October 6, 2021 New Moon

Photo by Sanaan Mazhar from Pexels

Glory, alleluia! The New Moon occurs at 7:05 AM EDT on Wednesday, October 6th, 2021.  This cosmic turning opens an entirely new cycle to create and love and grow into new consciousness.

The focus of these communications is to drill down to the essence of feeling these cosmic turnings within the body as a visceral experience.

Almost all the anchors in our lives are shifting. However, the cosmic alignment of Earth, Sun, and Moon remains as reliable anchors for planning, scheduling, and orienting toward fulfillment.

New Moons represent new circumstances. There is a fresh start, even to long-term projects and relationships. The New Moon offers a reset button that is best accessed by tuning into your intuition.

Questions you might ask are:

What is the opportunity for me in this new lunar month?

How do I begin?

How do I reset in …… circumstance?

The New Moon phase occurs between October 6th, 2021, 7:05 AM, EDT and lasts until October 12th, 11:25 PM EDT. The first week of the four-week lunar cycle is a creative time of application and focus. What we have generated within this first lunar week builds momentum toward the coming Full Moon.

The shape of our Moon in the night sky reflects the natural development of our efforts in imagining, creating and building our vision.

Allow your focus about one day into the new cycle to generate the form of your reset and then grab that budding energy. Go forward with animate creativity. Allow yourself this opportunity to align with nature and push the reset button.

Void of Course Moon times in this first week include:


Thursday, October 7th, 1:03 AM to 10:22 AM EDT.

Saturday, October 9th, 2:05 AM to 11:24 AM EDT

Monday, October 11th, 12:30 AM to 1:15 PM EDT


As the name suggests, void of Course Moon times is fluid periods when it is hard to focus.  Internal activities like resting, dreaming, reflecting are favoured, and demanding applications are Sisyphean.

Time change converter link: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter-classic.html

In the Moonlight,




Touch Screens

Photo Credit: Agustín Ruiz via Compfight

After seven years I changed from a Blackberry phone to the iphone and now I also have an ipad.  It is an interesting sensate experience to use touch for technology screens.

My burning question is this:  Does the light touch we use for these screens translate into a lighter touch, energetically, between humans?  Are we easier on one another, lighter, gentler?  What is your experience regarding this?

If you are using  touch screen technology then you know first hand that even the most subtle movement on the screen can send you where you hadn’t planned on going.  There is a lot of backtracking in my use; I never  intended to go the the screens that come up simply as a result of me scrolling the page.  Does this need  for gentle touch in technology translate into more conscious awareness that spoken and unspoken thoughts affect others and take them some place they might not want to go, like self-doubt or feeling judged or criticized or inadequate or lacking in some way?  Am I more aware of subtle exchanges between myself and others as a result of this touch technology?  Are you?

One piece of my work involves touch therapy, massage and craniosacral work, so I know light touch and sensitive touch and gentle touch.  Yet to use this subtle touch on a piece of communicative technology is an experience that causes me to wonder how gentle touch on a tech screen affects us as we interact  with one another.

In the 1990s I heard Deepak Chopra say at a conference something along the lines that wireless technology equates with intuition.  I see and feel and get this connection. We use no wires to communicate around the world with one another. And wireless communication is a metaphor for intuitive connection.  Now that we super sensitive touch screens, how much is light touch softening and sensitizing our interactions with one another?  I think touch technology is having a compassionate, humanizing effect, along with the globalization of access.  Through the internet, we see other folks in their humanity, around the world.  Now, we touch that humanity through our touch screen devices.  I think touch screen technology can only help us bond and blend and be gentler with one another.

What’s your take on this?

Off Wheat!


Cielos y campos de la pampa Argentina 22 / Skies and fields from Argentina's pampa 22Living an intuitive life has a lot to do with having a light body.  While my own body is not light weight, my body type in the Ayurvedic system is Kapha so my body is not bone thin, I do try to eat well to support open receptivity of intuitive messages rather than eat a diet that clogs and resists listening. I have been a vegetarian for decades and I eat organically whenever possible        CCreative Commons LicensePhoto redit: Claudio.Ar (2 Million safe views, thanks!!!!!!!) via Compfight      and when not possible I often choose other food options.  Over the past few years, when people talked about going off of wheat, I thought to myself, wheat is easy to obtain organically, it is a natural food source, what’s the big deal?  Then I read Dr. Mark Hyman’s post about the ways wheat makes you fat and I made an informed choice to stop eating wheat.  Dr. Hyman talks about how the wheat available to us now is not the biblical wheat of old time, it is not even our mother’s wheat.  Today’s wheat  seems to represent a genetically modified food source. Genetically modified food affects the lightness of our being because our cells have to do work they are not acclimated to do because of the change in the food genetics.

