Living Intuition

Aureal Williams

My life and work are about living the highest possible manifestation of one's being. This often means a continual reinvention of one's self, a continual unfolding of the spiral of evolution in time and space of who we are as we learn and hear and open to more of what is possible.

I started out as a holistically oriented nurse, a mind-body-medicine connector in the very early days of this movement, the late 1970's. One of my capacities is being able to feel natural cosmic cycles as a felt experience and I help people identify and align with natural cycles as a way of support for 5th Dimension living.

We are in a quantum leap of change now, not ever seen or experienced on earth before. We are in a change that transcends duality, where every voice counts and every voice has a piece of the truth. We are in the realm of knowing from inside out, rather than seeking for answers that are outside of us.

Since the mid 1990's I have been coaching, teaching, and presenting in experiential formats. There is nothing that I can tell you that you do not already know and my skill is in helping you access that information and learn how to recognize and trust your own inner knowing.

I help people access their own inner knowing through:

Public speaking forums
Inspirational keynotes, experiential presentations, healthcare teams, women's groups corporate consulting

Life, business, family wellness and natural cycles awareness coaching

Craniosacral work
Infants, children & adults through individual sessions & workshops

I am an intuitive and work on the emotional level. I can "read" and recognize feelings and I celebrate this capacity, my way of engaging with people, personally and professionally.

My past work experience includes holistic nursing. I live on the shores of Lake Superior, in Duluth, Minnesota. I work with coaching clients throughout the world, helping individuals align with changes they feel called to make. I am an engaging public speaker on topics of Natural Time Cycles, Holistic Health, Trusting Intuition and Self-Care. I look forward to hearing from you!


Contact information
Aureal Williams
P. O. Box 3153
Duluth, MN 55803


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