I’m writing a mystery

why is the sky blue?
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One of my most satisfying pleasures in life is to read a good mystery.  I read mysteries all of the time, often two or three a week. I have wanted to write a mystery since the 1980s, however, I could not seem to get over the hurdle of killing someone, even through a novel.  In this last year, there was an energetic opening to write fiction and I walked right through it.  With the support of my regional Sisters-in-Crime chapter, I worked on my first mystery almost daily for about six months. I finished the first draft and then put it aside for some months.  I have picked this project up again and am now working on draft two.  I do not know how many drafts it will take to bring to completion; I do know that I am in for the long-haul.

Writing fiction is a lark.  The central character is an intuitive like me and while I have direct life experiences to draw from, I am learning from this fictional character. The story tells itself and the characters reveal themselves without my having to think about it.  It feels like imaginary play and I am fully engaged with the process. The working title, Sins of the Father,  came to me and I had no idea what it meant until the end of the first draft.  Then it made perfect sense.  Writing a mystery is like majic unfolding in one’s working life.

I will use this space here, under Mystery in the Works,  to share with you my process with this first novel. Stay tuned for surprises, suspense and the occasional excerpt.


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