In the month that I have been off of eating wheat I feel better and have more energy. My appetite is reduced and I am not always hungry and searching for food as I was when eating wheat food products.  I am also practicing better self-care as I cannot pour myself an organic bowel of unsweetened museli for breakfast, a food I used to enjoy eating.  No quick fixes here, I either have to cook a wheat-free grain for breakfast or make a protein smoothie or have eggs, which I do enjoy eating.  A couple of weeks ago, I did want a sandwich so I bought a loaf of  organic rye bread, researching first that it had the lowest amount of wheat. I had two slices of this bread and could immediately tell the difference.  I did not feel well for a day, enough to learn my lesson of no more wheat for me.

Changing one’s diet involves a change in identity.  This is not easy work, however, for us to evolve our beings and our consciousness to the higher frequency access available to us now, listening to our bodies and what foods are good for us and what foods are not is a vital part of life choice.  The taste buds of babies are fresh and unadapted; if a baby does not like something,  Happy Mothers Day!
she will let us know, immediately, by grimacing and maybe sticking her tongue out as a way of rejecting the food that does not work for her. While we have overridden this natural telling of our taste buds over the years, it is still an innate capacity and with practice we can return to it.  As an experiment, practice noticing which foods your taste buds accept with pleasure and which they repel.     Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Lawrence Whittemore via Compfight

If you live a wheat free diet, or  are exploring a wheat free diet, please share your experiences in the comments section, especially as those experiences relate to your new lightness of being.


As someone who follows natural cycles, including those of bodies in deep space, the recent discovery of the quasar that contains the largest amount of water in the Universe rivets my attention. We are connected with every living thing in the Universe and this body of water, even in deep space, reverberates with the water in and around us. Water is a conduit of intuitive knowing and connection.

The discovery of this massive amount of water represents a positive omen, a welcome guest, in our conscious awareness. The timing of when celestial bodies are brought into awareness speaks to an awakening of human consciousness. Its almost like we cannot let awareness of something in until we are ready to receive it.

From the 2004 South Asian tsunami and the 2005 destroying floods in New Orleans to the 2011 tsunami in Japan, water has come more into our consciousness as a cosmic force of power that shifts and moves things. Now we have this super amount of water power in our cosmic field through a deep space connection and things are changing.

This amount of water, 140 trillion times the amount of water in all the Earth’s oceans, according to news reports, represents a startling wake up call. Our field of intuitive knowing is expanding, as is our sense of connection.

Wanting to where this quasar is located, I contacted Philip Sedgwick, a leading galactic astrologer, and asked him where this quasar is in the zodiac. Philip replied that it is at 26 degrees, 14 minutes in the sign of Cancer. According to Sabian Symbols, a system of intuitive images for each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac, the image for 27 Cancer (you round up in Sabian Symbols) is “A violent storm in a canyon filled with expensive homes.” The Sabian Symbol for this quasar suggests that we are ready for the change that is coming, a leveling of the resources, financial and otherwise, that have been split between haves and have nots.

The current stalemate of negotiations in the United States regarding the debt ceiling speaks to this split. The disparity between rich and poor is at a breaking point in the United States and throughout the world. Change is coming and the discovery of this massive body of water is harbinger of this change.

One frame of reference that I use in my life is the nursing theory of Margaret Newman, Health as Expanding Consciousness. In this theory, a health, or another kind of crisis, perhaps financial, comes and disorganizes us. In a healthy response we are able to reorganize at a higher level of functioning. We go up the spiral to a higher level. We use the crisis to get better. It is the nature of crisis to disorganize, to have things fall apart and then reorganize, restructure. After Katrina, New Orleans really did not seem to come back. In talking with intuitive friends who have visited there recently, there seems to be no life there, on the energetic level. If I remember correctly, New Orleans was built against nature. The levees were engineered structures that went against nature.  No one can go against nature for long and still keep going.  

When the next storm comes, and  disorganization happens, one response is to stay true to the currents of our water natures, our intuition and our emotions. Questions to ask your intuition include, “What do I want and how do I go about getting it?” Questions to ask your emotional nature include, “What do I feel and how do I release what I feel in safe and effective ways?” Pay attention to intuitions, body sensations, dreams and daydreams. Pay attention to surprise connections, chance meetings, chance opportunities. Allow water, the feeling nature of our beings, to guide us through our personal and collective storms.  Open up to this big body of water that is our cosmic neighbor.

