled.

Like many people, my past is rich with the joys of getting dream jobs or finding beautiful places to live or taking life-changing trips. There was always a roller coaster associated with these experiences; an up and a down.

Now, in 5D, it seems we take good fortune in stride.  There is nothing to lose center over. The pull of over exuberance or deflation has evaporated. We are in Yes Living now.

It is quite freeing to ask for something and receive it in full, on Spirit or the Universe’s timeline.  When we receive what we requested, the tendency is to keep asking for the next things our hearts desire. Love, and Life, and our own Soul, respond.

Ask – Presence with each changing Moment – Receive – Acknowledge — Ask

As we acclimate to the 5th and Higher Dimensions, we operate at a new cloud level, where the vista is wider, more flowing and connected. We do not have to concern ourselves with the tedium we were used to dealing with in 3D. We live with greater stride, confidence, and surety.

Please share in the comments a recent experience of yours in having a request met, full and complete.





Allowing Our Moon’s Magnetics to Pull You toward Stillness

In the early 1980s, I remember feeling bewildered that I had energy during one-half of each month and wanted to do nothing the other half of each month. This confusion was before I had consciousness around the permeable flow of the Moon’s rhythms in nature and within me.

Now that I understand the shifting rhythms, I work with them consciously. I have just had my Personal Dark Moon with its luscious pull to be quiet and still. It is a majical time that filters, warms and nurtures. Dark Moons rest my body, Soul, and Spirit.

Everyone has his or her unique patterning between the Personal and the Collective Lunar Cycles.  My Personal New Moon occurs about one week before the Collective New Moon. With this patterning, I have three days of magnetic pull to stillness and then an energetic uplift with my Personal New Moon. A few days after this, I go down and in again with the Collective Dark Moon, and then a fuller, energetic resurgence with the Collective New Moon. During the last ten days of the Collective Lunar Cycle, for me,  the needle on the energy spectrum trends toward low.

Flowing with this pattern allows my body rest and more rest, with the reflective peace that comes with stillness. These are abundantly rich times, and I resurface in both the Personal and Collective New Moons with new insights, and fresh starts.

The reflection that broke through the surface during this recent Personal Dark Moon relates to the heavy tension that gets stored in my body when I focus on the unexplainable chaos in our world now. In the United States, we have someone in power appearing to break all rules, yet keeps going. We have police shooting people to death, without charges brought against them and we have a former, revered comedian on trial for sexual assault, with legions of women in the background echoing similar assault, and the trial results in a hung jury.  In the world, we have audacious events of mass deaths by unfathomable acts of terror. Who can explain this topsy-turvy world?

For those of us working with the collective consciousness shift to higher dimensions, we understand that these bizarre outer circumstances represent the dismantling of the old order.  We get that. Living through it is another matter, as hardly anyone anticipated the dismantling would be so disgraceful, shocking, offensive, extreme.

The impact on our collective psyche is serious. People who are not aware of the quantum dimensional shift are having a tough time. People who are aware of this quantum shift are also having a tough time. Stress levels tip the balance scales with somber effect.

I have felt this stress as it shows up in clenched muscle tension that stifles life flow. This physical contraction hurts, and as a sovereign being, I must shift this. We all have anchors that bring us to center. One of my main anchors involves synchronizing physical energy levels with Moon flow.

Because I stopped, rested, and listened during my most recent Personal Dark Moon, I heard a plan that come through my inner caretaker.  During the Collective Dark Moon this week, I am taking a news cleanse.  I am not reading news online. I already do not watch the news on TV, and this week, I am giving up the hours I spend every day reading news online.  Our New Moon occurs Friday evening, June 23, 10:32 PM, EDT.  I will discern then whether I want to return to spending precious, potentially creative, moments reading news online.

Before the November election, I stopped listening to NPR news and have not returned to that practice. My system cannot take it.  My system has been on overload with all the online news I consumed,  and in this collective Dark Moon, I release that practice, too. I will have more time for creativity, more time for connecting with others, more time for tending to my inner life, as is optimal during a dark Moon phase.

It is rough out there. We must keep to kindness and supreme self-care. Do you feel the magnetic pull to stillness when it knocks on your psyche? Are you allowing it to help you stop, rest and listen to your inner wisdom? Please share in the comments section. If you would like assistance determining the pattern between your Personal and Collective Lunar Cycles, let me know.


Resolving the Pain of Self-Abandonment

Summerfair is a juried art show that occurs the first weekend in June on the banks of the Ohio River, here in Cincinnati. This is an art event I look forward to every year.  The Sun shines high, vibrant colours abound and crowds of people explore the art, curious and happy.

