Full Moon Fulfillment Workshop

Full Moon Fulfillment Workshop

Saturday, May 14, 2022, 11 AM-1:30 PM EDT


The Zoom link will be emailed to you upon registration. 

Email aureal@5dherenow.com with Birthdate/time indicate AM or PM, place of birth and where you live now. The Zoom link will be emailed to you upon registration. 
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The Genesis of this Workshop

A recent inspiration is that each Full Moon represents our Wholeness through the experience of our vertical and horizontal axes. 

These axes are comprised of four quadrants representing several overlays: 

Cardinal Points in Nature

N, S, E, W

The Four Chambers of the Heart:

Full, Open, Clear, Strong

The Four Quadrants of a Birth Chart:

Thinking, Sensate Experience, Intuition, and Feelings

The Four Phases of the Moon:

New, Second Quarter, Full, Fourth Quarter

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What We Will Do

 We start with a total body relaxation and then go into a guided imagery journey to the Moon and beyond to explore what's up with us during this Full Moon.

We explore which quadrant of our personal vertical and horizontal axes calls to us for attention and care on this cosmic journey.

We journey in guided imagery and quiet meditation.

After the journey, we have a few minutes for personal processing — writing or drawing our experiences.

There is a brief break, and then we move on to group sharing as we wish.

The group size is limited to seven participants, so everyone has time for personal sharing.

These workshops will be offered monthly. This first workshop occurs during a potent Lunar Eclipse time.

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Anticipated Outcomes

Participants can expect to have a unique experience of deep intuition and inner knowing and a clearer understanding of the personal fulfillment available during the Full Moon Light.

There will be feedback from Aureal based on insights related to the participant's birth chart and sharing with other group members.

 Full Moon Workshops are offered monthly, near each Full Moon, with exact dates and times to be determined according to the date and time of the Full Moon.

It is hoped that a caring, compassionate community forms through these gatherings.

For questions, email aureal@5dherenow.com



Testimonials for Aureal's Guided Imagery Work

From Marifran Korb


Though Aureal Williams’ cosmic meditation lasted about 45 minutes, it has affected me deeply ever since. She led participants into a visualization with both wondrous detail and vast openness for personal creation. Aureal’s words took my spirit to a profound place of peace. It is more than that, though. Never have I heard such a richly described exploration in all my life. And I have traveled in meditation circles for over 40 years. At least four times, I was privileged to partake in these visualizations. None of them were exactly the same. It has been three years since Aureal first did one of her visualizations. Every night since then, I have used the remembered parts as I have merged into sleep. Though I started by re-imagining her version, the original description of exploring outer and inner space has morphed into other realms. Without her magnificent cosmic visualizations, I never would have had the benefit then or now. Truly, I am grateful.  

From Matthew David Gellin | Executive Artistic Director & CEO, American Legacy Theatre


Have you always wanted to know more about yourself and go boldly where you have never gone before? Then let Aureal guide you through a Deep Space intuitive Journey. Her generous and empowering energy helps you find the connection between the world, as you know it today, and the world you will come to know. This journey transported me, through spiritual energy, to places my body cannot go. Go into the experience with an open mind, an open heart, and willingness to say yes. If you do that, there is much you will learn.