Here are some choice quotes about water for you to sip on:

Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what is soft is strong.      Lao-Tzu


We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.  Jacques Cousteau 



To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature, and life itself. Masaru Emoto


Water is the one substance from which the earth can conceal nothing; it sucks out its innermost secrets and brings them to our very lips. Jean Giraudoux

I Have More Space

Did you ever have one of those experiences where you thought you were making a good choice and it really was a poor choice and because of the poor choice you felt like you needed to wash inside and out for about a day and half?  I just had one of those remarkable learning experiences.


It was my day off and I went to the movies.  The movie was okay, however, it left me feeling a little flat, like, “So what?” After that, I was feeling hungry and there are not too many restaurants I can enjoy because I eat naturally and/or organic and I cannot stand sugar in my food. Those parameters leave me with limited choices for dining out.


There is a relatively new restaurant in my town that I had been wanting to try and I thought, ‘Why not today?”  First, I went about looking for it without an address. I knew the street it was on, so I traveled that street one end to the next, without finding the place.  At the end of the street, while turning around in a driveway, I pulled out my  phone and got the street number.  I found the place, parked and went in.


Here is where I made my first poor choice.  I did not like the vibe as I entered the place and I ignored this awareness. I did not like the set up, physically, and I did not appreciate the vibe of the people.  It was all about the food for me — this was advertised as “good” food, so I kept my focus narrowed and limited and ignored the bigger picture of what I sensed around me.


I went ahead and ordered.  I needed a simple substitution of yeast-free bread, which this restaurant had, however, not with the sandwich that I ordered.  The waiter was not open to that substitution, so I ordered something other than what I really wanted.  Then, the place had multiple TVs turned on.  I like TV, not in restaurants though, and the electromagnetic experience of the TVs was extremely upsetting to my nervous system.  The food was edible, not great. How could the food possibly be good for me if the vibe of the place wasn’t resonant?


I left in an upset state and with much regret.  I felt dirty, inside and out, violated and it was from my own ignorance.  It took me a day and a half to shake the experience and to calm down back to center. In reflection, what I learned is that I need to expand my awareness into the space around me.  I have to have a multidimensional view, not the narrow view of single-minded focus, in this case, lunch.  There was a natural foods store nearby, I could have gone there for something to eat.  It wouldn’t have offered a dining in experience, however, it would have been a wiser choice for me.


Stubbornness, obstinacy, insistence, these all got in my way that day. What I learned from this painful experience is that I can include an experience of the space above my head, it is a source of informing in chakras systems and I can also include the space around my physical body in my choice making.  In many healing systems that space around our bodies is the aura and that also holds sources of information for us.  This painful, constricting experience was a teaching moment for me to use the space around and above me, and I am going to include under me to, because as above, so below.  If there is an informing space above, there is also an informing space below my feet, too, that I can access for information.  What I learned from this experience is that intuition not only comes from an inner body awareness. I learned that I have informing space around my whole body that also assists me to choose wisely, from informed knowing. I want, and need, to breathe through all this space as I walk through this amazing, choice-filled life.


Charley Horses


Charley horse pain sears through you. Every couple of months, I have one of these excruciating cramps during the night.  I know that this symptom can indicate a magnesium deficiency and I try to include magnesium in my diet as much as possible. In the middle of the night, in the crux of pain, I wish that I had ingested a little more magnesium.


This backward glance doesn’t help in the the moments of excruciating pain.  I am wakened from a deep sleep with pain that takes my breath away.  That’s when I bring in the lights.  A woman who works with energy, Michele Mayama, of www.Lightsmith.com, teaches me to bring in frequencies of light to help clear certain situations.  One of the foundational lights is rose-coloured, the golden rose of unconditional love.  Michele teaches that you do not even need to see the colour for it to be effective, you simply have to call in the frequency.  I am here to tell you that it works.


I have had years of practice working in this way, so maybe that practice makes a difference.  Every few months or so, I have a middle of the night charley horse and I treat it, in the moment, by bringing in the rose frequency and that simple technique works.  I keep breathing through the pain and calling in the rose coloured light to the cramping muscle and after a while, and before the full-fledged cramping, the pain goes away. I am always amazed.


I have other pains in my life, financial and relational and sometimes, situational, and I need to apply this practice of bringing in the rose-coloured light to these discomforts, too. I will let you know how that goes!


Working with light frequencies is a medicine of the future, an easy-to-use, cost-effective modality that we will be hearing more of as more people use it and share their experiences.  It probably does take practice, so if you are interested in trying it for yourself, simply call in the rose-coloured light, maybe to a headache or a small ache or pain somewhere and see how it works for you.  Light frequencies abound and they are available for us to use.