The day I attended Summerfair this year was a perfect weather day, and I was delighted to enjoy the experience with my sister. I find that contemplating the paintings, woodwork, metal work, jewelry, fiber arts, feeds my Soul. After my sister and I bought bold, fun summer wear from one of the vendors, we stopped to eat lunch on a bench in the shade, overlooking the muddy brown Ohio River. The essence of this River has imprinted my Soul since childhood.

After lunch, I checked my phone and found an email message confirming an apartment viewing appointment at 3:30 PM that day. And here is where I lost it. Rather than stop, tune in and discern a choice between seeing that apartment or enjoying the rest of the fair, I lost presence and did not even consider that there was a choice. Sheepishly, I went to look at the apartment.

I only recognized that there was a choice when we arrived at the apartment parking lot and saw how dismal the place was. I did not even go in to view the apartment.

The refrain “Wouda, coulda, shoulda,” played in my mind. The rental price was a giveaway, had I consciously assessed the offering. The price was far enough off to indicate that it was a no, even before I said yes to the appointment. If I had the presence of mind to realize a choice was at stake, I could have declined the appointment and stayed at the fair. Instead, I flowed listlessly, like a log on the River, wasting time and effort. In consequence, I suffered the loss of feeling incomplete with this year’s Summerfair.

Michele Mayama taught a technique where you check in with your’s Soul’s wisdom by asking a question and then feeling through the soles of the feet if there is life related to what is asked, or not. I have used these technique for years and find it to be reliable. A yes answer had a response of upward surging, a no answer is flat and when our Soul or Body  wants no part of what is being asked about, there is a downward pull, like a repulsed response: a definite no.  Had I even stopped to ask if there was life for me in going to view the apartment, the response, I am sure, would have been no.

Instead, I was left with a deflated feeling of loss, discomfort and dissonance. I was upset because I lost presence and did not discern choice about something that held value for me.

I had obsessive thoughts about what I missed by leaving the fair early.  It was a challenge to let that go.  Four times I asked, through my feet, if there was life for me in going back to the Fair on Sunday, to capture what I missed seeing on Saturday. Every time I received a flat-out NO.

A few days later, a friend shared a Jeff Brown quote and a phrase from that quote resonated like cathedral bells: “The more embedded our methods of self-distraction, the more agitating the truth-aches calling us back to authenticity.” Truth-ache, this was the pain of it; I abandoned myself and had acute truth-ache because of it.

Moving through the loss associated with missing a sizable portion of this year’s fair brought flashes of what it might be like on the deathbed. I can imagine one might say, think or feel, “Oh, no I am not ready to leave, I did not get to see everything or have all the experiences I wanted to have.”

Interestingly, on my Facebook feed that day, someone posted a quote from Rumi: “At the moment of our death we wake up laughing.” This quote lit me up!

I have heard that the Dalia Lama works on his own death a little every day. I am not sure what he does, however, I imagine preparing for ease at death might involve practice with letting go, feeling loss, more letting go and opening to the infinite, unconditioned possibilities of Presence with each moment.

Every truth-ache has a learning where we go beyond the pain and sense the underlying need. For me, in this Summerfair experience, the identified needs are to not abandon myself, to stay present, and to feed my Soul more art.

I am returning to Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way’s practice of  weekly cultural dates with myself. I am checking local listings for art fairs and cultural events. I am slow stopping to consider that each moment holds choice. When I die, I want to be full up and ready, not a moment of this precious life wasted through abandoning Presence, and choice.

Pat, sister, left, Aureal, right, on the banks of the Ohio River


Raising Frequencies to Allow for Multidimensional Creating

When I was growing up, my mother and maternal grandmother used to say, “The Lord will provide.”  In the consciousness shift to 5D and beyond, we seem to transcend the concept of a “Lord” to that of an active, co-creating Universe, free of hierarchy, where no one lords over us, for good or not so good.

Mass movements dismantle hierarchy. The Civil Rights Movement in the 60’s started the dissolve of the hierarchy of race, and the Flower Power of the same era started the dissolve of the hierarchy of corporate capitalism. These collective awakenings brought direct experience of personal sovereignty and human equality. We recognized freedoms and our interrelatedness. The 1970s and 80s brought revitalized interest in Native American Spirituality, reminding us all creatures are our relations, animal, plant, mountain, ocean, sky, human; All My Relations.

Fast forward to the Information Age when our entire planet is connected wirelessly and folks at far distances communicate instantaneously. Hierarchy of place, dismantled.

Other mass movements also reflect the dissolution of hierarchy. People take power back from doctors as they research their options, tune into themselves, and decide personal health care choices based on their own sovereignty. As I wrote in last week’s post, no one knows better than us what is the best for us.

While it still seems to be a man’s world, progress is made in gender equality. Men are in the delivery room now, in contrast to their absent role in the birthing process decades ago. That some men change diapers, feed babies and are active parents, is a great equalizer in gender hierarchy. Gender fluidity is another equalizer.

We also see the dissolution of hierarchy between humans and animals. People go out of their way, even risking their lives, to save animals. There is mass outrage when remnants of trophy consciousness are reported.  Animals perform miraculous interventions that save human lives.

Like stepping stones, these mass events that diminish hierarchy and demonstrate equality lead us to direct experience of worthiness, and Divinity.

The embodiment of sovereign power leads us to awareness that we co-create our own reality. We are no longer helpless victims, at the mercy of a hierarchical figure lording over us. We are it.  We are actively linked to the co-creative, materializing forces that craft our lives.

Co-creation does not force mind over matter. The more conscious we are, the more fluid and responsive we are with the co-creative forces, the more our lives reflect materialized desires.

And this is my place of struggle now, in raising frequencies to allow for this level of multidimensional creating. It is one thing to let go of hierarchy; it is another thing to be flapping in the wind without a Mother.

We do not create in a vacuum.  We speak our truth to ourselves consciously; the truth of what we long for and want. In expressing to ourselves, we also express to the Universe. We monitor negative self-talk and choose words with care, as we know what we say manifests.

I am aware of having to stretch up and out to this new consciousness that is grounded in direct experience of being loved by an animate Universe who cares, listens and responds to requests.

My challenge on this path is releasing the habituated patterning of being a Motherless Child. Yes, I had a mother in this life, and like many, my mother’s formative life experiences led to the motherless child experience.

My awareness now is of letting go of the Lone Wolf persona and letting in Love. A spiritual teacher once said to me, “You need to have an experience of a Mother that you can trust.” She led me to the Earth Mother, and now, I lead myself to the Living, Loving Cosmos Mother.

A Mothered Child no longer hides what she wants, longs for, knows as Truth. An adult mothered child is self-responsible within a Universe that hears, responds and Loves back.  Our Cosmic Mother is multidimensional with access to the timeless realm of All Possibility. Hierarchy is gone; inclusion is here. No one, no part left out. We wake to our Power, our Sovereignty and our living relationship with a co-creating Field.

Our rational minds cannot understand our co-creating Field; our Souls know. When we surrender the lead of our mind to the lead of our Soul and when we combine our Soul Consciousness with the Consciousness of the Universe, how can we not create what is good and holy and remarkably ours to do and be and have?

When we surrender the false concept of hierarchy and claim stand-up alliance with a responsive, creating Universe, how can we not create and Be what it is ours to create and Be?

A mothered child knows that she is loved. She has the freedom to be. We are all Mothered by this Divine Mother, our Earth and the SupraMother beyond Her, the Cosmos. I suspect it takes a while to absorb this Love, to repattern the Motherless Child experiences with Mothered Child experiences.

This is the part we deal with now, in this Frequency Upgrade; this direct experience of being Love and Loved within a Loving Universe. 

(Current political scenes reflect the death throes of hierarchy. It is a mess out there. However, what we feed with our attention, grows. If we choose to be distracted by the external chaos to the determent of our own sovereignty, that is a choice. 

One’s own Heart and Soul is where accountability rests. If you are called from within to be an active part of the Resistance, may you find your way to Yes.  If your role is to listen to the deepest beat of the Earth/Cosmos through silence and bearing witness, may you find your way to that, too. Whatever your role in this current chaos, may you find your way and not abandon yourself in the process.)

There are Two Outcomes, We Either Rise in Frequency, or We Stay Stuck

The closing line of my daily prayer is, “Everything I need is here,” and my living anthem is, “All is Well.” Saying these words and living them are two different things, and I am at the place of Great Divide. Now is the time for me to live the alignment. Maybe your experience is that it is that time for you, too.

Our Quantum Dimensional Shift is the biggest, boldest frontier humanity has ever faced. What got us here, rational thought, consciousness of duality, no longer works.

How to climb out of habituated limitations and into the Living, Fluid Light? Many of us have been preparing for this shift for eons.  Other peoples’ work helps, like Tosha Silver’s Outrageous Openness, or Eckhart Tolle’s masterful help with Presence in the Moment, along with multiple others. However, it feels that the time is now for internal accountability rather than external influence.  The leap is Now. Mission Critical. No time to wait.

One place where I get mentally hung up is the old paradigm thinking of what about them? If I have this, whatever it is, what about them, how will “they” get it? One thing that I did learn from 15 years of Tibetan Buddhist practice is that there are no comparisons, yet I still attempt for all  things to be equal. Our Universe is varied, abundant,  and there is enough for all. I can no longer allow myself to get hung up at this lower frequency vibration that comes from limitation.

Another signifier of this time is the Sovereignty of our Beingness. We are our own Boss now, no deferring to others, and no one knows our path better than we do. We must take what is ours to take with the Grace of our own Divinity. To choose this requires sustained living at higher frequencies.

There are two outcomes, we either rise in frequency, or we stay stuck.

I choose to rise in frequency. Deep-seated patterns of worry and fear are juxtapositioned with All is Possible and living, breathing that this is so.  I can no longer stay stuck in what was, despite feeling fragile as I live this New Way.

It helps to re member the elusive essence of Soul. When we are Soul Directed, as so many of us are, we are not limited to 3D consciousness or even 5D consciousness.  Our Souls know, and they do their best to inform us if we only listen and allow.  Our minds do not know better than our Souls.

Feeding the Soul is critical now, as this is what informs us while mind no longer leads the way. What feeds your Soul? Please share in the comments section. My soul is fed through plenty of down time, doing nothing, hanging out in the silent spaciousness. Many other choices also feed my Soul, however, this one is primary.

We were made for this Great Shift. As spiritual beings in human form, we came in multidimensional. The Dimensions are opening and inviting us Home. Staying with the familiar, the patterned, we might miss the re Union.  This is what is at stake Now.






A Tale of the Freeing Experience of Nonlinear Time

I have had challenges accessing Pandora in my car lately. Sometimes the Bluetooth channel will play Pandora, and sometimes even that does not work. I stopped listening to NPR news before the 2016 election. While silence is my general preference, there are times that I enjoy listening to jazz while driving.

Twice now, when Pandora did not work, I clicked on the Bluetooth tab, and no jazz plays from there, either. What comes on is a U2 album. This is a track from an actual album, not Pandora. There is a USB port in my car, however, no flash drive is plugged into it. I have not ever purchased or downloaded music from U2 and have no idea where this is coming from. I click the fast forward button on the car’s touch screen and a mp3 recording of a channeled session that I had saved years ago starts playing.

Curious to revisit these teachings, I stay with it. The channeled session comes from 2012, it seems, and is a session of Michele Mayama channeling Mary Magdalene.

In this session, Mary Magdalene responds to a participant’s question about intuition. While I missed these words when the session was live, I heard them the other day. Mary Magdalene said that intuition comes from a limited perspective. She talked about everyone’s birthright to full consciousness — to know the whole and the full. In any given moment. She shared that intuition is a small facet of full capacity consciousness.

This full awareness is what multidimensional consciousness offers. Through all of our being, particularly, sensate experiences, we can see, feel, hear, access the whole picture.

What a liberating way to regard consciousness. This full spectrum approach upgrades intuition from a facet glimpse to a nonlinear experience of multidimensional presence

These higher dimensions are real. Our highest wisdom recognizes them as a felt experience, even if we cannot name it.  When we claim our higher dimensional home, we claim more parts of our power. We raise our capacity and we see more, touch more, feel more, know more. In a recent post on Soulstice Rising, Ascension Notes, Kara Schallock writes that human beings are bringing these higher dimensions in as a grid formation that is the New Earth.

In multidimensional consciousness, time is non-linear.  This means that information from years ago, can pop up on your radar, or radio like it did for me, or some flash of future can come into consciousness as real and alive and accessible.

Notice how experiences of nonlinear time show up for you. We can pay attention as these experiences happen. Notice how only the present is real, and stay there, with each new moment. Release regret, longing, fear, shame, blame, guilt. Present moment aligns our multidimensional consciousness with Deep Earth, and High Heaven, and stretches us out to full surround.

Being conscious of the present allows us to feel, know and choose next steps. Let go of the  plotted line for life experience, the linear time frame that goes from here to there to there. In its place, allow the swirling spiral of Now, with its fulcrum in multidimensional consciousness, to anchor you. Allow your Soul and the Universe to unfold You.

Please share your experiences with the release of linear time in the comments section.